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                                                                                   News of Scripture Union New South Wales

  Spring 2008

                               Eyes on the Prize
In This Edition
02    The Latest
03    The Campfire
04    The New Teams!
05    The Training Day         The time has come, the stage is set. The event you’ve put so
06    The Schools              much of your life into is now right in front of you. All of that
07    The Schools              preparation is about to be put to the test.
08    The Rendezvous
                               The bags are packed, you’ve got your uniform          Like the Olympics, we’re big, we’re strong,
09    The New Guy              and you’re ready to join the rest of your team.       we’re old, we’re fresh, we’re an institution, and
10    The Buzz                 You’re nervous, but quietly confident. Friends        we bring people of all walks of life together with
11    The Prayers              and family wish you well, you’ll miss them            a purpose. Of course the parallels run only so
                               for those two weeks. You’ll remember this             far. Our purpose is to proclaim the Good News
12    The Resources
                               experience for the rest of your life.                 of Jesus to the young people of NSW; something
                                                                                     we can safely assume is not on the agenda of
                               There will be a prize, but it won’t be gold.
                                                                                     the International Olympic Committee.
                               The light will shine, but there won’t be a flame.
                               The crowds will flock, but they won’t buy a           This is your front page of SU News invitation
                               ticket. There will be a hero, but it won’t be         to join the prayer team, provide the financial
                               Michael Phelps. Lives will be changed, not            fuel, or volunteer for a Scripture Union Family
                               just for a lifetime.                                  Mission this summer. By the time the next
Postal Address
                               That’s right, Scripture Union Family Missions are     edition of SU News arrives in your letterbox,
PO Box 728
                               Australia’s biggest annual evangelistic event of      the wheels will be well and truly in motion,
West Ryde NSW 1685
                                                                                     360° will be a memory, and teams will be busy
Office Address                 the summer with over 2000 volunteers sharing
                                                                                     in preparation for SUFM 08/09. Now is the time
Suite 2, Level 1               the message of Jesus with over 25000 people
                               in NSW alone. They happen every single year in        for you to ask yourself “how and where am
1049 Victoria Road
                               over 50 locations. Did you know that when the         I serving this summer?” This is your opportunity
West Ryde NSW 2114
                               modern Olympics were born in Athens in 1896,          to plug into an amazing ministry.
Telephone 02 8876 1111
Facsimile 02 8876 1122         Scripture Union had been reaching out to young        Contact 8876 1111 or visit www.sufm.org.au
Email info@nsw.su.org.au       people on the beach for 30 years?                     to get your SUFM journey started.
Web www.nsw.su.org.au
Patron Dr. Bill Andersen                          Making the Good News of Jesus known to children,
Chairman Rev. Simon Flinders
CEO Glenn Coombs                                     young people and families – for 140 years!
     su: the latest

                                 Proudly                                                                                        Financial
         When I started on staff with Scripture Union some 12 years ago,
                                                                                                                In the Winter edition of SU News
                                                                                                                I mentioned that we were slightly
                                                                                                                behind on budget for donation income.
         an older friend of mine said “Glenn, I believe you’ll do a great job,                                  We needed $310,000 in the last 6 weeks
         but your enthusiasm will be your greatest asset, and it’ll be your                                     to meet budget and received $282,000,
         greatest liability“.                                                                                   a shortfall of $28,000. Whilst not quite
                                                                                                                getting over the line, we are thankful
         These days I have a better handle on how this strengths and weaknesses thing works,                    to God for this great result, and want
         but at the time I must admit I didn’t really understand what he was talking about.
                                                                                                                to thank those who gave towards these
         Through the years I have discovered that with some people and in some circles, any form                ministries over the last 12 months. Amidst
         of passion is viewed with varying degrees of skepticism or suspicion. This is a difficult thing        the current economic climate, we have
         for me because I’m genuinely passionate about a lot of things, especially witnessing first hand        much to be thankful for.
         someone’s life transformed by the power of the Gospel.
                                                                                                                For the 2009 financial year, the Board
         Now I’m obviously encouraged by verses like Romans 12:11 “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep
         your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord”, but I am so encouraged to see that come to life in the      has prayerfully and realistically increased
         passionate Scripture Union staff and volunteers who are willing to go to the places where              the total donation income budget to
         people naturally gather; local schools, caravan parks and towns, to unashamedly proclaim the           $837,000; up 7% on 2008. We have
         transforming message of Jesus. It is challenging work that is rarely glamorous, but with the           healthy and growing ministries, and with
         knowledge of what God has done in them, and what He can do through them, these workers                 your help, our plan is to keep that going.
         embody a passion that I’m so proud to represent.
                                                                                                                This increase can be made even more
         I trust that you are encouraged as you read about what God continues to do for His glory               achievable if our regular supporters
         through the passionate volunteers of Scripture Union.                                                  consider a small increase to their giving
         Glenn Coombs,                                                                                          in the year ahead, but for all SU News
         Chief Executive Officer,                                                                               readers, there are several ways to provide
         Scripture Union NSW                                                                                    the fuel for this work.
                                                                                                                Phone: Simply call 8876 1111 to make
                                                                                                                a phone donation using your credit card.

