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					                                                                 Singaporean Cuisine

 Entrée    Spring Roll V (2 pieces) 3.00                                                     Signature Dishes
           Steamed or Fried Dim Sim (2 pieces) 3.00
           Fried Gow Gee V 3.50
           Curry Puffs V (2 pieces) 4.00
                                                                          Crunchy Sesame Chicken with Special Sauce 13.00
                                                                              Tender Chicken Breast encrusted with sesame,
           Satay Sticks (4 sticks) 6.80
                                                                                       deep fried and topped with
           (Chicken, Beef or Mixed)
                                                                                      La Pa Sa’s Spicy Special Sauce
           Tofu Goreng V 7.50
           Chicken and Corn Cakes (4 pieces) 5.50
           Fried Spicy Chicken Wings (4 pieces) 5.00
                                                                                         Teow Chew Duck 16.00
                                                                          Duck Breast marinated with five spiced powder, garlic,
           Thai Fried Squid 7.00
                                                                             cinnamon and star anise to bring you a mouth
                                                                                    watering combination of aromas
  Soup     Wonton Soup 4.00
                                                                                            Inchi Chicken 15.50
           Egg Noodle Soup V 4.00
                                                                            A curry coated marination of tender Chicken Fillet
           Chicken Sweet Corn Soup V* 4.00
                                                                                     crispy fried; a specialty from the
           Seaweed Tofu Soup V 4.50
                                                                                         state of Penang, Malaysia.
           Crab Sweet Corn Soup 5.00
           Hot Sour Soup V* 5.00
                                                                                 Combination Bean Curd Hot Pot 14.50
           Tom Yum Kong 7.50
                                                                                A combination of Prawn, Chicken and Beef
           Combination Wonton / Egg Noodle Soup 12.00
                                                                             sautéed with pan fried tantalizing pieces of tofu

                                                                                       Hai Nan Chicken Rice 13.00
  Laksa    Hokkien Noodles, beansprouts and your choice of
                                                                           Specially marinated Chicken steamed and served on
           topping served in a spicy coconut milk based broth.
                                                                              a bed of fragrant rice, regarded as Singapore’s
                                                                                            most famous dish
           Combination Laksa 14.50
           Chicken Laksa 12.00
                                                                                         Hakka Yong To Fu 13.00
           Prawn Laksa 15.00
                                                                           Deep fried pieces of Tofu stuffed with chicken mince
           Seafood Laksa 15.50
                                                                                  and topped with a light Chinese gravy
           Vegetable Laksa 11.00
                                                                                    Garlic Chilli Combination 14.50
                                                                              Prawn, Chicken and Beef stir fried with two of
Chicken    Chicken and Vegetables with Cashews Nuts 12.00                         South East Asia’s most popular herbs.
           Garlic Chicken 12.00
           Chicken with Chilli and Lemongrass 12.00                                         Zesty Steak 13.00
                                                                                 Thinly sliced Rump Fillet, deep fried in a
                                                                            crunchy coating and tossed in a tasty tangy sauce
  Beef     Chilli Black Bean Beef 12.00
           Sate Beef 12.00                                                       Seafood with Rainbow Vegetables 17.00
           Mongolian Beef 12.00                                            A mixed variety of seafood stir fried in a kaleidoscope
           Honey Beef 12.00                                                                 of fresh vegetables

                                                                                   Singapore Chilli King Prawns 17.00
   Pork    Sweet and Sour Pork 11.00                                       Braised King Prawns stir fried in a hot spicy chilli paste
           Shredded Pork with Oriental Sauce 12.50
           Mandarin Pork Chops 12.50                                                           Mee Siam 13.00
                                                                            Stir-fired vermicelli, beansprouts accompanied with
                                                                                   sliced eggs and Prawns served in a light
                                                                                              spicy citrus sauce

          V vegetarian V * vegetarian optional

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