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									                  a community group newsletter produced by Gay Men’s Health

                    connect                                                                  Issue 2 | April | 2009

                           Introduction to Connect
                                          T h e s eco n d e d iT i o n co m m u n iT y
                                          n e w s l eT T e r f o r pa rT n e r s o f
                                          g ay m e n ’ s h e a lT h .

                                  hi! and welcome to this special edition of the connect newsletter,
                                     gay men’s health’s newsletter for its community partners.
                                              connect is a quarterly newsletter used to promote both
                                               gmh and its community partners’ services and events with
                                                 the aim to develop and maintain ongoing partnerships
                                                  and community solidarity. gmh currently shares
                                                  formal partnerships with the following community
                                                       •    The uranian society
                                                       •    nosotros
                                                       •    pride march adelaide
                                                       •    Team adelaide inc.
                                                       •    sa same-sex dancesport
Want more info                                         •    adelaide spikers Volleyball club
                                                       •    Biadelaide
about Partnership                                      •    Bear men of adelaide
                                                       •    3d social group
Agreements with                                        •    The moolagoo mob
Gay Men’s Health?                                      •    outlook ssa social group mt. gambier
                                                       •    Team adelaide Ten pin Bowling league
                                                       •    poz on poz
                                                       •    adelaide happy wanderers
Contact                                                •    guys out north
                           The connect newsletter will continue to serve the above mentioned purpose,
GMH Manager,               however, gmh is using this edition of connect to announce and promote
                           its latest venture, the m2m mag (man 2 man mag) which will be launched
Gary Spence on             later in the year. 
(08) 8334 1611
or email                                     m a n 2m a n i n f ol i n e
                             S e x u a l i t y a n d S e x u a l h ea lt h i n f o r m at i o n a n d
                            r e f e r r a l f o r g ay a n d S a m e - S e x at t r ac t e d m e n .                        p h o n e ( 0 8 ) 8 334 1617
                                  co u nTr y c a l l e r s 18 0 0 671 58 2
                                                            Manager’s Note...
       Introduction                                      may 17th is rapidly approaching this year. This marks the day
            to Connect                                   when the community have good reason to band together.
                                                         idaho (international day against homophobia) is more
                                                         than just a day to stand up for equality and human rights.
in the centre of this edition of connect you will find   it is a reminder that the fight for equality and against
an insert which we like to describe as a taster of       discrimination is an ongoing battle. it is a day when we can
what’s to come with the m2m mag. you will find           stand in solidarity with the rest of the world and make our
some featured articles, campaign information, a          voices heard in our own personal way. let that voice give a
wrap on last year’s activities and some other fun        resounding “no!” to superficial equality.
stuff… however, this is far from what m2m mag
will eventually look like.                               when we think about eQualiTy, we may want to question
                                                         what shape and form does this come in? is equality something
The purpose of this ‘mini mag’ is to present some
                                                         deeper than just policy changes? does equality mean there
ideas to you, and to then get further ideas and
feedback from you! gmh wants m2m mag to be               needs to be a shift in values and perceptions of not just
a community magazine for all same-sex attracted,         society, but on a higher level? one cannot help but look at the
gay, bi, queer or not completely straight men and        shifting sands in america’s political climate and hope to see
we therefore want your opinion, and even your            governmental changes that bring equality to all.
help, in developing the content and design of the
                                                         looking here in our own backyard, we have seen equality
magazine. you can do this in a variety of ways
but first check out the m2m mini mag inside this         take shape in the new changes in policies acknowledging the
edition of connect and then see the back of the          relationships of same sex couples. have we as a community
magazine for ways in which you can provide your          been dealt a double-edged sword though? in a recent joint
feedback or express your interest and participate in     effort with plwha and Bfriend, a community forum was held
developing the magazine.                                 to discuss the effects of these changes. on July 1st 2009, when
and don’t forget to read through all the other           these changes come into effect without a grandfather clause
information and articles in connect to find out          (which would have allowed people to make adjustments to
what community groups and services are doing             the new situation), same sex couples on centrelink benefits
around adelaide this autumn!                             might encounter financial hardship.
happy reading, and we look forward to hearing            on may 17 when we stand up for eQualiTy, let it be an equality
from you real soon.                                      that is fair and just to all concerned.
                                     The gmh Team

                                  PEP is a medical treatment that may prevent you
                                  from becoming HIV positive after a risk exposure.

