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                                                                    KICK A GOAL!
You are playing for Manchester United. You are the striker. The crowd is deafening.

You have been playing like a killer all afternoon. You have been kicking like a legend and
attacking like a tiger.

But no goals. The others’ defence has been too strong. Their passes too quick, their blocks
impenetrable and their goalie much too canny.

But the clock is ticking down and your fans are counting on you. You need to score a goal. You
have a plan, a way to get through the defence and give your fans what they deserve.

And then the referee blows the whistle and without warning, without reason, he sends you off.

This could happen to your life.

You have worked hard, you are good at what you do and you know how to do it. You have
done pretty well for yourself and your family and naturally they rely on you for all their needs – the
income, the home, the schools, the lifestyle.

You have a good home, you have plenty of superannuation and you have some money in the
bank. You might even have an investment property. And most certainly you have an investment
plan – a plan to ensure your family has a comfortable life, with holidays and all the little luxuries
they deserve. And importantly, your plan makes sure you and your partner have enough for an
easy retirement.

But what happens if, without warning, without reason, the referee blows the whistle? Something
happens – cancer, a heart attack, an accident. Or even your death. What then...what about the
lifestyle, what about the investment plan. How will your family cope?

Wind the clock back.....what if before the whistle was blown, you kicked the goal? What about
before the accident, the diagnosis, the heart attack or your death, you had already achieved the
financial goals for your family – the lifestyle, the home, the education, the investment plan?

How? Protect your biggest asset and kick a goal by getting professional life insurance advice.

Go on, kick a goal.
Call KNM today on 1300 753 864 to speak with a professional life insurance adviser.

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