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					 News from the CDDHV
 September 2008
Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria
Building 1, 270 Ferntree Gully Rd, Notting Hill Victoria 3168 Telephone +61 3 9501 2400

 Our Mission: To improve health outcomes for people with developmental disabilities by enhancing the generic service system’s capacity.

e-Learning Teaching Package
Official Launch
                                                   leader) reflected on their respective experiences
                                                   of the project.
                                                   The launch was attended by those featured in
                                                   the videos, together with the many health
                                                   professionals who contributed to the package,
                                                   reflecting the interprofessional focus of this
                                                   important teaching resource. Community
                                                   emergency health, dentistry, dietetics, disability
                                                   services, medicine, nursing, occupational
                                                   therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, social work,
                                                   special education and speech pathology. were all
The Centre for Developmental Disability
                                                   represented at the event. Cast members were
Health Victoria’s new teaching and
                                                   each presented with a Certificate of Appreciation
learning package - ‘Health and Disability:
                                                   from Monash University for their contribution.
Partnerships in Action’, was officially
launched on 15 August, 2008, by Ms Anna            The power of this unique teaching resource
Burke MP Deputy Speaker, House of
         ,                                         comes from the close collaboration between the
Representatives, at the School of Primary          interprofessional team leading the content
Health Care’s Notting Hill Campus. In her          development, the video production crew and the
speech, Ms Burke spoke of her own                  people with disabilities and their families/carers       From top:

family’s experiences and demonstrated              who so generously shared their stories and               Ms Sara van der Monde, Ms Sally Hanson.

                                                   experience.                                              Ms Anna Burke MP and cast members.
her understanding of the importance of
                                                                                                            Dr Jane Tracy, Mr Dale Wickberg, Ms Sally Hanson
the education of health professionals in           ‘Health and Disability: Partnerships in Action’
issues related to the health and health            comprises 6 DVD-based video stories focusing            students and practitioners across all health
care of people with disabilities.                  on health issues experienced by people with             professions, and focuses on both:
                                                   disabilities and their families and carers. A           1. Health issues for people with disabilities
Monash University Vice-Chancellor Professor
                                                   Student Workbook and Tutor Guide provide                2. Interprofessional education and practice.
Richard Larkins AM, Professor Leon Piterman
                                                   learning activities (and sample answers). The
AM, Head of the School of Primary Health Care                                                              For further information
                                                   reference text, Health and Disability: Knowledge
and A/Prof Bob Davis, Director of the CDDHV, all                                                           Contact Dr Jane Tracy
                                                   Base Text, completes the package.
spoke about the work of the Centre over the last                                                 
10 years and, in particular, the contribution      This new resource was developed with the                or
made to health professional education. Ms Sara     support of the Monash University Faculty of             Ms Caroline Menara
van der Monde (cast member), Ms Sally Hanson       Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Learning         Phone +61 3 8575 2264
(project officer) and Dr Jane Tracy (project       and Teaching Performance Fund, is designed for          CDDHV:

                                                                                          (Accredited and Endorsed RACGP Educator Provider – Provider No. 216614)
News from the CDDHV                                                                                                    September 2008 • Page 2

