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                                                                                 Issue no 19 – March 2010

LEAD STORIES                             RESOURcES AnD InfO                      nEWS In BRIEf
•	 Verification	update                   •	 EEO	sector	strategy	                 •	 US	study	tour	–	EOIs	wanted	
                                            	 —	National	workshops	in	2010          from	industry
•	 2009	public	reports	now	                 	 —	Web	restructure
   available	online                         	 —	Client	Liaison	Officers          •	 Update	on	the	EEO	e-Tool

UPDATE                                   •	 EEO	resources	available              •	 Site	visits

•	 Energy	Efficiency	Council	            •	 Making	the	business	case	for	
   National	Conference                      carbon	reduction	projects

Verification update                                                                 cOmIng SOOn
In	December	2009,	the	Department	sought	comment	from	program	
participants	regarding	proposed	changes	to	the	verification	model.	                 •	 Detailed	guides	on	how	to	
The	changes	would	require	around	100–120	companies	per	year	to	                        undertake	an	energy	mass	
participate	in	a	desktop	verification.	Departmental	staff	will	then	undertake	         balance,	for	the	transport	
a	risk	analysis	of	participating	companies’	levels	of	compliance	from	                 and	resource	processing	
information	submitted	via	a	Verification	Checklist	and	Information	Request	            sectors.
form.	Of	these,	20–30	will	be	selected	either	randomly	or	because	they	have	        •	 A	guide	on	undertaking	a	
been	assessed	as	potentially	medium	to	high	risk.	These	20–30	companies	               representative	assessment	
will	then	undergo	a	site	visit	and	full	verification.	                                 of	energy	use	based	on	a	
The	Department	is	finalising	the	Verification	Handbook	for	Companies.	                 sample	of	similar	sites	or	
The	handbook	is	expected	to	be	released	in	March	2010,	prior	to	the	                   processes.
commencement	of	desktop	verifications	in	April	and	May	2010.	These	initial	         •	 A	detailed	report	on	
desktop	verifications	will	form	the	foundations	for	the	full	verification	and	         the	results	of	first	EEO	
site	visit	program	for	the	2010/11	financial	year.                                     assessments,	based	on	
In	the	interim,	arrangements	are	in	progress	for	verification	to	‘go	live’,	           data	taken	from	2008	
with	the	first	six	full	verifications	and	site	visits	planned	to	take	place	           public	and	government	
between	March	and	June	2010.	These	initial	verifications	will	be	                      reports.
undertaken	with	companies	from	different	sectors	and	with	varying	levels	
of	energy	use.	These	companies	are	not	necessarily	considered	at	high	risk	
of	non	compliance.	
In	the	event	that	your	company	has	been	selected,	the	Assistant	Manager	
–	Verification,	Ben	Roberts,	will	contact	you	directly	and	provide	you	with	
all	the	information	you	will	require	to	be	able	to	participate	in	the	process.
If	you	have	any	questions	regarding	verification	and	your	company,	please	
contact	Ben	Roberts	on	02	6243	7209	or	email

