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									                                Weekly News from the Cronulla Sharks Junior AFL Club
Special Dates to
mark in your 2009         Newsletter #9                                                            June 20th 2009

Adult’s Trivia Night
                                              Here’s Mud in Your Eye
scheduled for June        Gwawley was awash last Saturday as our Sharkies
27th at the Crest Ho-
tel. Please refer to      teams splashed their way to 4 good wins under atro-
page 3 for final de-      cious conditions. While the younger players loved the
                          opportunity to get down and get dirty, the conditions
                          weren’t conducive to dry and fast footy, with the pill
                          becoming heavy and as slippery as a cake of soap.

                                          Round 9 Results                                Round 10 on 27th June
                          U10                                                U10       09:15am at Olds Park
                          Cronulla—no scores available                       Cronulla V Penshurst Green
 Inside this issue:       U11
                                                                             U11       10:15am at Gwawley
                          Cronulla Blue (6.5-41) defeated Miranda Red
Competition Ladder   2    (0.3-3)                                            Cronulla Blue V Cronulla Black

                                                                             U12       11:10 am at Gwawley
Trivia Nights News   3    Cronulla Black (4.4-28) defeated by Penshurst
                          Green(8.11-59)                                     Cronulla V Miranda Red
U11 Blue Report      4
                                                                             U13       12:15pm at Gwawley
                          Cronulla (3.14-32) defeated Miranda Red (0.2-
U11 Black Report     No   2)                                                 Cronulla V Bangor
U12 Report           4                                                       U14       1:25 pm at Gwawley
                          Cronulla (2.9-21) defeated Miranda Red (1.1-7)
U13 Report           5    U14                                                Cronulla V Bangor
                          Cronulla (4.3-27) defeated by Miranda (8.7-55)     U16       2:45 pm at Gwawley
U14 Report           6
                                                                             Cronulla V Bangor
                          Cronulla (10.16-76) defeated Miranda (2.3-15)
U16 Report           7

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Competition Ladder

                      Competition Ladder After Round 9 - 20th June 2009
    Under 11's         Played    Won      Lost     Drew      Bye          For    Against
    Penshurst Green       8       8        0         0        0           408     105
    Ramsgate              9       8        1         0        0           509     163
    Bankstown             9       7        2         0        0           375     167
    Cronulla Blue         9       5        4         0        0           382     203
    Heathcote             9       4        4         1        0           216     251
    Penshurst White       9       4        5         0        0           282     297
    Cronulla Black        9       3        6         0        0           290     322
    Miranda Black         9       3        6         0        0           274     455
    Miranda Red           8       1        6         1        0           147     398
    Bangor                9       0        9         0        0            75     597
    Under 12's         Played    Won      Lost     Drew      Bye          For    Against
    Ramsgate              9       9        0         0        0           514     163
    Bankstown             8       7        1         0        0           358     126
    Miranda Black         9       7        2         0        0           377     248
    Cronulla              9       6        3         0        0           428     178
    Miranda Red           8       2        6         0        0           269     269
    Bangor                8       2        6         0        0           230     321
    Penshurst             8       1        7         0        0           163     416
    Heathcote             9       0        9         0        0            20     638
    Under 13's         Played    Won      Lost     Drew      Bye          For    Against
    Penshurst             8       8        0         0        1           587     132
    Bangor                8       7        1         0        1           541     141
    Bankstown             7       4        3         0        1           368     188
    Ramsgate              7       2        5         0        2           192     379
    Miranda Black         7       2        5         0        1           132     481
    Cronulla              8       2        6         0        1           193     416
    Miranda Red           7       1        6         0        2           138     414
    Under 14's         Played    Won      Lost     Drew      Bye          For    Against
    Ramsgate              9       9        0         0        0           693     183
    Bankstown             8       5        3         0        0           381     190
    Cronulla              9       5        4         0        0           385     389
    Miranda               8       3        5         0        0           341     406
    Heathcote             9       2        7         0        0           269     574
    Bangor                9       2        7         0        0           220     547
    Under 16's         Played    Won      Lost     Drew      Bye          For    Against
    Bangor                9       8        1         0        0           574     267
    Bankstown             8       6        2         0        0           617     316
    Ramsgate              9       5        4         0        0           597     310
    Cronulla              8       4        4         0        0           610     500
    Penshurst             8       2        6         0        0           303     664
    Miranda               8       0        8         0        0           214     858

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Club News
                           Club Trivia Night
Hi All,

