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									7 march 2010
7.45am Holy Communion 2
“The Only Way to the Father”                       Stuart Crawshaw
Numbers 21:4-9 (p158) John 14:1-14 (p1082) Lorraine Alexander
Prayer                                             Dr Ron Bonamy              Parish Of St Paul’s and St Barnabas
                                                                                                                  7 March 2010
“The Only Way to the Father”                       Stuart Crawshaw
                                                                               Weekly News & Prayer Sheet
Numbers 21:4-9 (p158)                              Simon Willgoss
                                                                        Enter to Worship
John 14:1-14 (p1082)                               Joanne Harris
                                                                                   Depart to Serve
Prayer                                             Greg Martin
7.00pm                                                                         “Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust",
                                                                                                  Psalm 40:4
“The Only Way to the Father”                       Stuart Crawshaw
                                                                        Many, many people earnestly desire to find the best for them-
Numbers 21:4-9 (p158)                              Craig Stalder        selves, and are prepared to go to almost any lengths to do so.
John 14:1-14 (p1082)                               Kristy Stalder       They will work hard (while others are lazy), they will budget
                                                                        wisely and save carefully (while others will let money slip
Prayer                                             Shane Marshall       through their fingers) they will organise and plan their time
                                                                        (while others will waste it). But they are never happy. They do
7 march 2010                                                            not achieve that for which they hope.
7.45am Holy Communion 1
                                                                        It is because they look in the wrong place, and work in the wrong
“The only way to stay vibrantly Christian”         Tim Beilharz         way. Our verse has it. Blessed, happy or fortunate is man who
                                                                        looks to God and trusts in Him. Most will trust in themselves.
Psalm 80:7-19& & John 15:1-17 (pg 1083)            Alan Webb            What a let-down! The Lord will never let us down. If only we
                                                                        would trust Him more and follow His way, We would be truly
Prayer                                             Gordon Robinson      blessed. The Psalmist had it right. What about us?
“The only way to stay vibrantly Christian”         Tim Beilharz         A GOD (GOOD) MORNING:
                                                                        Today I will be handling all your problems.
Psalm 80:7-19 (pg 593)                             Fiona Stock          Please remember that I do not need your help.
                                                                        If the devil happens to deliver a situation that you cannot handle,
John 15:1-17 (pg 1083)                             Darren Stock         DO NOT attempt to resolve it, Kindly put it in the SFJTD
                                                                        (Something For Jesus To Do) box. It will be addressed in MY
Prayer                                             Elissa Stonestreet   time, not yours.
7.00pm                                                                  Once the matter is in the box, DO NOT hold on to it or attempt
                                                                        to remove it. Holding on or removal will delay the resolution of
“The only way to stay vibrantly Christian”         Tim Beilharz         the problem. If it is a situation that you think you are capable of
                                                                        handling please consult Me in prayer to be sure that you have the
Psalm 80:7-19 (pg 593)                             Shane Marshall       proper resolution
                                                                        Because I do not sleep, nor do I slumber, there is no need for you
John 15:1-17 (pg 1083)                             Bec Wallace          to lose any sleep.
Prayer                                             Riley Spring         Rest, My child. If you need to contact me, I am only a prayer
      ROSTERS FOR SUNDAY March 14, 2010
Flowers            Heather Archer & Hayley Leong                                  The Apostles’ Gospel
Church Cleaning    Narelle Holloway, Tracy McCall’s bible study group           1.   Christ has died
Grounds            Graham Redmond’s team                                        2.   Christ has been raised
                                                                                3.   According to God’s OT plan
Coffee 9:30am      Rochelle Andrew & Melvie Rattenbury
                                                                                4.   Repent and believe
Crèche             Laura van Breda & Fiona Stock                                5.   Forgiveness. Holy Spirit. Glory
                                                                                6.   Grace. Grace. Grace
Night Owls         Rachel Stevens & Michael Gray

                 131 Gymea Bay Rd, Gymea 2227                                        Are you in need of prayer?
                  Ph.9524 6225, Fax: 9540 2172
                Email: office@gymeaanglican.org.au                                    Joan & Keith Thompson
                 Web: www.gymeaanglican.org.au                            are available after the 9.30am service to pray with you.
