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					G. F. Goble, Wood, Chaff & Grain

George started the business with his wife Rose in September 1935 during the
depression years. There was a row of shops on the corner of Grove Avenue
and Richmond Road, Richmond; so they rented a shop with a 3 room dwelling
attached for 12 shillings & 6 pence ($1.25) a week.

A friend (Dick Woolford) who had the grocery shop next door, loaned George
10 pounds ($20.00) to buy a horse and harness, and he rented a trolley for
7 shillings and 6 pence (75 cents) a week. This was the beginning of the
Wood, Chaff & Grain business.

The first big customer he had was Opie Bros Bakery at Unley. The Opie family
lived in Cudmore Terrace, Richmond (now St Martin’s Nursing Home) and Mr
Opie ordered 16 bags of chaff to feed the delivery horses that were used for
home deliveries.

In 1937 Syd Turner, who owned the garage on the corner of Richmond Road
and Brooker Terrace, offered to build a shed at the back of the garage, so
they moved the business to Brooker Terrace and went to live with George’s
mother at Gaza (now Lemzig) and drove the horse and trolley approximately
10 miles (16 kilometres) every day to the business in Richmond.

In 1938, George and Rose purchased a home at No. 1 Marker Avenue,
Richmond. Each day, Rose would spend the day with their young daughter
Joan at the shed serving customers and filling bags with chopped wood while
George did the home deliveries.

Later, they bought the land at No. 5 & 7 Marker Avenue, the land at No. 5 had
a shed at the back so George installed a chaff cutter and every Sunday, with
the help of a friend, would cut chaff and make cement bricks. These bricks
were later used to build a shed at the front of the block at No. 7 (this structure
still stands).

In approximately 1948 the business was transferred to No. 7 Marker Avenue,
George and Rose now had a son Graham, born in 1947 and in 1949 a second
son Raymond was born.

The business continued to grow and in 1950 George employed Westley
Alcock to do deliveries while he managed the customers who came to the

In 1972 their son Raymond started working with his father, then in 1975 the
business became G. F. Goble & Son. In 1977 due to ill health, George retired
and Ray took over. In 1990, Ray sold the business and name to Mr Martyn
Pastyn, who has since relocated it back onto Richmond Road, Marleston.

Footnote: George died May, 1992 and Rose died April, 2001.

From information supplied by the West Torrens Historical Society

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