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Hosuing Matters Issue 11 March 2008 - PDF


Hosuing Matters Issue 11 March 2008 - PDF

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									                                                                                 ISSUE 11 > MARCH 2008

                                                                                 HOUSING matters
                                                                                 New name and website for BMAPS

                                                                                 Following a recent organisational change Building Management Accommodation Services (BMAS)
                                                                                 is now Building Management Accommodation and Property Services (BMAPS). Government
                                                                                 Employee Housing is a business unit within BMAPS.

                                                                                 The amalgamation strengthens our customer focus and improves the way we deliver our services,
                                                                                 making us a more collaborative and streamlined organisation.

                                                                                 Over the next few months our name change will be phased in through our communication with you.
                                                                                 So keep an eye out and we will keep you updated on the changes as they occur.

                                                                                 Our services and contact arrangements remain the same.
                                                   GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE HOUSING

                                                                                     Visit our new
                                                                                     With a new name comes a new
                                                                                     website. We can now be found
                                                                                     online at:

                                                                                     For a shortcut to all Government
                                                                                     Employee Housing information
                                                                                     you can go straight to
                                                                            or click >more
                                                                                     next to for Government
                                                                                     Agencies on the website

                                                                                     As this is a new website, we welcome your feedback on how useful the site is to you – so
                                                                                     please tell us what you think by sending an email to


                                                                                 IN THIS ISSUE:
                                                                                 •   Housing Program 2008                  •
                                                                                 •   Winner of the Tenant Survey prize     Te n
                                                                                                                           Tenanta n t
                                                                                 •   New Tenancy Guide                     Survey
                                                                                                                           •                                                    1
ISSUE 11 > MARCH 2008

HOUSING matters
Housing Program 2008
The 2007/2008 BMAPS Government Employee Housing Program is bigger than ever and reflects
the increased demand for government employee housing in regional South Australia.

Expansion in areas such as Roxby Downs has led to a significant increase in the purchase and
construction of new housing.

With a total capital program for 2007/08 of $13 million, the housing program includes the construction

    •   four houses in Port Augusta
    •   one house each in Robe, Kalangadoo, Burra and Marree
    •   two units each in Jamestown, Kingston, Booleroo Centre, Clare, Berri, Penola, Whyalla,
        Ardrossan and Ernabella
    •   up to 14 houses in Roxby Downs.

The capital improvement program extends to upgrading existing houses with renovations to kitchens
and bathrooms and to outdoor areas with the provision of verandahs.

We have an ongoing program for the necessary replacement of kitchens and bathrooms, which this
year will see around 75 kitchens and bathrooms upgraded at an estimated cost of $750 000. In addition,
36 new verandahs will be provided at a total cost of $275 000.

Roxby Downs
We are currently procuring eight new homes for
government employees in Roxby Downs. The
homes, in the new Copper Sands subdivision, will
be finished by May this year, with further homes
sought when the next subdivision is released.

These homes are the first in a group required to
meet rapidly increasing demand for housing given
the number of government employees providing
services in Roxby Downs.

Each new home will have energy efficient features
such as solar hot water services and fully insulated
walls and ceilings. The homes also include ducted
air conditioning, undercover car parking and water                Director BMAPS Richard Muncey, Manager
                                                             Government Employee Housing Carlo Bittoto and
effective landscaping.                                        former Director BMAPS Barry Griffin inspecting
                                                                                   housing in Roxby Downs.
More new homes may be required in the future to
meet the requirement for additional government
services resulting from the proposed expansion of
the Olympic Dam Mine.

ISSUE 11 > MARCH 2008

HOUSING matters
And the winner is ....
Congratulations to Carol Young who was the
recipient of the $100 Bunnings voucher as the
winner of the 2007 tenant survey prize draw.

Carol is a Police Officer in Minlaton and was
presented with her prize by Chris Chapman,
Housing Manager for the Mid North/Yorke
Peninsula region.

Carol was one of 532 tenants who went into the
draw simply by filling out the 2007 Government                          Housing Manager Chris Chapman
Employee Housing Tenant Survey.                                         presents the prize to Carol Young.

Saving energy around your home
Tips from the DTEI Energy Division -

Climate Change and Global Warming are two major issues affecting us all today.
Generating energy savings across the 1700 government employee houses in regional
South Australia will have a significant impact in ensuring we are doing our bit. For this
reason we have put together a list of some excellent ways you can substantially reduce
your household energy consumption – saving the environment and also yourself a
few dollars in energy bills along the way.

Thermostats: set heating and cooling thermostat temperatures as low as you feel
comfortable with during winter (around 19-20oC) and as high as you feel comfortable
with during summer (around 25-26oC). Each 1oC above these temperatures during winter and below
during summer will increase energy use by around 10 percent.

Fans: are relatively inexpensive to run at around 2 cents per hour. While they do not cool the air they
can reduce the need to switch on other higher energy consuming appliances and systems.

Refrigerators: when buying a fridge, decide on the size (volume), type of refrigerator, and features
you want - do not buy a refrigerator that’s too big for your needs, it will generally use more energy.

Standby Power: this is energy used by an appliance/item while plugged in but not performing its
primary function e.g. the red standby light on your TV/VCR. If an appliance has a standby mode, where
and when appropriate switch off these appliances at the power point when not in use.

Clothes Washing and Drying: avoid washing more loads than necessary - washing a full load or
only a few socks uses the same amount of energy. Also, wash clothes in cold water and use the sun to
dry clothes where possible.

Energy (Star) Ratings: where applicable use appliance Energy (Star) Ratings to select energy efficient
appliances. The more stars the more efficient.

ISSUE 11 > MARCH 2008

HOUSING matters
New tenancy guide
With our change in name and branding we took the
opportunity to revamp the Tenancy Guide. All new
tenants receive the Tenancy Guide when they move
into government employee housing.

For those of you currently living in accommodation and
with a copy of the old tenancy guide, you can now
access       the     new        guide     online    at:

Farewell to Neil Miller
After 50 years working in the South Australian public         support and friendship, very highly valued by those
sector, Neil Miller, Senior Contracts Officer for             with whom he worked.                               .
Government Employee Housing, BMAPS, retired in
July 2007.                                          .         Our thanks to Neil for his wonderful contribution
                                                              to our Department and the community over such
Neil started work as an apprentice painter with               a long and meritorious career.                   .
Whennan Brothers at the age of 15 and during his
time in the public sector he worked as a carpenter,
Supervising Maintenance Officer and eventually as a
Senior Contracts Officer with the Office of Government
Employee Housing from 1989.                          .

Neil was a constant traveller to all parts of the State in
his role of managing projects, particularly in remote
locations. His work ethic and dedication to the job
has been an inspiration to us all, his knowledge of the
technical aspects of housing invaluable and his

   Accommodation and Property Services is a directorate within the Building Management division of
   the Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI).
   Level 17, 30 Wakefield Street, Adelaide, SA 5000          e m a i l : bmaps@ s a u g ov. s a . g ov . a u
   Ph: (08) 8226 5496      Fax: (08) 8226 5601               web:


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