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					                        gotalk mobile - Free Connect & Flexi Caps

                              Free Connect & Flexi Caps
For any tolling usage above included calling value on gotalk plans or caps, or for
calls/services not included, you will be charged for these calls/services in arrears. Included
calls do not include GPRS/WAP. International calls are not included in Free Connect plans.
Mobile monthly access fees and included calls will be charged one month in advance, based
on pro-rata for the first month from connection. All included calls must be used within billing
month and cannot roll over to next billing cycle.
                                International Roaming
You must obtain our express authorisation (which may be conditional on lodgement of a
security deposit) to use your SIM card and service in countries other than Australia
("international roaming"). You will be charged a roaming fee for outgoing calls at a rate set
by the operator in that country, and a forwarding charge for all incoming calls forwarded to
the overseas carrier. We will pass these charges on to you via your monthly invoice.
                                       Calling Rates
All call rates listed are the per 30 second rate, unless otherwise specified. All calls are
charged in 30 second increments and will be rounded up to the next cent. No call connection
fee applies to calls made on Free Connect plans. A call connection fee applies to all calls
made on Flexi Caps. Calls to ‘special services’ e.g. 1900, 0055 will be charged at the
advertised rate. Calls and services terminating in international destinations will incur a higher
                                     Free Connect 0
This plan is subject to a one-off SIM charge payable when plan is requested. A sign up bonus
credit is applied on activation of the goMobile0 service plan. Sign up bonus credit must be
used within first billing month and cannot roll over to next billing cycle. Bonus credit can be
used on eligible calls/service; national calls; call-to-mobiles; SMS; voicemail deposit &
                                         Flexi Caps
A $15 minimum monthly fee applies to these caps. If your tolling usage on eligible calls and
services is under $15, you will be charged the minimum fee. For tolling usage on included
calls and services over $15, you will be charged you full monthly Flexi Cap access fee and
receive your full cap value.
                                      Other Services
Caller number display will be automatically activated on commencement of the services. If
you do not want your number displayed, it is your responsibility to deactivate this

SMS rate detailed is charged per message of 160 characters.

                Item                                            Cost
        GPRS monthly fee                              $0 a month (plus usage)
  GPRS data (within Australia)                               2.2c per Kb
      MMS message (within
                                                           75c per message
 MMS video (within Australia)                              $1.25 per video
        Call Forward                                        5c per 30 sec
          Call Waiting                             no charge – included in airtime
         Conference Call                           no charge – included in airtime

                                   Mobile Plan Usage
You are wholly responsible for the security and use of your mobile telephone and indemnify
us against all claims which may arise through your use of this service.
               Rules on Porting your Mobile Number to gotalk
• By porting your mobile service number (MSN) to gotalk from another provider, the service
  associated with that telephone number will be disconnected from your existing service
  provider’s network and may result in finalisation of the account for that service
• You give up all previous contractual rights with your current telephone service provider (e.g.
  value included, other services provided)
• Certain functions and facilities provided by the current telephone service provider may not
  be available from your new gotalk service
• By porting your MSN to gotalk from another provider, you remain liable for any charges
  and fees incurred as a result of churn (contract termination fee etc.)
• You must not deactivate your existing service when porting. Telephone numbers can only
  be transferred while active.
• You can only withdraw your authority to port your telephone number (s) before the
  Electronic Cutover Advice is sent by gotalk to your current Service Provider, which will be
  on or after the preferred cutover date specified on your application.
• gotalk does not guarantee that it can port your telephone number(s) from your current
  Service Provider. Your current Service Provider may reject this port request if the
  information you provide is incorrect or does not match the data held by them. In this case
  you authorise gotalk to correct the information and resubmit the request to port your
  telephone number to gotalk or dispute the rejection by your current Service Provider. A
  port request may also be rejected for other reasons as stated in the LNP Industry Code.
• gotalk does not warrant that the MSN will be transferred within any specified timeframe.
  Porting Hours of Operation are 8am to 5pm AEST/AEDST Monday to Friday, excluding
  National Public Holidays. Cutover can only be initiated at least 3 business days after the
  port Notification Advice is sent by gotalk to your current Service Provider. If a port request
  is rejected and needs to be resubmitted, cutover cannot take place for at least another 3
  business days after the request is resubmitted.
• In the event of a port, withdrawal or reversal, gotalk is not responsible for any period of
• To the extent permitted by law gotalk is not liable to you or any person claiming through
  you for damage, loss, costs or expenses or other liability in contract, tort or otherwise direct
  or indirect, for or in relation to porting your MSN
• You may have outstanding contractual obligations and costs owed to your current Service
  Provider. gotalk is not liable for any such costs.
• Only your MSN will be transferred to gotalk. This may result in the loss of any Value Added
  Services that are associated with the service provided by your existing Service Provider
• If you wish to port your telephone number(s) from gotalk to another Service Provider, then
  you must contact the other Provider
• gotalk reserves the right to charge a fee for porting your telephone number to or from

