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Menopause and Fatigue

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Do you frequently experience a loss
 of energy, or maybe a general sens
e of malaise? Natural supplements c
an help, find out how.


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For menopause sufferers, fatigue it
 is all too common. Some women rep
ort lying on the couch with their e
yes closed unable to move for long
periods of time. Or they experienc
e mental fatigue that provides for
feelings of indifference and an ove
rall slumber from day to dusk that
makes them unable to perform activi
ties with maximum effort.

Fatigue comes in many forms: loss o
f energy after working out, motion
sickness fatigue as a result of sen
ses mixing signals in the brain cau
sing your ears and eyes to overwork
, and more. Some women suffer from
 chronic fatigue syndrome and other
s are diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

If you think you are suffering from
 chronic fatigue syndrome, see a do
ctor. This is a complicated syndro
me and needs constant medical atten
tion. For people who think they mi
ght have a sluggish thyroid, one su
ggestion is to buy a bottle of iodi
ne tincture and place a circle of i
odine on your stomach or thigh. If
 it disappears before 24 hours, kee
p applying it until your system doe
sn't absorb it within that time per

Fatigue in woman suffering from men
opause is typically due to (surpris
e) a hormonal imbalance. Estrogen
regulates homeostasis as well as th
e life processes in the body that d
etermine body shape by distributing
 fat, constructing vital tissues, m
aintaining blood flow and correct c
holesterol level.
Besides lack of this female hormone
, there are lots of menopause sympt
oms that contribute heavily to fati
gue symptoms such as the inability
to sleep or waking up intermittentl
y in the night, an insufficient die
t compounded by too much caffeine a
nd alcohol, night sweats that wake
you up periodically, and overall de
pression and stress.

Another factor of menopausal fatigu
e is the lack of progesterone produ
ced in the body. Progesterone is t
he ¨happy hormone¨ that accounts fo
r a woman’s sexual drive. With the
 introduction of menopause, levels
of this hormone can decrease signif

The magical question now is: how ca
n you combat fatigue during menopau
se? Luckily, there are a variety of
 answers. Introducing certain herb
s into your diet can greatly boost
energy levels. Herbs like sarsapar
illa and wild yam root contain plan
t estrogen, which is like the estro
gen produced in our bodies. In som
e women, hormone replacement therap
y is required. Also, the use proge
sterone vaginal cream goes a long w
ay to restoring sexual desire.

Exercise is reported to help with n
umerous menopause symptoms, fatigue
 being one of the major ones. The
simple act of walking and basking i
n the sun which is an excellent sou
rce of Vitamin D can noticeably boo
st energy levels. Do you smoke? G
et rid of those cigarettes right aw
ay – they have been scientifically
proven to lower estrogen levels.

The information in this article is
for educational purposes only, and
is not intended as medical advice

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