Kenya Pollution Threatens Fish Stocks

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					Kenya: Pollution Threatens Fish Stocks

The Nation (Nairobi)
November 29, 2006


Human activities on the highlands may soon wipe out fish in rivers, a researcher has

According to Dr Ojwang' Oweke, a researcher at the Kenya Marine and Fisheries
Research Institute, industrial waste flowing into rivers is also affecting "different fish

Dr Ojwang' cited a study conducted in Yala, Sondu, Nyando and Nzoia rivers, which
indicated fish were dying due to human activities and pollution.

Nile perch

He added fish species abundant in rivers were disappearing from Lake Victoria because
the Nile perch is feeding on them.

Dr Ojwang' said the mushrooming of semi-urban centres has "contributed to
deteriorating water quality in rivers."

The researcher added rivers with "relatively low pollution have greater numbers of fish"
such as Yala and Sondu/Miriu rivers.

In Nyando and Nzoia, fish are mainly found in upper areas above points on which
industries dump their waste.

Dr Ojwang' pointed fingers at sugar and paper millers and commercial farms for river
pollution also causing decline in fish numbers