         Family Matters                                                                                         Post: Every edition of SU News is
                                                                                                                supplied with a response slip and reply
         As part of our ongoing commitment to our strategic plan, the Scripture Union Board
                                                                                                                paid envelope.
         and Management recently took some important steps aimed at providing better
         structural support for the growing ministries.                                                         Web: Visit www.nsw.su.org.au to make
                                                                                                                a secure online donation.
         As this goes to print we are in the process of finalizing the SUFM Resource Coordinator,
         and hope to introduce this new face in the next edition of SU News.                                    We also offer direct deposit and
                                                                                                                sponsorship arrangements.
                       Bruce Boyle moves into the                         Alison opdeVeigh will
                       newly created role of School                       ‘graduate’ from ministry              For further information, please feel free
                       Ministries Director, overseeing                    trainee to School Ministries          to phone me directly on 02 8876 1101 or
                       all operations relating to our                     Coordinator for the Sydney            email me at robertc@nsw.su.org.au.
         ministry in schools, including Camps and           region, taking over the day to day
         Risk Management.                                   coordination and support of Sydney                  Robert Cridland
                                                            ministry programs from Bruce.                       Accountant,
                                                                                                                Scripture Union NSW

               Scripture Union NSW has a ministry trainee position available to commence immediately (2 year traineeship).

         As a member of the Sydney School Ministries Team, the trainee will          network, and will commence a Diploma of Bible Ministry as part
         support our ministry to public school throughout the Sydney region.         of their training.

         Trainees will be involved in giving talks, writing resources, supporting    If you have experience in youth or student ministry, and are
         volunteers, coordinating regional school gatherings, attending a camp       passionate about evangelism and the discipleship of school students,
         and an overseas mission trip, and assisting in leadership training.         please contact School Ministries Director Bruce Boyle on
         Trainees will also be part of the Ministry Training Strategy (MTS)          Ph. 02 8876 1111 or info@nsw.su.org.au visit www.nsw.su.org.au

02   scripture union new south wales
                                                                                                          su: the campfire

                                          Bike Camp ‘08:
                                          20 kids. 7 days. 400km.
                                          Scripture Union Bike Camp offers a unique experience.
                                          A real adventure in rural New South Wales.
Bike Camp is not a race, just a chance to dust   When? Saturday 27th September
off your bike and have a week away that          to Friday 3rd October
you’ll never forget, cycling from one country    Where? Bathurst to Denman (departing
town to the next, camping as we go... this       from Turramurra in Sydney)
year’s ride, from Bathurst to Denman (near
                                                 Who? Guys and girls, Years 9-12
Muswellbrook), is some of the best riding
                                                 at school
in central NSW through sheep, cattle and
canola farming country, with some fantastic      Cost? $220 per person (Includes all
camp sites along the way.                        food, transport, campfires and
                                                 starry nights).
You don’t need to be Lance Armstrong or
                                                 Gear? BYO bike and helmet. We’ll
Cadel Evans to go the distance on Bike
                                                 provide you with a full list of things to
Camp but if you are a super-fit cyclist,
                                                 bring once we receive your application.
rest assured that your need for speed will
be satisfied with some route diversions to       Enquiries? Visit www.subikecamp.org
                                                 or call 02 9440 9099
challenge you. Those who want to enjoy
the scenery can cruise along at a leisurely      Applications close 22nd September
pace with plenty of rest breaks along the        unless camp fills before then.
way, and there are plenty of off-the-bike        You can download the application form
adventures at camp.                              from www.subikecamp.org

                                          ag Camps ‘08:
                                          Wake to an amazing sun rise and the smell of a bush kitchen.
                                          Make new friends, learn about Jesus, and really experience the bush.
                                          Have you ever wanted to know who grows the food you eat? Where and how it all happens?
                                          On a Scripture Union Ag Camp you’ll be working on real farms. You could be milking a cow,
                                          putting up a fence, mustering sheep or bull dogging a calf. You may not have realised that
                                          warm beds and showers are life’s little luxuries.
                                          There are only two more Ag Camps running in 2008 –
                                          so what on earth are you waiting for?

           For the Boys                                    For the Girls
           When? Saturday 27th September                   When? Saturday 4th October –
           – Saturday 4th October                          Saturday 11th October
           Where? Cowra                                    Where? Cowra
           Who? Boys in years 7-12                         Who? Girls in years 7-12
           Cost? $140                                      Cost? $140

        Enquiries & Applications
        Ph: 8876 1111 EMAIl: info@nsw.su.org.au WEB: www.nsw.su.org.au
        Places are limited so be quick to secure your place.

                                                                                                                              su news spring 2008   03
     su: the new teams

         Introducing 2 NEW
                                Corrimal Beach
         how it started...
                                                         Prayer Points
                                                                               Where: lake Parade, Corrimal Beach (north of Wollongong)
                                                                               When: 27/12/2008 – 8/1/2009
                                                                               Directors: Carl and Maree Grande

                                                                                                           We currently have 26 team members and
         During last year’s mission at Lake Tabourie,    •		 A	good	start	to	our	relationship	with	
         I received a call from the managers of                                                            are looking for another 24-30 to give us
                                                             the site managers, the Wollongong
         Corrimal Beach Tourist Park, requesting                                                           a team that can look after the number of
                                                             Council and the local churches
         that we start a team on their site as                                                             visitations we will need to do each day.
         soon as possible. We had prayed for             •		 A	good	response	to	new	team	members	          Carl Grande
         opportunities to plant a new team since             so that we may start with a good
         we had not done so since 2001.                      variety of programs for the campers

