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									ENTRÉES / SIDE DISHES                                 DESSERTS                                              WEDGE DELI
Quiche $18 / each
Perfect for brunch, a delicious whole quiche serves
                                                      Sweet Tray
                                                      A combination of tasty miniature cookies and          CATERING
6–8 people. Choose from: Mushroom, Broccoli-          bars from our bakery.
Cheddar, Santa Fe, Asparagus, or Spinach-Feta.
                                                      Small $30       Medium $50         Large $70
Lasagna $60 / each
                                                      Dessert Tray
Layered into a foil pan, ready for your event, our
                                                      A more elaborate assortment of tempting bakery
3-Cheese, Spinach, or Beef Lasagnas are enough
                                                      cakes and treats.
to serve 12–15 pieces
                                                      Small $40       Medium $60         Large $80
Butternut Squash and Creamed Spinach
$40 / each                                            Cookies $16 /dozen
One of our newest and most popular side dishes!       Our cookies are too good to resist! We offer
Serves 12-15.                                         several varieties, including gluten free and
Parmesan Creamed Corn Casserole
$30 / each
A Wedge favorite! Serves 12-15.
                                                                   Portions are approximate

We have a large variety of entrees that can be           SMALL             MEDIUM              LARGE
ordered 5 lbs or more. Priced per lb.                    serves             serves             serves
   • Sesame Orange Chicken                                10-15             20–25               30–35
   • Gruyere Au Gratin Potatoes w/ Ham
   • Cashew Tofu over Rice                            Terms
   • Authentic Pork Carnitas                          We request 48 hours advance notice for catering
   • Pasta with Roasted Vegetables                    orders. Orders accepted on shorter notice will be
                                                      charged a 10% rush service fee.
Add your favorite salad to any order!
  • Potato Salad                                      We reserve the right to make substitutions and
  • Pasta Salads                                      changes to this menu.
  • Slaws and Veggie Salads
                                                      Special Orders
                                                      In addition to the specialty items in this
                                                      menu, we welcome special orders for any
  ECO PARTY PACK                                      of the items found in our deli cases. Sandwiches,
  $129.99 Serves 20!                                  salads, entrées, and desserts in large or small
                                                      quantities are all available
  Includes:                                           to complete your meal or event.
  1 medium Mini Sandwich Tray
  1 medium Veggie/Cheese Combo Tray                   Wedge Community Co-op
  5 lbs Potato Salad or large Garden Salad            2105 Lyndale Avenue South
                                                      Minneapolis, MN 55405
                                                      Telephone: (612) 871-3993
  Plus, Eco friendly paper plates, cups,    
  napkins and flatware!                               Hours: Monday–Friday:9 AM – 10 PM
                                                      Saturday and Sunday:9 AM – 9 PM                     Everyone Welcome, Every day.
Our mission is to provide a wide variety of healthy   SPECIALTY TRAYS                                     Mini-Cakes and Burgers
and flavorful foods, using high quality, local,                                                           Half-sized versions of our popular deli entrées
natural and organic ingredients; made right here in   Middle Eastern Tray                                 — choose one or two of the following...
our kitchen, by our talented chefs.                   Hummus, and baba gannouj served with                   • Salmon Corn Cakes
                                                      tabouli salad, cut veggies, pita, sesame                 fresh salmon, corn, zucchini (gluten free)
                                                                                                             • Burgers Florentine
CLASSIC TRAYS                                         crackers, Kalamata olives, and feta cheese.
                                                                                                               spinach, walnuts, cheddar cheese, onion
                                                      Medium $60 Large $80
                                                                                                             • Vegetable Latkes
Fresh Veggie Tray
                                                      Turkey Rollups                                           potato, zucchini, peppers, carrot, onion
A wide array of fresh cut vegetables served with
                                                      Tortillas spread with cream cheese, filled with        • Maple Pecan Millet Yam Cakes
your choice of dip: herb neufchâtel, blue walnut
                                                      turkey and fresh veggies — rolled up and cut             maple syrup, pecans, millet, yams, onions
spread or hummus.
                                                      into bite sized pieces.                                  (gluten free)
Small $30       Medium $45        Large $60
                                                      Small $40       Medium $60     Large $80            Small $30          Medium $45       Large $60
Cheese Tray
A fine assortment of popular domestic cheeses.        Hummus Pinwheels or Veggie Rollups
Small $30       Medium $45      Large $60             Tortillas spread with hummus or cream cheese,       GREEN SALADS
                                                      filled with fresh veggies, rolled up and cut into
Fresh Fruit Tray                                      bite sized pieces                                   Our salads serve 6–8 as a main course or 12–
A medley of fresh seasonal fruit served with lemon    Small $30         Medium $45       Large $60        16 as a side dish. All green salads are served
poppyseed yogurt dip.                                                                                     with a freshly baked baguette.
Small $40       Medium $60         Large $80          Frittata Tray
                                                      Bite-sized portions of savory baked omelets.        Garden Salad $30
Fruit and Cheese Tray                                 Choose between:                                     Leaf lettuce, carrots, and cucumber make up
Fresh seasonal fruit paired with a variety of            • spinach and cheddar cheese                     this colorful, simple salad. Choose between the
delicious cheeses                                        • potato, Swiss chard, Swiss cheese              following Wedge-made dressings: Buttermilk
Small $40      Medium $60         Large $80              • green chili, scallions, jack cheese            Blue Cheese, Maple Mustard, or Balsamic
                                                      Medium $40 Large $60                                Vinaigrette (vegan).
Vegetable and Cheese Tray
Fresh cut vegetables and an assortment of fine        Quesadilla Tray                                     Caesar Salad $40
cheeses                                               Slices of your favorite quesadilla served with      Crisp Romaine lettuce tossed with fresh grated
Small $30      Medium $45       Large $60             Wedge salsa. Choose from roasted vegetable,         Parmesan cheese, Wedge-made garlic herb
                                                      pesto chicken or sun dried tomato pesto chicken     croutons, and Caesar dressing.
Sandwich Tray                                         Medium $40 Large $60
A tasty collection of bite-sized sandwiches.                                                              Cranberry-Pecan Salad $40
Choose from our varied Grab-n-Go offerings.           Chicken Wings Tray                                  Leaf lettuce, radicchio, red onion, pecans,
Medium $45 Large $60                                  Choose one or two of the following flavors..        craisins, and maple mustard dressing.
                                                      Served with celery and blue cheese or ranch
                                                      dip.                                                Greek Salad $45
                                                         • Mahogany Wings                                 leaf lettuce tossed with tomatoes, red onions,
                                                         • Hot Wings                                      Greek olives, cucumbers, pepperoncini, and
                                                         • Bar BQ Wings                                   feta cheese, with balsamic dressing.
                                                      Small $40       Medium $60       Large $80

ORDER TODAY! CALL: (612) 871-3993                                      |      M–F: 9 AM – 10 PM Sat & Sun: 9 AM – 9 PM
           Wedge Community Co-op • 2105 Lyndale Avenue South • Minneapolis, MN 55405 • • Everyone Welcome, Every Day.

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