Kangaroo Tent City Weekend by lindayy


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									           WEEKEND CAMPING
              CHECK LIST
                          For camping holidays
                           one to three days
                          Quick to set up/compact size tent                     Reading material
                          eg: dome tent, centre pole tent,                      The Car - recently serviced, filled with petrol,
                          canvas touring tent                                   maps, wife, children & friends
                          Poles, pegs, mallet, guy ropes                        Insect repellents, sunscreen
                          Groundsheet                                           Hat, sunglasses
                          Stretchers/airbeds/self inflating mattress            12V compressor for car tyres
                          Sleeping bags, and inner sheets                       Jeep shovel
  Serious                 Pillows                                               Solar or canvas shower
 Outdoors                 Air bed pump                                          Compass or GPS
                          Portable stove, stove hose, matches                   Portable BBQ
NTH PARRAMATTA:           Stove stand                                           Mozzie net over beds
  596a Church Street
                          Gas bottle(s)                                         Hammock
     NSW 2151             Gas bottles filled with gas                           Fishing rod & reel
  Phone: 9630 2888
   Fax: 9630 2493
                          Cooking utensils, billy, frypan, jaffle iron          Bait
                          Camp oven / tripod                                    Hooks, swivels, sinkers
 Penrith Trade Centre
                          Spanner to connect gas fittings                       Tackle box, lures, waders
Cnr Mulgoa & Blaikie Rd   Dish cloth, tea towel                                 Knife, bucket
     South Penrith
      NSW 2750            Water container with tap
  Phone: 4733 4111
                          Plates, bowls, cups
    Fax: 4733 1798
                          Knives, forks, spoons
                          Can and bottle opener
 165-167 Victoria Ave
     Chatswood            Table and chairs
     NSW 2067
  Phone: 9884 9199
                          Car fridge or eski (filled with beer & wine)
   Fax: 9884 9099         Ice or Gel-Ice for eski

    TUGGERAH:             Gas light & mantles, torch & batteries
Homemakers Supa Cntr      Toilet paper
   Cnr Wyong Rd &
     Bryant Drive         Clothing,rain jacket,swimmers,clean undies
                          Toiletries and towels
     NSW 2259
  Phone: 4353 4335        Food and drinks
   Fax: 4353 4408
                          Plastic rubbish bags
                          First aid kit
                          Camera and film

TENTS FOR AUSTRALIA       Visit www.kangarootentcity.com.au for more helpful hints
 ABN 33 007 776 356                                           Email: info@kangarootentcity.com.au

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