We still have a few empty seats for the Trivia night on Saturday night and
also one spare table if there is any one who would still like to attend. There
is a great hamper of goodies for the winning table.
We have some fantastic raffle and door prizes, as well as some great Auc-
tion items. Below is a list of some of these. (There will be more on
the evening). There are a few changes to the list that was sent out last
• Pavers to the value of $1,000 donated by Antique Stone/Ian Stott
•   Signed Speed Blitz Blues bat
• An afternoon of sailing for 6 people donated by Fred Haes (U/13s)
• Signed Swans jumper donated by Sydney Swans and Dennis Carroll
•   Outdoor heater
•   Sunbeam Slow Cooker
•   Sunbeam Coffee Machine (donated by the U/16s)
•   Pride of Sharks Steve Rogers
•   Casey Stoner signed 2007 Moto GP World Cup Champion signed photo
•  Christiano Ronaldo signed Man United shirt
• Mick Fanning 2007 World Champion signed mini surf board (see at-
tached image)
•   Kelly Slater signed World Champion surfing photo
•   Lance Armstrong signed Tour De France signed photo
•   Mark Occhilupo signed photo
•   The 1948 Invincibles limited edition signed collectors piece
The Battle of Beershebba

Can everyone please return the AFL raffle books (hopefully they are all
sold) to Carolyn at training on Tuesday night 30th of June as they need to
be returned to the AFL.

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Match Reports
                                       Our back line stood firm under
                                       more intensity in the second half
                                       with Patrick putting on some great
                                       defensive pressure and helping out
                                       Bradley who was ever reliable and
                                       the rest of the back line who had a   U12 by Dennis
U11 Blue by David
                                       great game keeping the Miranda
Result: Cronulla (6.5-41) defeated     team goalless for the match.          Result: Cronulla (3.14-32) defeated
Miranda Red (0.3-3)                                                          Miranda Red (0.2-2)

                                       A solid win which should establish
Following on from an impressive                                              I knew Sharks were good in water
                                       us up the ladder in 4th spot and
game against the top side the                                                but our guys of the AFL variety
                                       sets us up well for the home
                                                                             were unbelievable on Saturday.
week before the boys were keen to      ground clash with the Cronulla
redeem the close lose with a big                                             The torrential rain prior to and dur-
                                       Blacks this week.
win and boy did they deliver.                                                ing the match was amazing how-
                                                                             ever the entire team took the field
                                       Best Players: Michael Costigan,       with a fantastic attitude and met
Unfortunately we had one of our        Chris Spencer, Patrick Wood           the conditions and Miranda head
key play makers in Alex away sick                                            on. When you consider the team
but welcomed back Chris from in-                                             rarely trains or plays in the wet it
jury and boy did he make up for                                              makes the way we played and our
lost time. In partnership with Tom                                           overall skill level even more merito-
up forward Chris stacked on the                                              rious.
goals and had 5 before half time –
finishing with the only 6 goals for    U11 Black by Steve                    Our first half was full of effort and
the game. Along with solid efforts                                           endeavour without much reward.
                                       There was no U11 Black match
in the back line by Bradley and                                              We were more determined and
                                       report for round 9.
hard tackling and determination to                                           prepared to run and support each
get the ball from Oscar we had set                                           which allowed us to outnumber our
up a winning margin before the                                               Miranda opponents on most occa-
heavens opened up and nearly                                                 sions. Goals were a premium in
drowned both players and specta-                                             the conditions however we did eve-
tors alike.                                                                  rything but kick a six pointer in the
                                       Quote of the Week                     first half. I reckon we hit the post
                                                                             on three occasions and at least the
With a solid lead the boys contin-
                                                                             same amount touched on the line.
ued to playing good tough at the
ball footy in the very wet condi-      Fear is temporary,
tions. There was some excellent                                              The half time break message was
running in the tough conditions by
                                       regret is forever.                    simple – keep doing what you are
Blake and great support by Logan,                                            doing and the goals will come. Big
Patrick and Jarrod around the play.                                          Tom B was having a blinder by
Ryan was solid around the ground                                             either winning the ball or assisting
as usual and Michael was making                                              others to do so and Travis was
good position and handing off                                                having a typically strong midfield
plenty of good ball to the play mak-                                         game. Our one handball and long
ers.                                                                         kicking game was working well and
                                                                             Ryan C was continuing his good

