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									How to get fast approved by Google Adsense using

                                             Once it was very easy to get approved by
Google Adsense by opening a blogspot blog . But these days Google Adsense are
rejecting blogspot blogs as well. So getting approved by Adsense became a great
headache for the new ones, interested in Adsense business. Why google adsense rejects
blogspot blogs or other new sites? Many reasons can be listed. The first one that I
regularly heard form the Adsensese rejected’s is “Your site must be at least 6 month
aged”. Subdomain is another main issue. Moreover , duplicate contents, site navigation,
traffic, broken links etc are the common reason to be rejected from Google Adsense.

Here I don’t want to describe the reasons why people get rejected from Google Adsense.
I will discuss it on another post. Now I want to share a new way to apply for Adsense
and get approved fast. In this way you don’t need to have any website and don’t need to
wait 6 month to be aged.

You may hard about .It is much like where you can upload
documents and share documents with the world. It is free.

                    is a website that is partnering with
Google Adsense. DocCash is’s money sharing program by which you can
earn money by sharing and promoting your media files such as .PDF,. DOC and .DOCX,
Spreadsheets (.XLS and .XLSX), .PPT and .PPTX and even Text files (.TXT and .RTF).

After uploading the document, you will get a download link which contains Google
AdSense ads. If any of the ads present on the download page are clicked then you will
earn money and it will accumulate in your Google AdSense account.

Now the opportunity is who do not have a adsense account they can apply to Adsense
using’s account/profile. When you sign up for docstoc account you have
an option to join Adsense through their website if you don’t have Adsense account.

Join on
Or have a docstoc account? Apply for Adsense

Apply for Google Adsense via

I think applying for Google Adsense via is now more effective than
applying using a blogspot blog or other subdomains. But somepeople also claimed that
they got rejected from adsense after applying via docstoc. Yes, it’s true. If you don’t care
about some issue you can get rejected from adsense too. Following are the things you
should care about.

1. Make sure that your Google Adsense account information like email, Name, Address,
Phone all are exactly same in means if you previously registered on
Adsense then give the same informations during sign up on docstoc.

2. If you don’t have a Google AdSense account, apply for one during Sign up on & maintain all the information same.

3. Upload Copyright violation free documents. Upload at least 5 files.

4. Don’t remain your docstoc profile incomplete. Fully fill up all the information.

5. Write perfectly the Title, Description & Tags for your uploaded files.

6. Be sure to allow access to your Adsense account when applying to

If you maintain the above factors, you will surely get approved by Adsense within 3-4
days. Some people claimed to get approved following this way within only 6 hours.

DocCash is built around a revenue sharing program. The Google AdSense revenue
generated on your download page will be shared in the ratio of 50/50.

However , after getting approval, you can use your adsense anywhere you want. Don’t
think that this adsense account is only for You can use this adsense account
also on your blog or web sites.And the revenue you will earn from Google adsense form
your own site will be 100% yours. Docstoc will only share the revenues that you will
earn on docstoc.

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