Freedom from Anger

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        by Nirmal
    Vancouver, Canada
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                2/33

                                  Table of Contents

       1. Introduction                                           3

       2. The Inner Foes                                         6

       3. The Root Cause of Ruin                                 10

       4. The Hungering Mind                                     13

       5. The Blazing Fire of Anger                              15

       6. By Your Words Will You Be Judged                       21

       7. Glossary                                               30

       8. Bibliography                                           31

                                                      Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                             3/33

                             1. INTRODUCTION

Devotees of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai          mechanisms of anger and offers a
Baba are celebrating the years between       wealth of suggestions on how to
1995 and 2000 as years of exploration        successfully control it.
and insight into five human values --
                                             I've learned from Baba that God has
Sathya (truth), Dharma (right conduct),
                                             designed life to be a recurring cycle of
Santhi (inner peace), Prema (divine
                                             creation, preservation, and destruction;
love), and Ahimsa (non- violence). Next
                                             human beings act out an endless cycle
year (1998) will be the Year of Peace.
                                             of youth, middle age, and decline. This
Ridding oneself of anger, if one is
                                             design feature of life brings home to us
afflicted by it, is an important step
                                             important lessons, like this one: life
towards attaining inner peace. This
                                             takes away from us in old age whatever
booklet is a contribution to study circles
                                             we valued as youngsters and adults.
in the Year of Peace, to be used by all
                                             The man who invests in rock-solid
devotees who wish to attain freedom
                                             muscles, fasionable airs, or abundant
from anger. Only from Sri Sathya Sai
                                             wealth finds that advancing years rob
Baba do we hear the type of profound
                                             him either of them or of his ability to
insights into the design of life and the
                                             use and enjoy them. Thus, the fact that
nature of humanness which can help
                                             old age is written into the equation of
release us from the suffering associated
                                             life means that we are always
with anger.
                                             presented with the need to assess the
I define anger as a multilevel response      relative wisdom or folly of our lifelong
to a perceived threat, usually preceded      attachments. Most often we find that
by cynical thoughts, accompanied by          we have treasured what Baba calls
hurtful words, and reinforced by             "tinsel and trash." (1) As a result we
aggressive expressions, postures, and        feel sobered and are filled with regret
gestures. Defining anger this way            and the resolve, if we are aware of
suggests many points of intervention --      reincarnation, to do better next time.
at the level of our body, mind, and will;
                                             Another way in which God has designed
in the area of our thoughts, words,
                                             life for our education is suggested by
expressions, postures, and gestures;
                                             the proverb: "As the twig is bent, the
towards the goal of anger reduction,
                                             tree inclines." This dictum points to the
deflection, or sublimation; etc. My own
                                             process by which vasanas or habit
examination      of   angry    behaviour
                                             patterns grow within us and gradually
suggests that it often follows a cycle of
                                             overpower our mind and will. As we
outburst, repentance, reconciliation,
                                             grow older and our vasanas grow
buildup, trigger, and outburst again.
                                             stronger, we are better able to see the
Over time, the intervals between
                                             manner in which they have arisen. If
outbursts contracts until one becomes
                                             we have bent the twig towards anger
impossible to live with. From His lofty
                                             and reinforced that direction over the
level, Baba explains many of the

                                                                  Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                               4/33

years, we will find that we have rigidly     would be smooth. But, instead, I have
inclined the tree of character in the        sharp lines on my forehead and a stern
process.                                     look on my face. These betray the fact
                                             that I have welcomed anger as a guest
God so fashioned the mechanistic side
                                             and that it has taken over the house.
of the human being that vasanas,
unless addressed, tighten their grip as      I have now reached the stage where
the years pass. That process happens         I'm not simply thin-skinned, but walk
slowly,     largely     outside     normal   around like a simmering volcano. My
awareness. If it were quick and              increasingly-predictable responses are
dramatic, many more people would see         out of proportion to their stimuli. Like
their vasanas and remove them. They          so many angry people I feel justified in
would be young of mind and supple of         my response, except nowadays I
temperament. Instead, many who               increasingly doubt the soundness of my
resort to anger eventually sink into         judgment. All the symptoms that Baba
senility under its debilitating impact.      lists here I feel -- the fatigue after a fit
                                             of temper, the long-term loss of
Provided we are aware of what is
                                             stamina, the diminishing powers of
happening, we reach a juncture in life's
                                             discrimination, etc.
journey where either we must eradicate
our stiffening vasanas without delay or      I know from experience the truth of
face a life of slavery to them.              Baba's assertions here. I can look back
Eradicating them in mid-life is a            over many years now and see how that
hundred times more difficult than            process worked. I regret that I was not
preventing their growth in childhood. If     wise enough as a youth to keep anger
we do nothing to overcome them in            far away from myself. I have much to
mid-life, then, in our declining years,      make amends for. I have harmed
we are left with our regrets; if we are      others and perhaps forfeited Baba's
unfortunate enough not to have even a        Grace along the way. I now must work
functioning conscience by that time,         very hard to eradicate my anger.
then we are left only with our delusions.
                                             It is the duty of elders to warn youth to
From such experiences, which recur
                                             avoid the mistakes they themselves
lifetime after lifetime, discrimination or
                                             have made. It is the folly of youth that
viveka is at last awakened. From that
                                             so many ignore this advice, becoming
moment on, having descended to the
                                             elders who end up in regret as well. But
pit of despair, we begin slowly to rise
                                             some few listen. To these I address this
                                             warning: as Baba says in these pages,
Many people confess to having difficulty     do not allow the six enemies of desire,
acknowledging a problem and sharing          anger, greed, attachment, arrogance
about it. Let me encourage this process      and envy to take hold of you. Be
by acknowledging that I have a problem       vigilant and follow Baba's counsel, that
with anger. With advancing years, the        you may avoid being overpowered by
canvas of my face reveals my history.        the inner foes.
Had I lived free from anger, my brow

                                                                   Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                           5/33

If you are an adult gripped by anger, I       foresight to keep anger, and the other
invite you to study and practice what         inner foes, far away from themselves
Baba says here. If you live with an           and succeed in life's true work, under
angry person, please read Baba's              Baba's watchful, loving eye.
teachings with him or her and empower
                                              May the Lord God bless you and keep
them, lovingly, to forge a new path for
themselves. Freeing oneself from anger
and finding a way to live with angry          May He make His countenance, the
people are equally difficult roles to play.   Atma,
But, whichever role is ours, each can be      To shine upon you and grant you peace.
a noble part. The Year of Peace offers
                                                 Aum Santhi -- Amen Shalom,
us an opportunity to rehearse our role
with dignity and resolve.
This lifetime, Baba says, is a precious       Nirmal
gift, not simply because human birth is
itself inherently precious, but because
God is here in form to grace our              September 1997
sadhana with strength and assist us to
fulfill the purpose of life -- to win
enlightenment and, with it, liberation
from birth and death. Perhaps, reading        1 HMAP, 88. See Bibliography
these pages, our youth may gain the

                                                                 Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                             6/33

