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									                                  HCA Benefits Package

We are committed to the care      Lifestyle Choices                              •   Affinity Benefits are additional benefits
and improvement of human life                                                        which can be chosen at any time:
in everything we do. Therefore    The Lifestyle Choices benefits package is      Health Club Membership
                                  split into three sections:                     Home Insurance
we have developed a flexible
benefits package which helps      • Core Benefits are standard for all HCA       Motor Insurance
                                    employees subject to service                 Personal Loans
staff to meet their own             requirements.
personal needs and enjoy a                                                       Holiday Service
                                  Staff Retirement Scheme
healthy life.                                                                    Travel Insurance
Our Lifestyle Choices benefits    A money purchase scheme which staff can        Maternity Package
                                  join from the first day of employment.
package enables staff to select
the benefits which suit them.     Healthcare Trust Scheme
                                  Employees can join the Healthcare Trust        Other Benefits and Services
                                  Scheme after a year's continuous service.
                                  The scheme provides treatment at any of        As the largest private hospital group in
                                  the six HCA London hospitals.                  London, our six world class hospitals and
                                                                                 HCA Laboratories offer a superb working
                                  Critical Illness Insurance                     environment.
                                  All employees with one year's service
                                                                                 Our other benefits and services include:
                                  receive £10,000 worth of free critical
                                  illness cover.                                 •   Accommodation
                                  Maternity Benefits                             Limited short-term accommodation is
                                                                                 available for staff who relocate to London
                                  Employees, who have been with the
                                                                                 to take up a post with HCA.
                                  company for two years, are offered full
                                  obstetric care with normal delivery at The     •   Catering
                                  Portland Hospital for Women & Children.        Subsidised meals are available in the staff
                                  Season Ticket Loan                             restaurants at all the HCA hospitals.
                                  Interest free season ticket loans are          •   Training and Development
                                  available for all staff following completion       Opportunities
                                  of their probationary period.                  Learning and development are high on
                                  Recruitment Incentive Scheme                   our agenda whatever role you are in. HCA
                                                                                 offers a wide range of training courses and
                                  Employees are given a monetary reward if
                                                                                 professional development opportunities to
                                  they introduce a member of staff to the
                                                                                 its staff.
                                                                                 •   Occupational Health
                                  • Flexible Benefits allow staff to choose
                                    once a year whether they wish to keep        As well as mandatory screening for all new
                                    their benefit entitlements or use the        staff, stress counselling, acupuncture and
                                    monetary value instead and spend it          holiday vaccination services are available.
                                    on other benefits including:                 •   Work/Life Balance
                                  Childcare Vouchers                             HCA is committed to improving the
                                  Critical Illness Insurance (increased cover)   working lives of its staff and is developing
                                                                                 a range of policies which will help staff
                                  Dental Insurance
                                                                                 balance their commitments at work
                                  Healthcare Trust Scheme (increased cover       and home.
                                  to include family)
                                  Holiday (increase or decrease days)
                                  Life Assurance (select additional cover)
                                  Lifestyle Screening
                                  Personal Accident Insurance

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