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									Item 6.3
Mayor’s Housing Forum

10am, 1 October 2008
Committee Room 4, City Hall

Title                  Mayor’s Housing Forum sub regional housing partnerships

Author                 Isabel Robertson, GLA

Summary                This report updates the Forum on the work of the London sub
                       regional partnerships. Reports from the London sub regional
                       partnerships are attached.

Recommendation For information

                                                                Cllr Marie Pye (Chair - Partnership)
                                                                LB Waltham Forest
                                                                Barry Kendler (Chair – Chief Officers)
                                                                LB Havering
                                                                East London Housing Partnership
                                                                Housing Strategy Department
                                                                Room 212 Barking Town Hall
                                                                Essex IG11 7LU
                                                                ELHP Website:

                                                                Date:     22nd September 2008

            East London Housing Partnership
                               East London Sub Region update September 2008

Strategic issues

   •   Partnership Board meeting to map the next medium to long term business plan for the Sub Region.
   •   Recruitment for new Partnership Manager underway.
   •   TFS bids made awaiting outcome
   •   Affordable Homes Group and Lettings Managers to demonstrate delivery of Sub Regional and Regional
       priorities, and ensure taking action where appropriate to ensure a coordinated approach towards long term
       housing objectives.
   •   Meeting undertaken with GLA to gain perspective on where Housing fits within the new administration
   •   Currently assessing best value for money option regarding SHMA
   •   Information sharing document protocol between partnership members developed awaiting board

Action Based Initiatives:

       1. Homelessness:
       I. Achievements

                       a. Completion of a detailed report of TA outlining key trends specific to the sub region, to
                           target reduction and prevention activities. This has been used as working document for
                           Homelessness Working Group.
                b. Taking forward the recommendations from the Sanctuary study, in particular to develop
                   reciprocal arrangements, mindful of the links between domestic violence, homelessness and
                   worklessness. Seminar on 9th October 2008 for all partners.
                c. Two boroughs within the sub region are within the top ten London with a reduction in
                   Homelessness Acceptances.
                d. Three boroughs within sub region noted as having a significant reduction in temporary

       2. Overcrowding

       I.    First QTR data provided to all CLG currently supporting RSLs to assist in the data gathering

       II. Continuing to support Boroughs re planning and developing action plans-

       III. Consultation with RSLs to develop scheme similar to SE for under occupation and homeless moves.

       IV. Developing information sharing training pack to deliver to Housing Advice and other frontline staff to
           boroughs within the sub region as set out in Overcrowding Tool Kit.

       V. Working with other sub regions to develop newsletter

       VI. In consultation with a borough and CLG to develop a project specific to tackling overcrowding and

Private Sector

   •   East London has almost completed a series of EU compliant procurement procedures to recruit contractors
       to 3 framework agreements to support all its private sector activities over the next 4-7 years. A further
       framework for a panel of managing agents to provide tenancy management support for the use of
       Management Orders is being readvertised since the low level of work anticipated in individual Boroughs
       was not felt to be attractive to shortlisted bidders. East London is now inviting participation from
       Boroughs throughout London who are using Management Orders to create a larger flow of work to make
       the framework more attractive to bidders. Those Boroughs that have already used Empty Dwelling
       Management Orders are finding it difficult to resource this work in house. This is limiting the use of these
       powers. Once established the framework will provide contractors to take over this work, facilitate
       the development of good practise and allow the development of consistent enforcement procedures.

   •   East London sub-region is employing an Empty Property Officer with immediate responsibility to establish
       the empty property frameworks and call off arrangements to increase their use by individual Boroughs. He
       will also support partner Boroughs in building up their empty property enforcement capacity and in better
       publicising the advice and support that is available to owners of empty properties.

   •   All capital funding allocated to the sub-region in 2006/ 08 has now been spent and the funds received for
       2008/ 09 are fully allocated. The sub-region is working with individual partner Boroughs to deliver a
       consistent minimum range of services to sustain vulnerable and elderly residents in living independently
       regardless of where they live. New frameworks have established panels of contractors to support Home
       Improvement Agencies in this role and in making the homes of vulnerable residents decent.

   •   All the east London Boroughs have continued to work jointly on private sector issues and submitted a joint
       bid for 2009/ 11 capital funding.

        Housing partnership of 6 London Boroughs –
        Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey, Islington & Westminster

                                                      Sub-Regional Update

1.           Strategic Issues
     Housing Cabinet Member Sessions – The next session is planned for late autumn.

     RSL Sponsored BME Communities Needs Mapping Work – Work is nearing completion, with the findings informally presented to
     the sub-region’s BME RSLs/Boroughs Group on 18th July 08 and the North London Directors Group on 30th July 08.
     Further work has been identified to ensure that the right messages from the work are promoted, with the formal report
     launch planned for later in the year.