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                                                                                          The Fin Review
Match Reports
form up forward or changing with                                              The second quarter of our high
Tom in the ruck. Great snap goals                                             scoring game and we added two
to Ryan P and Callum got the                                                  behinds although Sticks will still tell
scoreboard ticking over. Jake man-                                            you the only thing it touched was
aged to pull down a big overhead                                              his boot and therefore should have
mark in the forward line and was                                              been called a goal but he did well
                                      U13 by Ian
successful with a set shot goal.                                              to not complain much. Hayden was
Down back Braydon was having a        Result: Cronulla (2.9-21) defeated      shepherding well and Andy H was
superb game taking numerous           Miranda Red (1.1-7)                     the one who kicked nicely to Josh
marks and even managed to                                                     who marked, went back and then
bounce the ball on the run. He was                                            proceeded to aim for the goal post
                                      Well the week had panned out
well supported by the ever reliable                                           and hit it, maybe he didn’t aim for it
                                      well, the boys were missing Steve
Sean with Lewis also playing well                                             but he hit it pretty well. Hayden
                                      at training and were still disap-
and continuing to gain in confi-                                              managed to enjoy the mud again
                                      pointed with the previous week’s
dence.                                                                        and while having the ball in his
                                      loss, but at least this week “Sticks”
                                                                              hand slipped landed on a Miranda
                                      Cripps and “Fingers” new nick-
The slug fest continued in the last                                           played and still got the hand pass
                                      name Gordon had kept out of trou-
                                                                              out to JP who then passed to Con-
quarter with Sophie throwing her-     ble so they had their mind on the
self into every contest and deter-                                            nor. Andrew D also managed a
                                      game. The game plan was dis-
mined not to let Miranda score.                                               couple of good marks in this quar-
                                      cussed at length before the game,
Tom M and Gino were of equal                                                  ter including one in Miranda’s goal
                                      as the ground was under water
                                                                              square to save a goal. Nathan was
mindset and both were contributing    and it was pouring when we were
                                                                              also playing well in defence, and
to the teams positive performance.    supposed to be warming up. The
Lachlan and Mitch were all over                                               Ned and Drew were contesting
                                      backs were given their instructions
the field getting involved and were                                           well. We also saw one of the better
                                      and everybody was reminded just
rewarded by picking up many pos-                                              passages of play in this quarter
                                      how hard it is to mark in the wet
                                                                              where Josh passed to Connor who
sessions. Finally Joshua who ap-      and told to kick long and out of
peared to revel in the conditions                                             passed to Jake and got the one
                                      trouble. Hayden decided to show
was getting plenty of kicks and                                               two back before passing on to
                                      me how wrong I was about mark-
managed a great last quarter                                                  Sticks.
                                      ing in the wet and took so many I
tackle.                               lost count.
                                                                              The third quarter and we managed
Thank you all to the parents who                                              another 3 behinds we know there
                                      In the first quarter we failed to
braved the conditions and in par-                                             was one rushed and Drew took a
                                      score which is not surprising given
ticular Geoff [Boundary] and Tony                                             mark and then kicked a behind but
                                      the conditions but the back line
[Goals] who got as wet as                                                     the third one is still to be claimed
                                      also stopped Miranda from doing
shags………………….                                                                 and we couldn’t see that far with
                                      anything constructive as well. Josh
                                                                              the rain and the windscreen wipers
                                      and Nico were using their skills
                                                                              had stopped on my glasses. Jay-
Goal kickers: Ryan P, Callum &        learnt at the last training drill and
                                                                              den had another crack at goals but
Jake all 1 each.                      hand passing well. Jake picked a
                                                                              missed the lot as the ball went past
                                      slippery ball up and passed well to
                                                                              everything. Jack was not enjoying
Crest Award: Tom B                    Hayden. Andy Haes also marked
                                                                              the conditions although he did
                                      well this week and the boys took
$5 Canteen: Travis                                                            manage to kick to himself, it is one
                                      the opportunity of honing their
                                                                              way to get a couple of posses-
$3 Canteen: Joshua                    skills in preparation for their next
                                                                              sions, his ruck work had been su-
                                      visit to Jamberoo.
                                                                              perb all day and I don’t think he