                                                                                 Sermon Series - March
A change is coming. You cannot expect the new to be                                     All Services
(exactly) like the old. Do not think the new Rector will
                                                             07   “The only Way to the Father”                   Jn 14:1-14
be able to fill the shoes left by the former Rector. We
are all different, and this is true of clergy as it is of    14   “The only way to stay vibrantly Christian” Jn 15:1-17
everybody else. No one is perfect except our Lord            21   “The only Spirit of truth”                     Jn 16:5-16
Jesus. But God has given gifts to each one of us -and
they can be very different.                                  28   “The only thing that really matters”           Jn 17:1-26

What are the attributes you look for in your Rector? A
good preacher, a caring pastor, a teacher faithful to                               Parish Diary
God's Word, an administrator who has the Parish (and           Mar 11:       Parish Council Meeting
the Wardens and the Parishioners!) running smoothly, a         Mar 20:       Women On The Move event
financial wizard, an excellent communicator, a person          Mar 27:       Graham Crew commissioning
of infinite energy who can visit every parishioner twice       April 1:      Maundy Thursday 7:00pm
a year! and attend every meeting looking fresh and             April 2:      Good Friday Service 9:30am
alert! One who never offends, keeps everybody happy,           April 4:      Easter Day—Holy Communion 7:45am,
always remembers names ........ .                                            9:30am and 7pm
                                                                                     Advance Notice!
What about a godly man of honesty and integrity, who
                                                                          Daylight Saving ends Easter Weekend
is willing to admit his mistakes, acknowledge there are
flaws in his character (but not big or bad ones we hope),
who works well with staff/ team/ parishioners and is
prepared to make hard decisions and accept any              Our Small Groups Network
criticism that comes? Is this asking too much?
                                                            Get connected…
                                                            Our small groups are the grass roots of our community. Currently
But wait a minute -what about you? Your Rector can be
                                                            across Gymea Anglican Church, there are over 350 people who
the man you make him. If he isn't all you hope for ......
                                                            gather around the Word of God each week, in approximately 35
is he the man you pray for ....... every day? The flaws
                                                            small groups. We have a wide variety of groups, which meet most
you see may disappear after prayer! Maybe the Lord
                                                            days of the week. There are men’s groups, women’s groups and
will change you, not him!                                   mixed groups. There are groups for teenagers, groups for seniors
                                                            and groups that cross the generation gap and have a particular
Do thank God for Reg & Dorothy, for their                   ministry focus. There is a group for everyone…get connected.
commitment to the life of the Parish, to individuals and
groups, for their grace and patience. They have fulfilled   Stay connected…
their time with us - the 3 years they promised. But they    Staying connected with a small group is one of the best ways to
have now left us - remember them prayerfully. Graham        ensure people are cared for. In our groups, we read God’s Word,
& Jane Crew have accepted the invitation to Gymea -         learn how to live God’s way, encourage one another to live a godly
and to you. “Comparisons are odious”, the saying            life in Christ, pray with each other and share life together. Your
declares. Welcome them, receive them openly and             brothers and sisters in your small group are the ones who know
warmly. Commit your way, and theirs, to our loving          your needs best and is the primary place where pastoral care takes
Father, and our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, and         place.
together let us go forward as a new chapter starts in the
life of our Parish so that the Kingdom of God will          To help you stay connected, there are a wide range of Bible Study
advance.                                                    Books and some Commentaries available for your use. These can
Gordon Robinson                                             be found in the Resource Room (via the Church Office). Feel free
Acting Rector                                               to use them any time. If your group comes across a good Bible
                                                            Study or Commentary, you may wish to consider donating it to the
                                                            Resource Room for the benefit of other groups.

                  Kidzchurch Corner                         Be connected…
                    Sunday 07/03/10                         We aim for all our small groups to be connected to our church
            A Vine, a Pool and a Donkey                     gatherings as well as the wider community. We aim to live out
Busy Bees - John 15:1-9                                     Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations by being on
Q: How can we stay close to Jesus?                          mission together. Our Bible studies are open to believers and non-
K-2 - John 5:1-18                                           believers alike.
Q: Why was Jesus able to heal the crippled man?
Primary - John 12:1-36                                               If you would like to know more about how to
Q1: What kind of King was Jesus going to be?                ‘Get’ connect, ‘Stay’ connected or ‘Be’ connected in our Small
Q2: What sort of things might we do so that we can                                  Groups Network
be children of the king?                                     please contact Matt Redmond on 9524 6225 or 0408 255 271
                                                                                            Our Prayers for this Week  
                                                                                             The Third Sunday in Lent  
                   Men’s Breakfast                                                                         
               Tuesday 9th March                                    Almighty God, we confess that we have no power of ourselves to 
                                                                    help ourselves: keep us outwardly in our bodies and inwardly in 
        6:30am—7:15am in the church hall                            our souls, that we may be defended from all adversities that may 
            Speaker: Gordon Robinson                                happen to the body, and from all evil thoughts that may assault 
                                                                    and hurt the soul; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.  