NEWSLETTER Issue no 19 – March 2010                                                                                  1
  2009 public reports now aVailable                                            us study tour
  online                                                                       – eois wanted
                                                                               froM industry
  PUBLISHED OR SUBmITTED THEIR 2009 PUBLIc                                     In	May	2010,	the	Australian	
  AnD/OR gOvERnmEnT REPORTS By THE                                             Alliance	to	Save	Energy	
                                                                               will	bring	together	energy	
                                                                               efficiency	experts	from	
  The	Energy	Efficiency	Opportunities	program	team	are	currently	              Australia	and	the	United	
  reviewing	2009	public	reports	published	by	2005–06	and	2006–07	              States	for	a	program	of	
  trigger	year	companies,	and	government	reports	submitted	by	                 learning	and	mutual	exchange	
  2006–07	trigger	year	companies.	Website	links	to	public	reports	             on	the	best	ideas	to	scale	up	
  have	been	collated	and	published	on	the	Participating	Corporations           action	from	both	countries.	
  pages	of	the	EEO	website.	                                                   Links	between	government	
  The	Department	is	currently	reviewing	the	reports	and	will	provide	          and	industry	will	maximise	
  feedback	to	corporations	with	the	possibility	of	seeking	additional	         learning,	and	complement	
  information	or	amendments	to	ensure	the	reports	comply	with	                 the	already	strong	policy	and	
  legislative	requirements.	                                                   trade	connections	that	exist	
                                                                               between	the	two	countries.		
  For	more	information	on	the	status	of	your	government	or	public	
  report,	please	contact	your	Client	Liaison	Officer	on	1300	799	186	          Australian	participants	
  or	email	                          are	expected	to	take	
                                                                               the	opportunity	to	learn	
                                                                               more	about	utility	and	
                                                                               network	regulation,	smart	
Making the business case for                                                   grid	technologies	and	
carbon reduction projects                                                      energy	efficiency	policy	
The	UK	Carbon	Trust	has	put	together	a	report	on	how	to	win	over	the	          approaches	used	in	the	
board	and	influence	people	in	order	to	implement	carbon	reduction	             US.	US	counterparts	will	learn	
projects,	such	as	energy	efficiency	opportunities.	The	report	argues	that	     from	Australian	experts	on	
energy	or	environmental	managers	have	traditionally	found	it	hard	to	          the	rollout	of	appliance	and	
compete	for	funding	because	their	projects	are	not	typically	viewed	as	        building	standards	schemes,	
core	business.	                                                                reducing	the	carbon	footprint	
                                                                               of	government	operations,	
The	report	is	written	for	a	UK	audience	and	talks	about	broader	carbon	        and	the	Australian	experience	
reduction	projects,	rather	than	just	those	related	to	energy	efficiency.	      with	emissions	trading	and	its	
It	does,	however,	provide	many	useful	hints,	tips	and	strategies	for	making	   alternatives.	
an	effective	and	influential	business	case	to	senior	management	to	gain	
access	to	finance.	                                                            The	program	is	supported	by	
                                                                               Austrade	and	culminates	with	
The	report	is	free	to	download,	but	you	must	register	on	the	                  attendance	at	the	Alliance	to	
UK	Carbon	Trust’s	website	to	access	it.                                        Save	Energy’s	EE	Global	event	
                                                                               in	Washington	DC.	This	event	
                                                                               will	bring	together	energy	
  eeo resources aVailable                                                      efficiency	thought	leaders	
                                                                               from	around	the	world.	provides	a	comprehensive	
  overview	of	the	program’s	intentions,	legislation	and	guidelines,	as	        The	Alliance	is	particularly	
  well	as	online	copies	of	all	resource	material.                              interested	in	delegates	from	
  The	Department	also	hosts	free	workshops	around	Australia	to	                industry	attending,	and	there	
  assist	you	in	meeting	Energy	Efficiency	Opportunities	compliance	            is	scope	to	organise	the	tour’s	
  requirements	and	give	you	the	opportunity	to	share	your	experiences	         schedule	to	suit	particular	
  of	the	program	with	others.	Summary	articles	and	presentations	from	         interests.	Places	are	limited	
  previous	workshops	are	available	on	the	website.	                            –	to	register	your	interest	or	
                                                                               to	find	out	more	information,	
  The	program’s	Industry	Guidelines,	Assessment	Handbook	and	                  please	visit
  Energy	Savings	Measurement	Guide	are	available	online	and	in	                or	contact	Mark	Lister	
  hard	copy.                                                                   on	03	8807	4672	or	
  To	request	any	of	the	above	resources	in	hard	copy,	please	email	  ,	phone	the	EEO	Hotline	             before	10	March	2010.	
  on	1300	799	186	or	contact	your	Client	Liaison	Officer.