                               PEP Hotline 1800 022 226
                                              B f r i en d                                 sh a n g r i -l a
                                              contact 1   paul (for men)                   asian gay / ssa support group
                                              phone       8202 5192
  Partnerships                                contact 2 fanny (for women)
                                                                                           contact 1
                                                                                                       phillip ngo
                                                                                                       8232 0233
                                              phone     8202 5805
                                              contact 3 Karen (for Transgender)
          CONTACT List                        phone     8202 5894
                                                                                           contact 2
                                                                                                       mahdi nor
                                                                                                       8334 1619
                                                          au/bfriend                       s o uT h e r n m e n’ s g r o u p
                                              B i a del a i d e                            gay / ssa social group
3 g ’ s s ocial group                         phone       8411 8711 (message line)         contact 1   Bill peterson
                                              email       phone       0419 997 044
gay / ssa social group                        website   email
contact 1   graham western                                Biadelaide/
phone       8295 7201                                                                      so uT h au sT r a l i an
contact 2   Bob Briton                        guys o uT no rTh                             sa m e se x da n c e s p o rT
phone       0409 675 078                      gay / ssa social group                       contact     Jo
                                                                                           phone       8232 0767
a d e l a i de gay an d                       contact 1   Jeffrey herbert                  email       rainbow_ballroomdancers@
                                              phone       8281 4766 / 0448 808 161
l e sB i an Q wi r e                          email
contact 1   matthew norton                                                                 website
                                              contact 2   des horton
phone       0406 094 157                      phone       0439 702 043
email                                                       Team adelaide inc
contact 2   daniel crouch                                                                  contact 1   Bryan Thalbourne
phone       0433 471 392                      mool ago o m o B                             phone       0412 594 273
website                                                          email
                                              contact 1   Kym wanganeen
                                              phone       0400 108 517                     contact 2   frank Brady
a d e l a i de h ap py wan der er s           contact 2   raymond Zada
                                                                                           phone       0401 996 475
gay / ssa bushwalking club                    phone       0417 296 663
                                              email              website
contact 1   Keith herbig
phone       8271 4986                                                                      T e a m a d e l a i d e sQ ua s h
                                              nosoTro s                                    contact 1   Bryan Thalbourne
contact 2   warren chambers                                                                phone       0412 594 273
phone       8271 4986                         glBTiQ disabled group
                                              contact     margie fischer
website    phone       8388 5572                        T e a m a d e l a i d e Te n p i n
                                              email                Bow l i n g
a d e l a i ds sp i Ker s
Vo l l eyBall clu B                           ouTlooK s s a s o c i a l g r o u p          contact 1   steven
                                                                                           phone       0417 857 252
contact 1   peter                             (mounT g a m B i e r)
                                                                                           contact 2   paul
phone       0412 236 157                      contact     ewan grant                       phone       0432 389 324
contact 2   robin                             phone       0407 609 631
phone       0418 891 877                      email              T h e u r a n i a n s o c i eT y
                                              poZ on p oZ                                  gay / ssa cultural forum
                                              contact     Ted setnikar                     contact 1   Keith mason
B a m B oo a del ai de                        phone       8339 4393                        email
                                              email            contact 2   paul marsh
gay / ssa cultural group
contact     John aldous                       p r i de m a r c h ad e l a i d e            website
phone       8297 1925                         contact 1   eric Kuhlmann                                uranian_society
email                phone       0406 918 030
contact 2   ian mcdonald                      email            u n iT y
phone       8625 3213                         contact 2   margie fischer
email                                                             glBTiQ spiritual support group
                                              phone       8388 5572
website           email     contact 1   paul marsh
                                              website            phone       8341 6496
B e a r m en of ade l ai de                                                                email
contact     micky                                                                          contact 2   alan lockyer
phone       0404 413 260                                                                   phone       8278 2101
email                                                              email
website                                                  contact 3   greg sharp
                                                  phonre      0407 794 924
Ad e l a i d e G a y & L e s b i a n Q w i r e
    The adelaide gay & lesbian Qwire is a non-auditioned,         for many different causes and for many a wide and
    diverse choir open to everyone - lesbians, gay men,           varied audience. previous performances have included
    bisexuals, transgender people, and straight men and           appearances at pride march and feast fundraising events,
    women of all ages. it is a safe environment for the glBTi     2008 uniting church of australia daring conference, in
    community to come and sing, perform and have fun              2002 we performed with the sydney and melbourne gay
    in combination with singers and performers from the           and lesbian choirs in a joint concert at elder hall and
    broader community.                                            last year performed a major fundraising concert at the
                                                                  same venue for the cancer council, raising in excess of
    The group has a short but rich history spanning seven
    years. founded in 2002, the choir has established itself as
    one of adelaide’s leading mixed voice choirs. The choir is    we constantly strive to improve, enhance and extend
    comprised of about 30 members aged from 21 and come           our skills as individuals and as a group. There is a
    from various musical backgrounds and musical abilities.       great pool of talent in the choir – songwriters, soloists,
                                                                  conductors, instrumentalists, arrangers, choreographers,
    we welcome people with a broad range of singing and
                                                                  administrators and others. every member’s skills,
    musicianship skills and experience. This encompasses
                                                                  external to the Qwire, are regarded with great value. we
    those members who have at one time or other had
                                                                  encourage members, not just to sing with the ensemble
    professional experience and development to those
                                                                  but also to use their other skills to help us build a strong
    members who have had no experience at all. as one of our
                                                                  and vibrant organisation so that for many generations to
    communities only fully integrated arts and performance
                                                                  come, the voice of our community can be heard through
    groups (that is a group which includes persons from the
                                                                  the universal language of music.
    whole of the glBTi community), we thrive on the energy
    and contribution of each member. our one and only             we also socialise - we enjoy having an exuberant and
    requirement is that you enjoy singing and music. if this is   exciting social agenda and we feel that it is an integral
    what you have, then we welcome you with open arms!!!!         part of our organisation. The choir is a safe source of
                                                                  friendship, support, strength and fun. it is our ideal
    membership as a singer involves the challenges of
                                                                  that the stresses and conflicts of the world be kept at
    learning and performing many different kinds of music,
                                                                  bay when singing, that participation engenders a sense
    to a variety of audiences from both our own community
                                                                  of care-free belonging, in an environment in which
    and the broader community. we have performed in
                                                                  people can be completely at ease to express themselves
    adelaide for many different groups and organisations,
                                                                                        artistically and where we move to
                                                                                        the delights and warmth of
                                                                                        rehearsals,          performances,
                                                                                        committees, fellowship and social
                                                                                        functions. if you can take on such
                                                                                        a challenge, if you would enjoy the
                                                                                        people and the individual growth
                                                                                        that the choir may introduce you
                                                                                        to....then join us.
                                                                                         it could change your ideas, your
                                                                                         social circle and your life!!!!
                                                                                         for further information, please
                                                                                         matthew norton (secretary)
                                                                                         on 0406 094 157 or daniel
                                                                                         crouch (publicity officer) on
                                                                                         0433 471 392.

