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The modern riser recliner chair

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Information on the modern riser recliner chair. How they operate and the

riser recliner chairs, adjustable chairs, tilt chairs

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As we get older many it is inevitable that we will become less mobile
than we were in our youth. There is now a multitude of aids to help those
with mobility issues enjoy an independent lifestyle in there own home.

The most frequently used piece of furniture in our homes is a chair and
the process of sitting and exiting from your favorite chair can become
labored or even impossible if you have mobility problems.

Many people now use powered riser recliner chairs to help them use a
chair more comfortably. A riser recliner chair is electrically powered,
with a motor, which raises the chair before you sit and lowers into a
comfortable sitting position. When you wish to exit you simply press a
button to be raised into a near standing position. As a result the
process of sitting from a standing position and exiting is made much
easier for the user.

Generally the back and foot sections on a riser recliner chair move to
allow the chair to rise and fall. If a chair is equipped with 2 motors
you will normally be able to move these sections independently to allow
greater control. Many users enjoy the ability to raise their legs
independently to enjoy greater comfort and maneuverability, however 2
motor chairs will cost more to buy. For those who wish to sleep whilst
using their chair a number of chair beds are now available in the UK.
Chair Beds allow the user to fully recline forming an almost flat bed
that is perfectly designed for sleeping.

Riser recliner chairs are easy to control via a ‘’user friendly’’ remote
control unit attached to the chair by a wire. Once you are sat the remote
control can be left on the arm or stored in a pocket to the side of the

As with many stair lifts, some riser chairs now come with a battery back
up to allow the chair to function for a short time in the event of a
power cut. To improve safety many models now come with hazard sensors
that can detect if the chair is obstructed and will prevent the lowering
movement until it is cleared. This is especially useful if pets or
children use the house.
Riser chairs are now available with many fabric options allowing you to
have a greater choice and match your new chair with your current
furniture. Leather is very popular as it offers great style, comfort and

Deluxe models are also available with massage settings and heating units,
for a real sense of luxury.

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