                                                                    FOR PARISH MATTERS 
                     Safe Ministry                                  1.  Graham & Jane Crew’s preparing to come to Gymea 
                                                                    2.  The Parish staff/team working together with Gordon in March 
   This course is for anyone who has recently joined a              3.  The Maintenance and care of the property  
   ministry or is considering a ministry that involves              4.  Wisdom, patience and inspiration for those who lead our groups 
   children or young people (under 18’s).                           5.  Financial needs to be met, including repayment of building loan 
                                                                    6.  Another teacher for Scripture 
   Wed 10 March, 7.30-9.30pm. Church building.
                                                                    7.  Extra girls for the work in the schools 
   Info: Tim Beilharz O421103546                                     
   timbeilharz@unwired.com.au                                       FOR MEN’S MINISTRY 
                                                                    1.  Pray for Men’s Breakfast 
                                                                    2.  Pray for Gordon Robinson as he leads us throughout March & 
                     Women On The Move                                    April 
                                                                    3.  Pray that young men, particularly those in High School 
                   Easter Hot Cross Bun Breakfast                         continue to come  
                             Saturday 20 March                      4.  Pray other men will be encouraged to come & enjoy this 
                                 7.30 – 9am                               Ministry 
                         At Gymea Anglican Church                   5.  Give thanks for the leadership & encouragement by James & 
                                  Cost: $8                                Reg 
This popular morning is an outreach event so why                    Those connected to our church family suffering long term illness 
                                                                    or needs:  Christy Marshall & family; Shane Marshall’s sister,
             not bring along a friend?
                                                                    Maryam, Muhammed & Maazin; Lesa Darvell’s children, Carol 
                Speaker: Marion Stalder                             Russell & family; Jenny Allen’s sister, having chemo, Terry Neal; 
    “What women want…..the man who knows”                           Mary’s son, father of Gabriella & Laura, David Welch & family; 
                                                                    Pauline’s son, Tim Hudson; Andrew Hudson’s brother – brain 
                                                                    tumor; John Symons; Marty’s dad; chemotherapy, David & Lucille,
                                                                    Jesse Parker & family; 4yo boy needing kidney transplant 
              Commissioning for                                      
                                                                    FOR THE WIDER CHURCH 
                Graham Crew                                         1.  Nominators of Springwood, Berrima & Menai seeking  new 
   WHEN: Saturday the 27th March at 3.00pm                          2.  The vital ministry of teaching Scripture in the regions schools 
                                                                    3.  Establishing viable Mission  Areas in the Diocese now that the 
   Come and welcome our new Rector as he is                             era of Area Deaneries has come to an end 
  commissioned and formally takes up his new                        4.  Youth Camps held at Port Hacking and Shoalhaven Conference 
                 position with us                                   5.  Godly Clergy and Lay people to live their faith wherever they are  
 Followed by light refreshments in the Parish Hall                  6.  That Nigerian Bishop Peter has been released unharmed 
                                                                    FOR CHRIST’S MISSION IN SPAIN 
  Brad Ware is organizing a camping weekend to                      1.  For Steve & Coralie Preston’s church planting in Spain 
                    Burrill Lake                                    2.  Involvement in church planting in the Basque Country in the 
                Fri 9 — Sun 11 April                                    north. 
                    All welcome                                     3.  Their responsibility as Field Leaders of a team of 40. 
             Contact 0433 411 820
                                                                    4.  God’s enabling for all administrative, logistic and pastoral 
Thank you….                                                         5.  Coralie’s dad, Michael Newman, visiting; first time seeing 
I would like to thank everyone for their kindness and help              grandson, Lucas. 
during the time I have worked in the church office. I have           
received much loving encouragement and care as well as              FOR LOCAL, NATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL MATTERS 
valuable practical advice.                                          1.  Integrity for all national leaders 
It is with regret that I must leave, but I leave knowing that the   2.  For curbing of extremism in Hindu, Muslim and Communist 
Lord is in control of everything and loves his church.                  countries especially against evangelical Christians 
                                                                    3.  A willingness to admit mistakes and failures at all levels 
I praise the Lord that Cheryl Fleming is available to take up the   4.  Practical support for those countries suffering national 
role of Office Administrator and care for our staff and                 calamities 
congregation in her own capable way.                                5.  Chile’s massive earthquake and dozens of smaller shocks. 