                            2. THE INNER FOES

Q: Sometimes I am filled with
                                             All these are called Inner Foes. (7)
anger, Lord, and I know this is not
                                             [They] are not external to you.... If you
healthy. So I must hear from You
                                             are defeated by your inner enemies,
the entire story of anger. Please,
                                             how can you ever hope to conquer your
may we start with a description of
                                             external ones? (8)
the so-called six enemies of man,
and then move gradually into a               Q: Do they ever cease to burn in
specific discussion of anger, Lord?          man's heart?
To begin with, then, what are the            Sai: The fire of anger, the fire of lust,
six enemies of man?                          the fire of greed and the fire of
Sai: The six enemies of man [are] lust,      attachment are always burning in
anger, greed, attachment, pride and          [man's] heart. He does not seem to
jealousy. They can also be described as      realize that all these fires can
desire,      hatred,    possessiveness,      completely consume him and reduce
infatuation, arrogance and envy. These       him to ashes. Unmindful of this, he
are the most deep-rooted diseases of         carries on his life and makes grandiose
mankind. (1) Sadhana [Ed. For a              plans for his future. (9)
definition of Sanskrit terms, see the        There is danger of being harmed by fire
Glossary] should first be directed           even when it is some distance from
towards the elimination of these traits.     you. When this is the case for a fire
(2)                                          that is burning outside, then how much
Desire leads to hatred of those who          more careful must you be when the fire
thwart it, fondness for those who feed it    is raging in your own heart? This fire of
and to the inevitable wheel of               desire and anger has an extraordinary
opposites, of likes and dislikes; there is   capacity to destroy all the human
no escape from this for the ignorant.        qualities and to suppress the divine
(3) When we have gained what we              spark that is inside you, leaving only
desire, lobha, or greed, steps out and       the demonic nature remaining within.
prods us to hate and harm those whom         (10)
we suspect [stand] in the way of the         Q: Is man the only being who is
gain. (4) Fear, anger and affection are      enveloped by the six enemies?
the closest comrades of Attachment,
                                             Sai: Not men alone, but all living beings
the comrades dearest to its heart! They
                                             are enveloped by the six enemies. (11)
are, all four, inseparable companions,
                                             Man has passed through many animal
moving always together. (5) For a true
                                             lives before he has come to earth in
devotee there should be no evil traits
                                             human form. Strains of animal nature
such as hatred, jealousy, anger and
                                             such as cruelty, anger, greed and
cravings. These are the main obstacles
                                             hatred still persist in him. Man is many
to devotion which enter your being. (6)
                                             animals in one. He has the jackal, the

                                                                  Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                             7/33

buffalo, the tiger, the elephant -- all in   Q: What impact do they have on our
him. (12)                                    sadhana, Lord?
Animals enjoy the freedom which is           Sai: The six enemies lie in wait to foil
natural to animals. You should enjoy         [your] sadhana, overpower the inner
human freedom, the freedom that is           urge and make [you] slaves of the
natural to human beings. Live as a true      merely physical and material. (20)
human being; develop the qualities           [They] are all so many holes in the pot;
appropriate to a human being. Calling        the waters of santhi, soukhya, santosha
yourself human but trying to enjoy the       leak out through the holes and the pot
freedom of an animal cannot be proper.       becomes empty. The pot has to be
The human characteristics are sacrifice,     repaired and all leaks stopped so that it
love,      compassion,      generosity,      may be useful. (21)
sympathy, non-violence and such other
                                             Q: What causes the six enemies,
noble qualities. Do not develop the
qualities associated with an animal
[They] have no place in a human being.       Sai: [Utimately the six enemies] spring
(13)                                         from man's identification with the body.
                                             (22) Identification with the body and
Q: What impact do the six enemies
                                             the slavery to the senses that it breeds
have on us?
                                             cause all the cruelty, injustice and
Sai: The six demons pursue you and           violence that stalk the world. (23)
turn you into wrong paths, and make
                                             [At the body level, they are] the
you servile, stupid and sad. (14) If you
                                             outcome of bad food and improper
live on the body level and for yourself
                                             associations and are products of
alone, you will be entangled in food,
                                             external factors. They do not arise from
frolic and fun, hate, envy and greed.
                                             within. Qualities like love, compassion,
(14) Man is the slave of his desires; he
                                             consideration for others arise from
finds himself helpless to conquer the
                                             within one's self. These are human
thirst for pleasure and luxury; he is too
                                             values. (24)
weak to keep his nature under control;
he does not know how to arouse the           Q: What are the best methods of
Divine Consciousness that is latent in       giving them up, Lord?
him. (16)                                    Sai: Until you recognize that the
The six enemies of man are eating into       resident of the body is God, you will
his vitals; [they are] embedded in his       continue to be burdened by these
own inner consciousness. They reduce         diseases and the sufferings they bring.
man to the level of a demon. (17) So         (25) It is only when you engage in
long as man is caught in this net of         practices which serve as medicines to
delusion spread by these Foes, the           counteract these diseases that they will
yearning for liberation will not dawn in     diminish and disappear. (26) They have
his mind. (18) Only [when it does can]       to be overpowered and transmuted, by
human life be made meaningful. (19)

                                                                  Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                             8/33

the supreme alchemy of the Divine            charity, the sweetness of sympathy, the
Urge. (27)                                   sweetness of divine love. (34)
Fight against them resolutely. That is       A mind made ready by discipline is able
the life-long war you have to wage. It is    to discover the Divine basis of man and
not a Seven Years War, or a Thirty           of Creation in a flash. There is no short-
Years War; it may be a Hundred Years         cut to this consummation. One has to
War, if you live a hundred years. The        give up all the impediments which one
struggle knows no respite! This is a civil   has accumulated so far and become
war, where vigilance alone can bring         light for the journey. Lust, greed,
dividends. (28)                              anger, malice, conceit, envy, hate -- all
                                             these pet tendencies have to be shed.
Bundle up bad qualities and throw them
away. (29) Forget [the body level],
ignore it, overcome it. (30) [Then] only     Key
can Dharma be restored. (31) [Then]
                                             1 SBG, 38.
only can [you] enjoy the Divine Peace
that is [your] birthright. (32)              2 SS, 30, May 1987, 147.

Q: Will elimination of the six               3 JV, 20.
enemies be enough to have the Self           4 SSS, X, 69.
                                             5 JV, 20.
Sai: The Self will shine in all its
                                             6 DBG, 17.
perfection when Man becomes perfect.
Man will become perfect when the             7 PRV, 26.
following sixteen aspects of the mind
                                             8 DBG, 66.
are eliminated:
                                             9 SHWR, 1973, 96.
(1) The Arishdavarga or the six internal
enemies.                                     10 DBG, 61.

(2) The eight kinds of pride: pride of       11 SS, 33, Nov. 1990, 289.
money, learning, caste, affluence,           12 SSS, X, 256.
beauty, youth, position or authority and
                                             13 DBG, 45-6.
spiritual pride.
                                             14 SSS, VII, 150.
(3) The two qualities of Rajas and
Tamas. (33)                                  15 SS, 30, Feb. 1987, 41.
It is only when you are able to remove       16 SSS, IX, 47.
the bad traits which have become an
                                             17 SSS, VII, 103.
integral part of you, such as hatred,
anger, jealousy, pride, greed and ego,       18 PRV, 26.
that you will be able to enjoy the           19 SS, 36, Oct. 1993, 255.
sweetness of compassion, the sweet-
                                             20 SSS, X, 219.
ness of sacrifice, the sweetness of
                                             21 SSG, 6.

                                                                  Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                    9/33

22 SHWR, 1979, 36.                      30 SS, 30, Feb. 1987, 41.
23 SSS, V, 38.                          31 DV, 3.
24 SS, 36, Dec. 1993, 312.              32 SSS, XI, 11.
25 SBG, 38.                             33 TOB, 178.
26 Loc. cit.                            34 DBG, 28.
27 SSS, VII, 103.                       35 SSS, V, 7.
28 Ibid., 150.
29 BSSS, 70.

