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									                  GOLDEN GROVE NETBALL CLUB INC.
                              TRIAL NOMINATION FORM
                                    WINTER SEASON 2009
A nomination fee of $50.00 per player must accompany this form. Your nomination will not be
accepted otherwise. This payment will be deducted from your season fees if you are successful in
being selected into a team, or refunded to you should your nomination be unsuccessful.

Please complete all sections on both sides of this form, and sign as your nomination can not be
accepted without a signature.


Given Name:                                           Surname:

Date of Birth: ___________________

Address: ______________________________________________ Post Code: ________

Telephone: Home: _____________________ Mobile: ___________________________

Email: ____________________________________

Do you suffer from any medical conditions? __________
Details: _________________________________________________________________

Are you taking any medication? __________
Details: __________________________________________________________________

                              PLEASE COMPLETE OVER PAGE

Office Use Only
Payment Details             CASH / CHEQUE

                    PAID                               RECEIPT NUMBER

Signed (Authorised Committee member)
PLAYER NAME: __________________________________

Age is at the 31ST December 2009. Please tick only one.

Senior               Open age                      (   )
Intermediate         17 years and under            (   )
Junior               15 years and under            (   )
Sub Junior           13 years and under            (   )
Primary              11 years and under            (   )
Sub Primary          9 years and under             (   )

USING the numbers ONE and TWO please indicate your first and second preferences for playing positions
at trials.
Please note, the club reserves its right to place you in a position with in a team other than the one you
nominated, should team balance require it.

Goal Shooter         (   )                 Which other positions have you played?
Goal Attack          (   )
Wing Attack          (   )                  _______________________________
Centre               (   )
Wing Defence         (   )
Goal Defence         (   )
Goal Keeper          (   )

Which club are you playing for during Summer season 08/09? ___________________________

Which grade are you playing during Summer 08/09? ___________________________

Please provide a brief playing history__________________________________________________

Are you trialing for any other clubs? __________________

   •   All new players will receive information on player, parent and spectator expectations and codes of
   •   I am aware of the trials and selection processes adopted by the Golden Grove Netball Club and
       understand that I will be required to train during the season.
   •   I agree to players with body piercing being required to complete an Association Indemnity form. This
       form is non specific in its content thus non intrusive, but required.
   •   No personal information provided to the club will be given to any persons without their written
       permission. Team lists and contact phone numbers are supplied to the coaches and executive
       committee members. Team lists and ages are supplied to SADNA and SANA.
   •   Players leaving their team part way through a season will be required to complete their financial
       obligations. Injury will be taken into consideration when calculating outstanding fees or refunds.
   •   I understand that my $50.00 trialing fee will be refunded if I am unsuccessful in being placed in a
       team. If I change my mind I understand that all monies paid will be forfeited.

   Signed __________________________________ A parent or carer must sign this nomination form, if the
   player is 15 or younger as at the 31St December 2008.

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