Solving Urban Duck Problems

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Solving Urban Duck
                                                                            Solving Urban Duck Problems
  Problems · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 1        Each year, people are amazed to see            young when they are older and less
                                                        ducks and ducklings in the most unlikely           vulnerable. If you must evict them, go to
NTWGS Membership                                        places, such as walking single file through        your local party store and buy silver mylar
 Information · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 2          city streets or nesting under bank teller          balloons with heavy weights on the bottom.
                                                        windows! Luckily, ducklings are precocious         Put the balloons around the perimeter of the
President’s Pad · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 2       and mature quickly. Here are some common           entire pool, about every 20 feet. The balloons
                                                        sense solutions to typical problems encoun-        will bob in the breeze and make the ducks
String Algae Attacks                                    tered in suburban and urban settings.              nervous. To enhance the harassment effect,
  America · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 3       Q: There’s a duck nesting in the worst         you can also float a beach ball in the pool or
                                                        place! What should I do?                           use an electric boat. There’s a product called
Pond Tour Retailers · · · · · · · · · · 4                   A: Ducks commonly nest in poor spots,          a “Scare-Eye” balloon which has giant
                                                        such as under bank-teller windows or the           reflective eyes (for an enhanced scare effect)
International Waterlily And                             middle of busy ball fields. These nests may        and is available at most hardware or garden
  Water Garden Society Annual                           fall prey to cats, dogs, or human malice.          stores or through mail-order via Bird Barrier,
                                                                                                           Inc. (1-800-503-5444 or www.birdbarrier.
  Symposium And Meeting· · 5                            However, moving the eggs and nest is not
                                                        only illegal according to federal law, but also    com).
Koi Herpes Virus (CyHV-3) · · · · 5                     the parents usually won’t follow it. We                Q: There’s a duckling stuck in my pool!
                                                        suggest putting up educational signs and           How do I get him out?
TAPS 2006 Convention · · · · · · · 5                    perhaps trying to fence off the nest tempo-            A: Most ducklings get stuck in pools
                                                        rarily. There isn’t much else you can do.          because the water level is too low. The
Membership · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 7        Some people have tried moving the nest, a          solution is to either raise the water level
                                                        few feet at a time, into a better area. This may   (simplest approach), fish them out with a
Upcoming Programs · · · · · · · · · 8                   work if the relocation site is nearby and you      net, or create a ramp angled 45 degrees, with
June Calendar· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 8        move the nest a bit by bit. However, the           a wet towel attached to it for traction.
                                                        mother may stay on the nest, making reloca-            Q: I’m afraid the duckling I see is
                                                        tion impossible. It’s usually best to leave the    orphaned.
                                                        nest alone and hope the best.                          A: If you know where the duckling came
                                                            Q: Ducklings were separated from               from, then it’s best to take the duckling to
                                                        their mother. Is there a way to reunite            that pond for release.The duckling will soon
                                                        them?                                              rejoin his family. Sometimes other ducks
                                                            A: If the mother was seen recently, wait it    will even foster-parent the young duckling.
                                                        out for an hour and see if she comes back. If      If the duckling was left behind for a while
                                                        the ducklings are beginning to scatter, or         and his origin is unknown, i.e. fished out of
                                                        you’re not sure how long they’ve been alone,       storm drain or spillway, you can contain the
                                                        put a plastic laundry basket over them,            duckling with an upside-down laundry
                                                        upside down, to contain them while waiting         basket (as described on previous page) and
                                                        for the mother to return. She will see them        monitor to see if the mother returns. If she
                                                        through the lattice sides of the basket and        doesn’t come back after 4-8 hours, call your
                                                        make contact. If she returns, slowly approach      local fish and game agency to locate a wild-
                                                        and overturn the basket so she can collect         life rehabilitator. These are tough judgment
                                                        her young.                                         calls. If you need to hold the duckling(s) in
                                                            Q: A duck family has taken over my             captivity for a few hours, DO NOT give
                                                        pool! How do I get them to leave?                  them water to swim in because ducklings are
                                                            A: The best solution is to leave them          not waterproof until they’re older. They may
                                                        alone, as long as the ducklings are able to get
                                                        out of the pool. The mother will move her                        See Ducks, cotinued on Page 3
Water Works