                                                           Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                           10/33

                    3. THE ROOT CAUSE OF RUIN

Q: Of the six enemies of man, which          Q: What do desires do to the mind,
are the primary ones?                        Lord?
Sai: Of the six, the primary ones are        Sai: Desires, attachments, thirsts and
desire (Kama) and anger (Krodha). (1)        cravings all blacken the mind; they
[These] two enemies ... will not allow       have to be kept away in order that the
[man] to keep [the] flame burning            splendour of the Self might merge in
bright. (2) [They] undermine his divine      the splendour of the Overself, the
nature and drag him down into the            Paramatman. (9)
mire. (3)
                                             Q: What impact has desire on the
Controlling desire and anger... is the       spiritual qualities and the inner
primary task of every devotee. Make          prompting towards God?
this the principal Sadhana at the
                                             Sai: [Desire] can overwhelm and
beginning of your spiritual path. That
                                             neutralise every good quality in man
way, you will be able to justify your life
                                             and reduce him to the level of a beast.
and reach your goal. But, if you allow
                                             (10) Desire is what makes man feeble
desire and anger to remain within you,
                                             and fearful. He cannot rise to his full
then whatever spiritual exercises you
                                             stature when burdened with desires.
undertake will be wasted and your life,
too, will become an utter waste. (4)
                                             Q: You often couple "desire" and
Q: Is one of these two derived from
                                             "ego," exemplified in the phrase "I
the other, Lord?
                                             want," as the problem that faces
Sai: Although Kama and Krodha figure         man. What part does egoism play in
in two different forms, Krodha (anger)       the problem that man's desiring
is derived from Kama (desire). (5) Even      mind presents?
greed, infatuation, pride and envy are
                                             Sai: When you break a coconut in the
the outcome of desire. [All] the six
                                             temple, you should feel that your
enemies are derivations of desire. (6)
                                             egoism is broken too. The coconut
Thus, Kama is the root cause of all ruin,
                                             offering is not made so that God may
infamy and sorrow. (7)
                                             consume the kernel! It is a symbol of
Desire is the seed from which man            the destruction of Ahamkara, which has
appears on earth. If man has no desire       to be split into two at one stroke, the
and no resolution to satisfy, then man       stroke of wisdom. When do you get that
need not be born to realise the              effect? When does the coconut break at
unfulfilled desire. And he need not die.     one stroke? When the fibrous cover of
So man has to minimise desires and           the shell is removed, isn't it? So too,
give up seeking the fulfilment of desire.    man must remove the fibrous matter
(8)                                          that encases his heart, lust, anger envy
                                             and the rest of the wicked brood. (12)

                                                                 Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                               11/33

The fibre protects the shell and                from delusion. It will seek always the
prevents the blow from affecting the            welfare of the world. From such a mind
shell. Moksha or liberation results from        will flow an uninterrupted stream of
the breaking of the mind with all its           Love. (16)
vagaries and wishes. You have to break
                                                Q: What is the best way to escape
your mind but how can you do it, when
                                                from desire?
the fibrous armour of sensual desires
encompasses it? Remove them and                 Sai: To escape from the clutches of
dedicate the mind to God and smash it           desire, which gives birth to the brood of
in His presence. That moment, you are           anger, hatred, malice, greed, envy,
free. (13)                                      faction, falsehood, etc., one has to
                                                cleanse his consciousness by prayer
Man is the repository of vast power; he
                                                and good activity, selfless, desireless
is no weakling. It is the vicious
                                                activity. Service is the best sadhana for
tendencies that make him weak....
                                                eliminating the nefarious pull of the
Draw inspiration from the Divine in you
                                                mind towards desires. (17)
and earn the glory of being good,
sincere, honest, self-sacrificing, lovable.     If you want to reach the ultimate truth
Hear good things, see good, do good,            of your being and be immersed in the
think good - then, all the evil                 bliss of your own divine principle, you
tendencies will be uprooted. (14)               need to develop complete control over
                                                your desires. The moment any thought
Q:   What    is the  fundamental
                                                arises, you should inquire into the
renunciation, Lord, before which
                                                nature of this thought. Ask yourself, "Is
the other enemies will relax their
                                                this thought desirable or is it harmful
                                                for my spiritual progress?" (18)
Sai: The giving up of desire involves
                                                Right at the outset of your spiritual
the giving up of lust, anger, greed,
                                                journey you have to make determined
hatred,    etc.    The    fundamental
                                                efforts to control your desires and
renunciation should be that of desire.
                                                anger, your attachments and hatred.
The other feelings and emotions are its
                                                This will permit the divine principle to
attendant reactions. (15)
                                                shine forth from within you. Controlling
One must put down all desires and               desire and anger is a most important
become free. The mind filled with good          spiritual practice. It is the primary task
qualities will help in this process, for it     of every devotee. If you succeed in
will bear other's prosperity gladly. It will    controlling desire and anger, attach-
give up doing injury; it will seek              ments and hatred, you will be able to
opportunities to help to heal and to            justify your life and reach your goal.
foster. It will not only suffer, it will also   But if you allow them to remain within
pardon. It will not incline towards the         you, then whatever spiritual exercises
false; it will be on the alert to speak the     you undertake will be wasted and your
truth. It will remain unruffled by lust,        life too will become an utter waste. (19)
greed, anger and conceit. It will be free

                                                                     Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                           12/33

Q: Will the love of spirituality grow        This taste is the result of training; no
and triumph over desire, Lord?               one has it from the very beginning.
                                             Constant practice will create the zest.
Sai: The desire for sensory pleasure
has struck deep roots in the human
heart. When one is asked to do               Key
spiritually salutary acts, one has no        1 SS, 33, Nov. 1990, 289.
inner prompting at all. (20) So long as
one is dominated by sense pleasure, it       2 SSS, X, 79.
cannot be said that his spiritual life has   3 SSS, V, 197.
begun. Now, many clamour for the             4 DBG, 60.
experience of spiritual bliss, but few
earn it because they find themselves         5 SSS, X, 79.
too weak to reject the clamour of the        6 SS, 33, Nov. 1990, 289.
senses! A little enquiry will reveal that    7 Loc. cit.
the senses are bad masters and very
inefficient sources of knowledge; the        8 SSS, XI, 71.
joy they bring is transitory and fraught     9 JV, 21.
with grief. (21)                             10 SSS, X, 89.
Still one should not give up in despair.     11 SSS, XI, 71.
(22)     Though    sense-pleasures    are
                                             12 SSS, IV, 190.
"natural" at first, by means of practice
and training and listening to the            13 Ibid., 109.
commendation of the wise, slowly the         14 Ibid., IV, 190.
greater and more lasting pleasure
                                             15 VV, 19.
derivable from the glories of the Lord
and their recapitulation is grasped;         16 DHV, 22-3.
thereafter, one cannot exist without         17 YOA, 24-5.
that atmosphere even for a minute; one
                                             18 SBG, 75.
feels that there is nothing as sweet as
the experience of listening to the           19 Ibid., 78.
splendour of the Lord. The company of        20 BV, 4.
the worldly who chatter about the
                                             21 SSS, VI, 331.
senses and the sense-objects will no
longer attract; the company which            22 BV, 4.
exults in praising the Lord will draw and    23 Ibid., 5.
hold. (23) Until the taste sprouts, the
                                             24 Ibid., 4.
disciplines have to be strictly followed.