NEWSLETTER Issue no 19 – March 2010                                                                               2
  eeo sector strategy                                                        site Visits
  nATIOnAL WORkSHOPS In 2010                                                 In	addition	to	our	new	Client	
                                                                             Liaison	Officers,	we	have	
  As	most	of	you	are	aware	the	Department	delivered	five	Energy	             recently	recruited	some	
  Efficiency	Opportunities	workshops	around	Australia	in	May	2009.	          new	staff	into	our	Industrial	
  The	feedback	that	we	received	from	you	was	positive,	and	we	plan	          Energy	Efficiency	branch	in	
  to	conduct	them	again	in	2010.                                             areas	of	energy	efficiency	
  Some	of	your	favourite	parts	of	the	2009	workshops	included:               policy	and	energy	efficiency	
                                                                             skills	and	information	
  •	 the	opportunity	to	network	with	each	other,	and	meet	with	
                                                                             projects.	We	are	interested	
     program	and	Departmental	staff,	
                                                                             in	visiting	some	industrial	
  •	 learning	about	the	links	between	EEO,	the	National	Greenhouse	          sites	to	provide	us	with	a	
     and	Energy	Reporting	System	(NGERS)	the	Carbon	Pollution	               better	understanding	of	how	
     Reduction	Scheme	(CPRS),	and	                                           your	business	operates	and	
  •	 the	updates	on	reporting	and	verification.                              how	you	manage	your	energy	
                                                                             use.	We	believe	this	will	help	
  We	were	thinking	about	holding	2010	workshops	in	September	but	
                                                                             us	design	better	energy	
  understand	that	the	majority	of	you	will	be	preparing	to	report	under	
                                                                             efficiency	programs	and	
  NGERS	at	that	time.	We	would	therefore	like	your	feedback	about	
  whether	August	or	November	2010	would	be	better.	We	would	also	
  be	interesting	in	finding	out	which	topics	you	would	like	us	to	present	   If	you	or	your	corporation	
  on	this	year.	                                                             can	organise	a	site	visit,	we	
                                                                             would	be	keen	to	take	up	
  Please	email	or	speak	to	
                                                                             this	opportunity.	Please	email	
  your	Client	Liaison	Officer.	We	look	forward	to	hearing	your	thoughts.
  WEB RESTRUcTURE                                                            speak	to	your	CLO	to	express	
  The	Energy	Efficiency	Opportunities	website	                               interest.	is	currently	being	
  restructured	so	we	can	better	deliver	content	at	an	industry	
  sector	level.
  As	many	of	you	will	be	aware,	we	recently	sent	out	an	email	with	a	
  link	to	a	mini	web	survey	that	we	composed	to	gauge	your	feedback.	
  We	have	received	an	excellent	response	and	we	thank	you	for	your	
  assistance	with	this	project.	

  In	the	December	2009	newsletter	we	introduced	the	program’s	new	
  Client	Liaison	Officers	(CLOs).	By	now	you	should	be	familiar	with	your	
  CLO,	however	if	you	are	unaware	who	your	CLO	is,	please	phone	the	
  EEO	Hotline	on	1300	799	186	so	we	can	put	you	in	contact.	
  As	a	participating	company	you	are	welcome	to	talk	to	your	CLO	
  about	the	needs	of	your	company	and	industry.	Please	let	us	know	
  what	tools,	resources	and	information	you	may	need	to	better	
  understand,	implement	and	comply	with	the	program	in	order	
  to	obtain	maximum	benefit	for	your	company.	
  CLOs	are	currently	working	on:
  •	 finishing	their	reviews	of	the	public	and	government	reports	
     submitted	at	the	end	of	2009,	
  •	 moving	toward	desktop	verifications,	and	
  •	 developing	strategies	to	better	meet	the	needs	of	industry,	
     in	order	to	improve	the	identification	and	evaluation	of	energy	
     efficiency	opportunities.	
  We	are	interested	in	your	feedback	about	whether	the	recent	
  addition	of	more	CLOs	has	improved	our	service	to	you.	Please	email	if	you	wish	to	comment.	