         They had from their time at Lake Tabourie,      •		 Wisdom	in	dealing	with	all	of	the	
         seen how the SUFM teams work and were               equipment issues and details in setting
         convinced that Corrimal needed a team.              up a team from scratch

          how it started...
                                                                              Where: Noamunga Crescent, Gwandalan (near lake Macquarie)
                                                                              When: 28/12/2008 – 4/1/2009
                                                                              Directors: Bethany McCaffery and Callum Reavey

                                                         My own congregation was supportive of
                                                         various members being involved in the
                                                                                                           Prayer points
          Summerland was born out of a                                                                     •	 God’s	guidance	in	all	the	planning	that	
                                                         Entrance team, and when I spruiked the
          conversation with Glenn Coombs as we                                                                needs to happen over the next few
                                                         idea of a Summerland mission, the church             months leading up to mission
          served together at The Entrance Family         was very excited. Finding appropriate
                                                                                                           •	 Pray	that	the	people	of	Summerland	
          Mission. As minister of a church in the        directors was the next step and soon we              and Gwandalan will accept us and be
          Summerland area I saw potential for a          had not only two ace directors, but a very           excited to have us there
          local mission and encouraged others to         cool and keen leadership team. Our plan           •	 Pray	for	our	first	time	directors,	for	
          think likewise. I had support in Glenn, who    now is to up the prayer and leadership               more numbers on team, and for the
          saw The Entrance team as an equipping          skills of the team and to involve the other          people visiting the mission
          and planting team for other missions.          local churches in the mission.                    Steve Bennett

                                       In Brief: SUFM Director’s Training Day
                                    Praise the Lord      referees, he spoke to us about the privilege      struggles and issues and camaraderie
                                    for a great day      and responsibility of being a Christian leader.   began to form as we met and encouraged
                                    on July 26th,        Many directors found his wisdom to be             one another”
                                    attended by 120      practical and relevant.
                                    keen SUFM leaders.                                                     “By the end of the day my head was filled
                                                         The day gave directors the opportunity to         with a lot of new information to process,
                                    The workshops
                                                         network with other leaders and share ideas.       a lot of new ideas to consider implementing
                                    this year focused
                                                         It was also an encouraging day of fellowship
         on recruiting volunteers, organising mission                                                      and my passion for mission reignited”
                                                         with one another. Here are some comments
         and developing leadership. Our guest speaker
                                                         from those who attended.                          Please pray for the SUFM Directors and
         this year was Tim Mander, CEO of Scripture
                                                                                                           Regional Directors in the lead up to SUFM
         Union in Queensland. Drawing from his           “It was great to meet with other directors and
         experience in his current position and being    share the different ways a mission team can       2008/9 season.
         one of the country’s leading rugby league       operate. Each team seems to have their own

04   scripture union new south wales
                                                                                                                                    su: training day
                                                                        360° is a comprehensive

          36 0
                                                                        day of training for the
                                                                        2000 volunteers heading
                                                                        off on a Scripture Union
                                                                        Family Mission this summer.
                                                                        Saturday 20th September 2008

Special Guests:
                                                                        Pacific hills Christian School – Dural

Colin Buchanan                                                                          Great Journeys
8 times Golden Guitar winner, ARIA award                                                A communications and production company
winner, regular on TV and radio for over                                                from New Zealand, made up of Christian
15 years, leading children’s entertainer,                                               creatives and communicators, who devote their
award-winning singer/songwriter, #1 selling                                             energies to exposing the heart of God through
Christian artist, and SUFM Volunteer.                                                   the words, images and stories of ordinary people.

                                All Mankind                                             As well as Scripture Union legend Owen Shelley, Chairman
                                                                                        Simon Flinders, and a long list of expert workshop presenters.
                                Richard Beeston’s critically acclaimed band
                                                                                        The day kicks off at 8:30am and closes at 4:30pm.
                                have plenty of experience in putting on highly
                                                                                        Cost $39 (lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided)
                                entertaining live shows, with the audience
                                                                                        You can register online at sufm.org.au/360 or use the form
                                always getting a chance to join in. We can’t
                                                                                        below. Registrations close September 12.
                                wait for these guys to take the stage at 360.

                                                     REGISTRATIONS ClOSE SEPTEMBER 12
  REGISTRATION FORM                                  When completed please send to Scripture Union NSW PO Box 728, West Ryde, NSW 1685 or Fax (02) 8876 1122

  TITLE            FIRST NAME                              SURNAME


  PHONE                                    EMAIL

  YOUR TEAM                                AGE             SECTION

  Payment Details
      I enclose a cheque for $39 (payable to Scripture Union NSW)       OR      Please debit my (please tick)    MasterCard         Visa   Amex

  Card Number                                                                                          Expiry Date

  NAME ON CARD                                             SIGNATURE

 WORKShOP PREFERENCES (Please rank your 4 preferences for workshops by writing the numbers 1 to 4 next to the options below.)
    Helping Children Follow Jesus          Enhancing Your Presentations with Humour          Understanding & Ministering to Gen Y          Organizing & Leading Music
    Puppetry skills                        Running Games at Mission                          Sharing the Gospel in a Postmodern World      Illustrative Storytelling (beginner)
    Running Events for Surfers             Using Drama to Teach                              Leading A Section Well                        Answering Kids’ Questions
    Equipment Officers Update              Treasurers Update                                 Risk Management Officers Update               Minimites – Sharing Ideas
    Keenites – Sharing Ideas               67s / Junior Teens – Sharing Ideas                Teens/Theos – Sharing Ideas                   Conversational Evangelism
    Doing Visitation Well                  Advertising & Graphic Design for Mission          Being an Engaging Presenter                   Evangelism
    Good Follow up                         Reaching Adults at Mission                        Storytelling using Media                      Creative Storytelling
    Evening Programs for                   There’s Something About Mary
    all Age Audiences                     (Approaching Catholics)                                                                                        su news spring 2008      05
     su: the schools

