Millies Waltz

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					Millie’s Waltz
LITTLE BOY: You dream of the sky, each night and every day,
Your arms become wings, you rise and fly away,
Sail past your sunsets of pale pink and blue,
You soar while the wind keeps on blowing.

GIRL: Standing so tall, mechanically inclined,
Metal so strong, lights soft and kind
Blinking with hope that’s beyond your control,
Dreams you just can’t keep from showing.

LITTLE BOY: You turn and face every wind,
Waltzing on in magnificent style
On a cloudlessly clear summer night
There’s a wink and the hint of a smile.

LITTLE GIRL: A wonder at work, efficient by design,
Dreams made you real, oh why can’t your dream be mine?

LITTLE BOY: I’d fly away in the vast open sky
If we could both keep on going.
[Musical interlude]

LITTLE GIRL: Life never questions its dreams;
Turtles swim and each goose takes the sky;

LITTLE BOY: Why is it crazy, it seems,
That a windmill could actually fly?

LITTLE BOY and LITTLE GIRL: Millie whirls on, the Glory of the Bay,
Watching her waltz, oh can she hear me say,
“Don’t stop your dreaming, don’t ever ask why;
Make a wish while the stars are all glowing,
Blow it out, but the wish keeps on growing,
There’s enough wind to keep the dream going.”

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