     Housing Market Assessments - Options in terms of procuring borough HMAs within the sub-region are currently being
     explored with Policy Managers. A decision on procurement will be made by early Oct. 08.

     Under-Occupation CLG-funded Pilot – The sub-region’s operational group has been re-branded as the North London
     Over-Crowding Officers Group in recognition that under-occupation initiatives now form part of boroughs’ Pathfinder work.
     3 areas for joint work have been identified as part of the 08-09 programme, including out-of-borough reciprocal
     arrangements; a sub-regional HomeSwap event and joint work with RSL partners.

2.           Specific Workstreams
     Move-On Alternatives Project – Three specific work streams have been identified – roll out of pathways model, move-
     on criteria assessment and role of the private rented sector. Working parties have been set up, charged with delivering a
     range of outcomes by the end of September 08. The target duration model - developed to manage performance - is
     currently being signed-off. Funding for the project will run out in Nov. 08. Further funding is currently being discussed
     with CLG to enable all 8 recommendations to be delivered.

     Homelessness – A successful bid was made to CLG to enable a dedicated officer to be appointed. Recruitment to the post
     will commence shortly.

     London Landlords Day– Similar to last year, the sub-region had a presence at this event on 4th September 08.

     Private Sector Stock Condition Surveys – 3 boroughs plan to jointly procure new stock condition surveys, with the tender
     process currently being reviewed.

3.           2008-09 Regional Housing Pot Targeted Funding Streams
     Empty Homes Programme (£1.3m/75 units + £586,716 under spend from 06-08)
     To date, 54 empty properties have been identified, equating to £833,500.

     The sub-region’s Empty Properties Project Manager left at the end of July 08. It has been agreed that this post should not
     be directly replaced given the progress that has been made across the sub-region. A part-time programme administration
     role is to be established, likely to be based in Haringey.

     Decent Homes Programme (£3.068m/1,023 units)
     To date, work to 700 properties (£1.5m) has been identified.

     Mayor’s 08-11 Regional Housing Pot Bidding Round:
     A sub-regional bid, totalling £26.95m has been submitted for the combined empty homes/decent homes/extensions & de-
     conversions programme.

        Update from South West London sub-region for Mayor’s Housing Forum
                                             September 2008

1.    Introduction
1.1   This note highlights notable activities in the SW London sub-region for Members of the
      Mayor’s housing forum to note. Any questions can be directed to the Partnership Director,
      Shelagh Hair at the meeting or afterwards by contacting her at
      or 07760 437 929.

2.    Strategy
2.1   Our strategic objectives for 2008/09 are:

         √ Maximise the supply of affordable housing across the sub-region overall, providing the
           right sort of homes (in terms of size and mix) in the right places (where development makes sense
           and is possible) without compromising on good design or environmental issues
         √ Make best use of existing stock, including:
                using the private sector to meet housing need
                Improving the condition of existing stock across the sub-region (in all sectors), both to ensure
                that people are living in decent conditions and also that homes have lower carbon emissions
         √ Champion environmental issues
         √ Increase housing options/choices for residents in the sub-region (including mobility where
           residents want it) and work to prevent homelessness
         √ Maintain a consumer focus ensuring fair access and equality.
         √ Raise standards in practice and services across the sub-region, by identifying, sharing and
           emulating best practice across SW London

2.2   We are working to an action plan for 2008/09 related to these objectives. The latest version is
      attached for your information.

      Housing Market Assessments
2.3   We will produce a sub-regional overview/assessment this financial year. A brief has been
      drawn up and is being finalised. The work will draw on the information already collected and
      held by boroughs. Some individual boroughs that have not yet done so also wish to carry out
      detailed market assessment work, linking into the sub-regional project. This will all be done
      with reference to the GLA’s London project.

      Sub-regional HMA stakeholder group
2.4   As part of the project we will set up a sub-regional stakeholder group for the work. RSL reps
      will be invited to come along.

3.    Strategic Partners for Development
      Review of strategic partner RSLs
3.1   We will be working with our strategic partners on producing sub-regional benchmark PIs for
      Housing Management and possibly a management charter.