NEWSLETTER Issue no 19 – March 2010                                                                            3
energy efficiency council national
conference                                                                        update on the
The	Energy	Efficiency	Council	is	the	peak	body	for	energy	efficiency	
                                                                                  eeo etool
services	and	products,	focusing	on	the	non-residential	sector.	The	Council	       Thank	you	for	those	
held	its	inaugural	National	Conference	in	Melbourne	on	12	November	               that	volunteered	to	test	
2009	and	attracted	a	diverse	range	of	expert	speakers	and	attendees.              the	Energy	Efficiency	
                                                                                  Opportunities	e-tool.	We	are	
The	Hon	Peter	Garrett	AM	MP,	Commonwealth	Minister	for	the	
                                                                                  still	ironing	out	some	bugs	
Environment,	Heritage	and	Arts,	opened	the	conference,	announcing	
                                                                                  we	found	last	year,	which	has	
a	new	national	scheme	that	will	come	into	effect	in	mid	2010,	requiring	
                                                                                  caused	a	delay	in	sending	
owners	to	provide	energy	efficiency	information	when	selling	or	leasing	
                                                                                  it	out.	We	apologise	for	the	
commercial	office	buildings.	This	scheme	is	anticipated	to	drive	demand	
                                                                                  delay	and	hope	to	make	it	
for	greener	offices	and	support	clean	energy	jobs.
                                                                                  available	to	participating	
Dr	Nigel	Jollands,	Head	of	the	Energy	Efficiency	Unit	at	the	International	       corporations	soon.
Energy	Agency	presented	on	Australia’s	progress	in	meeting	the	IEA’s	
25	recommendations	on	energy	efficiency.	As	of	31	March	2009,	Australia	
is	implementing	many	of	the	recommendations	in	the	appliances,	
lighting	and	utilities	sectors,	however	Dr	Jollands	urged	further	action	
particularly	in	the	building	and	transport	sectors.	Measures	included	
in	the	National	Strategy	on	Energy	Efficiency,	which	was	agreed	by	
the	Council	of	Australian	Governments	in	July	2009,	will	contribute	to	
Australia’s	progress.	
The	next	presentations	focused	on	market	barriers	to	the	uptake	of	energy	
efficiency,	and	centred	on	the	role	of	the	national	electricity	market	in	
driving	energy	efficiency.	Several	speakers	argued	that	the	national	energy	
market	needs	to	increase	its	focus	on	demand	management	measures	to	
support	economic	efficiency	and	long-term	environmental	outcomes,	and	
also	overcome	burdens	faced	by	distributed	energy	generators.
The	second	half	of	the	conference	was	split	into	streams	to	focus	on	
particular	sectors.	Issues	addressed	included	overcoming	market	failures	
preventing	optimal	efficiency	in	commercial	buildings,	tapping	into	the	
true	potential	of	energy	efficiency	in	industry,	options	for	accessing	capital	
to	invest	in	energy	efficiency	upgrades,	and	developing	policies	for	
governments	to	deliver	energy	efficiency	in	their	own	operations.	
Former	Commonwealth	Environment	Minister,	Professor	Robert	Hill	also	
discussed	the	planned	role	of	the	Carbon	Trust	in	promoting	energy	
efficiency	in	households	and	businesses.	The	Energy	Efficiency	Savings	
Pledge	Fund	will	enable	households	to	pledge	their	savings	from	energy	
efficiency	activities,	or	any	other	amount,	to	the	Fund	to	buy	and	cancel	
carbon	pollution	permits.	The	Energy	Efficiency	Trust	will	bring	together	
public	and	private	seed	funding,	business	acumen,	and	technical	
knowledge	to	leverage	investment	in	energy	efficiency	activities	in	
commercial	buildings	and	other	business	operations.
The	final	session	discussed	ensuring	an	adequate	supply	of	skilled	workers	
for	the	jobs	in	a	low-carbon	economy.
Dates	for	the	2010	National	Conference	will	be	announced	soon.	For	more	
information	about	the	Energy	Efficiency	Council,	visit

  If	your	company	has	recently	registered	with	EEO,	you	will	receive	
  a	Participant’s	Kit	with	resource	material	included.	If	you	are	the	
  new	EEO	coordinator	within	your	organisation,	and	don’t	have	a	kit,	
  please	ask	us	to	send	you	one.	If	you	are	unsure	who	your	Client	
  Liaison	Officer	is,	please	phone	the	EEO	Hotline	on	1300	799	186.

NEWSLETTER Issue no 19 – March 2010                                                                                4

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