                                                                  Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                           13/33

                       4. THE HUNGERING MIND

Q: Does desire itself arise from             uncontrollable. The burden of desires
something, Lord?                             soon becomes too heavy and man gets
                                             dispirited and sad. (4)
Sai: Desire arises from thoughts.
Therefore,     thoughts    alone   are       Q: What factors determine whether
responsible for both desire and anger.       we incline towards sacred or dark
Just as you cannot get cloth without         thoughts?
thread and thread without cotton, you
                                             Sai: The material making up your
cannot get anger without desire and
                                             thoughts is extremely subtle; it arises
desire without thoughts. (1)
                                             from the food you eat. Therefore, if you
Q: What is the nature of thought,            consume food that has been sanctified
Lord?                                        you will get only sacred thoughts. When
                                             a person is filled with sacred thoughts
Sai: Thoughts are charged with energy
                                             all his actions will be sacred. His words
and life. They can even be stronger
                                             will also be sacred. Such sacred
than the strongest matter. You begin
                                             thoughts are like a sword or a sharp
thinking right from the moment of
                                             knife. You can use sacred thoughts to
birth. (2)
                                             search out dark thoughts, dark feelings,
Q: Lord, how does the mind work?             and dark actions and cut them to
Sai: The mind runs after an object, gets     pieces.
attached: the senses are alerted; an         On the other hand, if you take in food
action results; the mind is rendered         that is not sanctified, dark feelings,
happy or unhappy; feeling ensues; fear       dark actions and dark thoughts will
enters;    anger    grows;     affection     flourish. Not only this, but because of
develops.    Thus,  the    bonds     are     unwholesome food you will weaken the
tightened. (3)                               body and lose the power of digestion,
Q: My mind seems always restless,            and     suffer  all  sorts   of  bodily
Bhagavan.                                    discomforts. (5)

Sai: The mind presents before the            Q: We seem to make many unwise
attention one source after another of        choices regarding food, based on
temporary pleasure; it does not allow        what You say, Lord.
any interval for you to weigh the pros       Sai: Sometimes to satisfy our palate we
and cons. When hunger for food is            consume all types of food not knowing
appeased, it holds before the eye the        that through it bad qualities like lust,
attraction of the film, it reminds the ear   anger, greed, attachment, arrogance
of the charm of music and it makes the       and selfishness grow in us. Parts of this
tongue water for the taste of something      food will appear as our mind. Therefore
pleasant. The wish very soon becomes         either for the distortions in our mind or
the urge for action; the urge gathers        for the sacred thoughts that generate
strength      and       soon     becomes

                                                                  Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                          14/33

there from, the food that we take is        into worship by consecrating them to
mainly responsible. Good qualities like     the Divine. By transforming all thoughts
peace,    forbearance,    love     and      into noble thoughts and all work into
attachment to truth can only be             worship, you will naturally progress on
promoted by taking good food. (6)           the sacred path, By controlling your
                                            thoughts in this way you will be able to
The body is the temple of the Lord;
                                            control any anger that may arise. (10)
keep it in good and strong condition. It
is damaged by food and drink of the         Q: What must we do about our
Rajasic and Thamasic types. (7) Food        thoughts to overcome desire and
which is full of Tamas, full of dross       anger, Lord?
generates feelings that are saturated
                                            Sai: Only when you can still your
with Rajas, promoting passion and
                                            thoughts will you be able to overcome
anger. As a result there can be no
                                            desires, and only after you have
chance to experience the true nature of
                                            controlled your desires will you be able
a human being, which is even-minded
                                            to conquer anger. Therefore the first
and Sattwic. (8)
                                            step in conquering desires and anger is
Q: Are not thoughts simply passing          to become free of the thought process.
phenomena?                                  (11)
Sai:    Every     thought   leaves    an    You have to lead a regulated life, a life
impression on the mind so be ever alert     conducive to good thoughts, with
that contact with evil is avoided. Ideas    Sathwic food and Sathwic pursuits. (12)
which     are    opposed   to   spiritual   Sathwic food will not disturb the
tendencies, that narrow the limits of       equanimity you earn through your
Love, that provoke anger or greed, that     Sadhana. (13)
cause disgust -- these have to be shut
out. For the sadhaka this is a very
essential discipline. He must sublimate     1 SBG, 79.
such thoughts before they cause an          2 SBG, 70.
impact in the mind, and should              3 JV, 20.
concentrate on the very source of the
                                            4 SSS, X, 5.
thinking process. This can be achieved
by    the     practice  of   equanimity,    5 SBG, 70.
unaffectedness or balance. This attitude    6 SHWR, 1973, 137.
is the mark of the jnani and is called      7 SSS, I, 87.
jnana-sakthi, or the power of wisdom.
                                            8 DBG, 45.
                                            9 SSS, X, 72.
Immediately     transform   any    dark
thoughts into sacred ones. In the same      10 SBG, 76.
way, see to it that you undertake only      11 SBG, 70.
good    actions,    and   take    every     12 SSS, I, 81.
opportunity to transform these actions
                                            13 SSS, IV, 237.

                                                                 Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                              15/33

                  5. THE BLAZING FIRE OF ANGER

Q: Which of the six enemies has the
                                               Sai: There are four types of people. The
worst effect on us?
                                               anger of a person who is of a sathwic
Sai: There is no worse enemy than              nature will be very short-lived; it
anger. (1) [It is] the toughest fibre; it is   recedes immediately. The Gita has
the stickiest of dirts. (2) [It] leads us to   declared such a one as a great soul.
commit all other sins. (3) [It] leads to       The second type will have this anger for
all atrocities and untoward incidents in       a number of minutes, but it will soon
life. (4) It destroys [our] dignity and        fade away. The third category of person
undermines the principle of humanity           will have this anger continuously, all
that exists within [us]. (5) Anger is the      day long. The one in the lowest
cause of total ruin. The first requisite       category will have this anger for all his
for a person embarking on spiritual            life.
development is control of anger. (6)
                                               The Gita teacher has told this in
Q: How widespread are hatred and               another way also. The anger of a good
anger in the world, Lord?                      person is like writing on water; it is not
                                               at all permanent. The anger of the
Sai: Today hatred and anger are
                                               second category of person is like writing
rampant. (7) People today easily lose
                                               on sand; it will be washed away, one
their peace. They get enraged on the
                                               moment or another. The third type of
slightest    provocation.   (8)    Even
                                               person's anger is like writing on stone.
residents of the Ashram are filled with
                                               Over a long period of time it too will be
anger. (9) [This situation reflects] the
                                               eroded away. But the anger of the
bad times confronting mankind. Such
                                               fourth type of person is like writing on a
attitudes are indications of impending
                                               steel plate; it will never go away unless
disaster. (10)
                                               you melt it and cast it anew. Only when
Q: What happens when we fill the               you put it into the fire will it get
air with harshness?                            destroyed; only through an intense
Sai: When we fill the air with                 transformation will it be possible to
harshness, we become harsh in nature.          change it. (12)
When we fill the air with hatred, we,          Q: Lord, how in general does anger
too, have perforce to breathe the air,         affect one's life?
and are hated in turn. When we
                                               Sai: One who yields to [a] bout of
saturate the air with sounds full of
                                               temper is bound to suffer. (13) Anger
reverence, humility, love, courage, self-
                                               can ruin your ... life. If you suffer from
confidence and tolerance, we benefit
                                               anger you will not be able to achieve
from these qualities ourselves. (11)
                                               anything worthwhile. (14) An angry
Q: Do different types of people                person never succeeds in any work.
display different types of anger?              (15) You will be looked upon with
                                               disgust and derision. You will lose your

                                                                    Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                            16/33