                                                                                                        Senior Practitioner
    Meet the staff                                                                                      Partnership Grants
                                         Ms Stella Koritsas
                                                                                                        A/Prof Teresa Iacono, A/Prof Robert Davis, and Ms
                                                                                                        Stella Koritsas in collaboration with Daniel Leighton
                                       Ms Stella Koritsas is a research fellow who                      (Jewish Care Victoria) and Betty Hamilton (Nadrasca)
                                       works full-time at the CDDHV. She is involved                    have been successful in obtaining research funding
                                       in a range of research that focuses on the                       offered through the Department of Human Services,
                                       health and wellbeing of people with                              Office of the Senior Practitioner. This Office was
                                       developmental disability. Stella has a                           created as a result of the new Disability Act 2006. Its
                                       particular interest in understanding factors                     aim is to support people with disability to achieve
                                       that influence the occurrence and                                dignity without restraints. The funded project will
                                       management of behaviours of concern in                           address this aim through the development and trial of
    people with intellectual disabilities. She was recently awarded a grant from                        a decision-making tool (“matrix”) aimed at helping
    the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (Monash University),                           general practitioners conduct medication reviews for
    in partnership with the Office of the Senior Practitioner, Department of                            people with intellectual disability under chemical
    Human Services, to investigate support worker/house supervisor                                      restraint as a result of their behaviour/s of concern.
    perceptions of challenging behaviours, and the effect working with people
                                                                                                        The research will involve forming a working party
    with these behaviours has on their psychological well-being. This is an area
                                                                                                        comprising general practitioners, psychiatrists, people
    that she is keen to explore, particularly in terms of working with disability
                                                                                                        with intellectual disability, house supervisors,
    service providers to develop ways to reduce stress associated with work.
                                                                                                        advocates and the researchers who will develop the
    Ms Koritsas is also enrolled in a PhD at the Centre, under the supervision                          matrix. The trial and evaluation will be conducted by
    of A/Prof. Teresa Iacono. Her PhD explores the extent to which factors such                         having house supervisors take the matrix to their local
    as mental and physical health, communication, environmental factors and                             GPs who will be asked to use the matrix in their review
    life stressors contribute to behaviours of concern.                                                 of their patient with intellectual disability’s medication.
                                                                                                        For more information please contact Brenda Burgen
                                                                                                        on 8575 2254 or email Brenda.burgen@med.

PhD News
Dr Judi Moyle has recently completed her PhD       that eventually led to her PhD research. In 2001,
Thesis entitled: ‘Undergraduate Training in        Judi commenced her PhD at CDDHV, and collected
Developmental Disabilities of Malaysian Medical    data over 6 months in Malaysia during 2002.
Practitioners’. Judi is a Social Worker who has    After a number of delays for health and family
worked almost 30 years with children/adults with   reasons, Judi finally completed her thesis on
disabilities and their families.                   December 5th 2007 and graduated on May 8th
Over the last 18 years, she has specialised        2008. Currently, in addition to her association
particularly with children and their families,     with CDDHV and her role in developing the
working in Loddon Mallee, Barwon South             developmental disability curriculum at the new
West and Southern Metropolitan regions of          Deakin Medical School in Geelong, Judi maintains
Victoria. In 2000 Oz Child International sent      a Private Counselling Practice in Geelong,
Judi to Malaysia to conduct training with Early    working primarily with children with special needs
Intervention Programs on Autism. This began a      with challenging behaviours.
relationship with service providers in Malaysia
News from the CDDHV                                                                                       September 2008 • Page 3