                                                                                 a group of 32 members of the adelaide
    Ad e l a i d e                                                               happy wanderers enjoyed their first
                                                                                 activity for the year on 1 february
    Happy                                                                        2009, a guided tour of the old Treasury
                                                                                 buildings on Victoria square. The unique
    Wanderers ...                                                                underground tunnels were a big attraction,
                                                                                 particularly on a day of over 40 degrees.
                                                                                                                                       Ad e l a i d e . . . .

                                                                                                                                 Bamboo-adelaide has had a very successful
                                                                                                                                 year. our current membership is 43 financial
                                                                                                                                 our most enjoyable events have been the
                                                                                                                                 winery Tour, halloween night, new year’s
                                                                                                                                 eve party night, and the australia day
                                                                                                                                 party, (which was of course shared with the
                                                                                                                                 chinese and Vietnamese new year), plus our
                                                                                                                                 Valentines day party. some of ouT north
                                                                                                                                 and men down south members also came
                                                             The spikers started 2009 on 15 January with a spirited game         along to enjoy the fun with us.
                                                             on the lawns at wigley reserve, glenelg due to our home             our most successful events have been the
                                                             base being out of action that week. play resumed in the             pot luck parties at member’s homes. i would
                                                             usual Thebarton senior college gym site at 7pm the following
                                                                                                                                 like to thank the members who opened
                                                             week, and will be there for the remainder of 2009.
  Ad e l a i d e S p i k e r s V o l l e y b a l l C l u b

                                                                                                                                 their home to the club for these events.
                                                             over the australia day long weekend, we had two teams               attendances always vary, but all are very
                                                             venture to melbourne for their eagle leather Tournament             good fun.
                                                             along with teams from the sydney freezone Volleyball club,
                                                             and of course from melbourne spikers. although not on the           we will try and make a pot luck party, which
                                                             winning podium this time, we were thrilled to take out best         are B.y.o. (food to share and own drinks),
                                                             player in the B grade competition, and had another member           once a month whenever we can, plus other
                                                             bring home a gold medallion for being part of a melbourne c         events to be arranged in between.
                                                             grade team that was successful.
                                                                                                                                 contact the convenor, or the membership
                                                             plans are well under way for us to be represented by one
                                                                                                                                 liaison officer if you would like to know more
                                                             team in the second outgames international Tournament in
                                                                                                                                 about us, or come along and see what we
                                                             copenhagen during July this year. adelaide spikers will be
                                                             marching in the Team adelaide tops during the opening and           are like by contacting any of our committee
                                                             closing ceremonies, and member raymond has just designed            members.
                                                             a great green and gold top for use in the competition.              noTe: following a morning of badminton,
                                                             recently we have welcomed about a dozen talented (volleyball        our a.g.m. will be held on 3 may 2009, after
                                                             skills) students on Thursday nights. They have provided a           which time, a new calendar of events will be
                                                             welcome lift to the level of play.                                  organized by the new committee.
                                                             on sunday 19 april we will be hosting a tennis social day with
                                                             any Team adelaide members and gmh employees welcome
                                                             to attend. once we have settled on a venue we will send out
                                                             publicity, or contact robin 0418 891 877. play would be from
                                                             12 noon – 5pm.