wealth. All the honours you have              like a saw which cuts down the life of
enjoyed will turn to ashes. Because of        man. (30)
anger people lose everything, and their
                                              Anger injects poison into the blood
life becomes a waste. (16)
                                              stream and brings about [a] profound
Anger makes you do things blindly. You        transformation that damages it. (31)
will have to repent much for whatever         The nerves become weak; blood is
you do in anger; when your anger              rendered warmer; its composition
[dies] down, you see things clearer and       changes. A simple burst of fury
then it is too late to correct the wrong      consumes the strength gained from
you have done. (17)                           food during three months! Anger
                                              drastically reduces one's stamina. (32)
Anger is like an intoxicant. (18) [Under
its influence] you become a drunken           Anger is also the cause of depravity in
brute and abuse others; they do the           man. (33) An angry man may become
same, and tempers rise. (19) Heat is          the enemy of mankind. (34) In our
generated and lasting injury is done.         daily lives we lose [our] grip over
Five minutes of anger damages the             ourselves. (35) So long as there is the
relationship   for   five    generations,     feeling of anger and ego in our hearts,
remember. (20) Years of repenting may         we will not be able to feel well in our
never repair the damage done. (21)            life and will feel sick in our mind. (36)
                                              Anger carries with it a blazing fire. ...
Your anger will even separate you from
                                              As long as one is consumed by the fire,
those who are closest to you. (22) It
                                              he cannot have happiness. To get
alienates one from kith and kin. (23)
                                              freedom from misery, man has to get
When you get angry, you forget
                                              rid of anger. (37)
mother, father and teacher; you
descend to the lowest depths. You lose        Q: Baba, please tell me the full
all discrimination in the excitement.         story. What is the spiritual impact
(24) Anger brings a long trail of camp-       of anger?
followers, each of whom adds its share
                                              Sai: Anger is enemy number one of
to the final ruin. (25) Verily, all is lost
                                              reason and discrimination. (38) [It] can
for an angry person. (26) [Knowing
                                              seize the treasure chest of wisdom from
this] can you afford to become a wild
                                              your grasp and break it to smithereens.
beast? (27)
                                              (39) Anger gives rise to mental
Q: What is the physical impact of             aberrations      (Sammoha).         These
anger?                                        aberrations lead to the loss of memory
                                              (of what is right and wrong). With the
Sai: Anger not only debilitates us and
                                              loss of memory, the intellect gets
takes away the merit of good deeds,
                                              destroyed. When the intellect is
but also enfeebles our condition. (28)
                                              destroyed, everything is lost. (40)
The harmful vibrations released can
injure your body permanently. (29)            When you use harsh, cruel, angry, foul
Anger brings down the life span. It is        words against another, the God in you
                                              and the God in the other person is hurt.

                                                                   Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                           17/33

(41) God is hidden by the mountain-         Sai:   Desire    arouses  expectations
ranges of lust, anger, envy and             (Apeksha). These expectations relate to
selfishness. (42) As long as you have       the senses. When the expectations are
bad qualities, the divinity which is very   not realised, disappointment turns into
near, will not be perceived. (43)           anger. (49)
Q: Is anger of any use in                   Anger arises either because we have
contributing to my happiness,               what we wanted but don't like it, or
Bhagavan?                                   because we didn't get what we wanted.
                                            So we blame someone else for the
Sai: Of course these qualities are useful
                                            situation. If we have what we want, we
sometimes like the hiss of the cobra to
                                            become afraid that we may lose it. If
keep disturbers away. Anger and hatred
                                            we don't have it, we fear that we may
can be used to ward off the evil that
                                            not get it. (50)
stalks the Sadhaka; be angry at things
that hamper you; hate the habits that       Even if these [evil qualities] are not
brutalise you. (44) [Apart from this]       patently exhibited, the inner impulses
your anger, devoid of patience, is of no    urging one along these wrong directions
use. You can be happy provided you          are latent in the mind. As a room kept
have equanimity and equal mindedness        closed for a long time is found dust-
at all times. (45)                          ridden and foul-smelling when it is
                                            opened, and as it becomes clean and
Q: Anger has        many    sources,
                                            habitable after elaborate sweeping and
depending on whether we focus on
                                            dusting, so the mind too has to be
the spiritual level, the social, the
                                            cleaned by Dhyanam. The Sadhaka
emotional, the mental, or the
                                            must, by inward observation, examine
physical. But, chiefly, Lord, where
                                            the mind and its contents and
does anger come from, Lord?
                                            condition. By proper disciplinary habits,
Sai: Anger comes from [thwarted] lust.      he should remove the accumulated dirt,
(46)                                        little by little, systematically. (51)
Q: By "lust" do you mean sensual            Q: How does anger install itself in
desire, Lord?                               the individual, Lord?
Sai: Not all lust is sensual: Any strong    Sai: Anger first enters in a very subtle
unreasoning desire for something is         form and gradually becomes all-
lust. (47) Kama [desire] is the lust for    pervasive. Initially, when it comes in, it
physical pleasure, for power, for fame,     will only ask for a small bit of space.
for wealth and for scholarship. Krodha      "Just give me a little room to sit down
is anger, which is the result of foiled     in," it says. Once it has established
lust. (48)                                  itself, it declares, "Now I'll make myself
Q: Can you give a detailed picture          enough space to lie down in and stay."
of the process by which anger               But you must not permit even the least
arises from desire, Lord?                   room in your heart for such bad traits.
                                            Once you let anger in, it will be

                                                                 Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                              18/33

impossible to get rid of it. Even if you       anger]. Praise is his due only if he rises
make friends with it and give it all your      to the Divine status. That is real
wealth, it will not leave you. It is a         fulfilment of his destiny. (56)
most dangerous poison, which should
                                               Q: At the universal level of the five
not be given even the least space ...
                                               elements, Lord, You have said
within you. (52)
                                               elsewhere that the element Akasa
Q: Is anger difficult to get rid of or         in the body is responsible for anger,
control once let in?                           is that so?
Sai: Most things in the world have             Sai: Yes, for lust, anger, greed, pride
prescribed limits, but the fire of desire      and envy. (57)
and anger is limitless in its hunger.
                                               Q: Which of the gunas                 are
Whatever fuel you give to fire, whether
                                               responsible for anger?
it be wood, oil, or anything else, it will
never have enough. But even the most           Sai: Among the three Gunas, Rajas and
destructive fire eventually burns itself       Tamas are responsible for all the
out and becomes extinguished when it           sorrows, griefs, troubles and problems
uses up its fuel, whereas the fire of          that you experience. (58) Rajo Guna
desire and anger knows no such                 has a son whose name is Kama or
limitation. It has a voracious appetite        desire. Tamo Guna has a daughter
that is endless. It will not exhaust itself.   whose name is Krodha or anger. The
It cannot be appeased. It will never be        first powerful urge which makes man
satisfied. This fire of desire and anger       give up all his resolutions is this son of
has no contentment at all. (53) When           Rajo Guna, namely, desire. Desire acts
Kama and Krodha are rising in hot              as the leader or captain of all the bad
flames from the heart, how can the cool        qualities. (59)
rays of Santhi, Sathya, Ahimsa and             A person who is filled with Rajo Guna
Prema emanate there from? (54)                 will always be hasty in everything; he
This human birth is a rare chance! Use         will have no patience and forbearance.
it for spreading joy, not grief. Of            He cannot be steady for even a
course, it is natural for man to resent,       moment. And he will exhibit a great
to grow angry. But you should not allow        deal of anger. Not only this, he will also
anger free and furious scope. The              have unlimited desires. (60) Whenever
raging floods in the Godavari have to be       fear, rage, laziness, inertia, drowsiness
restrained by bunds, anicuts and dams,         or sleep manifest, then you are
so that the water may reach the sea,           overwhelmed by Tamo Guna. (61)
without scouring the fields on either          As long as these three Gunas take up
bank. You too must set limits to your          residence in your heart, beclouding
own anger and hate, and honour those           your understanding, you remain in
limits. (55)                                   bondage. (62) A devotee who wants to
It is a great shame if [man] slides into       gain enlightenment, who wants to
a beast or beastly ogre [because of            realize the Atmananda, has to remove