                                         HSC Lockdown
                                         The camp where you sleep in your own bed.
          There are two things on the mind of just about every year 12 student right
          now. how they will celebrate after the hSC, and… the hSC.
          Yes, this might be an unfair sweeping              who had dropped by to swim in our pool…           ThE VITAl INFORMATION:
          generalisation, but when I think about the         that was right outside my window! So you          When is hSC lockdown?
          Year 12ers that I know, and think back to          see, studying at home was not always an           October 6-10 (9am – 4:30pm daily)
          what I was like in Year 12, I’d say it’s           easy task.
          pretty accurate.                                                                                     Who is it for?
                                                             That is why I am very thankful, and I’m           All students preparing to sit for the
          let’s go back in time…                                                                               HSC in 2008
                                                             sure parents like mine are thankful, that
          I’d sit at home trying to study (after being       some genius thought up the concept of a           how much does it cost?
          shooed away from the TV by a parent)                                                                 $130 per person for the 5 days
                                                             study camp! With nothing to do but study!
          and look at the stack of books and paper
                                                             You sure get a lot more done than you do          Where is my nearest hSC lockdown?
          before me. Then decide that I can’t possible
                                                             with the distractions of home!                    Nowra – Nowra Anglican College
          study while I’m so hungry. Up I’d get, stare
          at the pantry for a while, get a snack and                                                           Western Sydney – Wyndham College,
                                                             So with the HSC a distant memory, I’m
          head back to my desk. I’d sit…then realise                                                           Quakers Hill
                                                             pleased to be a part of providing a study
          I was thirsty and head to the fridge. Then                                                           Central Coast – Wyong Christian School
                                                             opportunity for others, getting in that last
          I’d be back. Bathroom break? Okay, now I                                                             Newcastle – St. Philips Christian College
                                                             stretch of hard work (I didn’t say cram)
          was ready to put the head down work…                                                                 Coffs Harbour – Coffs Harbour Christian
                                                             before the end arrives. Being a Scripture
          Phone rings…hooray! It’s for me! Okay,                                                               Community School
          I did get a lot of work done (I have two           Union event, students not only get the
                                                             chance to study in a good environment             how do I register?
          very watchful parents) but it was painful!
                                                                                                               You can register online at
          I remember studying one hot afternoon              and learn all they can for their exams, they
          after school listening to the sounds of            get to hear the life changing message of
          laughter and splashing from our friends            the Gospel along the way.

                                       half Time in the hunter
                                       I can’t believe it’s more than half way through the year!
                                       Yes, time does fly when you’re having fun!
                                     Well so far in our      a term in a workshop style format (which is       So now in this school – there is an ISCF group
                                    region this year         new for Scripture Union) to equip and train       that reaches approximately 60 students each
                                    we have seen the         them to be the godly leaders in their school      week in an outreach, relationship building
                                    establishment of         that God has called them to be; to be people      program, plus Scripture classes for years 7 &
          CONVERGE – with school ministry workers,                                                             8, AND now a prayer group. This all happens
                                                             of influence!
          ISCF Group and SUPA Club leaders coming                                                              every week! To add to that, the school goes
          together to connect and encourage one              There have been great things happening in         directly to the Scripture teacher to find
          another, and to pray together for our schools.     our schools! In one of our schools – Irrawang     people to help with mentoring students in the
                                                             High, the Scripture teacher who has been          school, which has provided an opportunity
          hSC lockdown is now booked in and ready                                                              for local youth leaders to come in and mentor
                                                             doing an amazing job teaching year 7 and 8
          to go for our Year 12 students in the second                                                         some of the students!
          week of the October school holidays. We can’t      has had students coming to him and asking
                                                             him to start a prayer group. So this year, he     Please pray for all our schools and their
          wait to make this happen, to be a practical
                                                             started a prayer group. They meet once a          dedicated workers! Pray for continued
          support for our year 12 students by giving
                                                                                                               strength and favour, and to give them more
          them a great opportunity and environment           week, for anyone who wants to come to pray,
                                                                                                               opportunities within their schools. Please pray
          for quality study, and above that, to share the    and the students come and pray. It’s just         for more workers and volunteers to go into
          gospel with them and let them see that there       amazing; half of the students who come to         our schools – there is always need for more!
          is life beyond the HSC!                            pray don’t yet go to church, but through the      There are so many students in our schools,
          In terms 3 and 4 we will be running                Scripture lessons in the school and the ISCF      and the more people who can come in, the
          leadership 4:12 for our ISCF students              program they want to know more about God          more people can be reached!
          who are leading groups or have leadership          and experience Him, and they are learning         Jess Nolen
          potential in their school. This will be run once   how to pray! They are talking to their Creator!   Regional Coordinator - hunter

06   scripture union new south wales
                                                                                                            su: the schools

