Mutsu Apple NEW SEASON Mutsu is a Japanese variety of apple One by mifei


									        Mutsu Apple
                                         Grade 1
Mutsu is a Japanese variety of
                                         Tight bunch with lots of stalks.
                                         Leaves should be fresh.
One of its parents is the Golden
Delicious, so it has that lovely sweet
honeyed flavour.                         Grade 2
                                         Often grown at the end of the
A great eating apple, and it also        celery rows, more open bunch
cooks superbly too.                      and frequently more stringy.
      Pink Lady Apple                         Jonagold Apple
        NEW SEASON                              NEW SEASON
                                        The Jonagold is a cross between
An Australian apple - a cross between   Golden Delicious and Jonathan
Lady Williams with a Golden Delicious   apples.
in order to combine the best features
                                        Jonagold has a fluffily crisp fruit.
of both apples.
                                        It is juicy and the flavour is sweet
The apple is both sweet and crisp and
                                        but with a lot of balancing acidity.
is fairly juicy.
     Sundowner Apple                           Fuji Apple

        NEW SEASON                          NEW SEASON

                                     Fuji applies contain between 9-11%
The Sundowner apple is a cross
                                     sugars by weight and have a dense
between Golden Delicious and Lady
                                     flesh that is sweeter and crispier
Williams apples
                                     than many other apple varieties..
                                     Fuji apples also have a very long
- Crisp flesh with a sweet taste
                                     shelf life compared to other apples,
- Very good for eating and cooking
                                     even without refrigeration.
                                     With refrigeration, Fuji apples can
                                     remain fresh for up to 5-6 months.
            Gala Apple                            Extending Life of Cut
        – NEW SEASON
                                                Use a clean vase - Start with vases that
Gala is a cross between Kidd's Orange           have been cleaned with hot soapy water to
Red and Golden Delicious.                       eliminate bacteria and fungi and then rinsed
The colour is a good indicator in
supermarket Galas of the age of the             Recut stems - Recut stems under water to
                                                ensure that no air gets into the stems.
- if it is very pale then it is probably the    Keep flowers cool - The higher the
new season's crop, probably picked              temperature, the faster flowers will deteriorate, so
slightly early;                                 it is advisable to cut them early in the morning,
                                                when temperatures are cool, and to avoid
 - if it is very dark then either it has been
                                                exposure to heat.
left deliberately on the tree to mature or it
has matured over a long period in a cold        Don't place arrangements in sunny locations,
store.                                          near heaters or fireplaces, or on top of television
A reliable sweet easy-eating apple.
                                                Do put arrangements in a cool place overnight if
                                                you possibly can.
       Extending Life of
                                                        Salsicce Veneto
           Cut Flowers                                   sausages con

Flowers need food to keep fresher for longer.
(1) Mix one part of any of the common lemon-lime
sodas with three parts of water. Do not use diet   Hand made from an Ian’s Meats
drinks as they contain no sugar and the colas      family recipe these are a lightly
contain too much acid for flowers. Adding 1/4
teaspoon of household bleach will keep the         spiced, pure pork sausage.
solution clear.
                                                   They are available with or without
(2) Put 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1
tablespoon of sugar, and 1/4 teaspoon of bleach    fennel seed (con finocchio).
in a litre of warm water. Add another 1/4
teaspoon of bleach to the vase every 4 days.       Squeeze out content to make easy,
                                                   delicious meat balls!

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