4.    SWLHP/ Housing Corporation Protocol and Homelessness Action Team
4.1   The action plan to deliver on the protocol for joint working between the Partnership and the
      Housing Corporation (and its successor bodies) has been drawn up. Included in the actions
      are work with RSLs on achieving homelessness strategy objectives and agreeing actions for
      RSLs and boroughs to take forward together. We will be looking at all RSL partners’ plans
      over the next 6 months. We are taking this forward with the HC’s Homelessness Action Team.
      Our sub-regional link at the HAT is Dave Anteh.

5.    Capital Programmes
      National Affordable Housing Programme
5.1   As at 1st September the sub-regional figures are:

       Rent       £88,105,491 allocated       25.02% allocation taken up   21.91% units taken up
       LCHO       £20,027,896 allocated       38.27% allocation taken up   35.19% units taken up

6.    Over-crowding project
6.1   We are progressing two pieces of work related to RSLs:

      Sub-regional Under-occupation scheme for RSLs
      a) plans for the under-occupation scheme for RSL residents in SW London continue. We
        meet again with interested RSLs on 26th September and will then be asking for a formal
        commitment to the scheme from RSLs by the end of October. Wandle HA has agreed to
        host in its offices the post which will co-ordinate and deliver the scheme. We would hope to
        get the scheme off the ground early in 2009.

      Overcrowding seminar
      b) we are holding a seminar on overcrowding for LA and RSL partners in Wandsworth on 5th
        November to discuss current policy and share good practice. In addition we will be looking
        for the event to result in actions that we can take forward jointly. The outline agenda is
        attached for information.

        Draft SWLHP Action Plan for 2008/09 – to deliver on the new strategic objectives agreed for the sub-region
SWLHP strategic objective                 Related action proposed                                        Timescale                Lead Group and other

 Maximise the supply of affordable        •   Work with our strategic partners to deliver the NAHP       Ongoing                  Development group and
 housing across the sub-region overall,       that we already have allocated to the sub-region;                                   RSL strategic partners
 providing the right sort of homes (in    •   strive to achieve a good level of NAHP in the sub-
 terms of size and mix) in the right          region through the “regular market engagement              Quarterly
 places (where development makes              process”
 sense and is possible) without           •   review development to ensure that it is in line with the
 compromising on good design or               requirements in the investment framework
 environmental issues                     •   review the investment framework to ensure that it
                                              reflects latest borough strategies and sub-regional                                 PD with development
                                              priorities on size of homes, correct tenure mix, etc.      Quarter 3 2008/9         group
                                          •   deliver objectives in our SW London intermediate
                                              housing strategy including reviewing our intermediate
                                              housing programmes to:                                                              Intermediate housing
                                                        o ensure that they are delivering what is        By end of 2008/09        group
                                                            needed and
                                                        o review pilot schemes and identify
                                                            innovative funding approaches
                                          •   produce housing market analysis for the sub-region
                                          •   develop sub-regional policy on need for additional
                                              pitches sites arising from gypsies and travellers                                   Strategy group
                                              research                                                   By end of 2008/09
                                          •   ensure supported housing programme is meeting need                                  Strategy group /
                                              and identify where new provision is required               by December 2008         Directors and Members

                                                                                                                                  Development group /
                                                                                                                                  SP group
                                                                                                         Q3 & Q4 2008/09
 Make best use of existing stock,         •   Deliver our private sector grants and meet targets to a)   Ongoing with quarterly   Private sector group
 including:                                   bring empty properties back into use, b) make homes        reviews
                   • using the private        decent for vulnerable households and c)provide
                     sector to meet           options (through house-proud) for vulnerable home
                     housing need             owners to meet the costs of improvements.
SWLHP strategic objective                 Related action proposed                                       Timescale                  Lead Group and other

                    • Improving the       •   Deliver the sub-region’s existing extensions and de-
                      condition of            conversions programme of 40 units and carry out a         By end 2008/09             Extensions / de-
                      existing stock          review of the effectiveness of this programme                                        conversions group
                      across the sub-     •   Put in a strong bid for targeted funding stream private
                      region (in all          sector grant funding and extensions and de-
                      sectors), both to       conversions funding (if appropriate)                      July 2008               Private sector group and
                      ensure that         •   Develop and implement actions to reduce and alleviate                             PD
                      people are living       over-crowding in stock in SW London, including setting    See overcrowding action Over-crowding project
                      in decent               up an RSL under-occupation scheme                         plan                    manager
                      conditions and      •   Work with boroughs to contribute to the Government
                      also that homes         review of HRA to alleviate the consequences of
                      have lower              boroughs in a negative subsidy position.                  Ongoing
                      carbon emissions

