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									                        Sound & Stage Entertainment

January 16, 2009

Ms. Jane Doe
Company Name

Dear Ms. Jane Doe:
Re: FLASHBACK – Best of the 90s – The definitive retro party.

It is with great anticipation we bring to your attention our annual staging of Flashback –
Best of the 90s at Pepper’s, Waterloo Road, scheduled for Saturday March 14, 2009.

This is a new date for this event, but it has been strategically orchestrated to become the
premier retro party of the social calendar, by becoming the pre party to the holiday
season only two weeks away.

This year we would like to incorporate another element to our celebrated vibe by inviting
Sponsor to partner with us on a journey to broaden our marketing scope and brand
awareness to the wider Jamaica.

Flashback the brand name has been synonymous with large crowds of over 800
patrons who revel in the old school styling’s of the 90s hottest DJs and sound systems.
This year will not disappoint with an ensemble of DJs including DJ Rush of Code Red,
Delano of Renaissance and the ultimate flashback – the original team of Travelers
Sound System plus other guest selectors. The line up and ambiance created by our
team will be sure to elevate and heighten the standard of Flashback best of the 90s and
other retro parties to follow.


The Marketing Plan set forth by Flashback is not only geared towards attracting the 800
– 1000 patrons which we are accustomed to hosting but, infiltrating the target market of
ages between 18- 45 far and wide, and infiltrating a potential customer base of over
50,0000 for our sponsors.

Hype TV - Hype up and live
TVJ - Hit list

Major advertisement package with radio personality endorsement on local radio
station- Zip Fm
Major advertisement package with radio personality endorsement on local radio
station - Fame Fm.
Kool fm will be placing add on heavy rotation.

Rockwildaz advertising package
Direct -emailing to over 20,000 potential patrons.
Face book advertisement and other social networks.

Distribution of over 10,000 flyers and teasers
Poster billboards hung in strategic locations across Kingston and St. Andrew
Pre and Post releases in all Major Newspapers

Week long activities leading up to event date will be held at Pepper’s to promote
the event.
Street team in tee shirts depicting party name with be in malls and heavy
populated areas every weekend leading up to the event.

                                 Flashback – Links



The Propositions – An atmosphere set around entertainment and socialization usually
allows one to release their inhibitions and try new and diverse products, thus becoming
that person’s product of choice. The patrons expected to attend will be a wide cross
section of the Jamaican population which will give Sponsor extensive exposure, though
our pre and post marketing campaign.

We are asking Sponsor to sponsor our event, by standing cost for our Fame fm
advertising package and contribution of 15 cases of Sponsor.
In return Flashback will provide Sponsor with;
     Exclusive sales of energy drink at our Main bar on the ground floor of Pepper’s
     Branding in and around venue
     Logo on Flyers, internet listings and cable TV ads
     Mention of radio ads
     Five passes to venue – not including work staff

We are excited about our prospective partnership and looking forward to your
participation, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me.

Sound & Stage Entertainment

Marketing Manager

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