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									                                                          Box Hill R.S.L. Sub-Branch Inc.

Issue Number 122                                            Editor: Tony Bowden JP                                             December 2008
          Box Hill RSL Sub-Branch Incorporated - trading as Box Hill RSL, 26 Nelson Road, Box Hill 3128. Ph: 9898 5992, Fax: 9899 1740
                            Manager: John Romero, Sub-Branch Secretary: Peter Davison           Inc. No. A0036009B

                                                                                     Book now for
                                                                                    Christmas lunch
                                                                                     at Box Hill RSL
                                                                                Homemade Roasted Pumpkin & Cashew Soup
                                                                                             finished with Cream
                                                                             King Prawn & Rockmelon Coupe with Orange drizzled
                                                                                    with Lime, Coriander & Ginger dressing
                                                                              Roast Turkey & Virginia Ham with Cranberry Sauce
                                                                                  served with Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables
                                                                                        Traditional Plum Pudding with
                                                                                         Brandy & Butterscotch Sauce
                                                                               Tea & Coffee accompanied with Petite Mince Pies
           Helen Harrington is not really mad. Turn to
            page 4 to read the reason for the crazy hat                                    $49.50 per person,
                                                                                       $25 for children under 12
   Trev’s Monster Friday                                                                     Payment required with booking

    Night Crayfish Raffle
Friday 19 December 2008 commencing at 6.30pm                                  CHRISTMAS DAY LUNCH
             15 Crayfish – 15 Hams –                                        The Welfare Department has a table booked in the
 15 Vouchers ($40) – 15 Bottles of Sparkling wine                          Bistro for anyone having Christmas lunch alone. So
     Strips of tickets will be $5 each for the                             if you would like to have lunch with a group of fun
 15 draws and will be available from 3.30pm in                                 loving people who are also alone on the day –
the Bistro and from 4.30pm in the Upton Room.                              please phone Faye Clark on 9898 2044 to book a seat.

                                    Christmas Greeting
                                    The President, Committee, Management and Staff
                                    would like to extend to all members and their families a
                                    Happy Christmas and a safe New Year
    Welfare Report
    Our best wishes are with those members who
  are, or have been in Hospital since our last issue                                     Whitehorse Day Club
  John Uhr-Henry    Elizabeth Holek                 William Tutty                  Our guest speaker was Professor Bevyn Jarrott of the Florey
  Ormond Purchall   Les King                        Bob Denman                     Institute which researches and develops programs on methods
  Mavis Bate        Roy Garden                      Gordon Hang-Wong
                                                                                   which, in the future, early intervention will prevent brain and
  Ray Morrow
                                                                                   mind disorders. Before commencing his talk, he congratulated
                                                                                   Ted. He had witnessed our members doing one of the usual