The complex has grown in bits and pieces                                                        cabinet meeting room was a photograph
up to federation in 1901. The tour included                                                     of don dunstan at a cabinet meeting. The
the only remaining section of the original                                                      afternoon activities were postponed due to
buildings dating from 1839, along with                                                          the excessive heat. some of the group met
archaeological remains found during the                                                         at the central market for lunch. a most
conversion of the building to the current                                                       interesting day with a difference!
medina hotel. in the former government
                   FEATURED PARTNE                                                               Bfriend does this by:-

                  An interview with
                                                                                            1. short term link ups for newly
                                                                                                identifying   or     questioning
                                                                                               people with people who identify
                     a Bfriend worker!                                                        as Bisexual, gay, Transgender or
                                                                                            lesbian who are part of our volunteer
                                                                         2. short term link ups for parents of people who
                                                                      identify as lesbian, Bisexual, gay or Transgendered
c a n you Tell us how B f r i en d c am e To B e ?               3. developing and providing relevant information to
                                                                    organisations, the community and government
Bfriend was started as a pilot project of unitingcare wesley
adelaide back in 1995. it began as a result of counsellors in    4. providing a specialised consultancy service                              to
the family & relationships team seeing a number of same             organisations, the community and government
sex attracted people who weren’t needing counselling but an      Bfriend sees itself as a project that allows an expression
opportunity to talk about their sexuality as well as meeting     of Transgendered, gay, Bisexual and lesbian culture. we
other same sex attracted people and to have support around       acknowledge and are sensitive to the range and diversity
coming out. as soon as the project started it was inundated      that exists within Transgendered, Bisexual, lesbian and gay
by newly identifying people wanting a service as well as         communities. Bfriend wishes to honour that diversity in how
people from within the glBT community offering to volunteer      we support newly identifying or questioning people.
themselves as buddies to support newly identifying people.
                                                                 Being attracted to someone of the same sex or questioning
since 1995 Bfriend has supported nearly 1000 newly               our gender identity can have people experiencing different
identifying same sex attracted folk and has also grown to        feelings including anxiety, a sense of relief, joy and confusion.
include support for people identifying with the Transgender      coming out as same sex attracted, gay, lesbian, Transgendered
community as well.                                               or Bisexual in our society, where heterosexuality is dominant,
                                                                 is a courageous and risk filled thing to do.
wh aT i s your role i n B f r i en d?
                                                                 currently we have approximately 90 volunteers and we are
as the men’s project worker at Bfriend my main role is           always on the look-out for more people wishing to volunteer
to support newly identifying guys who are coming out,            and run training session on a regular basis each year.
questioning their sexual attraction to men as well as finding
social support. This can often happen in many ways with          wh o d o e s B f r i e n d w o r K w iT h ?
most guys going on to being linked with a volunteer as a
‘buddy’ or ‘friend’ for a period of 3 months. This gives guys    Bfriend primarily works with all age groups and all people
the opportunity to meet someone else who is same sex             who are newly identifying as same sex attracted, transgender
attracted, is comfortable with who they are and has an           or socially isolated as well as parents and families of ssa folk.
understanding of coming out and also navigating the glBT         we also work with training up ssa and trans folk to become
community.                                                       volunteers and support newly identifying folk.

as part of giving guys the opportunity to meet other guys in a   h ow d o e s s o m eo n e g eT i n To u c h
safe, purely social way i organise a monthly men’s dinner for
all same sex attracted guys. The dinners are a great and safe
                                                                 w iTh B f r i e n d ?
way to ease into men’s community and with it being purely        if you are interested in more info on Bfriend or would like
social it lessens tensions that can arise for new guys when      to get involved we can be contacted in a number of ways,
encountering the scene, with it not being a meat market.         the easiest is via phoning direct. each worker has their own
i also run groups throughout the year often based on issues      number which people can leave a message on if we are not
that guys are either requesting or trends of the service users   around. paul (men) – 8202 5192, fanny (women) – 8202
such as: coming out, relationships, finding out about the        5805, Karen (trans) 8202 5894. we can also be emailed on
glBT community, sexual health etc.                      or people can drop in to
                                                                 see us at:
c a n you Tell us, whaT does B f r i en d d o ?
                                                                       u n iT i n gc a r e w e s l ey a d e l a i d e
Bfriend is a confidential, free service which aims to:
                                                                       10 p i T T sTr e eT, ad e l a i d e 50 0 0
support people who are newly identifying as same sex
                                                                       w w w. u c w e s l e y a d e l a i d e . o r g . a u / bf r i e n d
attracted (ssa), lesbian, gay, Bisexual or Transgender or who
are exploring their sexual identity outside heterosexuality or
questioning their gender identity.
                                                        Guys Out North
                                                       australia day was a busy day for      with Bamboo-adelaide for their
                                                       us. we caught up with Bamboo-         Valentines day party. well into
                                                       adelaide at one of their member’s     the evening everyone had the
                                                       homes for a BBQ. we had an            opportunity to belt out a tune
                                                       enjoyable time there. we then         along with the Karaoke machine.
                                                       had the pleasure of catching          who knew so many had hidden
                                                       up with the guys from unity on        singing talents?
                                                       australia day. it was definitely a
                                                                                             on one of our weekly sunday
                                                       warm day. we were all grateful
                                                                                             lunches at globe derby, we
                                                       that ross had an indoor pool for
                                                                                             were visited by some pastors to
                                                       us to hop into to cool down. we
                                                                                             participate in our gathering. it
                                                       gladly left the comforts of the
                                                                                             was an encouraging day for us. if
                                                       pool when the wonderful aromas
                                                                                             you would like to join us feel free
                                                       of the BBQ beckoned us. The
                                                                                             to give us a call. Jeff (8281-4766
                                                       night was filled with pleasant
                                                                                             or 0448-808-161) or des (0439-
                                                       company and conversation.
                                                       in february we trekked down
                                                       from the north to catch up