 Champion environmental issues            •   Identify a number of exemplar environmental projects      by July 2008               Development group,
                                              with strategic partners across the sub-region                                        RSL partners.
                                          •   Access grants like the Innovation and opportunity fund
                                              – identify opportunities across the sub-region
 Increase housing options/choices for     •   Effectively manage the sub-regional pool of units and     ongoing, with formal       Allocation managers
 residents in the sub-region (including       the nominations arising from it. In addition:             quarterly review reports   (nominations)
 mobility where residents want it) and                 o Carry out a review of the types of             produced                   Development managers
 work to prevent homelessness                              households assisted through the sub-                                    (units)
                                                           regional nominations to ensure it is
                                                           meeting needs.
                                                       o Update all agreements relating to sub-
                                                           regional nominations to ensure that they
                                          •   Contribute to and help to shape London wide projects      Ongoing                    PD / Directors group
                                              related to mobility
                                          •   work to influence the plans being developed to ensure
                                              SW residents gain access to growth area units.                                       Homelessness group
                                          •   Promote and support youth homelessness education          Ongoing
                                              programme (Lambeth’s the prodigals and Merton
                                              project)                                                  Agreement by end           Homelessness group
SWLHP strategic objective             Related action proposed                                      Timescale                Lead Group and other

                                      •   Set up domestic violence reciprocal agreement in the     2008/09
                                      •   Draw up action plan / agreement with RSLs on             End 2008/09              Homelessness group
                                          delivering homelessness strategies across the sub-
 Maintain a consumer focus ensuring   •   Deliver the objectives in our SW London BME housing      Through-out 2008/09      Equalities group
 fair access and equality.                strategy including :                                     (see BME action plan)
                                                   o Review figures on access to housing and
                                                       identify any issues arising
                                                   o Review BE access to SP services
                                      •   Review resident engagement / involvement across the
                                          sub-region and showcase best practice                    Autumn 2008              TBA
                                      •   Ensure sub-regional nominations are dealt with in a
                                          customer friendly way are producing beneficial results   Review position by end   Allocation managers /
                                          for consumers and influence proposed London              2008                     PD
                                          mobility schemes in this respect.

 Raise standards in practice and      All groups have this objective, but in the following areas
 services across the sub-region, by   have been identified in particular for 2008/09:
 identifying, sharing and emulating   • Housing management
 best practice across SW London       • Resident engagement
                                      • Youth homelessness

                                             Overcrowding/Under-occupation Project
Our Overcrowding/under-occupation project manager, Gayle Mansfield started in December 07. There are 4 key strands of work that she
is pursuing and these are summarised below.
The 4 strands of work:
1. Raising the performance across boroughs on dealing with under-occupation and co-ordinating use of the CLG overcrowding money in
    boroughs in the sub-region
2. Developing a housing options approach to over-crowding
3. Setting up an under-occupation scheme for RSLs in the sub-region (working with SW London)
4. London wide and sub-regional liaison and events
Raising the performance        Developing a housing        Setting up an under-          London wide liaison and
across boroughs on             options approach to over- occupation scheme for           sub-regional events
dealing with under-            crowding                    RSLs in the sub-

   •   Review mapping exercise       •   Map all current activity    •   Planning and introducing   •   sub-regional events to
       and update report on              relating to over-crowding       a scheme in SW London          promote initiatives and
       latest approaches in all          (newbuild, approaches for                                      share good practice
       the boroughs                      alleviating, allocation                                    •   work on information
   •   Evaluation of the different       policies, etc)                                                 bulletins/communication
       approaches                    •   Work on recording of                                           materials
   •   Recommendations for               over-crowding figures                                      •   attendance at liaison
       improving performance         •   Report on the approaches                                       meetings London-wide,
       across the sub-region             across the sub-region                                          sub-regionally and with
   •   Development of a suite of     •   Development of “housing                                        CLG
       “housing options” for             options” for over-crowded
       under-occupiers.                  households

SE London Housing Partnership update for Mayor’s Housing Forum , October 2008

SELHP Conference 2008
• Confirmed for December 8th at Lewisham Civic Suite.

•       A provisional training plan sets out the steps being taken about training at sub regional level but a priority is to
   develop shared approaches to training (mainly for front line housing staff) on community safety.