    Nursing Home Residents                                                         mind games which Beth and Ted get us to do. He advised
                                                                                   that this was the kind of thing that we should all keep doing,
CLEM ANDERSON        Yana NH, 220 Middleborough Rd, Blackburn Sth                  as the brain is like any other muscle. We must, ‘use it or lose
TOM ARNOLD           Wilani, 200 Midlleborough Rd, Blackburn Sth                   it’. Professor Jarrott gave a very difficult academic talk, but
DOROTHY BARNES       Waldreas Manor, 215-217 Wantirna Rd, Ringwood                 managed to speak in a language that we could understand.
DAVID BARTER         Yana NH, 220 Middleborough Rd, Blackburn Sth                  Ongoing research is proving their ability to prevent or delay
VERNA BURNS          D.J. Jones NH, 38 Impey St, Murchison,                        the onset of strokes and dementia. Their studies are proving
DAVID BRADSHAW       Heritage Gardens, 325-329 Canterbury Rd, Bayswater            remarkable signs of repair to the brain by stem cell treatment.
ALLAN BRAYNE         Moorfields, 75 Thames St, Box Hill                            Stem cells are now developed from fat tissue taken from our
DON CAIRNS           Chelsfield, Special Accom., 401 Elgar Rd, Mont Albert
                                                                                   bodies. How fortunate we are to have this wonderful institute
JIM CAMPBELL         Vincent De Paul Hostel, 13 Strabane Ave, Mont Albert
                                                                                   which is showing that, with early intervention, there is great
LES CARR, Wilani     Inala, 220 Middleborough Rd Blackburn South
                                                                                   hope for our future mental health.
THOMAS CARMICHAEL    Melaleuca Lodge, 395 Manningham Rd, Doncaster
ARNOLD CHENOWETH     Eltham Lodge NH, 43 Diamond St, Eltham                        It is now the ninetieth year since the signing of the Armistice
JIM CRAN             Burwood Hill NH, 12-16 Edwards St, Burwood                    which ended the Great War and that Remembrance Day has
DOROTHY CUSSEN       Nirvana NH, 78 Nirvana Ave, Malvern East                      been celebrated. At our meeting we paused at eleven o’clock,
COLIN DEAGUE         Faversham House, 27 Shierlaw Ave, Canterbury                  on the eleventh day of the eleventh month to remember, with
LEN DAVIS            Surrey Hills NH, 16 Florence St, Surrey Hills                 people around the world, the sacrafices that have been made
JOHN DONNELLY        Milparra, 220 Middleborough Rd, Blackburn South               by our brave servicemen and women in the wars that have
TED DWYER            Willowbrae Templestowe A.C.F. 81-85 Porter St, Templestowe    been inflicted on us. As the Red Poppy has become a symbol
DAN FRASER           Victoria Grange 502-514 Burwood Hwy, Vermont South            of this day, it was a welcome sight to see ninety-five members
RENE GALBRAITH       Strathdon NH, Jolimont Rd, Forest Hill                        wearing their poppies.
EDITH GAMBLE         The Mews, 2A Warburton Rd, East Camberwell
                                                                                   Knowing our meeting was to be held on Remembrance Day,
ROY GREEN            Viewhills Manor, 111 Reema Bvd., Endeavour Hills
                                                                                   Beth and Ted had arranged with our excellent artist, Julie
TOM HAYWARD          Eva Tilley NH, 24 Nicholson St, Nth. Balwyn
                                                                                   Argyle-Cross, to perform songs from the first and second
LAURIE HOAREY        Domain/Gracedale, 205 Warrandyte Rd, Ringwood Nth
                                                                                   World Wars. The emotion in music has a way of bringing back
HOWARD HOBBS         Broughton Lea NH, 9-17 Broughton Rd, Surrey Hills
                                                                                   different memories to us all, some poignant, some happy, and
MARY HODGETTS        Faversham House, 27 Shierlaw Ave, Canterbury
                                                                                   some sad. Memories came flooding back from Julie’s first song
NORMAN KERR          St. Vincents, Strabane Ave, Mont Albert Nth
                                                                                   ‘The Army, the Navy and the Air Force’, to her final song ‘We’ll
GORDON KERSEY        Sir William Hall Hostel, 1-61 Edwin St, Heidelberg West
                                                                                   meet again’. Our ninety-five strong Whitehorse Day Club
DOUG McFARLANE       Camberwell Gardens NH, 15 Cornell St, Camberwell
                                                                                   choir certainly appreciated her choice of songs, and was in
DON McPHAIL          Camberwell Gardens NH, 15 Cornell St, Camberwell
                                                                                   good voice as Julie encouraged us to sing along with her. Her
DAWN MAY             Jack Faichney Hostel, Strathdon, Jolimont Rd, Forest Hill
                                                                                   choice of songs certainly took us all for a trip down memory
ARTHUR MILLER        Amity, 300 Springvale Rd, Donvale
                                                                                   lane, but at times we all took different paths. Thanks to Julie
JOCK MOONEY          Manningham Centre, 371 Manningham Rd, Doncaster
                                                                                   and her choice of music, the hour passed all too quickly.
JACK O’DONOHUE       Strabane, 1 Strabane Ave, Box Hill North
OSSIE OLIVER         Inala, 220 Middleborough Rd, South Blackburn                  Beth, Ted, the committee and the volunteers join with me hoping
KEITH O’REILLY       Strathdon NH, Jolimont Rd, Forest Hill                        our Day Club Family enjoys a very Merry Christmas. Our love
PHYLLIS O’REILLY     Strathdon NH, Richard McGarvie Hostel Annex, Jolimont         and best wishes to you all. Cheers for now and, may you always
                     Rd, Forest Hill                                               have love to share, health to spare and friends that care.
VICTOR PERROTT       Strabane Gardens, 1 Strabane Ave, Mont Albert North
JIM PIPER            Emerald Terrace, 1 Chivers Rd, Templestowe
                                                                                                                                    Elsie Lightfoot
SUE POLITZ           Iris Manor, 264 High St, Ashburton
ORMOND PURCHALL      Tanderra, 141 Highfield Rd, Camberwell
                     Dorking Road Hostel, 40 Dorking Rd, Box Hill
                     Vincent de Paul Hostel, 13 Strabane Ave, Mont Albert North
                     Eva Tilley NH, 24 Nicholson St, North. Balwyn
                                                                                   Kenneth Holmes – British Service, Alastair Head – British Service,
LINDSAY STANGER      Millward NH, 31 Blackburn Road, East Doncaster                        James Silver – Army, Willaim Garlinge – Army,
CLIFF WHITEHOUSE     Northside Centre Peter James, Mahoney’s Rd, Burwood East            Donald James – RAAF, Donald McMaster – RAAF,
DOUG WOODS           Gracevale Grange, 48 Liverpool Rd, Kilsyth                              Colin Jones – Army, Roger James - Affiliate.
JOE YOUNG            Darley House, 1st Floor Centaur Building, Heidelberg Repat.
                     Banksia St, Heidelberg West                                                       Lest We Forget

