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					              Lisbons Hometown Holidays                                                                            December 2009
Sun                       Mon                         Tue                        Wed                        Thu                          Fri                         Sat

                                                      1                          2                          3                            4                           5
                                                            1st Residential        Lisbon Area Health          Southeast Cellular                 Hodenattes             Santa Photos, Horse
                                                            Lighting Contest     Coffee, Cider, & Cookies   Free Phone with any New             Seasoned Prime           Drawn Sleigh Rides &
                                                              Hodenattes         Front Lobby of Hospital      Activation or Upgrade                Rib 5-8PM             Lefsa Demonstration
                                                          “Christmas in Cabo”                                $25.00 C&C Cash with                Open till 8PM              & Sale 1PM-4PM
                                                          Mexican Cuisine 5-9            True Value          any New Dish Network                                        Lisbon Expo Building
                                                           10%off Storewide            20lbs Bird Seed              Activation                                             Parade of Lights
                                                                                       $4.44 ~ 106-272                                                                      Main Street 6PM

6                         7                           8                          9                          10                           11                          12
                               Lisbon High School           2nd Residential         Lisbon Area Health                True Value                   Hodenattes            Alt Santa Day/Parade
                              Sounds of the Season           Lighting Contest       Friends Christmas              18Gal. Storage               Seasoned Prime                 of Lights
                                  Concert 7PM                                        Bake Sale ~ 10AM                Tote ~ $5.99                   Rib 5-8PM
                              High School Commons           Santa Cop & Kids      Front Lobby of Hospital        Coenen Photography            Holiday Dazzle Sale        Creative Pictures
                                                             Senior Center                                      Free 8x10 with Sitting         25%off Xmas Décor         Holiday Open House
                                                                                                                                                 Open Till 8PM                10AM-2PM

13                        14                          15                         16                         17                           18                          19
                            Coenen Photography        3rd Residential Lighting   Lisbon Farmers Union Ins      Cattleman’s Club                   Hodenattes                  True Value
                          Cookies & Cider 14th-15th           Contest                Open House 9-4:30       Customer Appreciation              Seasoned Prime               Bounty Paper
                                                                                   Ribbon Cutting at 2PM             Night                         Rib 5-8PM               Towels 8pk ~ $5.99
                                Cornerstone Bank               DRN                         KQLX                                                  Open till 8PM
                               Holiday Open House     Open House & Bake Sale         Open House 9-4:30               True Value
                                Coffee & Cookies               10-3                       Bremer                Pleated Furnace Filter
                                     14th-18th                                        Open House 9-4                   2/$5.00

20                        21                          22                         23                         24                           25                          26
       True Value         True Value & Hodenattes     4th Residentail Lighting
    Open Noon-4PM              Open Until 8PM         Contest & town viewing
       Hodenattes                21nd-23rd                                                                                                   Christmas Day                Hodenattes
                                                                                                                                                                      Xmas Clearance Starts
    Open 11AM-4PM
     Brunch Served
Trinity Lutheran Church
   Sound Celebration
     Concert ~ 7PM
                                                                                                                                                Shop Locally!!!
27                        28                          29                         30                         31
                                                                                                                                             Don’t forget about C&C
                                                                                                                 Fabulous Entrees
                                                                                                                Reservations Needed
                                                                                                                                                 gift certificates

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