A 3G’s Social Club                                                    Moolagoo Mob
The 3g’s annual australia day picnic at ridge park, myrtle                                                      This year the
Bank was well attended. The weather was pleasant (before                                                        moolagoo mob
the heatwave). This year we were joined by members of the                                                       has set its sights
Bear men of adelaide who it is certain enjoyed the splendid                                                     on widening its
surroundings. The park is in idyllic surroundings with good                                                     horizon. Thanks
facilities. The day was filled with good conversation and the                                                   to the ingenuity
occasional sizzle of the barbeque.                                                                              of         modern
                                                                                                                technology and
                                                                                                                also     one    of
A Poz on Poz                                                                                                    our      members,
                                                                                                                none other than
if you had missed out on our Blackberry picking day, here                                                       raymond,       we
is just a snippet of what happened. The adelaide hills was                                                      are now on the
a welcoming sight at mid morning, just the right amount                                                         world wide web.
of sun and fresh air. although the blackberry bushes were                                                       so if you feel
initially unyielding in giving us their prize they eventually                                                   like letting your
relented with mild, gentle coaxing. The outdoor decking gave                                                    fingers do the
us a wonderful area to share lunch together, satay chicken                                                      walking just type
with savoury rice, who could have asked for more? Thankfully          in and hey presto you
mother nature read our minds and provided a picturesque               are at our doorstep. now you definitely need to pay
canvas backdrop of the hills as we passed the day away.               a visit to our photo gallery. catch us at our best and
                                                                      candid moments. The best part of it all is the events
it was in the summer sun that we sat down on 11 January to            page, now you can pencil us in or “pda” us into your
discuss and plan for the rest of the year’s events. armed with        day just so you don’t miss out on coming on down to
our hats and sunblock we discussed the monthly excursions             one of our events and outings. remember it is on the
that we could take. everyone thought missing a trip to                firsT saTurday of every month. click on our contact
mclaren Vale would be remiss of us since south australia              page and give raymond or myself (Kym) a call and we
has wonderful wines and sceneries to offer in the wake of             will be glad to fill you in on what is coming up soon.
autumn. in may we will have a pleasant bush walk followed             or if you feel like it, just give us a call to find out more
by a steam train ride up to strathalbyn in June. we will be           about our happy band of friends.
welcoming winter with a luncheon at a members place. if all
of these sounds like something you would like to join us in,
don’t hesitate to give us a ring.
                                                 T e a m Ad e l a i d e T e n P i n B o w l i n g
Uranian Society
The uranian society provides a cultural
forum for gay men in adelaide with
meetings on historical, political, literary
and artistic aspects of gay culture held
throughout the year. The society’s meeting
on 26 april will be its 20th anniversary
and the program will be a retrospective on
activities of the society.
a wide range of gay cultural topics are
discussed at uranian society meetings,
including: “lampshades and law reform:
researching adelaide’s gay history” (John
lee 1989); “gay fiction for Teenagers”           we meet every Thursday at woodville Bowling centre at 891 port road,
(wayne garner, 1990); “coming out                woodville. The games starts at 8.15pm, allowing 15 minutes practice time.
under fire: gays in world war ii” (gary          we are a gay friendly mixed-bowling team. The cost is $20 per person for
wotherspoon, 1991): “maria callas, gay men       league bowlers, $17.90 for social bowlers. all bowls and shoes are provided.
and opera” (Barry rosenzweig, 1992); “a          if you are aboriginal, Torres strait islander or under 30, you get the first
stonewall Tribute to drag: holly woodlawn,       night free of charge (courtesy of Team adelaide). The score system is
Jackie curtis and candy darling” (ian purcell    based on handicap so that nobody is disadvantaged even though you
and Brian Knott, 1993); “edward carpenter:       have not bowled before. There are vacancies available for new members.
a retrospective” (will sergeant, 1994);          please contact steven on 0417 857 252 or paul on 0432 389 324 for more
“mapplethorpe and the american dream”            details.
(ian fraser, 1995) “montgomery clift”
(murray couch, 1996); “undressing cross-
dressing: the cultural complexities of men
in frocks” (dr david murray, 1997); “The gay
                                                 Southern Men’s Group
life and tragic death of hart crane” (rikki
wilde, 1998); “The situation in Zimbabwe”        southern men’s group is a relaxed,     have a laugh or twenty?
(Bart van der wel, 1999) “penetrating            caring, fun and respectful group       on alternate months we
the anus: homoeroticism and football”            where gay, bisexual and same           have a dinner where
(Terry evans, 2001); “a gay holocaust?           sex attracted men from the outer       members bring a dish to
– the persecution of homosexuals in the          southern suburbs of adelaide           share with all.
Third reich” (robert hughes, 2002); “ The        and nearby areas can come for
archbishop of canterbury, his lesbian wife       support and information without
& Their 3 gay sons: an introduction to the       judgement. The group respects          we offer regular outings
life and times of e. f. Benson “ (ian purcell,   the huge diversity of men’s            ranging from inexpensive
2003); “henry scott Tuke and the uranians”       backgrounds, experiences, needs        dinners, picnics, coffee
(John poynter, 2004); “Bad Boys and Tough        and identities. we work together       arvos and mystery tours.
Tattoos” (rapheal nevyn, 2005); “ a church       to create a confidential, safe and     all events and activities are
at war: the international anglican debate        positive group for all participants.   at minimal cost.
on homosexuality” (david hilliard, 2006);                                               activities are planned months in
                                                 casual saturday; an informal
“dicks and decor: post-war trends in                                                    advance and information can be
                                                 gathering held fortnightly in the
american interior decoration exemplified                                                found in current copies of blaze.
                                                 privacy of a member’s home from
in gay porn” (John poynter, 2007); “south                                               you can also request a programme
                                                 7pm on fortnightly saturdays.
australian living artist: harvey schiller”                                              to be posted out.
                                                 we encourage anonymity and
(peter Jones, 2008).
                                                 confidentiality in a comfortable       membership
The first meeting for 2009 will be on            atmosphere.
sunday 29 march and frank caspers will                                                  membership is open to any gay,
                                                 meet local men in a relaxed,           bisexual or same sex attracted
be “discovering oscar wilde”. The 20th
                                                 respectful environment. chats          men, from any area but events
anniversary meeting will be on 26 april.
                                                 and information sharing. Tea and       and activities are tailored towards
other meetings in 2009 are on the last
                                                 coffee flowing freely, including a     those men who live in the outer
sundays of may to october and on the
                                                 great supper. pick up your copy of     southern suburbs and nearby
second sunday in december. all meetings
                                                 Blaze.                                 areas. membership is free.
start at 7.30pm and are held at darling
house, 64 fullarton road, norwood. details       why not come along for a relaxing      contact information:
at             night, make some new friends and       Bill 0419 997 044
                                                    T e a m Ad e l a i d e S q u a s h