     For all Welfare matters – Telephone Faye Clark on 9898 2044
          War Widows & Widowed
           Mothers Association                                                       Bistro Meal Deals
Our last meeting for 2008 was well attended and members
enjoyed entertainers Moonlight Shadow, later afternoon tea was
                                                                                       for December
                                                                           Monday – Schnitzel Night, Mexican, Aussie, Seafood, Greek,
served. Our four day tour to Lodden Discovery was a wonderful              Swiss, Scottish, your choice - $15 with a pot.
success and also very educational.
November 11th. Remembrance Day, I laid a wreath kindly                     Wednesday – Steak Night, 400g T Bone, 250g Rump, 300g
donated by Box Hill RSL Sub-Branch. Once again thanking all                Ribeye, 250g Porterhouse, with a choice of Mushroom and Red
the ladies for their wonderful support they have given this year           Wine, Brandy with Peppercorn or Onion sauces. $22 with a Pot.
again for Ronald McDonald house.
                                                                           Sunday Roast Lunch - $23 with a glass of house wine and a
Members looking forward to Christmas lunch at lovely old
                                                                           slice of cake. Choose between two types of Roast and any cake.
Worriyallock Hotel. We welcomed new member and also
extended our best wishes to Lois Earl and wish her a speedy

                                                                                   SPORTS VOLUNTEER
recovery. We have enjoyed another happy and successful year
and to members not attending Christmas lunch, I wish you a
very happy, safe and joyous Christmas including those who have
been unable to attend. Looking forward to seeing you at our first         VicSport, the peak body for sport and active recreation in
meeting, second Thursday, February 12th. 2009.                            conjunction with the Victorian Government is undertaking a
To join our very happy and successful association and new                 specially designed project providing free and recognised training
members made very welcome, please contact Grace Maroney on                opportunities for Senior Victorian’s who want to coach or officiate
9720 5395. Best wishes to all.                                            within sport; from the grassroots level in the local area, all the
                                   Jean King, Hon. President
                                                                          way to state level competitions.