                                               What an Understatement!
                                               What an awesome weekend the SUPA camp was!
                                               27 students from across the SUPA Clubs in the region
                                               (and some ring ins from last years camp) attended
                                               our second annual camp at Fitzroy Falls.
                                               The theme was the Olympics and all those       It really was a great time of fellowship
                                               that attended were mixed into 4 teams.         and fun. God’s word was proclaimed as
                                               Each team came up with their own name          we discovered what it means to be on
                                               and chant which proved to be quite             God team. During discussion times their
                                               entertaining…not to mention challenging        faith and understanding was deepened
                                               to spell!                                      and an opportunity was provided to join
                                               Armed with their new names each team           God’s team.
                                               competed against each other in a variety       Our focus verse was: ‘Man looks at the
                                               of challenges over the two days. It actually
                                                                                              outward appearance, but the Lord looks
                                               proved to be quite useful in getting all
                                                                                              at the heart’. 1 Samuel 16:7
                                               the kids gathered for each step of the
                                               program….what they’ll do for a couple          Carol Ramsey
                                               of extra points.                               Illawarra Coordinator

                      Why I do it
                      I first became a Primary ISCF leader in 1972, after
                      being told about the ministry while at the Sawtell SUFM.
                      I started a group at Greenacre Public School that year.
Since then, I have led six more groups,        always under review, I am burdened with the    main avenue of service, so that I can give
both as a permanent and casual teacher,        urgency of using every opportunity we have     it the required time and effort, and not
at Mt Warrigal, Shellharbour, Berkeley         to reach children with the message of Jesus    be stretched in too many directions. As a
West, Claymore, Farmborough Rd, and            before the world hardens them and makes        teacher, I also find it more familiar to work
now at Illaroo Rd Public School.               them cynical. We may be the only means         with children in the school setting.
                                               by which they hear the ‘Good News’.
Although I had a non-church background,                                                       As well as working with the children at
                                               Being a school teacher in the schools
I was allowed to pursue my interest in                                                        my school, SUPA Club also gives me the
                                               where I have lead SUPA Clubs, I have the
Christianity, and from an early age I                                                         opportunity to meet their parents and
                                               opportunity of seeing the students in
was drawn to Sunday School, Scripture,                                                        explain the aims of our group. Fellow staff
                                               the normal course of the school day- at
Christian Endeavour, and later, ISCF and                                                      members support my group (at least in
                                               assembly, in the bus lines, on playground
youth fellowship. Part of my passion in        duty. Many of them are in my class, and        principle), and opportunities often arise for
running SUPA Clubs is to provide similar       others in neighbouring classrooms. I am        me to share aspects of my faith with them.
opportunities for today’s children to hear     involved in Scripture Teaching supervision
the Gospel, especially if their families are                                                  It is my hope that my involvement with
                                               at my school, so I am able to support
not believers.                                 our scripture teachers were possible. The      SUPA Clubs will continue as long as the
                                               students can see me relating my faith to my    opportunity remains, even in my future
Having been part of the NSW public system
                                               everyday life and I can be apart of theirs.    retirement, such is my commitment to
since Kindergarten, I am so thankful for the
                                                                                              this vital and unique ministry.
freedom we still have in this state to teach   Although I am actively involved with my
and share our faith. As this freedom is        local church, my SUPA Club ministry is my      Nola Mclean

                                                                                                                               su news spring 2008   07
     su: the rendezvous

         The Scripture Union NSW and Vanuatu teams have been working
         in partnership for several years to promote the gospel in Vanuatu.
         Many teams of volunteers and thoughtful          culture with the students and teachers in
         funding from Scripture Union NSW has             French, with a little Bislama and English
         helped to rebuild and extend the beautiful       thrown in.
         Scripture Union Vanuatu campsite, just out
                                                          Ministry in a second language is not easy,
         of the main city, Port Vila. This facility is
                                                          but the Ni-vans very much appreciated
         used by groups of all ages not only from
                                                          Australians stepping outside their
         Vanuatu but also Australia and Papua
                                                          comfort zone. Many Vi- Vans speak 3,
         New Guinea.
                                                          4 or 5 languages.
         Like NSW, Scripture Union Vanuatu
                                                          The team also encouraged a large group
         ministers to youth and children; with 45%
                                                          of teenagers, boarding at Orap (Malekula),
         of Vanuatu’s population under the age
         of 15. For several years volunteers from         to join a soon-to-be launched ISCF Group
         NSW have been helping the local Vanuatu          (Club Biblique) at their school. SU Vanuatu
         movement in schools work.                        has written to every secondary school in
                                                          their country encouraging the formation
         Up to 40% of Ni-Vans are French educated         of ISCF groups.
         and therefore French speaking. Rendezvous
         2008 was an initiative between Scripture         It was a privilege to work in Vanuatu
         Union NSW and Vanuatu aimed at                   as Scripture Union Volunteers. Scripture
         ministering to the francophone population        Union Vanuatu is well respected because
         in a more direct way. Previously they have       it crosses denominational boundaries and
         often missed out.                                has high profile local people in its network.