                                                                                                President’s Pad
                                                                           Make sure your battery is charged and you have a fresh memory
                                                                       card for your camera because our largest and most exciting event of
                                                                       the year is very near. The NTWGS 15th Annual Tour of Ponds will
                                                                       be held June 17–18.It is a great opportunity to explore our member’s
    Water Works is published monthly by the North Texas                ponds all across the metroplex.
  Water Garden Society.
                                                                           Our pond tour book, The Modern Water Gardener, is hot off the
                NTWGS Officers & Directors                             press and now available. The proceeds support our educational
                                                                       fund. Check our website at for a list of retailers who
                             President                                 sell our tour book or call our voice mail at 972-994-1140. NTWGS
                   Joe Copeland,                        members will get your free copy at our meeting on June 13.
                        Vice President                                     I think touring ponds is one of the best ways to get many great
                  BobMunro,                         ideas for your own backyard. As I have said before, “When planning
                                                                       your backyard, know what your options are.” There are many
                            Treasurer                                  things to consider such as ponds, pathways, patios, garden
                   LisaHerrick,                        structures, landscaping, lighting, water features, sound and
                           Secretary                                   fragrance. Each of these groups has possibilities with many options
                    SusanMoore,                          available. During our tour, you can observe some of the wonderful
                                                                       ideas that our members have instilled. You may be able to adapt
                        Members at Large
                                                                       some of them to fit your own backyard.
                         ProgramDirector                                   Stop by pond #23 if you are in the Fair Park area June 17. The
                Tarrall Arnold,                     Texas Discovery Gardens will be hosting its Backyard Pond
                           Pond Tour                                   Celebration from 10–2p.m. I will be one of the speakers and will
           Kevin and ElaineWright,                  have a presentation on pond building.
                                                                           Unlike last year, the pond tour does not end on June 18. We have
                          Membership                                   brought back special appointment viewing from June 19 through
               Kevin Fuess,                       September 30. During this phase of the tour, you can call the pond
                            Projects                                   host and set up a special appointment for private viewing. It is a
                 PositionOpen,                      great way to see more ponds after the tour. Check our tour book for
                                                                       special appointment ponds and more details.
                          TAPS Delegate
                                                                           The next NTWGS meeting will not be our typical meeting with a
                  Tarrall Arnold,
                                                                       guest speaker. It will be about taking care of some pond tour
    The North Texas Water Garden Society is a non-profit               business and having some fun. The business part will consist of the
 organization with the following objectives: To encourage a            pond tour hosts picking up their signs, T shirts, and getting last
 greater appreciation of and interest in water gardens; to             minute instructions. NTWGS members will pick up their free pond
 disseminate information of interest and help to the members;          tour book. The fun part will be a garden party on the patio. There
 and to stimulate the study and culture of aquatic plants, fish and    will be plenty of cake, snacks and cold drinks.
 ponds.                                                                    The garden party will include the Ultimate Pond Tour Hat
 Editor, Susan Moore
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Page 2                                                                                                                         June, 2006
                                                                                                                                   Water Works

