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					JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design
Associate Program | Furniture Studio
JamFactory’s two-year studio based Associate Program
provides emerging craftspeople and designer/makers with
professional and creative development opportunities
unavailable anywhere else in Australia. Established in 1974
JamFactory is a unique centre for the design, production
exhibition and sale of work by leading and emerging craft
designer/makers. JamFactory has four training studios
working in the areas of Ceramics, Furniture, Glass and
Metal, in addition JamFactory houses 5 independent
artists studios, three Gallery spaces and two retail shops.
JamFactory is located in Adelaide’s West End arts precinct.

The Associate program is a practical two year studio based
training program for craftspeople and designer/makers.
Under the guidance of a Creative Director, the studio
provides an environment in which Associates explore
creative ideas and hone their technical and making skills,
while acquiring business and marketing skills neccessary
to establish financially and culturally viable careers in craft
and design. The Associate Program is particularly
attractive to recent art and design school graduates as well
                                                                  Furniture Associate at work in the Studio
as to more experienced practitioners aiming to focus their
practice. Associates are selected across the design/craft         manufacture.They are also encouraged to develop their
spectrum to ensure a range of expertise and experience            own projects and practice, within the supportive
within the studio as well as a strong focus on development        environment of JamFactory. Associates are allocated their
of ideas, creativity and making skills.                           own drafting tables within the design area and work bench
                                                                  within the hand shop. Shared access to the Furniture
THE FURNITURE DESIGN STUDIO                                       Studio computer and software, workshop machinery, hand
The Furniture Design Studio embraces a broad range of             tools, power tools, spray booth, industrial sized lift, kitchen
craft and design practice, incorporating the design and           and lounge area is provided.
production of commissions ranging from small-scale
production of furniture and objects, as well as site specific     OPPORTUNITIES
artworks for public and private spaces and custom interior        In addition a program of events, activities and
fit outs. The studio also focuses on the development of           opportunities are developed for Associates to broaden their
individual furniture ranges and exhibition pieces.                experience. Artist talks and residencies by visiting
Associates participate in all aspects of studio and               artists provide inspiration and a culturally diverse
commissioned projects developing their skills in the              environment for Associates. Opportunities such as the
process of design, costing, client liasion, tendering and         Italian Centre Design Award and StarveDog Lane Magnum
                                                                  Design Competition, provide associates with rewarding
                                                                  experiences and amazing professional development

                                                                  Associates also participate in JamFactory’s Biennial, an
                                                                  exhibition of all practising craftspeople within JamFactory
                                                                  and an important showcase of contemporary craft and

                                                                  WHAT DOES IT INVOLVE
                                                                  For the two-year duration of the scheme Associates have
                                                                  access to the Furniture Design Studio seven days a week
                                                                  from 8am to 8pm, with after hours use welcome by
 John Hallett, Hoop Bowl, 2008

Associates may utilise other studios exploring the
qualities of different materials and processes and
working in collaboration with skilled designer/makers.
JamFactory resources including computers, telephones,
fax, photocopier and vehicle are also available. Some
marketing and promotional support is offered by the
wholesale and marketing departments and a range of
exhibiting opportunities are generated by
JamFactory Gallery.

Associates in the Furniture Design Studio spend up to
two and a half days working on studio projects and
related activity under the direction of the Creative
Director. Studio time does not attract an income or
payment. Paid work may be available on specific
activities and jobs that extend beyond the allocated
studio time.

Associates should consider their position at JamFactory
as the beginning or development of a professional crafts
business and are encouraged to develop their practice
with a view to further income generation. During their
residency at JamFactory the production of prototypes,
products and exhibition work is supported within the
studio with advice and assistance and by the               SA Forestry Commission
organisation through access to the marketing and sales
                                                           If you are interested in applying contact the Furniture
                                                           Studio Creative Director, Tom Mirams, to find out more
                                                           before submitting a written application.
The annual fee to participate in the scheme is covered
by a JamFactory Fellowship for Australian residents who
                                                           Tom Mirams Creative Director, Furniture Studio
are selected. Applicants from all parts of Australia are
                                                           T: (08) 8410 0727 E:
                                                           The written application for an Associate position in the
Extra positions per year are available for overseas
                                                           Furniture Design Studio must include
applicants, for which an annual fee of AUS $11,000
                                                           A covering letter outlining
applies (including GST). Acceptance of international
                                                           >       Your current work in design, craft or
Associates is subject to visa requirements being met.
                                                           >       Why you want to come to JamFactory
                                                           >       What you hope to achieve during your two years
Applications are due in by Friday 30th of October 2009.
                                                                   with the Furniture Design Studio
Interviews are in Adelaide in mid November 2009.
                                                           >       The name, phone number and occupation of two
Positions to be taken up on Monday 1st of February
                                                                   referees who can be contacted regarding the
                                                                   quality of your work.

                                                           Also include:
                                                           >       Your full contact address and phone number
                                                           >       A current CV (maximum length of two pages)
                                                           >       A selection of 8 – 12 jpgs images 72 dpi
                                                                   20cm X 15cm in a power point document
                                                                   illustrating the range of your work.
                                                           Written applications to be sent to
                                                           Tom Mirams
                                                           Creative Director Furniture Studio
                                                           JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design
                                                           19 Morphett Street Adelaide SA 5000 Australia

Nick Koshade, 2008


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