                                                         There has been a gay squash group for well over twenty years
                                                         in adelaide and though its popularity has waxed and waned it
                                                         remains a great sport for people of all ages and skill levels.
                                                         The group caters for squash players of any skill level and their
                                                         supporters. play is based on a social, singles only format. To
                                                         encourage the social aspect you will play with and against
                                                         different people each set. The advantages of an indoor racquet
                                                         sport means we play all year around.
                                                         racquet hire and shower facilities are available at the centre.
                                                         we meet every Tuesday from 6-7pm at the norwood squash
                                                         centre, 233 The parade, norwood. we adjourn to a nearby café
                                                         for coffee and chat following play, though this is optional.

                                T e a m Ad e l a i d e I n c .
                                         other discounts apply for two or more
                                         members from the same household.
                                         serious sport, serious culture and
                                         totally serious’ll find it
                                         all at the 2nd world outgames in
                                         copenhagen, denmark, from 25 July
                                         to 2 august 2009.
                                         There will be tournaments in 38
                                         different sports disciplines, from
                                         aerobics to wrestling, for competitors
                                         at all skills levels.

                                  w e    in addition, there will be a wide
                                a r e    variety of cultural events including
                              a non-     performances, exhibitions and parties    the 1st world outgames was able
                           p r o f i t   to inspire, provoke and make you         to exceed its participation and
                        organisation     dance like crazy.                        attendance targets.
                   formed           to   world outgames 2009 will also            so mark your calendar and come
            promote gay and lesbian      feature a human rights conference        all the way out at world outgames
sports in south australia. we provide    addressing issues and concerns of the    2009. for more information on the
tennis (mixed and women’s), ten pin      lgBT community and all others for        2nd world outgames in copenhagen
bowling, squash, golf, volleyball and    whom love of freedom and freedom         visit; also
dancesport and coordinate teams          to love is self-evident.                 see or
for gay games both locally and                                                    contact Bryan on 8207 0303 for news
internationally.                         The world outgames was born with a
                                                                                  on adelaide’s team at the games.
                                         big bang in montreal, canada, in 2006.
membership is available to anyone        with more than 18,000 participants       please note: although the early
for a small annual fee which falls       from 111 countries as conference         registration discount is finished you
due on 1 July of each year; a 50%        delegates, athletes, volunteers or       can still register up until 30 april,
discount applies from January 1st and    participants in the cultural program,    2009.
                                  Calendar of Events for GMH Partners...