         A team of 6 people from Sydney, the              Rendezvous Vanuatu is an exciting cross
         Blue Mountains and Gilgandra visited             cultural ministry for the Lord’s work with
         11 francophone schools, the Vanuatu              one of our nearest neighbours. Vanuatu
         Teachers College, and a Christian                has over 80 islands; needless to say there
         Fellowship on the islands of Efate               are many more ministry opportunities
         and Malekula.                                    to be seized.
         The team shared testimony, puppet                Ian McCutcheon

         ministry, music ministry and Australian          Team leader 2008

                                             SChOOlIES in VANUATU
                                                                It s not too late!
                                                         There are still vacancies for this little journey to paradise.
                                                                           Contact the office on 8876 1111 or
                                                                              visit the website for details.

08   scripture union new south wales
                                                                                                              su: the new guy

Sam Eriksson
Sam has just joined the Scripture Union team
as the North West NSW Regional Coordinator.
here is a little insight into our man Sam.
What drew you to this role?                       Where are you from?
Firstly, I applied for the job because it         I’ve lived in Newcastle for the last three
was set in the North West. And secondly           and a half years studying. Newcastle is
I understand the need for ‘Gen-Y’ people to       a great place to live and study. There is
get involved in rural ministry. When I saw        so much happening in the city and so
                                                  many awesome people. The beaches are
the job description I thought “this is too
                                                  unreal and that Pasha Bulka was big!
good to be true!” As I talked about the job                                                        •		Newcastle	Coordinator	Jess	Nolen	
                                                  Having said all that, I’m a born and bred
with close friends they really encouraged                                                             and I will be leading an HSC Lockdown
                                                  Coonabarabran boy - The astronomy
me to apply...so I did and here I am!             capital of Australia and an awesome place           Study Camp in October. Thank God for
                                                  to grow up. In fact, I actually lived on site       that opportunity to spend time with
What are you looking forward to                                                                       the kids and pray that it will be a
                                                  at the Observatory for eight years while
as you get stuck into the role?                                                                       time where the kids will learn more
                                                  my Dad worked there. Coona’ will always
There are so many things. Mostly, I am            be home. Everyone knows everyone (&                 about Christ.
looking forward to hearing and seeing the         everything) and are really friendly, it’s laid   •		I	would	really	appreciate	prayer	as	
gospel being taught faithfully to children        back, the best sun sets I have seen and an          I settle into Tamworth. Pray that God
in the region and furthermore, God willing,       awesome bakery!                                     will give me strength in this busy and
getting school ministry established in                                                                stressful time. Pray that I will meet
                                                  Tell us about your background                       stacks of people that can encourage
schools in which it has been extinguished
                                                  Growing up in Coona’ instilled in me a              me and others I can encourage.
or has never existed. Already I have been
                                                  love for family and community. I did all
so encouraged by the many volunteers in                                                            •		Ellen	and	I	would	appreciate	prayer	
                                                  my schooling at Coona’ High, and as
the region working hard to make this a                                                                that our life together will be focused
                                                  I mentioned I’ve recently completed a
reality and I am really looking forward to                                                            on God, Committed to serving Jesus and
                                                  Bachelor of Social Science. In Newcastle
continuing this work with them.                                                                       remembering the sacrifice he has made
                                                  I was involved in the Uni’s AFES group
                                                                                                      for us.
                                                  in which I was a faculty leader – leading
What do you bring to the role?                    Bible studies, and gospel promotion on           Thank you!
For the last few years I have been a part of      campus. A challenging but very rewarding         Sam
an amazing church (Hunter Bible Church)           job. Other exciting news to come out of
                                                  the Sam camp - I just got engaged! Ellen         If you would like to support Sam’s ministry
and AFES group in Newcastle. In my time
                                                  is a country girl at heart and is passionate     financially, receive his quarterly prayer
there I further learnt the authority of
                                                  about rural ministry. She is keen to get         letter, or get involved in Scripture Union’s
the scriptures and that we should obey                                                             ministries in North West NSW, please
scripture alone. I have developed a strong        involved when she moves to Tamworth
                                                  after our wedding in October.                    contact 02 8876 1111 or you can email
passion for teaching the Bible. That sounds                                                        Sam directly at same@nsw.su.org.au.
clichéd but often the Bible is just one of        how can we be praying for you?
many things taught in school Christian            •		Pray	for	my	relationships	with	all	the	
groups. I have a real desire to encourage            people involved in School Ministries on
the volunteers to use the Bible readily, dive        many different levels across the North
into the Word and get their teaching, ideas          West. Pray that we will be able to form
and energy from there. Personally, I’m glad          strong bonds so that we can work
to be in this position at age fairly young           together in this ministry.
age. I feel that I can relate to the kids quite   •		Pray	that	God	will	use	this	opportunity	
well and work out ways in which we can               in the North West to open doors into
communicate the gospel to them clearly               schools that don’t have any ministry up
and effectively.                                     and running.

                                                                                                                                  su news spring 2008   09
     su: the buzz

         Where are you
         serving this summer?
                                                                        The SUFM Kombi is on tour in the lead up to this year’s SUFM season, visiting
                                                                        churches, schools, camps, conferences, festivals, and basically anywhere else
                                                                        we can get it. To book a visit, just contact the Scripture Union office. The Kombi
                                                                        is based in Sydney, so keep an eye out for it and be sure to honk. If you are
                                                                        outside of Sydney and you’d like to have the Kombi at your event, give the
                                                                        Scripture Union office a call and we’ll see what we can arrange.