                                                                    Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                         19/33

from the field of his heart all the          Key
manifestations of Rajo Guna and Tamo
                                             1 DIS, I, 135.
Guna. Desire, anger, greed, malice,
hatred and jealousy, [the] six enemies       2 SSS, IV, 109.
of man, are the children of Rajas and        3 SNA, 3/4, Spring/Summer 1994, 11.
Tamas. You won't be able to reap the
                                             4 BSSS, 44.
bliss of Atma as long as these weeds
remain within you. (63)                      5 SBG, 81.
Q: At the level of the individual's          6 CTSSB, 12.
character,  Lord,   what    causes
                                             7 SS, 36, Feb. 1993, 43.
                                             8 Ibid., Dec. 1993, 332.
Sai: Anger is caused by weakness. (64)
A person is angry because he is weak.        9 Ibid., 36, Nov. 1993, 292.
(65) It is not the weakness of the body      10 Ibid., 36, Dec. 1993, 332.
but of the mind. To give strength to and
                                             11 SSS, X, 71.
remove the weakness from our mind, it
is necessary to fill it with good            12 CTSSB, 12-3.
thoughts, good feelings and good ideas.
                                             13 Ibid., 13.
(66) The very word "Sathwa" means
strength, power, vigour, vitality, for       14 DBG, 30.
virtue is power; goodness is power.          15 SNA, 3/4, Spring/Summer 1994, 11.
                                             16 SBG, 40.
Q: What role does tension play,
                                             17 CTSSB, 13.
                                             18 DIG2, 12.
Sai: Anger comes from temper inside.
(68) Where there is tension there is         19 EJVC, 48.
temper. Tension and temper are jointly
                                             20 SSS, I, 87.
destroying humanness. How can peace
be found? Peace has to be found within       21 EVJC, 48.
each of us. (69)                             22 DBG, 30.
Q: Please, Lord, are there any other         23 SNA, 3/4, Spring/Summer 1994, 11.
                                             24 SSS, IV, 109.
Sai: Want of faith [also] causes one to
                                             25 CTSSB, 12.
lose temper and fly into fits of anger,
want of faith in oneself and in others. If   26 SNA, 3/4, Spring/Summer 1994, 11.
you see yourself as really the
                                             27 EJVC, 48.
undefeatable Atma and others as
reflections of yourself, then there can      28 SNA, 3/4, Spring/Summer 1994, 11.
be no provocations to anger. (70)            29 EJVC, 48.
                                             30 SDR, d951119a, 9.

                                                                 Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                   20/33

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                                                           Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                              21/33


Q: How should I express myself               Director of this Play called Life. (7)
when anger seems justified, Lord?            Watch for the Divinity that is latent in
                                             every man; That will give you peace
Sai: Even if your anger is justifiable and
                                             and fortitude. (8)
you are protecting the truth, you will
still have to learn to express that truth    Know that "I" is the same as "HE". You
in a sweet way, in a dear way, in an         can know it only by intense Sadhana,
acceptable way that would be received        Sadhana that is not marred by anger,
by the other person without hurting          envy, greed; vices that sprout from the
[that] person in any way. Therefore, all     ego. (9)
devotees must learn to control their
                                             There is [an] urgent need for cultivating
anger by developing and saturating the
                                             the spirit of love which will serve to
heart with love. (1)
                                             promote the feeling of oneness. (10) If
Do not lose your temper in any               you     recognize    that     the   same
situation. (2) Whatever the crisis,          transcendental principle is embodied in
however deep the misery, do not allow        all human beings as well as in all
your grip over the mind to get loose;        creatures, then there cannot be any
tighten it further, fixing your eyes on      room for hatred. (11) When the same
the higher values. Do not allow the          divinity is in every heart how can you
mind to stray away from the holy             look down with contempt at another?
tabernacle of the heart. Make it bow         Therefore, immerse yourself fully in this
before the Atma within. (3) Anger is         principle of love and establish it
like a vicious serpent which has to be       indelibly in your heart. (12)
tamed. Then one can earn the special
                                             Q: When devotees work together,
Grace and Blessings of God. (4)
                                             conflicts sometimes arise, Lord.
Q: Baba, I feel separate from others         How should we approach them?
when I am angry with them.
                                             Sai: Conflicts do come about, but they
Sai: [One of the primary causes] for         should be limited to that point and
the chaos of divisions, conflicts,           should not be allowed to spread into
disorder and violence in the world today     additional words and feelings. If the
is the absence of oneness among men.         conflict is allowed to expand, anger will
(5) You must develop a sense of unity        deepen, bitter feelings will arise, and
with everyone. If you develop hatred         strong hatred will develop. On the other
towards anyone, you will be hating the       hand, love also starts as a point, and, if
very Lord whom you worship. (6)              allowed to do so, will expand until it fills
                                             one's entire life. This is spiritual truth.
Conquer this passion when it arises in
                                             If there is conflict and disharmony
the mind by reminding yourself of the
                                             between two people, and if they will
omnipresence of God, of God as the
                                             leave it at that and not allow it to move
inner motivator of all, of His being the
                                             further, then before long both parties

                                                                   Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                         22/33

will soften and harmony can again          new chapter of love and brotherhood
come into the relationship. At the         from now on. (20)
worst, the conflict will remain dormant
                                           If we are angry with anybody, try to
and will not grow to involve other
                                           think of the good qualities of the
people. (13)
                                           person. Anger will gradually subside.
Q: I see that I have allowed my            Our anger grows by leaps and bounds if
mind to become self-righteous,             we think only of the weakness of the
Bhagavan. I cause pain to others           person; there will be no place for anger
while convincing myself that I am          if we always dwell on the good points of
right and justified.                       every individual. (21)
Sai: You must reform your mental traits    Do not remind yourself of things which
and habits. Cultivate the habit of never   will inflame the anger more. That will
causing pain to others. Try to             do incalculable harm. (22) Try to think
understand others and sympathize with      of     something    else   than     the
them and do things that will be helpful.   circumstances that roused your anger.
(14)                                       (23)
Do not harbour anger or bitterness         It is because of your inflated ego that
against persons who point out your         you take action against another, in the
faults; do not retort [by] pointing out    course of which hatred, jealousy and
the faults of those persons themselves,    anger arise. (24) To make sure that ...
but show your gratitude to them. Trying    jealousy and hatred do not enter your
to discover their faults is a greater      system, you have to develop selfless
mistake on your part. It is good for you   love. Wherever you find such selfless
to know your faults; it is no good your    love there will not be any place for
knowing others' faults. (15) The           jealousy and hatred to enter and take
Sadhaka must have always the inward        hold. (25) Do your duty. Do not project
look; if he is allowing his mind to        your ego. Develop mutual helpfulness.
wander outward, he cannot identify his     Carry on your work with joy. Be friendly
own faults. (16)                           towards each other. (26)
Do not entertain bad feelings about        Q: But what should I do if someone
anyone. They do you more harm than         says something which provokes
[they   do]    others.   (17) Respect      me, Lord?
everyone, whatever their status. Then
                                           Sai: Someone may say something
the quality of universal prema will
                                           which provokes you. Do your best to be
develop within you. (18)
                                           calm and sweet. Say "I'm surprised that
Do not inflame your anger. Do not fly      my behaviour has given you that
into a passion and throw vulgar abuse      impression." Smile. Do not take it to
at a person you dislike. (19) Forget and   heart. (27) Train yourself to take insult
forgive all that has happened amongst      and criticism as "decorations" awarded
you until this very moment and start a     to you. Struggle hard to be friendly with