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                                                                                           The Fin Review
Match Reports
lost one ruck. Jake also got in-                                                list next game.
volved in this quarter with a couple
of mark and contesting punches in
the marking contests.                                                           Thanks to all the U13s for helping
                                                                                out against the older age group as
                                                                                we see their skills improve. It is
The last quarter and we were down       U14 by Mark                             clearly benefiting their football as
5 behinds to 1 goal 1, Sticks again     Result: Cronulla (4.3-27) defeated      they gain confidence and under-
reminded me that his second quar-       by Miranda (8.7-55)                     standing of the game each week.
ter shot was a goal, so I told him to                                           Also thanks to Dennis Carroll for
not complain and go and kick an-                                                looking after the coaching role this
other one. He did and he also           After a week away from the train-
                                                                                week in Mark’s absence and shar-
added two more behinds, he was          ing paddock due to poor whether
                                                                                ing his experience with the boys. It
enjoying the mud at last and was        we were eventually overrun by the
                                                                                opened their eyes to the required
racking up the kicks, the boys were     taller Bomber outfit in the rain at
                                                                                level of commitment required by
kicking long and getting the ball       home. The team was missing Matt
                                                                                everyone putting in their best effort
into our forward 50. Bailey also        Q, Jackson, Hamish and Connor
                                                                                for the team and the fact that a win
managed a goal and the boys new         due to injury and illness but we
                                                                                does not come from just a few
that we were in with a good chance      were boosted by some of the cou-
of a win. Andrew D showed the           rageous U13s who already played
crowd how to kick the ball like         a full game – Jack Stott, Jayden
Daniel Motlop and swing it along        Cripps, Andrew Denoon, Hayden           Awards – Crest Hotel award –
the boundary and then still manage      Jackson and Declan Whyte who            Cameron Begley
to make it land inside the line. Hay-   gave us some rotation off the
                                                                                Canteen – Hayden Magrath and
den managed a great smother and         bench.
                                                                                Jeremy Hiskins.
Andy H had a shot on goal but
                                                                                Best – Lloyd, Cameron, Nat M-H,
couldn’t get the major.
                                        Unfortunately we lost Tom early         Campbell, Elliott, Hayden, and
                                        due to a facial injury but we saw       special mention to the U13s for
A great game in shocking condi-         Lloyd, Cameron, Nat, Elliott and        playing two games.
tions.                                  some others play the game out in
                                        true sharks spirit.

The Crest award went to Hayden
for his great marking and easily the    In summary, we were only a goal
best game I have seen him play          behind after the first quarter,
while Drew ended up with the $5         played well in the 2nd and 3rd quar-
canteen award and Ned received          ters to be within a couple of kicks
the $3 award.                           but were outplayed by a more
                                        committed and determined
                                        Miranda team who kicked three
  Quote of the Week                     goals to run away and win com-

 Fear is temporary,                     The boys will be focusing on at-
 regret is forever.                     tacking the ball at training, talking
                                        more and backing each other up to
                                        hopefully get back to the winners

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Match Reports
                                       he's right for next week. Some in-
                                       accurate kicking saw the Sharks
                                       leading at the half time break 6-10-
                                       46 to 2-2-14.

U16 by Grant                           The 3rd term saw much of the
Result: Cronulla (10.16-76) de-        same wet and slippery conditions
feated Miranda (2.3-15)                and it was Daniel who got us off to
                                       a good start with a goal before he
                                       left the field injured. Jesse had
In wet and slippery conditions, the    been great all day and Lloyd and
U/16's took on Miranda at Gwaw-        Ben combined well out of the mid-
ley Park.                              dle. Tim attacked the ball strongly
                                       in the pocket, and centered it for
                                       another Sharks goal to end the
It was a tough first quarter as both
                                       quarter 9-14-68 to 2-3-15.
teams got used to the conditions.
Miranda started well and appeared
to have adjusted best. The Dave        The final quarter was a scrappy
Train was sensational out of the       affair, the ball was heavier and
middle and he drove us into attack     even more slippery to make pick-
on several occasions. Chris Brun       ing it up and getting it on the boot a
was fired up as ever and showed        real challenge. Westy rucked well
real commitment with his 2nd and       down to Dave on many occasions
3rd efforts. Harleigh and Westy got    and after 20 minutes the boys were
us on the board with some great        glad to hear the siren to run out
goals. Harleigh appeared to be the     wet and cold winners 10-16-76 to 2
only one who could get a clean         -3-15.
possession and picked up the ball
well. Matt D drove out of defence a    Man of the Match - Jesse Thus.
few times and by the end of the
quarter it was the Sharks leading 3    Other awards - Loki Messer, Luke
-4-22 to 2-2-14.                       Irvine.

                                       Goals - Harleigh 3, Westy 2, Daniel
The ball got wetter and heavier but
                                       2, and singles to Jordan, Lloyd and
the Sharks pushed on with some
great performances by Jesse in
defence and Jordan Jackson who
got a great ball to Harleigh for an-
other goal. Ben C was great out of
the middle and he spotted up
Daniel a few time to put the Sharks
well into attack. Westy and Jordan
scored a couple of good goals and
Luke was hitting them hard in de-
fence and showed he could pick up
the ball despite the conditions.
Matt D went off injured - lets hope
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