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April 2007                                                                   Nancy Knutson
                                                                             Jack Link’s Beef Jerky
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It’s no surprise that Jack Link’s® Beef Jerky is the leader in the nearly 3 billion dollar meat snack
category. Jack Link’s produces more than 100 premium meat snack items using only the finest cuts of
meat, savory seasonings and an exacting attention to detail. From traditional Jerky to marinated Tender
Cuts, Jack Link’s has a flavor and texture available to satisfy even the most discerning palate. For specific
ingredient or nutritional information on any Jack Link’s item, visit the products section at

         Jack Link’s jerky is made with only premium cuts of 100 percent beef, turkey and buffalo
seasoned with a unique blend of spices and gently smoked with genuine mesquite for an unmistakable
authentic jerky taste. Jack Link’s Jerky is low in fat, calories, carbs, and trans fats, yet high in protein.
Varieties and flavors include:

Original, Teriyaki, Peppered, Hickory Smoked, Sweet & Hot, KC Masterpiece® Barbecue, Louisiana
Brand Hot Sauce®, Jalapeño Carne Seca, A.1. ® Steak Sauce, Pepperoni, Maple & Brown Sugar Ham
Jerky, Turkey Jerky and Buffalo Jerky
Other jerky products include: Original Jerky Chew, Teriyaki Jerky Chew, and Jerky Cure and Seasoning
(for making jerky at home)

Tender Cuts
        Jack Link’s marinated Tender Cuts are made from cuts of premium beef, pork or chicken,
marinated in special signature blends of sauces and seasonings, naturally smoked, and slow-cooked for
enhanced tenderness and savory flavor. Jack Link’s Tender Cuts are a satisfying on-the-go snack.
Flavors include:

Prime Rib, KC Masterpiece® Barbecue Pork, Chicken Fajita, and Maple & Brown Sugar Pork

X-Stick™ eXtreme Snack Sticks
        X-Sticks are a meat snack stick with a kick of flavor. They take snacking to the eXtreme with four
eXciting, grab-n-go flavors. Flavors include:

Original, Chili, Bacon Cheddar and Pepperoni


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Steak Nuggets
        Jack Link’s Steak Nuggets are made from tender cuts of lean, 100 percent beef seasoned with a
secret blend of spices, mesquite smoked and slow-cooked to intensify the tender, rich and hearty, natural,
beef goodness. Jack Link’s Steak Nuggets are the perfect anytime, anywhere snack. Flavors include:

Original, Teriyaki, Peppered, Kikkoman® and A.1. ® Steak Sauce

Beef Steaks
          Jack Link’s Beef Steaks are made from premium strips of lean, 100 percent beef seasoned with a
unique blend of spices and smoked with mesquite for a softer, more tender chew than traditional jerky –
with all of the satisfying taste. Jack Link’s, steak to go. Varieties and flavors include:

Original, Hickory Smoked, Kickin’ Cajun, Sweet & Hot, Teriyaki, Peppered and KC Masterpiece®
Barbecue, Turkey Steak

Beef Sticks
         Jack Link’s Beef Sticks are different from any other because they are made with the goodness of
100 percent beef, a savory blend of spices, and are lightly smoked with mesquite for unbeatable snacking
flavor. Flavors include:

Original, Hot ‘n Spicy, Pepperoni and Teriyaki

Beef & Cheese
         Jack Link’s offers a number of combination snacks made with creamy Wisconsin cheeses and
savory Jack Link’s Beef Sticks. Jack Link’s Beef & Cheese, a healthier snacking choice. Varieties and
flavors include:

Original Beef and White Cheddar, All-American (original beef stick and American cheese stick), Pizza Stix
(pepperoni beef stick and mozzarella cheese stick) and Jalapeño Sizzle (original beef stick and jalapeño
cheddar cheese stick)

Jack Packs
         Jack Link’s Jack Packs offer a trio of flavors (savory beef sticks, crunchy pretzel rods and creamy
Wisconsin cheeses), variety and great taste in one convenient package. Perfect in a backpack or for an
after-school snack. Flavors include:

Jack Pack Original (zesty beef sticks, cheddar cheese sticks and pretzel rods) and Jack Pack Pizza Stix
(pepperoni beef sticks, mozzarella cheese sticks and pretzel rods)

Deli Cuts™ Sausage
       Premium cuts of meat and the finest spices are hardwood smoked for a mellow, authentic, Old
World sausage flavor. Conveniently packaged in ready to eat sausage Bites and Sticks. Flavors include:

Original or pepperoni

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         Jack Link’s has a variety of specialty sausages that add diversity to its meat snack offerings.
Varieties and flavors include:

Smoked Snack Sausage – Lil’ Chub™ Snack Sausage
Pickled Sausages – Hot Head® Pickled Sausage (cayenne pepper and paprika) and Screamin’ Demon®
pickled sausage (300 percent hotter than the Hot Head)
Naturally Hardwood-Smoked Gourmet Sausages – Original Beef Summer Sausage and Garlic Beef
Summer Sausage


             ONE SNAC K F OOD LA NE ▪ MI NONG, WI SC ONSI N ▪ 548 59
    ( P ) 7 15 .4 66 .2 234 ▪ ( F ) 71 5 .466 .515 1 ▪ WW W .J AC KL I NKSJ ER KY .C OM

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