               Box Hill Legacy Club                                       Should any member wishing to participate in the above program
                                                                          or would like further information, please contact Peter Davison.
 Hello ladies! Our October meeting was held on the 20th. with
 53 attending and four apologises, Legatee Dennis Clarke read
 the Ode. After the meeting we were entertained by Tom Hales
 who played several musical instruments accompanied by Claire                  Saturday Breakfast at
                                                                                    Box Hill RSL
 Dubey who had the most excellent voice which all the ladies
 enjoyed very much.
 On November 11th. Remembrance Day a wreath was layed at
 the Cenotaph kindly donated by the Box Hill RSL by me. We are                 (recommended by our Treasurer, Arthur Merrywether)
 all looking forward to our Christmas Luncheon being held on               Saturday breakfast – 10 to 11am and only $5
 Monday the 1st of December in the Upton Room at the RSL.
 The Committee and myself would like to wish all members a                      What do you get? Egg, bacon, sausage, tomato,
 Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year. All the best              hash browns, plus toast, butter, jam, honey or vegemite
 to those in hospital and not so well. Until next time.                                       with tea or coffee.
                              Bettina Pollard, Hon. President                          Arthur believes it’s the best deal in town

                Women’s Auxiliary
Hello ladies! Our speaker in October was Dr. Roderick Ryan
from the Bellbird Hospital on how the influenza virus is spread.
                                                                            MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR 2008
He was most informative and a real eye opener in explaining
that the germs do fly thru the air and that the simple things
                                                                            Service Members $35
such as covering your mouth when you cough and using
your handkerchief when you sneeze can help to prevent the                   Affiliate Members $35
germ spreading. Dr. Ryan remains heavily involved in Medical
Education and Development through teaching and examining                    Social Members $35
medical students and physician trainees.
We had another in-house function in November “Pats Patio”; it               Second Members $10
was all to do with floral art, Pat was most entertaining. It was
amazing what she could do with flowers and made everything                  Community Members $2
look so simple. Hopefully we all learnt a couple of helpful hints.
It is hard to believe this is the last message for the year, so I would     Transfer of Membership $10
like to thank all you ladies for keeping our auxiliary a strong             (Applies to Service & Affiliate Members from other Sub-Branches only)
one and I hope an enjoyable one. I would also like to thank my
committee for all their good work during the year. I have been              Life Subscribers – please contact the Secretary
really lucky to have such a great team and we will be together
again next year.                                                            To enable efficient processing of your renewal during this
To each and everyone of you I wish you all a very Merry Christmas           busy time of the year, we have set aside the following times:
and a healthy, happy New Year. Till next year, take care.                   Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm, Tuesday only 6pm to 9pm.
                                       Joan Clarke, Hon. President
                          BOWLS SECTION
         Oaks Day at Box Hill RSL
 Funny, elegant, huge, small hats, hats with flowers, feathers,
 bows, net, ribbons, horsey picturs, lucky symbols – all worn with
 panache and in fun for the great Mixed Fours game we held on
 Oaks Day November 6th. this year at Box Hill Bowls Club. Thanks
 to our tireless match committee headed by Ruth Pitt, we fielded
 seven rinks and a good time was held by all. We were pleased that
 some representatives from Box Hill Bowls Club could join us for
 the event.
 It was Mal Okely’s day. Not only did he win the best men’s hat (a
 concoction of colourful race symbols in a cross between a small
 sombrero and a tall panama), but he also won one of the sweeps.
 Thanks to Gwen Horder for organising the sweeps.
 The best ladies hat was won by Helen Harrington. Imagine a blue
 and grey huge, furry Mad Hatter’s top-hat and you’ve got it. As
 one of our ladies said, ‘only Helen could carry off a hat like that’.
                                                                                          Ruth Boschma and Heather Arnel
 She’s got the good looks and personality to be able to make even
 that hat look glamorous. The day was sponsored by John and
 Elaine McKirdy who have been good to our club.                              Mollison/McMahen Shield-
                                                                                  Traralgon 2008
 The winning team was Faye Tennyson, Lance Caldwell, Bill E.
 Smith and Doreen Brooker as skip and the runners-up were
 Alison Mittag, Robert Creek, Tom Leonard and Margaret Jones
 as skip. Any bowler who hasn’t yet registered and would like to         You can’t beat a great Aussie welcome. When we arrived at
 join us for our next Mixed Fours to be held at Box Hill Bowls Club      Traralgon on Sunday 26 October at about 10am all the Traralgon
 on Tuesday 4th. December 2008 at 9.30am, please contact Ruth            folk had lined up to greet us. ‘How are you mate?’ ‘Glad to
 Boschma (Secretary) on 9899 9187.                                       see you again!’ ‘Nice day for it’. That warm greeting set the
                                                                         atmosphere for the whole day. The place was abuzz with laughter
                                                    Ruth Boschma
                                                                         and excited chatter. Our roast lunch was generous, very tasty