         The SUFM DVD was launched at the Director’s                               Going hand-in-hand with the Kombi and
         Training Day and is now in the hands of the                               DVD, we have thousands of ‘Where are
         people that count – SUFM Volunteers! The DVD                              you serving this summer?’ postcards
         will be played in 100’s of churches in the lead up                        to hand out in the lead up to mission.
         to summer, and at a variety of events including                           Launched with the DVD, the postcards
         Blackstump and 360°. The 3 ½ minute clip is aimed at recruiting           are a great tool for inviting friends and family to join an
         new team members and promoting the ministry to younger                    SUFM team, and an easy way to promote SUFM’s in your
         audiences that haven’t tasted the institution that is SUFM.               church community and beyond. We’ll be blitzing the state
         Contact the office if you’d like a copy, or alternatively you can         with them in the coming months, but if you’d like some
         view it online at YouTube, Facebook and the new schools website.          now, just contact the office.

       BlACK STUMP 2
                                                                        Blackstump 2008: We’re really excited to be involved with the Blackstump
                                                                        Christian Music, Arts and Teaching Festival this year. We’ll have the SUFM
                                                                        Kombi on site, the DVD playing on the festival big screens, and SUFM
                                                                        volunteers mingling through the crowds handing out postcards and
                                                                        encouraging Stumpers to consider where they are serving this summer.
                                                                        If you’d like to go the Stump, it’s running from October 3-6 at the Sydney
                                                                        International Equestrian Centre, Horsley Park. To find out more, including
                                                                        ticket prices and the festival program, go to www.blackstump.org.au

         ISCF leadership Conference Reunion
         Put this date in your diary…Saturday 21st March 2009.
         St Anne’s Anglican Church – Ryde
         We are going back over three decades           and continue into the evening, with a meal        He commented that those weeks of community
         to when Humphrey Babbage developed             being provided. It will be a time to celebrate    were some of the richest Christian experiences
         the model for a Leadership Conference to       ministry, community, and the creative fun we      that he, and his wife Lois, have experienced.
         specifically train young people to be able     had as we served our LORD together.               I think that may be true for many of us.
         to run their ISCF Groups. Many, many           We are allowing plenty of time to reconnect       I am already looking forward to the event
         students in our schools went back to their     with as many people as possible, and you can      in 2009, as I work with a small Task Force
         ISCF Groups equipped to lead their groups      help. Just contact the Scripture Union office     to bring the event into being. We would value
         and were challenged to reach out to their      on 8876 1111 if you plan to attend, and if you    your prayers as we make contact with people
         school community.                              have contact with others who would be on          and plan the day. You’ll hear a lot more about
         On Saturday 21 March, 2009 at                  the guest list. We’ll be working through the      this in the coming months.
         St Anne’s Anglican Church in Ryde, all of      databases and grapevines to ensure everyone
                                                                                                          It’s going to be a special event.
         the Conference Directors, Team Members,        knows about this big event.
                                                                                                          On behalf of the Task Force,
         ISCF staff and Bible Study leaders who         I have been in contact with Humphrey, who
         have been involved at any time over the        now lives in New Zealand. It was a delight to     helen McNab
         last three decades are invited to a big        speak to him again, and hear his joy as           Ex-Team Member, Ex-Director, Ex-ISCF
         celebration. It will start in the afternoon    he talked of those early Conferences.             staff worker (no wonder I’m excited!)

10   scripture union new south wales
                                                                                                  su: the foundations

Jesus. all about life.
Scripture Union has joined with Sydney’s major denominations and churches
in support of Bible Society NSW’s ‘Jesus. All about life’ (JAAl) campaign in
Sydney in September, 2009.
The ‘Jesus. All about life’ campaign has       Church and ‘quiet Christians’ sharing their     of Christ, Hillsong, Assemblies of God
already run in Adelaide, Canberra/ACT and      faith with their work colleagues, family        (Australian Christian Churches),
Tasmania and will run in Western Australia     and friends,” said campaign organiser           Christian Brethren Assemblies, Uniting
in October/November, 2008 and Newcastle        Martin Johnson. “We’re delighted that           Church, NSW Synod, Wesley Mission,
over Easter, 2009.                             Scripture Union are a part of the ‘delivery’    Sydney Congregational Churches and
                                               end of the campaign,” Martin said.              the NSW Council of Churches.
The JAAL campaign uses prime-time
media to promote the theme that Jesus          Churches are encouraged to register their
is ‘all about life’. Local churches and        support and list their address and other
organisations like Scripture Union are key     details on the campaign web site at:
to the campaign’s success as they are the      www.jesusallaboutlife.com.au
‘delivery point’ of the Gospel.                Supporting churches and denominations
“The television campaign raises awareness      are: Sydney Anglican Diocese, Salvation
of what Jesus said about life with the local   Army, NSW Baptist Churches, Churches