President's Pad, continued from Page 2           until the ducklings can fly. We encourage
                                                 provisioning particularly in cities, where             String Algae Attacks America
Contest. I was wondering what an ultimate        early eviction can mean certain death.           Carolyn Weise, Ecological Laboratories, Inc.
pond tour hat looked like. Ultimate is very         Q: How do I catch and move a duck                 With the warm winter and hot spring this
subjective and can be interpreted in many        family if absolutely necessary for their         year, everybody is seeing things in ponds
ways. An ultimate pond tour hat could be         safety?                                          that they never saw before. I get calls
anything from Gucci to homemade.In other            A: The only way to catch adult ducks is to    everyday from people with algae problems
words, there are NO limits. It can be            do so at night (they don’t see well in dark-     and the ice has barely cleared from the top
utilitarian, extreme, whimsical or anything      ness). Creep up on them while they sleep,        of the pond. I also receive calls from people
you want it to be. In the end, the judges will   then gently cover them with a lightweight        that are fighting water quality and other
decide the ultimate pond tour hat. The           blanket or towel, and scoop them into a          pollution problems that have their fish
grand prize is a cast iron chimenea which        carrier. Catch the ducklings next with a net     fighting for their lives. These are not brand
sells for $100.                                  or sheet, but try to minimize stress as they     new ponds. Well, some are, but most are
    Don’t forget to register for the Texas       will be scared and may scatter. Be sure the      established ponds that have been happy and
Association of Pond Societies (TAPS) State       net doesn’t have large holes through which       healthy for 5-15 years
Convention in Fort Worth. We have teamed         they may escape or become entangled.                 The biggest common denominator in
up with our friends at the Water Garden          Consult your state fish and game agency          diagnosing callers’ problems seems that
Society of Greater Fort Worth to co-host the     prior to any intervention for any special        most had used an algaecide just before the
2006 TAPS State Convention July 28–29.           authorization you might need.                    trouble started. Algaecides aren’t a problem
The TAPS State Convention will be both fun          Q: Ducklings fell through a sewer             generally, unless used early before ponds are
and educational. It entails a dragonfly          grate! How do I get them out?                    really up and running. This seems to have
presentation with cocktails, three garden                                                         killed the early bacteria and left ponds with
tours, four educational speakers and an             A: These are tricky situations. Often
                                                 you’ll have to contact your town’s Public        ammonia spikes, pH crashes and all sorts of
evening dinner.                                                                                   mayhem this year. What I tell people who
                                                 Works Department for assistance with
    One of the benefits of membership with       removing the grate. The police can be a          feel the need to kill that dreaded green
the NTWGS is reduced pricing for the 2006        valuable resource in terms of helping you        scourge “before it takes over” since every-
convention.The NTWGS will pay half of the        contact the correct town employee. You’ll        body is “algae-phobic” in America, is to go
Saturday program fee for our members. If         need a fishing net or a fabric “hammock”         ahead and use an EPA-registered algaecide,
you are a NTWGS member, please use the           stretched between two golf clubs to catch        but know what will happen and prepare for
TAPS registration form that has “NTWGS           the ducklings below the grate. You may have      the negatives. Make sure to replace the
ONLY”printed across the front. This special      to be creative in terms of capture strategies,   deceased bacterium on the third day follow-
form will be available at our next two           depending on the logistics of where they’re      ing an algaecide treatment. You can use
meetings and on the website. Please turn         stuck. Once you catch them, make sure they       MICROBE-LIFT/PL Gel to target the filter
them in as soon as possible because the          are dry (or use a hair dryer) before setting     area. Add aeration and monitor the fish’s
Saturday night dinner is limited to the first    them back outside for the mother to              behavior.
100 people.                                      retrieve. Put an upside down laundry basket          Those dead algae plants will fuel another
    Enjoy the 15th Annual Tour of Ponds!         over them until the mother comes (so they        algae bloom. Poor water quality means
                                                 don’t scatter), and then slowly lift it when     suffering and dead fish. And a dead fish in
Joe Copeland, President, North Texas Water
                                                 she reappears. If she doesn’t come back by       the system, even a wee small one, can really
Garden Society                                                                                    create an algae utopia. So, while we all know
                                                 nightfall, contact your local wildlife
                                                 rehabilitator.                                   that clean is very important and organic
                                                                                                  debris is a no-no in our ponds, please do not
                                                 Article courtesy of DFW Wildlife;                overlook the tiny dead (barely visible)
                                                                     planktonic algae plants you just killed by the
Ducks, cotninued from Page 1                     Phone: 972-234-WILD                              millions with the EPA registered algaecide.
                                                                                                  They are in there and they need to be taken
become chilled and die. Just give them a                                                          out by your filter, your bacteria, or by hand,
shallow pan of water (to drink) and some                                                          but by all means, get it out. It caused fewer
crushed, non-sugary cereal like Cheerios.                                                         problems while it was alive. It just didn’t
                                                                                                  look so good. After killing the algae and
   Q: How do I move a duck family out of
                                                                                                  80% of the beneficial (nitrifying & denitri-
a contained courtyard?
                                                                                                  fying) bacteria, we have more work to do
   A: You can shepherd them out by                                                                now. Please do not sit back and enjoy the
creating a “moving wall,” i.e. have people                                                        clean slate you just created. I assure you it is
hold sheets between them and move behind                                                          temporary. May the force be with us all
the ducks, forcing them to walk in the
desired direction. However, consider waiting                                                      Carolyn Weise
to move them out because the young may be                                                         Ecological Laboratories, Inc.
vulnerable. Sometimes we encourage the                                                            E-mail:
temporary feeding of greens like kale,                                                            Reflections, Newsletter of Water Garden
spinach, and also poultry starter food,
                                                                                                  Society of Kansas City , June, 2006
(available from an animal feed store) and
setting up a shallow kiddy pool with ramps,

