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									functions at tuncurry bowling club

Thank you for your enquiry about holding a function at Tuncurry Bowling Club.
Our aim is to make your event a great success. We will work closely with you to plan all
the details and advise you of your options. We will make all the arrangements and liaise
with you regularly. And on the day we will provide a warm welcome to you and your
guests with efficient service to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Be assured that if you have any special requirements we will be happy to help - we can
tailor our menus to suit you and your guests and also organise any additional items such
as entertainment, decorations, flowers and audio-visual equipment.

The enclosed function packs for corporate events, seminars and business meetings are
designed with maximum flexibility so you can shape the perfect menu for your event. We
have set meeting packages or you can select from a number of options to suit the style of
your function—we can cater for any event from a large conference to an intimate board
room lunch. Beverage options are also available upon request.

Function Rooms

        Showroom seats up to 330 people
        Meeting room seats up to 40 people

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meeting package

For your meeting, seminar or conference we have an inclusive day package with a
choice of rooms to suit your meeting style.

        Meeting Room (max 40 people)

        Cost             $48.50 per delegate     (minimum fifteen delegates)

Package includes meeting room from 9.00am – 5.00pm

Notepads and pens
Iced water and mints
Flip chart and whiteboard
Data projector
Lectern and microphone

               Other audio visual equipment available at an additional cost

•     On Arrival – Tea and coffee

•     Morning Tea – Freshly brewed tea and coffee, assorted pastries and orange

•     Lunch – Please see the luncheon menu below

•     Afternoon Tea – Freshly brewed tea, coffee and biscuits

Luncheon Menu

A selection of sandwiches & tortilla wraps
A selection of hot savouries
Seasonal fruit platter
Cheese platter with water crackers
Jugs of orange juice
Tea and coffee

                                                              All prices inclusive of GST.

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corporate menu

You may tailor your event to your exact requirements by selecting from the items below.
Selecting from the Corporate Menu also incurs a room hire charge.

                                                                            Prices Per Person
Tea and Coffee Station
Coffee and variety of teas                                                            $3.50
Coffee and variety of teas and biscuits                                               $4.40
Coffee and variety of teas with a selection of muffins and pastries                   $6.50


Continental Breakfast Buffet minimum 10 people
Selection from the Cold Buffet including cereals, fresh fruit, toast with
a variety of jams and marmalades and assorted mini pastries                         $12.50

Executive Breakfast Buffet minimum 20 people
Selection from the Hot Buffet including honey cured bacon, chipolatas,
slow roasted tomatoes, scrambled eggs and toast accompanied by a
cold collation of seasonal fruits and pastries.                                     $22.50

Sandwich Selection
Assorted gourmet sandwiches (1.5 pp)                                                  $8.00
Open-faced Danish sandwiches with a selection of gourmet toppings (1.5 pp)            $9.50

Cocktail Party and Canapes
Chef’s selection of canapés (8 pieces per person—service time 1.5 hours)            $26.00
Chef’s selection of canapés (5 pieces per person—1 additional hour)                 $15.00

Additional Options
Anti Pasto Platter—selection of marinated and char-grilled vegetables,
marinated olives, dip selection and crisp grissini                                  $28.00

Farmhouse Cheese Board—selection of cheeses with water crackers
and a dried fruit medley                                                            $55.00

Seasonal Fruit Selection                                                            $28.00

All platters based on 8 people with an additional charge per head of
$2.80 over this number.

Chef’s Selection of Canapés—selection of 5 canapés served prior to function         $12.00

Crudités and Dip Platter                                                              $4.50

Bowls of Salted Peanuts and Chips                                                     $1.80

Snack Plate—with tasty cheese, cabanossi, nuts, chips and crackers                    $3.50

Beverage Options
House beverages (red and white wine, beer and soft drink) - 2 hours service
Beverage upgrade available at additional cost. Please see our Beverage List.

                                                                  All prices inclusive of GST.

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Lunch or Dinner Menu

    Two Courses $38.00 per person
    Three Courses $46.00 per person

  Entrée                           Main                         Dessert
  Menu 1
                                       Fillet of Beef with
  Traditional Caesar Salad                                       Individual Pavlova with
                                    Creamed Potato, Roast
  with Shaved Parmesan,                                           Strawberry Compote
                                      Tomato and Field
     and Herb & Garlic                     Mushrooms
  Menu 2
                                     Atlantic Salmon Fillet
                                                                Sticky Date Pudding, Tia
     Roasted Butternut                   served with a
                                                                 Maria Fudge Sauce &
    Pumpkin Soup with                Champagne and Dill
   Herbed Crème Fraiche                  Beurre Blanc

  Menu 3
                                    Chicken Breast with a
                                                                Bittersweet Chocolate Tart
  Poached Atlantic Salmon,         Pesto Crust on a Sicilian
                                                                   with Drambuie Crème
  Wild Rocket & Watercress               Style Sauce
        Beurre Blanc

  Menu 4
                                    Fillet of Beef wrapped in
                                                                  Selection of Australian
   Oak Smoked Salmon                 Parma Ham on a Dijon
                                                                   Cheeses with Water
  Stack with a Wild Rocket          Crouton with Sweet Corn
           Salad                         and Leek Mash

You may select the entire menu recommended by our chef or choose any of the items to
create your own menu. If you have a particular request or a special dish you would like
please do not hesitate to ask our Catering/Functions staff.