                               23 ap r i l                    3 m ay                            20 Ju n e
                               adel ai de sp i K er s         B a m Bo o a d e l a i d e        adelaide spiKers
                               VolleyBall cluB                Badminton at glenunga h.s.        Vo l l eyB a l l c l u B
                               Blind volleyball               start at 10.30am. followed by     film night – double feature.
  Gay Men’s                    pizza / drinks (free night).   a.g.m. at John’s place at 1pm,    wallis Theatrette, richmond.
  Health works                 contact peter (0412 236 157)   ending with a pot luck party.     contact peter (0412 236 157)
  with gay,                    or robin (0418 891 877)        contact John (8297 1925) or       or robin (0418 891 877) for
                                                              ian (8625 3213)                   updated details.
  bisexual and
  same sex                     26 ap r i l
  attracted                    sou Th er n m en ’s            10 m ay                           20 Ju n e
  men in South                 group                          p oZ o n p oZ                     3g ’ s s o c i a l c l u B
                               mystery Tour                   Bush walking.                     21st anniversary party @
                               meet at noarlunga centre       contact Ted on 8339 4393 or       eastwood community centre
                               post office at 10.30am for a   email       @ 7.30pm. cost: $5 at door.
                               mini bus mystery Tour.                                           please contact graham
                                                              16 m ay
                               $5 per person. Byo lunch or                                      (8295 7201) or
                                                              3g ’ s s o c i a l c l uB
APRIL                          buy on the way.
                               Bookings essential.
                                                              Bowling - cross road
                                                                                                greg (0407 794 924)
                                                                                                to book a spot.
                                                              Bowling centre, goodwood
12 a p r i l                   contact Bill 0419 997 044.
                                                              @ 2pm.
p oZ o n poZ                                                  contact graham (8295 7201)
mclaren Vale experience        26 ap r i l                    or greg (0407 794 924) to         JULY
contact Ted on 8339 4393 or    ur an ian soci eT y            book a spot.
email    20th anniversary meeting of                                      5 Ju ly
                               the uranian society.                                             adelaide happy
                                                                                                wa n d e r e r s
12 a p r i l                   darling house, 7.30pm.
                               a retrospective look at some
                                                              JUNE                              mount gawler – Kersbrook.
B a m B oo adel ai d e                                                                          circling mt crawford forest.
                               of the achievements of the
songkran festival                                             6 Ju n e                          grade: medium. contact
(Thai new year pot luck)                                      a d e l a i d e s p i Ke r s      Trevor (0408 803 055) or
                               contact paul (8341 6496)
12pm at John’s. Byo.                                          Vo l l eyB a l l c l uB           graeme (8352 1331)
                               or Keith (uranian_society@
contact John on 8297 1925                                     eagle leather Tournament,
                                                              melbourne. please contact
                                                                                                12 Ju ly
18 a p r i l                                                  peter (0412 236 157) or robin
                                                                                                p oZ o n p oZ
3 g ’ s s ocial clu B          MAY                            (0418 891 877) for updated
                                                              details.                          lunch at member’s house.
games night                                                                                     please contact Ted for further
eastwood community centre      3 may                                                            details on 8339 4393 or
95 glen osmond road,           adel ai de hap py              7 June                  
eastwood @ 7pm.                wan der er s                   adelaide happy
Bring a plate                                                                                   25 Ju ly
                               autumn walk - crafers/         wa n d e r e r s
cost: $5 (members) or          stirling area. grade: easy.    wirra wirra peaks (near           s o uT h e r n m e n ’ s
$7 (non-members).              afternoon tea.                 mt crawford) eucalypts            group
contact graham (8295 7201)     gold coin donation for         scrubland. grade: hard.           christmas in July
or greg (0407 794 924).        charity. contact Ted &         long steep walk.                  mid year christmas dinner at
                               andrew 8339 4393.              contact david T: 8260 2532 /      Bill’s home.
19 a p r i l                                                  0403247345.                       Bring Kris Kringle to the
a d e l a i de sp i Ker s                                                                       value of $5. cost : $10
                               3 may
Vo l l eyBall clu B                                                                             payable in advance.
                               adel ai de sp i K er s         14 Ju n e
Tennis from 12pm – 5pm.                                                                         rsVp by 4 July 2009.
                               VolleyBall cluB                p oZ o n p oZ                     Bill: 0419 997 044.
Venue to be confirmed.         clare gourmet                  steam ranger from mt
contact peter (0412 236 157)   festival Bus Trip.             Barker to strathalbyn. please
or robin (0418 891 877)        contact peter (0412 236 157)   contact Ted for further details