June, 2006                                                                                                                                Page 3
                   Pond Tour Books Can be Obtained at These Retailers

Whiz Q Stone               4501 S. Loop 820           Fort Worth        817.429.0822

Water Gardens Galore       2530 Butler                Dallas            214.956.7382

North Haven Gardens        7700 Northhaven Rd.        Dallas            214.363.5316

Dickson Brothers           204 Galloway Ave.          Mesquite          972.288.7537

Creative Water Gardens     2125 Kingsley              Garland           972.271.1411

Chesshir Stone             2840 Lombardy Ln.          Dallas            214.350.6781

Classy Koi Ponds           1234 E. Parker             Wylie             972.442.0440

The Greenery               3708 Hwy 77 N              Waxahachie        972.617.5459

                                                      North Richland
Green Mamas                5324 Davis Blvd.                             817.514.7336

Gunter's Greenhouse        513 Campbell W.            Richardson        972.234.6017

Wild Birds Unlimited       4300 Lovers Lane W.        Dallas            214.891.9793

Jackson Pottery            6950 Lemmon Ave.           Dallas            214.350.9200
                                                                                                                                   Water Works

                                                   resembles KHV (for example), really see it.       nuts thrown in for good measure.
        Koi Herpes Virus (CyHV-3)                  (I hope I described that right.) It doesn’t pay      P.S. More about Florida:
by Carolyn Weise, Ecological Laboratories,         to put on the horse blinders today. KHV isn’t      M   Florida is a vacation capital of the
Inc.                                               limited to imported koi. Domestic koi are              world
    There were eighty attendees at the             just as likely to be exposed, infected or          M   Florida has some of the top ranked
University of Georgia’s Koi Lab over the                                                                  beaches in the world
weekend for a Koi Health Management                                   Koi, continued fon Page 7       M   Our weeds (aquatic & other-wise) are
Course. In the audience we had veteri-                                                                    considered desirable by others
narians, hobbyists, dealers, fish farmers, and                                                        M   The average number of sunny days is
pond construction companies. In short, we            International Waterlily And                      M   Waterlilies can bloom year-round if
had representatives from all phases of pond          Water Garden Society Annual                          the weather is mild
care that were assembled to learn more                Symposium And Meeting                           M   We’re flat flat flat – we measure
about fish health. One of the hottest topics is                                                           altitude in inches
KHV. I thought you might like to know                FORT LAUDERDALE/VERO
                                                                                                      M   And …. may we have a drum roll
some of these things.                                         BEACH/                                      please ….. Florida has the highest
    A few facts as known today:                       ORLANDO, FLORIDA USA                                density of award winning waterlily
    • KHV survivors–all post-infected fish                 JULY 19-25, 2006                               hybridizers on the planet
are carriers. They can never leave the pond            You are invited to the 2006 Symposium
and you can never safely add new fish.We do        in Florida, the ideal state for gardeners. In
not know how long the fish will remain             1513 Ponce de Leon named it Florida –
immune. The virus can’t replicate on its own       Land of Flowers. Ever since then we’ve been
and dies in 4 hours, but can easily be                                                                        TAPS 2006 Convention
                                                   delighting people with our foliage and
disinfected by weak bleach solution                exceptional growing conditions.                                 Fort Worth, Texas
    Frogs can transfer KHV from one pond               Attendees will fly into the Fort                           July 28 & 29, 2006
to another via the slime on their backs but        Lauderdale airport—or Miami, which is 30          Friday Night
are not themselves carriers. KHV is                miles away. (Those wishing to visit Miami,
species-specific.                                                                                       The TAPS convention for 2006 will be
                                                   the Everglades, or the Keys can arrive a few      July 28 and 29 at the Fort Worth Botanic
     • 74ºF activates the disease. Indonesia is    days earlier.) In Fort Lauderdale we’ll visit     Gardens. Friday night will be cocktails at