Francine                                                            6.  Greater sense of comradeship from athletes  in Winter Olympics 
                     Church Finances                                  Archbishop of Sydney calls concerned
Wesley’s rule: “Earn as much as you can. Save as much as you
can. Give as much as you can”.
                                                                     people to help Chile Earthquake Victims
                       General Offertory                             For information on how to donate, please
  General offertory pays staff salaries and general maintenance.    see notice on bulletin board in church foyer.
    YTD 2010       Feb 2010       Feb 2010        YTD 2010
     Actual         Budget         Actual          Budget
                                                                                       The Most Rev Dr Peter Jensen
     $65,636        $31,200        $30,380         $70,200                                 Archbishop of Sydney
                                                                                          has pleasure in inviting
                   Development Fund
                                                                                        The Rector and Parishioners
       Development Fund pays off our building loan.
         Our target for 28 Feb 2010 is $367,500                                             to the Consecration of
                                                                                       The Rev Canon Peter Hayward
      Jan 10         Jan 10        Progress        Progress                                          to be
      Actual         Target         Actual          Target                        Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Sydney
                                                                                          & Bishop of Wollongong
     $4,482                        $311,175       $357,000
                                                                                     on Tuesday 13 April 2010 at 7pm in
  Offertory envelopes and direct debit information are in the                          St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney
 foyer. Further enquiries to Laurie Archer 9545 1248, Steve         RSVP by 7 April to Blossom Vickers
        Leitch 9526 7817 or Sean Buckley 9521 6005.                 Phone: (02) 9265 1557

                                                                                           Katoke Beach Party
                                                                             A boutique music festival and fundraising event
          Preparing for the New Rector                                   A relaxed casual afternoon and evening that will provide
                                                                     attendees with light entertainment, food, drinks, and information
             Pray for Jane & Graham now                                              via a digital Katoke presentation.
              Send them a welcome note                                       Entertainment will include local bands and DJ’s.
 Their address is 28 Lawson Road, Springwood 2777
       And email is graham.crew@swac.org.au                                            Event Details:
                                                                            DATE: SATURDAY 13TH MARCH 2010
  Plan to be at the 27 March commissioning @ 3pm
                                                                                     WHEN: 4PM- 11PM
         Begin to wear your name badge now                                WHERE: PRIVATE BEACHFRONT, CRONULLA
                                                                                  WHO: 18-30 AGE GROUP

                                                                                     For further information or tickets visit
SUTHERLAND BOARD OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION                                               or contact: Amanda 0407 905 384
 Copies of the SBCE February update are now in 
the foyer ready for collection. Your interest and                      Weekly News & Prayer Sheet Deadline Wed 10am
     prayers would be greatly appreciated.                             Email to Ben Stephenson at gacbulletin@hotmail.com
                                                                                       or phone 9521 3457
                                                                          Please copy to: office@gymeaanglican.org.au
                                                                                        Please use Word document
Children’s Ministries
   Playtime (Thursdays 10.30am-12.30pm)                                               Gymea Anglican Contacts
   mainly music (Fridays 10.15am-12.15pm)
                                                                   Acting Rector                     Home: 9524 6259
   Dropzone (Fridays 5-7pm) for 6-12 year olds                     Rev. Gordon Robinson              Office: 9524 6225
Contact Tracy 0425 202 480 or Tim 0421 103 546
                                                                   Assistant Ministers:              Focus: 9.30am congregation, youth, door knock
Youth Ministries                                                   Rev. Stuart Crawshaw              0416 012 303
Salt (Yrs 7-8 Fridays 6.30-9.30pm)
     Brekkie Club (Yrs 7-9 9.30-1045am Sundays)                    Rev. Matt Redmond                 Focus: 7pm congregation, youth, home groups
Contact Fi Francesconi 0400 290 873                                                                  0408 255 271
Rev 21 (Yrs 9-10 Fridays 6.30-10pm)
                                                                   Youth Minister:                   0400 290 873
Contact Tim & Rona Atkin 0425 835 020                              Fi Francesconi                    sr_salt@mac.com
Soul Revival                                                       Children’s Ministers:
    Soulies Senior High (Fridays 6.30-8.30pm)                      Tracy McCall                      0425 202 480 / 9525 4125
    Arvo (4.30-6.30pm) ALL WELCOME
    Soulies (Saturdays 6.30pm - late)                              Tim Beilharz                      0421 103 546
Contact Stuart Crawshaw 0416 012 303 / Matt Redmond 0408
255 271                                                            Administration/Office:            Mon—Thu 9.30am-3pm
                                                                   Cheryl Fleming                    Fri 9.30am-2pm 9524 6225

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