All menus are served with freshly baked bread rolls and followed by tea, coffee and mints.

All prices are inclusive of GST.

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Screen                      No Charge

White Board                 No Charge

Overhead Projector          No Charge

Lectern and Microphone      No Charge

Electronic Whiteboard          $100.00

LCD Projector                  $100.00

Lapel Microphone                 $75.00

Flip Chart                       $10.00

TV/Video                         $75.00

TV/DVD                           $75.00

Faxing                           $ 1.00

Photocopying per copy                .20

                         All prices inclusive of GST

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•     All function rooms are non-smoking.
•     Functions booked on Sundays or Public Holidays will incur a surcharge of $5 per
      head. This will be included in the initial quote.
•     Due to licensing laws and Club policy it is prohibited to bring any food or
      beverage on to the Club’s premises.
•     Music for your function can be organised by the Catering/Functions department at
      competitive prices. Outside entertainers are permitted with prior approval of Club
•     Early admittance to function rooms by customers for display/decoration set up
      can be arranged with the Catering/Function department.
•     While we aim to provide a wide selection of menus which cater for most taste; we
      would be happy to assist you in your menu selection or discuss special dietary
•     The Registered Clubs Act requires that any person holding a function within a
      registered club must be a member of St Johns Park Bowling Club/Tuncurry
      Bowling Club. You are required to join upon booking your function.
•     Advertising - the function organiser agrees that it is a term and condition of the
      function that the function organiser will not permit any advertising of the function
      unless approved by the Club.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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Function bookings may be made by Members and Non-members. The person booking the function is
responsible for their guests and anyone under the age of 18 years.
All Non-members entering the Club must sign in at the door. Guests must either be a member of the
Club, live outside the 5km radius or be signed in by a member.

Dress Code: Clothing must be clean, neat and tidy. No brief shorts, bike pants, board shorts or foot-
ball shorts, sports jersey, singlets or t-shirts with crude, obscene or suggestive lettering or motifs flat
shoes without heel straps, scuffs, thongs, or slippers, crop tops, or see-through blouses, hair rollers or
curlers, men’s headwear (except for religious reasons)

1.   Confirmation of Bookings: Tentative bookings must be confirmed within ten (10) working
     days. All menus must be selected and finalised ten (10) working days prior to the function. To
     confirm and secure your function signed Terms & Conditions form accompanied by the requested
     deposit must be received within the ten (10) working days of the initial booking. The Club re-
     serves the right to cancel any booking not confirmed after ten (10) working days without any fur-
     ther correspondence.

2.   Deposit: A deposit of $500 is required to confirm the booking. All cheques should be made pay-
     able to Tuncurry Bowling Club.

3.   Cancellation of Booking: All cancellations must be in writing. If the cancellation is sent via fax a
     fax confirmation sheet may be required to validate the date & time of notification. Cancellations
     via email require a copy to be posted or faxed to the Club.
     Provided 60 days notice is given the deposit will be refunded in full. If only 30 days notice is
     given 50% of the deposit will be for forfeited. If only 14 days notice is given the deposit will be
     forfeited in full.

4.   Functions are scheduled for a period of five (5) hours. The room must be vacated within thirty (30)
     minutes of the finishing time. Any extension of time must be arranged prior to the function date.
     Additional charges will apply for time extensions.

5.   Quotations for functions are those in effect three (3) months prior to the function date. Every effort
     will be made to maintain the prices quoted however these are subject to market conditions. Sun-
     day and Public Holiday functions will attract a surcharged of five dollars ($5) per person.

6. Confirmed numbers of guests are required five (5) working days prior to the function. This will be
   regarded as the minimum number for catering and charging purpose. Final numbers maybe in-
   creased but not decreased 72 hours prior to the function.

7.   Menu selections are required ten (10) working days prior to the function. If you require a specific
     floor plan for your function, then a completed floor plan must be given to the Catering/Functions
     department ten (10) days prior to the date of the function. If you require assistance with either floor
     plans or colour schemes our Catering/Functions staff will be happy to help.

8.   Payment in full is to be made ten (10) working days prior to the function date. This payment must
     be made by cash, Bank cheque or credit card only. The account may be paid in advance by instal-
     ments. If a Dry Till beverage account has been arranged for your function then that account must
     made in full at the completion of the function.

9.   The organiser is financially responsible for any damage sustained to the Club, or any property
     during functions. Catering/Functions Management must be consulted before adhering anything to
     any walls, doors or ceilings within the Club.

10. The Club takes necessary care, but accepts no responsibility for the loss of damage to the prop-
    erty of the client or guests before, during or after a function. This Includes gifts or decorations
    brought on to the premises.

11. The Club practices the Responible Service of Alcohol policy. Whilst it is our aim to serve guest
    alcholic beverages in a profressional and responsible manner, it is Club policy not to allow
    intoxication, underage drinking or violent or abusive behaviour.
12. A room hire charge may apply for non-catered events.

I have read and accept the conditions above

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