now a test zone for KHV vaccination                Florida Aquatic Nurseries and some lush           Kevin Fuess’ in Trophy Club with James
(Magnoy products) due to their heavy out-          private water gardens. We’ll spend the first      Laswell presenting “A Dazzle of
breaks. At 30ºC fish are “heat synchronized”       evenings in this area.                            Dragonflies.” The cost will be $7.00.
(per Doc Johnson) which is what Magnoy is              Following that we’ll head up the East
calling “Immunized.” There is no such thing                                                          Saturday
                                                   Coast of the state. The plans are to visit an
as immunity until we have a vaccination that       educational research center, another aquatic         Ft. Worth Botanic Garden—Saturday we
is proven successful.                              plant grower, and to stay in a nice waterfront    will have tour of Botanic Gardens, Japanese
    • Once the virus is “shed” from                hotel where everyone can enjoy the beach.         gardens and Conservatory. There will be a
vaccinated koi into the environment, the                                                             box lunch with special tables.
                                                       Vero Beach will be the next stop where
EPA becomes involved to do non-target              we’ll visit McKee Botanical Garden, an old           The program's afternoon speakers will
testing to rule out impact on other species.       Florida botanical garden with many large          be Spike Cover from the AKCA Koi Health
Stress does not bring on the virus.                ponds, recently rebuilt.                          Advisor Program on issues regarding fish
Temperature does. Therefore, fish kept in a                                                          health in a pond environment; Michael
                                                       Other places we’ll be visiting are several    Pagoulatos on Texas native carnivorous
spring-fed pond with temperatures in the
                                                   private water gardens, a water garden center,     plants and their special environmental
60’s can be KHV+ and never have the
                                                   and Agristarts (a large supplier of tissue        needs; Jody Spence from Creative Water
disease break until the fish leave the pond
                                                   cultured terrestrial and aquatic plants). We      Gardens regarding plants; and a speaker to
and go to a new home.
                                                   are also planning to see some aquatic plants      be announced outside on pond building
    Vicki Vaughan says it takes a HUGE viral       in natural Florida up close and personal,
load to transmit the disease. We’ve never                                                            basics concurrent with Spike Cover's koi
                                                   either with an airboat or glassbottom boat        presentation. The convention will be open
seen a case where it was spread without            tour.
active shedding. Splashing water or sharing                                                          to the public and cost for Saturday will be
                                                       We’ll end up in Orlando,the perfect place     $30.00 including lunch.
nets is doubtful as they have a difficult time
                                                   to start an extended vacation, for our               Exhibitors will be in the Convention
infecting fish at the lab for testing. She says,
                                                   seminars.                                         Hall.
yes, exercise caution at shows, but probably
the disease is not going to be transferred. In         If this sounds good but you can’t take lots      Saturday night dinner will be at Joe T.
the end, why take the chance?                      of time, we’ll have a la carte registration …     Garcia’s at a cost of $23.00 plus a cash bar.
                                                   or you can sign up for the whole ball of wax      We have a limit of 100 people.
    Dr. Helen Roberts, DVM recommends
                                                   at a discount.
sending samples (biopsy) of gill, spleen,                                                            Sunday
liver and kidney of any suspected fish to the          Paula Biles (IWGS), Pat Faehnle of
lab for analysis. As with any other disease,       Aquatic Systems & Resources (ASR), and               Brunch will be at a site yet to be
the quicker you act, the better the prognosis      Suzan Phillips (McKee Garden) are hosting         determined for Club Presidents and Board
for the fish (the rest of the fish). She also      this event. They’ve also got a bevy of people     of Directors representatives only, to elect a
mentioned developing a “pathic pheumonic”          helping—from hobbyists to businesses to           new Board and select a site for the 2007
in which anytime you see a symptom which           botanical gardens staff, and even a few koi       convention.