Limitations in life participation                                     Exposure to challenging behaviour and
                                                                      support worker/house supervisor well-
and independence due to health                                        being
concerns and other factors                                            The aim of this research is to explore support worker/house
                                                                      supervisor perceptions of behaviours of concern, and the effect of
                                                                      these behaviours on their psychological well-being.
In 2001-2002, researchers at the CDDHV conducted the Living           Participation is open to anyone who works with people with
Well project, designed to explore the health status of people         intellectual disability (e.g., residential, day program, supported
with developmental disabilities (DD). Participation in the            employment, case management).
project involved completion of a comprehensive questionnaire          Recruitment is underway, and participants are sought to complete
                                                                      questionnaires that explore the relationship between exposure to
about health conditions, preventative health care, and health
                                                                      behaviours of concern and psychological well-being (e.g.,
behaviours of participants. In most cases the survey was              depression, stress, burnout) in people who work with people with
completed by a support person.                                        intellectual disability. Participation is anonymous.
In 2004 -2005, 185 people involved in Living Well completed           The research has been funded by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing
                                                                      and Health, and the Office of the Senior Practitioner.
the questionnaire a second time to provide longitudinal data.
                                                                      For more information or to participate, please contact Rachel
Analyses of these data revealed that there were no detectable         Carling-Jenkins on 8575 2262 or email Rachel.Carling-Jenkins@
changes in the severity of limitations associated with health or Stella Koritsas on 8575 2260 or email stella.
conditions or risk factors– hence their health status appeared
stable over time. Exploration of health status amongst the
largest subgroups represented - Down syndrome, cerebral
palsy and autism - revealed a number of differences in their
secondary health conditions. In particular, adults with cerebral        Centre for Developmental
palsy experienced greater limitations than the other two                Disability Health Website
groups. These were due to mobility problems, access problems,
equipment failures, and injuries due to loss of sensation.
People with autism experienced greater limitations due to               The CDDHV website has been designed to be a valuable
                                                                        resource for general practitioners, carers, families, medical
medication side-effects than people with Down syndrome or               students and other health professionals.
cerebral palsy.                                                         The website currently receives an average of 30 visits per day
These findings contribute to the limited longitudinal research          and during the month of August 2008, the website received
into the health status of adults with developmental disabilities,       visits from 35 different countries – primarily the USA, UK,
                                                                        Canada, New Zealand and India.
particularly post-deinstitutionalisation. In addition, it is one of
                                                                        Some of the key resources and information on the CDDHV
the first studies to explore patterns across sub-groups. The            website include:
stability in the health status over the time frame studied may            Products and resources available free for downloading
simply reflect the need for a longer period of study in order             including:
to detect changes. Such continued research is needed to                   •	    Personal Health Records for people with disabilities
determine the impact of ageing on people who are at high risk             •	    Fact Sheets on issues related to the health care of
                                                                                people with disabilities including: Accessing Mental
of health problems and the types of developmental disabilities
                                                                                Health Services for People with Developmental
that place people at greatest risk of ill-health.                               Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy
.                                                                               and Down syndrome
News from the CDDHV                                                                                      September 2008 • Page 4

   •	    Booklets to support women with intellectual disabilities             noted and recorded the information that is needed by a
         and their carers manage their menstruation                           medical practitioner to assess an adult with intellectual
   •	    Information about Pap Tests and Epilepsy for people                  disability for depression or related mental health
         with intellectual disabilities                                       problem, and to decide if referral to a mental health
   Products and resources developed by the CDDHV for sale                     specialist or practitioner is appropriate.
   including:                                                           •	    Information	about	Medicare	Item	Health	Assessments	for	
   •	    - ‘Health and Disability: Partnerships in Action’. A new             People with Intellectual Disabilities (MBS items 718 and
         inter professional teaching and learning package                     719) for general practitioners
         designed for students and practitioners of all health          •	    Fact sheets about health and other issues relating to
         professions, and comprising 6 DVD-based video                        developmental disabiliites
         stories of people with disabilities and accompanying           •	    Information	about	recent	and	current	research	projects,	
         Student Workbook (with learning activities), Tutor                   and details about how to register to participate in
         Guide (with learning activities and answers) and                     research
         Knowledge Base Text (textbook).                                •	    A	list	of	publications	by	CDDHV	staff
   •	    - ‘Healthcare Scenarios in Developmental Disability            •	    Information	about	CDDHV	clinics
         Medicine’ A multimedia interactive CDROM designed for
                                                                        •	    Links	to	key	organisations	associated	with	
         medical students and practitioners.
                                                                              Developmental Disability.
   Other resources including:
                                                                        •	    Information	about	CDDHV	staff	and	their	areas	of	
   •	    The Depression Checklist. The Depression Checklist is                interest and expertise.
         for use by carers, in particular paid support staff. It is
                                                                        •	    Upcoming	events	and	conferences	
         intended to be completed on behalf of adults who are
         unable to report their own feelings or symptoms              So, visit our website, explore areas of interest, and provide us
         because of severe communication impairment. It               with feedback about our site, our products and what else you
         provides carers with a means of ensuring they have           would like to see included.

Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria
Building 1
270 Ferntree Gully Rd,
Notting Hill Victoria 3168
Telephone +61 3 9501 2400

        For all newsletter enquiries, please contact: Caroline Menara ph: 8575 2264 or email:

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