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									                                                                                                                         The information in this document is correct as at 5 July 2007.

Assistance Available to Farming Businesses & Families for the Hunter Floods – June 2007

 ASSISTANCE TYPE                                                     DETAILS OF ASSISTANCE                                                        FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
Natural Disaster         −   For Primary Producers affected by flood/fire/storm damage or any other declared natural disaster.                  Rural Assistance Authority:
Relief Scheme            −   Funding by way of loan is available for essential working capital (the amount required to continue normal          1800 678 593
(administered by Rural       business operations for the next twelve months or until the next major income is received.) and
Assistance Authority)        Replacement and repair of damage caused to the property and associated improvements not                            Applications are available at
                             covered by insurance (Assistance does not cover costs unrelated to the business enterprise or                      http://www.raa.nsw.gov.au/reader/
                             commitments overdue at the time of the disaster, such as trading accounts, lease or hire purchase                  disaster/disaster-app-
                             instalments, interest on borrowings or loan repayments.)                                                           primary.pdf?MIvalObj=27069&doc
                         −   The Assistance is not compensatory and does not cover loss of trade or income.                                     type=document&MItypeObj=appli
                         −   The loan to a maximum of $130,000 is available.                                                                    cation/pdf&name=/disaster-app-
                         −   The interest rate is a concessional rate of interest, fixed for the term of the loan. Please contact the NSW       primary.pdf
                             Rural Assistance Authority on 1800 678 593 for current rates.
                         −   A repayment term of up to ten years dependant upon the amount borrowed and applicant’s ability to repay.
                             The repayment term is preceeded by a two-year interest and repayment free period.
                         −   Monthly, half-yearly or annual repayments of principle and interest generally in line with applicants cash flow.
                         −   Security is registered mortgage over land, not necessarily a first mortgage. Other security, including a
                             mortgage fro another person may be considered.
                         −   To be eligible for the Assistance you must: earn the majority of your GROSS income from Primary
                             Production, Be in working occupation of the farm, Be within an area declared a natural disaster, Be in urgent
                             and genuine need of financial assistance, demonstrate that if the assistance were obtained commercially
                             your farm business enterprise would be placed in financial difficulty, Demonstrate that your farm business
                             enterprise has long term viability, Demonstrate that you have the capacity to repay the loan, Lodge an
                             application within 6 months of the date of the disaster.

Transport Subsidy        −   For farmers who are affected by natural disaster including flood and fire.                                         DPI
Support                  −   Providing 50% transport rebate for transporting fodder to affected stock or transporting stock to and from         Flood information line has been
(administered by NSW         agistment.                                                                                                         established to help animal and
DPI via Rural Lands      −   If 30% or more of the property is affected by flood, then the Primary Producer is eligible.                        livestock owners affected by the
Protection Boards)       −   There is a cap of $15,000 on the subsidy, which is available over a period of 6 months from the events             Central Coast and Hunter floods.
                             occurrence.                                                                                                        Ph. 0429 122 453
                         −   Under the State Disaster Plan, the NSW Department of Primary Industries is responsible for coordinating            Or Contact you Local RLPB
                             animal welfare relief services for livestock, wildlife and companion animals. Designated departmental staff
                             are responsible for planning, implementing and coordinating relief programs at both the district and local         http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agricult
                             levels.                                                                                                            ure/drought-bushfire-and-
Assistance Recovery    −   One off lump sum payment of up to $5000 to all eligible primary producers (which have suffered direct               Rural Assistance Authority
Grants for Primary         damage as a result of flooding in the Hunter Central Coast in June 2007) for clean up and immediate                 Application forms are available
Producers (Tier One)       restoration costs, without assessment of damage.                                                                    from the NSW Rural Assistance
                       −   This may be damage to farm buildings, crops, pasture, stock, fencing and/or tools of trade (e.g.                    Authority by telephoning:
                           equipment/plant) and the essential cost of repair or replacement are the applicant’s responsibility. The
                           applicant must have been conducting business in the specified area prior to and including the date of the           Toll Free 1800 678 593 or
                           event, and are intending to re-establish the primary production enterprise.
                       −   Loss of income as a result of the event is not an eligible reason for assistance.                                   (02 ) 6391 3000
                       −   Damage to dwellings is not covered. Owners may be able to claim other assistance for this (eg. personal
                           hardship and distress payments under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements).                        http://www.raa.nsw.gov.au/reader/
                       −   Application must be lodged within six months from the date of the event occurring                                   primary-producers
                       −   Additional information is available from Rural Assistance Authority Website.
Assistance Recovery    −   An additional $10000 is available (a total of $15000 for tier one and two) to provide additional assistance to      Rural Assistance Authority
Grants for Primary         primary producers which have suffered direct damage as a result of flooding in the Hunter and Central Coast         Application forms are available
Producers (Tier Two)       in June 2007 and able to demonstrate that costs have been incurred.                                                 from the NSW Rural Assistance
                       −   If you apply for and receive a grant, less than $10000, and the further damage becomes apparent, then an            Authority by telephoning:
                           additional payment can be made, on application to the maximum of $10000.
                       −   Only primary producers who have lodged an application for Tier one (initial) grant are eligible for Tier two        Toll Free 1800 678 593 or
                       −   The costs covered include clean up expenditure, removal of debris and restoration.                                  (02) 6391 3000
                       −   Additional grants are based on an assessment of impact and /or production of quotes or receipts/ tax
                           invoices to a maximum combined total (tier one and tier two) of $15000.                                             http://www.raa.nsw.gov.au/reader/
                       −   Applications must be lodged within six months from the date of the event occurring.                                 primary-producers
                       −   Additional information is available from the Rural Assistance Authority Website.

Fodder Donation        −   This number is for the donation of fodder or to seek assistance in obtaining donated fodder                         NSW DPI Animal Assistance Line
Scheme                                                                                                                                         1800 758 337
General Assistance     −   Payments of $1000 per eligible adult and $400 per eligible child will be made available to people: who are          The Australian Government
                           seriously injured, and require hospitalisation for at least 48 hours; or whose principal place of residence has     Storms Assistance hotline on
                           been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable for a period of 48 hours or more                                           1802211 or visit the centre link
                       −   This assistance is as a result of the recent storm damage and associated flooding in the Central Coast and          website on the following link
                           Hunter regions of New South Whales in June 2007.                                                                    http://www.centrelink.gov.au/internet
Other Information      −   If you are obliged to sell livestock because of the destruction of pastures or fodder through fire, drought or      DPI Website
                           flood, you can elect to spread over five years the profit on the livestock sale. This means that one-fifth of the   http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/agricult
                           profit would be included in your gross income for the year of the sale of the livestock, and one-fifth would be     ure/drought-bushfire-and-
                           included in the gross income for each of the following four years.                                                  emergencies/flood/publications/ta

ONE STOP SHOP FLOOD RECOVERY CENTRES                                          Singleton        Southern Arcade, John Street, Singleton                    Ph: 0427 059 662
                                                                              Cessnock         16 Vincent Street, Cessnock                                Ph: (02) 4991 5374

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