June, 2006                                                                                                                                Page 5
Water Works

              Water Gardens Galore
                           Pond Supplies
                  Installation - Maintenance

              2530 Butler Street         (214) 956-7382
              Dallas, Texas 75235-7402

                      No Nonsense...PONDSENSE!

Page 6                                              June, 2006
                                                                       Water Works

             Koi, continued from Page 5

                 Dr. Branson Ritchie asked us to consider certain aspects of
             working with a latent virus such as herpes which is contagious when
             it “sheds.”
                 A few notes on ISOLATION/QUARANTINE:
                 • This means no direct or indirect contact with other fish.
                 • Sterilization of air, food, water, etcetera.
                 • No visitors.
                 • This is not practical for companion animals. Animal does not
             leave for any reason during quarantine period. For fish dealers to do
             the quarantine and isolation, there are disadvantages.
                 • One is that the fish are generally sold quickly, not allowing a
             14-30 day quarantine period.
                 • They must test every fish that comes into their possession/store.
                 • A negative population is highly suspect (parasites, at the very
             least, should be identified and eradicated before resale).
                 • Tests are not absolute for KHV (there is a 2-3 week window
             period after infection before antibodies can be detected in the fish’s
                 • What do you do with positive fish?
                 • Do you also euthanize companion fish?
                 • Would a test and eradication program be effective with a virus
             that causes a latent infection? (i.e. - chicken pox is a herpes virus and
             remains in your body until you die. Does this make you a chicken
             pox carrier? It hasn’t been proven that you aren’t.)
                 • Virus incubation period is 5-14 days at 74ºF.
                 • Any koi is susceptible to infection. Very small koi are
             susceptible to disease. The progression of the disease is: a)
             exposure…b) infection… c) disease.
                 IF this really is a herpes virus (KHV), then quarantine is of little
             value. As yet we have no treatment for KHV. Statistics at UGA’s koi
             lab in the past year were 15 out of 162 tested positive for KHV.
                 This means one tenth of the koi population is latently infected
             and we do not know how long the antibody titers last. To put one
             infected koi into your pond can spell disaster for the entire
             population. What quarantine will do, if done for 14 days at 74ºF, will
             remove any doubt that incoming fish are actively diseased, but won’t
             tell if the fish is a carrier. Since the antibodies can be detected 2-3
             weeks after the fish has been infected, maybe the only way to be sure
             a newly purchased fish is safe to take out of quarantine and
             introduce into a pond is to have the antibody test done after 2-3
             weeks in quarantine. The quarantine could be either in a dealer’s or
             hobbyist facility. The likelihood of buying an infected or previously
             infected (carrier) fish is greater than you think.
             Reflections, June, 2006

                        Notice, if you are not receiving an email
               announcement of meetings and news events, then I do not have,
               or your current email address in our database is wrong.
                        If you would like to be included in this form of
               communication please send me your email address.
               Kevin Fuess, Membership Chair,

June, 2006                                                                    Page 7
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              Upcoming Programs                                             Works
June 13
      NTWGS Pond Tour Discussion

                                                         Answers To Your Questions
                                                       New pond owners always have many questions. Write your
                                                    questions down before the meetings and we’ll try to find
             NTWGS Voice Mail Number                answers before we adjourn. We may even have multiple
                  972-994-1140                      answers. Our goal is education—Just ask.

                                                                                    member of NTWGS.
                                                                        renewal today! We want you to continue as a
                                                                         your expiration date. Please mail your dues
                                                                       Please check the date on your address label. It is
                                                                               Check Your Expiration Date!

                          Meeting May 9

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  Place                                                        Post Office Box 9127
                                                               Garden Society
                                                               North Texas Water