                                                                Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                            23/33

every one, whatever be their nature or      repetition of the essential greatness of
conduct. (28)                               the Lord. It is best they have no respite
                                            for any other word. (37) Silence does
[When]you are angry, you use [the
                                            not merely refer to restraint of the
tongue] to speak out harsh words very
                                            tongue. Not only should you exercise
loudly. [When] you are pleased, you
                                            silence in speech but you should also be
use it to speak soft words in a low,
                                            silent in thoughts. Your mind should
pleasant voice. I want you to use your
                                            remain free of all thoughts. That is true
tongue only for your good and the good
                                            silence. (38)
of others. If you speak harshly to
another, he too talks loud and harsh;       Q: My harsh words will come back
angry words cause more angry words.         to haunt me some day, will they
But, if you use soft and sweet words        not, Lord?
when another is angry towards you, he
                                            Sai: By your words will you be judged.
will calm down, he will be sorry that he
                                            (39) [For that reason I say] the words
used his tongue in that way. (29)
                                            reveal the breeding of the speaker. The
[Your] tongue is a tool. ... You can        tongue is the armour of the heart; it
harm yourself and harm others with it.      guards one's life. Loud talk, long talk,
So, be very careful.... If you use it for   wild talk, talk full of anger and hate, all
talking kind words, for repeating the       these affect the health of man. They
Name of God or singing His Glory, or        breed anger and hate in others; they
praying to Him, then, it is put to the      wound, they excite, they enrage, they
best use. (30)                              estrange. Why is silence said to be
                                            golden? The silent man has no enemies,
Q: Truly, Lord, when I speak, my
                                            though he may not have friends. He has
anger rises.
                                            the leisure and the chance to dive
Sai: Control anger and avoid talking or     within himself and examine his own
acting while in an angry mood. (31)         faults and failings. He has no more
Learn to speak little and to speak soft.    inclination to seek them in others. If
That will reduce the chances of getting     your foot slips you earn a fracture; if
angry. Seek the good in others and the      your tongue slips, you fracture some
evil in yourself. (32)                      one's faith or joy. That fracture can
When anger arises, quiet down. (33) Do      never be set right; that wound will
not contaminate the air by voices of        fester for ever. Therefore, use the
acrimony, scandal, insult or slander.       tongue with great care. The softer you
That itself is a service to you and to      talk, the less you talk, the sweeter you
others. (34) Quietly repeat the name of     talk, the better for you and the world.
the Lord to overcome it. (35) Or sing       (40)
hymns in a raised voice. (36)               Q: When I cannot remain silent,
True Bhakthas will be mute. They will       Lord, what is my best protection
follow the path of Silence. Their           against anger?
tongues will be fully engaged in the

                                                                  Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                         24/33

Sai: One's calmness is one's [best]        begin to quiver and the whole body
protection. (41) Meet anger with the       becomes hot. (49) Stand in front of a
shield of Santhi, Inner Peace. (42)        mirror and examine your face. After
Anger has to be overcome by guiding        seeing your appearance you will surely
the mind on to peace and equanimity,       feel so much disgust that at once you
"Shantih! Shantih! Shantih!" -- that       will be able to control your anger. (50)
mantra will quieten the waves of anger.
                                           Try to suppress the first traces of anger
                                           that you see in yourself. (51) The
As long as man is filled with anger, he    easiest way to control anger is this. The
can have no peace. To secure peace         moment you become aware that anger
and happiness man has to subdue            is rising within you, just laugh very
anger. (44) To get angry is but the        loudly. (52)
effort of a moment; but, to get peace,
                                           Q: Should I plunge into           action
to become unaffected by the ups and
                                           immediately if I'm angry?
downs of life, is the result of years of
training in Vedanta. (45)                  Sai: [You] should not plunge into action
                                           immediately. If [you do] so [your]
The peace of mind that the aspirant has
                                           hasty action will be fraught with
been able to attain ... protects him
                                           undesirable consequences. ... [You]
against the onslaughts of failures, the
                                           should think whether [you are] right or
peace in which he is unruffled by loss
                                           wrong before plunging into action to
and dishonour, the peace that does not
                                           hurt the other man towards whom [ you
perturb his mind with anger, hatred,
                                           are] angry. Slowly as [your] temper
jealousy, conceit and lower passions,
                                           comes down [you] will change [your]
the peace which makes him feel
                                           mind and desist from hasty action. This
tranquil, unconcerned and unattached
                                           is the practical way of controlling
under all circumstances and with all
                                           oneself in daily life. (53)
human natures. (46) We should
cultivate peace and transmit it to         Q: Should I remain in the same
society. We should not give way to         place if I am beginning to get
anger, excitement and envy. (47)           angry?

Q: Lord, I lead a busy life. Can you       Sai: The moment anger comes it is
please   suggest    a   number    of       most helpful to leave the place where
different ways I can approach              you are and go somewhere else. (54)
anger so that I can flexibly meet          Walk some distance alone, pretty fast,
situations.                                so the pestering thoughts are driven
                                           into silence and the solitude; blood
Sai: Usually anger does not come upon
                                           circulates faster and movement dulls
you without warning. (48) In a car, the
                                           the sharpness of the thought. (55)
red tail-light goes on as a warning
before the car comes to a stop. In the     Q: How best can I cool down?
same way, before you explode into          Sai: Go to the bathroom and have a
anger, your eyes become red, your lips     cool bath. (56) Turn the tap on.

                                                                Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                              25/33

Attempt to merge your voice with the         Sai: If anger grips you despite all your
sound of the falling water. You will find    efforts, stay one step ahead of it. Direct
that your [anger] is gone in the process     it towards your own bad habits. Be
of your harmonizing your voice with the      angry at your own weaknesses.... Hate
sound of the tap water. (57) Take a          them until you ward off the evil temper
glass of cool water and relax in a cool      which stalks you. (65) Struggle with
place. (58) Sip it slowly; cool down         yourself until you win. Do not fight with
[that way]. (EVJC, 48.) Sit alone for a      others; fight with your own urges. Stop
while in a comfortable position or lie       the enemy at the threshold of the mind.
down in bed until the upset passes, and      (66)
you laugh at your temporary insanity.
                                             Q: You have given me many
                                             methods with which to work on my
Q: How can I use my intellect to             anger, Lord. Thank You.
combat anger?
                                             Sai:    There     are    ever     so   many
Sai: Whenever anger comes ... inquire        stratagems by which you anger can be
into the cause of this anger. Is it          quelled. (67) To undertake all [of them]
justified? Remember that, if someone is      will be quite difficult, but it is enough to
going to be harmed in the process of         remember not to let your tongue go
your anger, you will be committing a         into action immediately ... and spill out
sin, and that can not possibly be good       a torrent of angry words. Take some
for you. (60) Stop and inquire coldly        time to think things over. (68)
into the nature of the urge, the manner      Experiment with the remedies for
of the promptings, the type of the           anger. They may seem difficult at first,
consequences for you and others.             but you have to practise. (69)
Reason out these things, in silence and
solitude. (61) If you start inquiring
[into] the cause of anger, you will find     Q: What qualities will conquer the
that the speed of anger will be reduced.     anger and hatred of another?
(62) By the time a conclusion is             Sai: You cannot destroy anger by
reached,      tempers     cool     down      anger, cruelty by cruelty, hatred by
considerably. (63)                           hatred. Anger can be subdued only by
The mind, rendered impure by Rajas           forbearance. Cruelty can be overcome
and Thamas, by anger and conceit, by         only by non-violence. Hatred yields only
the    impressions    of    a    thousand    to charity and compassion. (70) Do not
attachments and desires, can be made         feed anger with retaliation; do not feed
bright and resplendent if it is put in the   hatred with fury. (71)
crucible of inquiry and heated on the        Q: Can I conquer anger through
coals of discrimination. (64)                love?
Q: What should I do if anger grips           Sai: The only path ... to follow is the
me despite my efforts?                       Path of Love. (72) Such a path is not
                                             available to us anywhere else except in