                                                              on 8339 4393 or email
                               or robin (0418 891 877)
25 Ju ly                        B ear m en of                   RE-OCCURING                     Bi adelaide
a d e l a i de sp i Ker s       adel ai de                                                      14 a p r i l, 12 m ay
Vo l l eyBall clu B             friday pub nights
                                                                EVENTS                          9 Ju n e, 14 J u ly
2nd outgames in                 7pm - contact micky on                                          coffee night & informal chat
copenhagen, denmark.            0404 413 260 for venue          calming The c                   pancake Kitchen, 7pm
contact peter (0412 236 157)    details or check out the                                        gilbert place, adelaide
                                                                h e p c co u n c i l o f s a
or robin (0418 891 877)         website for updates                                             look for a soft toy on the
                                                                21 a p r i l, 5 , 19 m ay
                                                                2 , 16 , 30 Ju n e
                                                                14 , 28 Ju ly
MONTHLY                         guys ou T norTh
                                                                calming the c: a fortnightly    Bear men of
                                sundays at 12pm
EVENTS                          lunch at globe derby park.      information and support         adelaide
                                contact Jeff or des.            group for people living with    5 m ay, 2 J u n e & 7 J u ly
Bfriend                                                         hepatitis c. partners, family   B&J movie night, 7pm
monThly men’s                                                   and friends are welcome.        185 The parade, norwood
dinner - for same sex           sa sam e sex                    calming the c provides a        movie to be confirmed
attracted men including men     dancesporT                      confidential, non-judgmental
that are newly identifying.     men only                        and friendly environment. a     Bear men of
2nd friday of each month in     Beginners dance class           light lunch is provided.        adelaide
a local city pub for relaxed    mondays 8-9pm - $10 / $8        it is held at hepatitis c       26 a p r i l, 31 m ay
food and conversation.          Teacher: graham pike            council of sa inc, 3 hackney    28 Ju n e, 26 J u ly
contact paul on                 0423 698 885                    road, hackney 12.30pm           Bears in the mist
8202 5192 or email bfriend@     in a spin dance studio          – 2.30pm. for further details   431 pulteney street @ 2pm         cosgrove hall                   contact John or deborah
                                york ave, clovelly park         (8362 8443)                     3g ’ s s o c i a l c l u B
m o o l agoo moB                                                                                16 ap r i l , 21 m ay,
social gathering. we meet       sa sam e sex                    o uT lo oK s s a s o c i a l    18 J u n e & 16 J u ly
the first saturday of every     dancesporT                      g r o u p (m T g a m B i e r)   luncheon - ambassador
month.                          mixed sequence dance class      3 m ay, 7 J u n e & 5 J u ly    hotel, King william street.
contact Kym (0400 108 517)      sundays 6.30-7.30pm - $8        come and join us in mt          all welcome. 12pm.
or raymond (0417 296 663).      lorna dance studio              gambier for a catch up at a
Visit our website for monthly   15 Boundary rd,                 local pub. we meet the first    u r a n i a n s o c i eT y
event updates at:               somerton park                   sunday of every month.          31 m ay, 28 Ju n e                                             for further details ewan:       26 J u ly
                                Team adel ai de                 0407 609 631                    7.30pm at darling house. for
                                sQuash                                                          more details please contact
WEEKLY                          Tuesday evenings, 6 – 7pm.      s o uT h e r n m e n’ s         paul (8341 6496) or Keith
                                                                group                           (uranian_society@yahoo.
EVENTS                          norwood squash centre,
                                233 The parade, norwood.        25 a p r i l, 9 , 23 m ay
                                all grades and genders          6 , 13 , 20 Ju n e &
a d e l a i de gay an d
                                welcome.                        11 J u ly
l e sB i an Q wi r e                                            casual saturday.
                                racquet hire and shower
weekly rehearsals - Tuesdays                                    informal gathering in the
                                facilities are available.
from 7.30pm - 9.30pm @ st                                       privacy of a member’s home.
                                adjourning to nearby café
george anglican church hall,                                    including a great supper.
                                for coffee and chat, which is
goodwood road, goodwood.                                        contact Bill 0419 997 044.
contact matthew
0406 094 157.
                                                                u n iT y
                                Team adel ai de T e n
                                p i n Bowli ng                  17 a p r i l, 2 2 m ay,
a d e l a i de sp i Ker s
                                Thursdays                       26 J u n e , 24 J u ly
Vo l l eyBall clu B
                                woodville Bowling centre        monthly meeting
Thursdays, 7 - 8.30pm
                                891 port road, woodville.       pilgrim church
Thebarton senior college
                                games starts at 8.15pm          12 flinders street, adelaide.
                                allowing 15 minutes practice    shared dinner at 7.00 pm
ashley street, Torrensville
                                time. league bowler: $20        followed by meeting.
cost: $6 / night (first three
                                social bowler: $17.90           paul marsh (8341 6496) or
visits free to new people)
                                steven on 0417 857 252 or       alan lockyer (8278 2101)
                                paul on 0432 389 324

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