                                         SIM Cards
If you signed up for your gotalk mobile service via the gotalk website or telephone
customer service advisor, your SIM will be locked to prevent unauthorised usage during
transit. You must contact gotalk customer service on 1800 468 255 to activate your SIM
card once you receive it. New SIM cards Personal Identification Number (PIN) comes with a
default PIN. We recommend you change this PIN after you have activated the service. To
change your PIN, please refer to your mobile phone handset user guide.

SIM cards remain the property of gotalk. You must take all reasonable care to keep the SIM
card safe and in good condition. You must immediately return the SIM card to us on demand,
or if we suspend or terminate your services. If you fail to return the SIM card to us within 30
days of our demand, you must pay our standard SIM card replacement fee. You must notify
us immediately if any SIM card is lost, stolen or destroyed (whether installed or not). You will
be liable for all charges in relation to any SIM card supplied to you, which has been lost or
stolen (whether installed in equipment or not), until we have been notified of the loss or

             Rules on Porting your Mobile Number from gotalk
• If you port your MSN to another supplier, then you remain responsible to us for amounts
payable prior to you porting out. You must pay us immediately, on receipt of our invoice, for
any amounts owing.
• You may also be liable to pay us a porting out fee when porting your MSN to another
• The provision of services, and this Agreement terminates, when we port your MSN to
another Provider
• We will endeavour to bill you for amounts in respect of the services incurred until
termination, and any charges arising out of termination, within the next normal billing period,
but we reserve our right to issue you with subsequent invoices in relation to unbilled fees and
                                 Suspension of Service
We may from time to time, and without notice or liability to you, suspend any of the services
(and, at our discretion, disconnect the relevant SIM cards from the network) in any of the
following circumstances:

    •   During any technical failure, modification or maintenance of the network (but in that
        event we will procure resumption of the services as soon as reasonably practicable)
    •   If you fail to comply with any of these terms and conditions (including failure to pay
        charges due) until the breach (if capable of remedy) is remedied
    •   You change your address or billing contact details without notifying us in accordance
        with this agreement
    •   If you do, or allow to be done, anything which in our reasonable opinion may have
        the effect of jeopardising the operation of these services
    •   If the amounts outstanding to gotalk exceeds any credit limit set by us, whether or
        not it’s payment has fallen due.
The terms of the relevant gotalk current terms and conditions, as varied from time to time
will apply to the use of services.

With regard to privacy, gotalk only collects personal information from you that is necessary
to perform the service sought by you. The kinds of personal information gotalk holds about
you will depend on the services you request from gotalk and the use that you make of those
services. gotalk respects your privacy and as a result, gotalk does not trade, rent or sell
your personal information to provide you with a communications service. In the course of
providing this service to you we may also use your personal information for the following
related services: provisioning or connecting your service, network routing, providing you with
customer service, credit checking, billing, investigating complaints & fixing faults in relation to
your service and any payment follow ups that you may owe us. We may also use your
personal information to tell you about our other products and services or bundled offerings,
provided by gotalk in conjunction with either our related bodies corporate or our business
partners and associates.

You agree that gotalk may exchange information about those credit providers named in this
application or named in a consumer credit report issued by a credit reporting agency for the
following purposes:

a) to assess an application for credit
b) to notify other credit providers of a default by the Applicant
c) to exchange information with other credit providers as to the status of this account where
       you are in default with other credit providers
d) to assess your credit worthiness
e) to provide information to you about other goods or services which we or any of our
       Related Bodies Corporate, or any of our partners and associates or the partners and
       associates of suppliers (such as telecommunication entities, providers of products or
       services which are related to the Services, media entities, event organisers, equipment
       suppliers and the suppliers of any other product or service with whom we have
       engaged in a joint initiative) may offer to you.

Generally, you have the right to see or obtain a copy of personal information about you that
we may hold. gotalk will handle requests for access to personal information in accordance
with the National Privacy Principles. To request access to your personal information please
contact 1800 468 255.

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