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Golden Gurus (PDF)


Golden Gurus

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									Golden Gurus
Information for Community
             Golden Gurus Information Booklet

    Golden Gurus has been established in partnership with
    the Department of Communities to capitalise on the
    knowledge, skills and experience of Queenslanders, aged
    over 50.

    Acting as a linking service, Volunteering Queensland
    connects Golden Gurus with a variety of volunteering
    opportunities. Having a Golden Guru in your organisation
    offers support and mentoring in the areas of
    management, training, business and/or non business

    Specific skills on offer include, but are not limited to;

    •   Marketing & Promotion       •   Governance
    •   Finance & Accounting        •   Planning
    •   Human Resources             •   Quality Assurance
    •   Event Management            •   Risk Management
    •   Office Management           •   Fundraising
    •   Leadership                  •   Information Technology
    •   Advocacy                    •   Legal
    •   Human Behaviour             •   Research

    Today’s economic climate brings with it many
    uncertainties for community organisations. Golden Gurus
    offers a way of rejuvenating your organisation by injecting
    ideas and professional ‘know how’ to facilitate growth and
               Golden Gurus Information Booklet

    The key steps in the project are:

     1. Register your    2. VQ matches    3. VQ supports      4. Time for
        community         you and your   you to work with   another Golden
      organisation’s       task with a     your Golden           Guru!
     interest. VQ will   Golden Guru.          Guru.
       assist you to
    identify the task.

    1. Register your interest or obtain additional information
       by contacting our Golden Gurus project team on 3002
       7600 or Our team will
       provide you with a program overview and follow up a
       few days later to answer any questions; discuss the
       entry requirements and registration form.

         Next, we will negotiate a time to conduct a face-to-
         face or phone interview with you. The discussion will
         cover Volunteering Queensland and the context of
         the program. Also, through our organisation analysis
         tool, which you will be sent beforehand, we will work
         out the tasks for your Guru. This information will be
         used to develop your organisation biography, which
         you will be required to approve.

    2. Matching you with a Golden Guru is a process which
       cross references your needs against a database of
       expertise. When we find a suitable Golden Guru we
       will provide you with their Guru profile, and if you are
       interested and they consent, their contact details.

         Then, you will need to get in touch and arrange an
         interview with them. After which we request that you
         let our project team know how it went and if final
         agreements have been made.

    3. We provide an induction, professional development
       courses, resources and on-site expertise to enhance
       your Golden Gurus capacity to support your
       organisation. The success of Golden Gurus hinges
       on the completion of monthly feedback forms, which
       enable us to identify the strengths of the project and
       how we can better provide on-going support.

    4. We hope you benefit from working with the Golden
       Guru. Once the project has been completed to a
       satisfactory standard you will be invited to submit
       your feedback. You may now wish to find another
       Golden Guru to assist you in different area.
            Golden Gurus Information Booklet
                                               Further Information


    Golden Gurus can build the capacity of your organisation
    and assist with the development of staff members.
    Program outcomes include the development of strategies
    that enable growth, productivity and sustainability within
    your organisation.


    There are no costs associated with Golden Gurus.
    However, we encourage participating organisations to
    cover any associated costs such as travel expenses,
    photocopying or other incidentals incurred by their
    Golden Gurus.


    To express interest or to obtain additional information,
    please contact the Golden Gurus project team on 3002
    7600 or












    Please note: For a complete listing of the terms and
    conditions for Golden Gurus see Volunteering
    Queensland’s website at 

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