Waltz Solitaire

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					Waltz Solitaire

Slow crawls the evening, the shadows are stalking.
The drinkers are drinking and laughing and talking,
And there in the corner, the old woman's walking
The steps of the solitaire waltz.

As the customers notice and talk in low tones,
The bartender asks will someone take her home,
But the crazy old lady keeps dancing alone
To the steps of the solitaire waltz.

She is his princess, and he her Prince Charming.
His eyes are enchanting, her perfume disarming.
Outside, the snow falls, but the brandy is warming
And the quartet is playing a waltz.

One-two-three, one-two-three, poems and symphonies,
Bouquets of flowers and letters of sympathy.
Outside, a dove, in a gesture of empathy,
Is tracing the steps of a waltz.

It's two in the morning, the people are leaving,
They're calling her crazy but looks are deceiving,
Prince Charming's long dead; the princess is still grieving
By dancing the solitaire waltz.

The stars are cold diamonds, the night gleams like ebony,
The wind shakes the casement and whistles a melody,
Drying her tears and soothing her memories
And playing a solitaire waltz.

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