      Ladies Club Championship
                                                                         and much appreciated. We did bowl. We had two games of ten
                                                                         ends and Box Hill RSL won some and lost some, with Traralgon
                                                                         just pipping us by one point for the Mollison/McMahen Shield
 The ladies Club Championship was held at Box Hill Bowls Club
                                                                         (again, on their home greens). Eiko Mollison handed over the
 on the morning of Sunday 9th. November 2008. Heather Arnel
                                                                         shield to David Morley (President, Traralgon RSL Bowls Club)
 and Ruth Boschma, two relatively new bowlers, revelled in the
                                                                         and to Fred Sullivan (Secretary).
 ideal weather conditions: sunny without any wind. Several
 club members turned up to watch the match and to join the               Our winning team was Bronwen Williams, Faye Tennyson,
 contenders at a gathering in our sports room after the match. It        David Laughlin and Max Tennyson as skip. The bus took us on
 was a hard-fought win for Ruth Moschma.                                 an unexpected tour of downtown Morwell and through the
                                                                         backblocks of Doncaster. You neverknow what’s around the next

     Swimming Section Report
                                                                         corner. The day ended on a sad note. The former Past President,
                                                                         Gavin Lahore, who lived next to the Traralgon RSL bowling club
                                                                         passed away that afternoon. He will be remembered with great
On 26th. October 2008 Mentone RSL hosted their Annual Swimming
                                                                         fondness by many for his friendliness and fine sportsmanship.
Carnival at the Mentone Pool. A good attendance of swimmers
presented from Bentleigh and Box Hill, with competition very keen.       Thanks to Traralgon for a special day. Our turn comes in 2009
And it was a great win for Box Hill RSL.                                 and we hope to give them an equally great day’s play and
Overall results were as follows:-                                        hospitality.
Box Hill 110.5 pts, Bentleigh 82.5 pts, Mentone 81 pts. Box Hill                                                           Ruth Boschma
winners – 100m Bruce Mann 1st, 25m Christine Charles 1st (10
swimmers won their heats), 50m (9 swimmers won their heat). Braced
Pairs, Mark/Michelle Robinson 1st. RSL Entitlement, Mentone 1st.
Bentleigh 2nd. Box Hill 3rd. 10 Person Relay – Bentleigh 1st. Mentone
2nd. Box Hill 3rd.
                                                                            DECEMBER GIG GUIDE
WW2 Relay – Mentone 1st. Bentleigh 2nd. Box Hill 3rd. Encouragement        Friday evening in the Bistro/Lounge 8.00pm to 12.00am
award, Kellie Charles.
                                                                            DECEmBER 5 . . . . . . . . . REFLECTionS
Box Hill won two carnivals this year, and drew with Bentleigh in
August. Following the carnival we adjourned to the Mentone RSL and          DECEmBER 12 . . . . . . . . Tony DEE & maRCia RaE
enjoyed an excellent lunch, followed by the presentations.                  DECEmBER 19 . . . . . . . . Big aL
If any member wishes to join a winning team, please contact Douglas
Bell on 9842 1321, or obtain an application form from the receptionist    Saturday evening in the Bistro/Lounge 8.00pm to 12.00am
at the Sub-Branch. Thanks to the committee of the Sub-Branch for all
                                                                            DECEmBER 6 . . . . . . . . . VEnuS & maRS
their help during 2008.
                                                                            DECEmBER 13 . . . . . . . . in-BETWEEn
A Merry Christmas to all.
                                                                            DECEmBER 20 . . . . . . . . Tony DiamonD
                                       Gladys J. Bell, Hon. Secretary

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