Putting Prayer in its Rightful Place
There is a temptation for busy organisations like Scripture Union to push
hard on the volunteer recruitment and fundraising buttons, and neglect the
place of prayer in the ministry mix.
We obviously need people to be getting         •	The	bi-monthly	prayer	calendar	covering	      •	And	all	of	our	programs	are	prayerfully	
involved at the frontline of the programs,       all things Scripture Union is mailed            planned and have prayer as an
and we can’t sustain those programs              to just over 500 committed prayer               essential ingredient.
without funding, but what about                  supporters throughout NSW. If this            •	There	are	always	plenty	of	people	and	
talking with God about those programs?                                                           programs in SU News for readers to
                                                 runs late, the phone runs hot!
Furthermore on a practical level,                                                                include in their prayers.
what role does prayer really play?             •	On	the	second	Friday	of	each	school	
                                                                                               If you’d like to receive any of the staff or
•		There	is	a	culture	of	prayer	in	the	          term there is a prayer gathering in
                                                                                               ministry prayer letters, or attend a prayer
   Scripture Union office, with weekly staff     Sydney open to anyone who would like
                                                                                               gathering please contact the office on
   prayer meetings and regular prayer time       to join with others for focused prayer.       8876 1111 or email info@nsw.su.org.au.
   for day to day issues and decisions.
                                               •	Prayer	is	central	to	each	Scripture	Union	    Prayer isn’t an optional extra in our
•	Each	staff	member	writes	a	quarterly	          Board and Committee meeting                   line of work.
  prayer letter which is mailed to those
  with an interest in the person or the        •	The	regional	schoolSURGE	gatherings	
  ministry. There are over 1100 subscribers      are essentially a time of prayer, teaching,
  to these letters.                              and fellowship.

         JOb OPPOrTuNITy – New POSITION Executive Assistant
Scripture Union NSW is seeking an experienced Executive               For a position description and application form, please contact
Assistant to provide administrative support to the CEO,               Scripture Union on 8876 1111 or email info@nsw.su.org.au,
and the NSW office. The role is based at our West Ryde                or you can download the forms from our website.
head office, is a 4 day a week position, and is available             This is a great opportunity to join a lively staff team committed
for commencement immediately.                                         to sharing the message of Jesus with the people of NSW.

                                                                                                                                su news spring 2008   11
     su: resources

               Scripture Union                                                   WaTCh

                Book Centre
                                                                                 Ignite is the Short Film Festival which brings out
                                                                                 Big Truths through Short Films. No matter what
                                                                                 denomination, age or background, Ignite seeks
                                                                                 to encourage Christians to understand the Bible,
                                       The World’s Religions                     get creative with the communication of the true
                                       General Editor                            Christian message and bring the Word to Light
                                       Christopher Partridge                     through film. Scripture Union is proud to sponsor
                                                                                 this annual festival. See the finalists and be there
                                       A historical overview of all the major
                                                                                 as the Grand Prize is announced at:
                                       world religions with details of their
                                       sacred writings, key beliefs and          The Ignite Awards Night
                                       practices. Short articles by believers    Saturday 6 September 2008 – 7pm
                                       from a variety of faiths and nearly 200   Wesley Centre, 220 Pitt St, Sydney
                                                                                 Tickets are only $15 each

                                       colour photos, maps and diagrams
                                       bring the subject vividly to life.

                                       Our Price $29.95
                                       ISBN 9780745952666 Paperback 464 pages.
                                                                                 We know it’s early, but the Katoomba Youth Leadership
                                                                                 Conferences fill up fast. This conference is ideal for Scripture
               Issues Facing                                                     Union workers involved in ministry to young people.
               Christians Today                                                  Top quality preaching and teaching, an amazing atmosphere
                                                                                 and location, great music, warm fellowship, and plenty
               John Stott                                                        of practical training to apply to your ministry. There are
                                                                                 two weeks to choose from in January ‘09, details online
               Terrorism. Same-sex marriage. Debt
                                                                                 at www.kcc.org.au.

               cancellation. The AIDS pandemic.
               This fourth edition of Issues Facing
               Christians Today continues a two-
               decades-plus legacy of bringing
               important current issues under
               the lens of biblically informed                                   www.wordlive.org
               thinking. Fully endorsed by John Stott,                           WordLive is an innovative website developed by Scripture
               it has been thoroughly revised                                    Union in the UK that allows you to step into a multi-media
               and updated by Roy McCloughry.                                    Bible reading experience and deepen your relationship with
                                                                                 God. The site offers a fantastic range of creative approaches
               Including a study guide, ISSUES FACING CHRISTIANS TODAY
                                                                                 that you can follow to engage with God’s Word. It’s designed
               is essential reading for Christians who wish to engage our
                                                                                 to be intuitive and simple. Each day when you log on you will
               culture with insight, passion, and faith, knowing that the
                                                                                 be prompted to pray and then read the Bible. The next step
               gospel is as relevant and deeply needed today as at any time
               in history. As the culture wars continue, this book will remain   is up to you. A site worth checking out.
               a critical contribution, helping to define Christian social and
               ethical thinking in the years ahead.                              REWIND: last summer…
                                                                                 “Church on the beach was an experiment. Normally we had
               Our Price $24.95                                                  a dozen campers join us in the Big Marquee, often Christians
               ISBN 9780310252696 Paperback 528 Pages                            from the caravan park. Moving it to the beach at dusk
                                                                                 attracted over 40 campers and the atmosphere was amazing
                                                                                 as the late afternoon light lit up the breaking surf and a
                    Order your copy today!                                       formation of pelicans flew across the sunset sky. God wove

                   FREECAll: 1800 467 933
                                                                                 the words spoken and sung together with his creation into
                                                                                 a moving and memorable evening. Afterwards, a mum on
                                                                                 team turned to a camper and asked “what made you come?”
                                                                                 Her response was “My family has had a hard year, and as
                                                                                 I watch the way you love and serve each other and us in
                                                                                 the caravan park, I am attracted to that, I want to know more.
                                                                                 I want this coming year to count.” – Bawley Point SUFM

12   scripture union new south wales

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