                                                                   Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                           26/33

the spiritual sphere. This must come         dhyana. Is your heart full of Prema,
from within our hearts. (73) If you          that is all I examine. (80)
develop your love, then there will be no
                                             Q: Can the sadhaka ever relax his
room left in your heart for hatred and
                                             vigilance with regard to anger?
anger to take root. The heart is like a
chair; there is room for only one            Sai: As regards anger, the Sadhaka has
occupant at a time. Therefore only one       to be vigilant even about the most
quality can establish itself there. It       minor matters which might provoke him
leaves no place for another to enter and     because, if he is careless, he cannot
occupy it at the same time. You must         progress in the least. Such persons
make every effort to establish love and      must cultivate a humble, loving spirit.
only love in your heart. You must never      Then the bad traits will disappear.
allow your heart to become like a            Some Sadhaka's become very angry
'musical chair', giving room for love at     when      someone     discovers    and
one time and for anger and hatred at         announces to them the bad traits they
another. (74)                                possess. This makes matters worse!
Love has this extraordinary quality: it
lives by giving and forgiving, whereas       The Sadhaka must be vigilant not to
the little ego-self lives by getting and     lose his temper on even small things for
forgetting. (75) Love is always prepared     that will block his progress. He must
to shower itself freely and to overlook      cultivate   love   towards    all,   and
the defects and weakness in others.          meekness. Then, undesirable habits will
(76) It is easy to conquer anger             fall away from him, since anger is the
through love. (77)                           parent of all wrong behavior. Anger can
                                             turn any person into bad ways, [at] any
Q: How do others respond to love,
                                             moment, and in any form. So, it should
                                             be sublimated first by systematic effort.
Sai: Love and you will be loved in           The Sadhaka must welcome gladly the
return. Hate will never be your lot if you   announcement of his defects by any
promote Love and look upon all with          one; he must, indeed, be grateful to
Love. That is the one lesson I teach         those who point them out. He must
always; that is my secret too. If you        never entertain hatred against them,
want to attain Me, cultivate Love; give      for that is as bad as hating the 'good.'
up hatred, envy, anger, cynicism and         The 'good' has to be loved and the 'bad'
falsehood. (78)                              discarded. Remember, the 'bad' should
                                             not be hated. It has to be given up,
Where Divinity is sought after, one
                                             avoided. Only such persons can achieve
ought always to behave in the spirit of
                                             progress in Dhyanam and Spiritual
Love, devoid of the slightest trace of
                                             Wisdom. (82)
hate, envy, and anger. (79) I do not
ask that you should be a scholar or a        Q: Lord, how do You look upon
recluse or an ascetic skilled in japa and    those who live in an atmosphere of
                                             anger and still retain their virtue?

                                                                  Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                              27/33

Sai: If you live in an atmosphere of            Q: Have You any anger in You,
anger and still retain your virtue, you         Lord?
have made a noteworthy achievement.
                                                Sai: The Lord is all Prema. He has no
Your calmness denotes your spiritual
                                                anger or Dwesha in Him. (88)
advancement. (83)
                                                Occasionally I appear to be displeased.
Q: Lord, tell me truly: Is it possible
                                                But the anger is only apparent
to change?
                                                externally. It does not come from
Sai: I know it is difficult, but if you do it   inside. (89) I have no anger in Me. (90)
slowly you can change. All must                 Sai is like a mirror. (91) [He] only
practice reduction of desires for food          reflects your mind. He has no prejudice
and other negative habits. (84)                 or preference. [In Him] you can see
                                                yourselves as you really are. (92)
The    wickedness     of    no    man    is
incorrigible. Was not Angulimala, the           Your action produces the reaction. (93)
dacoit, turned into a kind-hearted              In order to correct [your] mistakes and
person by the Buddha? Did not the thief         remove your faults, I have sometimes
Ratnakara become Valmiki, the sage?             to use harsh words. (94) It is the inner
By conscious effort, habits can be              compassion which takes the form of
changed and character refined. Man has          anger. (95)
always, within him, within his reach,
                                                Whatever answers he gives are words
the capacity to challenge his evil
                                                put into his mouth by yourself because
propensities and to change his evil
                                                it is you who make him talk. If you
habits. By selfless service, renunciation,
                                                come before him with an open mind,
by devotion, by prayer and by
                                                revealing the self in you, you will see
ratiocination, the old habits which bind
                                                the self in Sai. (96)
men to earth can be discarded and new
habits which take us along the divine           In some cases I do not speak to a
path can be instilled into our lives. (85)      person for months together. This is the
                                                remedy for his malady. This kind of
Q: When will anger cease, Lord?
                                                medicine has to be used for curing the
Sai: Once you recognise that the                disease. (97) You may rest assured that
indweller of your heart is the indweller        My sole aim is to turn you to better
of every heart, that the beloved Lord           ways. (98)
whom you worship seated on the
                                                Q: It is a long journey, Lord, with
throne of your heart is also dwelling in
                                                so many obstacles to surmount.
every other heart, then there can be no
possibility for hating or being angry           Sai: The pilgrim must traverse and
with any person in the world. (86) Keep         overstep the vast wastes of worldly
the Lakshya, the Goal, of expanding             desires (Kama) and overcome the thick
your Love till it embraces all beings, till     slushy growths of anger and hate
it sees every being as your own self -          (Krodha) and negotiate the cliffs of
keep it ever steady before your mind's          hatred and malice (Dwesha) so that he
eye. (87)                                       might relax on the green pastures of

                                                                    Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                             28/33

concord and love (Prema). Having thus        20 Ibid., 24.
become master of his inner foes, he has      21 CTSSB, 13.
to rst in the silence of his own heart, as
a Yogi, with all the agitations of his       22 SN, 44.
inner realm stilled. Fixed in the            23 CTSSB, 12.
undisturbed calm of his deepest              24 SBG, 24.
consciousness, man finds that the lotus
of his heart blooms into a thousand          25 DBG, 172.
petals and then the flame of awakening       26 SS, 36, Nov. 1993, 292.
into the truth lights itself.... That        27 EVJC, 47.
moment, the seeker knows that he and
all else are One, that the One is            28 DHV, 75.
Brahman. ... Take the first step today in    29 SSS, VII, 49.
this pilgrimage. Give up in order to         30 Ibid., 50.
gain; restrain in order to receive;
become blind in order to see. (99)           31 CTSSB, 13.
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                                                                 Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                    29/33

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                                                            Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                          30/33

                                7. GLOSSARY

Ahamkara. Egoism.
                                            Rajas. The guna or cosmic quality of
Ahimsa. Non-violence.                       passionate activity.
Angulimala. Lit. a mala of fingers. A       Ratiocination.     Contemplative     or
robber and murderer who wore the            inquiring thought.
fingers of his victims around his neck as
                                            Ratnakara.    Another    thief     who
a mala or rosary. The Buddha won
                                            abandoned crime for sadhana and
Angulimala over and the robber reached
                                            reached enlightenment, taking the
enlightenment under the Perfect One's
                                            name of Valmiki and responsible for the
Apeksha. Expectations.
                                            Sadhaka. Spiritual aspirant.
Arishdavarga. Six internal enemies.
                                            Sadhana. Spiritual practice.
Atma. The Self.
                                            Sammoha. Mental aberrations.
Atmananda. The bliss of the Atma or
                                            Santhi, Shantih. Peace.
                                            Santosha. Contentment.
Brahman. God. The Highest Deity or
One    without  a   second.    See          Sathwa. The guna or cosmic quality of
Paramatman.                                 balanced purity.

Dacoit. Robber, thief, highwayman.          Sathya. Truth.

Dharma. Righteousness, duty, law, role.     Soukhya. Happiness.

Dhyanam. Meditation.                        Tamas. The guna or cosmic quality of
                                            slothful inertia.
Dwesha. Repulsion or aversion; also,
malice or anger.                            Vasanas. Habit patterns.

Gita. The Bhagavad-Gita, which Lord         Vedanta. The sections of the Vedas that
Krishna delivered to Arjuna on the field    give the knowledge needed to attain
of Kurukshetra.                             enlightenment; also, more generally,
                                            the classical Hindu spiritual books that
Kama. Desire, lust.
                                            teach adwaitha or non-dualism.
Krodha. Anger, hatred.
                                            Yogi. A sage or enlightened one.
Moksha. Liberation.
Paramatman. The Supreme Self.
Prema. Divine love.

                                                                Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                       31/33

                           8. BIBLIOGRAPHY

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                                                              Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                          32/33

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                                                                Freedom from Anger
Australian Aum Sai Journal Supplement                                      33/33

editions of SSS, X, were used in the     TOB The Teachings of Bhagavan Sri
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                                                             Freedom from Anger

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