Housing Market Assessment
•        Fieldwork has completed for Lewisham, Southwark, and Bexley and Greenwich and due to start in Bromley. ORS are
  still confident about completing all fieldwork by the end of October.
•        ORS are working to an agreed brief for the sub regional element. This will result in a main report, technical report
  (appendix) as well as an executive summary. Work on collating a sub regional dataset cannot commence until all
  fieldwork is completed; therefore the dataset in unlikely to be produced before the end of November. A draft report will
  be produced for January.
•        A review of recent housing market data for SE London is on our website. At present it points to no firm evidence of
  reductions in house prices in the sub region or of increases in repossessions. Both could be reasonably predicted but it is
  suggested that there is always a significant degree of inertia in the housing market and that in SE London at least the
  portrayal of the housing market by parts of the media may not apply.

Buy to Let
• The current focus of our Buy to Let Group is on the implications of the credit squeeze for Buy to Let.
• Greenwich’s Best Value review of Buy to Let has concluded and has resulted in an action plan.

Intermediate Housing
• We are working with Tower (HomeBuy Agent) to produce a flyer for existing tenants with a particular focus on new open
   market products, MyChoiceHomeBuy and Own Home.
• We are still awaiting responses from a few RSLs in order to finalise the summary of sales in 2007-8. The information
   received so far points to the average household income of purchasers being consistent with the last 2 years i.e. at about
   £28,000 though purchases by existing tenants are now below 10%.
• Because a London New Homes day is planned for October, RSLs have requested that a SE London event (in Woolwich)
   be postponed until the New Year.
• Despite RSLs not reporting any particular concerns about sales there is growing interest in developing intermediate rent
   schemes instead of shared ownership. Boroughs are exploring a common understanding about rent levels, about
   circumstances in which a shared ownership scheme would be switched to immediate rent, about how non key worker
   referrals would be made etc.

• We are again looking at the possibility of mapping land values in the sub region.

SELHAG (SE London Housing Association Group)
• Training has been lined up in October in November for officers (in practice mainly surveyors) from those RSLs who have
  agreed to pilot Minor Adaptations Without Delay (MAWD). The training will be led by LB Southwark, will use vacant RSL
  property and involve input from OTs from all boroughs. OTs will offer contacts for on going advice and will offer a
  refresher/review session in about 12 months time. The RSLs piloting MAWD hold most of the RSL stock in the sub region
  so we are expecting some significant benefits from its implementation.
• All RSLs have been surveyed about stock rationalisation, asset management strategies and disposals. Responses point to
  a growing level of interest in stock rationalisation. We will collate the responses we have received in order to highlight
  good practice.
• SELHAG members have agreed to support another round of Black on Board, a project run by Olmec that provides
  training and mentoring for people from BME communities wishing to serve as RSL Board members.
• SELHAG members have been invited to lead on an exercise to map RSL initiatives in the sub region aimed at
  employment and training.
• A couple of RSLs have responded about the apparent inconsistency between borough and English Stock Condition
  Survey data on the one hand and RSL and Housing Corporation data on the other about decent homes. One explanation
   lies in a delay in the Housing Health and Safety Rating System being incorporated into RSL stock condition data – but
   this would seem only a partial explanation and the quest to solve this particular mystery continues....

• A Directory of Debt and Money Advice agencies for RSL tenants is being distributed to RSL offices. This is the 2nd item in
  a sub regional action plan involving RSLs and SELHP’s homelessness co-ordinator.
• We have agreed proposals for St Christopher’s (a locally based voluntary agency specialising in young people) about
  providing peer education about homelessness in SE London schools.

• It is proposed that calculation of 2008-9 inter borough nominations be carried out in the New Year, by which time the
  Housing Corporation programme should be reasonably settled. The calculation would include any ‘credits and debits’
  arising from 2006-8. We are assuming that it is ‘business as usual’ i.e. that current sub regional arrangements and
  existing premiums still apply.
• A few moves are still outstanding from our 2nd inter borough mobility pilot. This will be completed before commencing a
  3rd round (to include new CBL system in Bromley). Monitoring has indicated that the level of bids for these out of
  borough opportunities continues to be relatively high.

Under Occupation & Overcrowding
• Over 35 HA under occupation moves have completed through the SELHP pilot scheme, with at least 6 more underway –
  and each resulting in the re-housing of an overcrowded household. The scheme appears to be growing in momentum.
• The 2 main developments of the under occupation scheme currently being pursued are: (1) to work more closely with
  House Exchange to link under occupying and overcrowded households or create lettings chains, and (2) to target under
  occupying leaseholders.

“Targeted funding streams”
• Our private sector decent homes funding for 2008-9 is fully spent or committed.
• Completions from the 2006-8 extensions programme are continuing.
• The existing Settled Homes Initiative has many homes in management but is experiencing technical difficulties in
  obtaining the allocated grant.

Private sector
•       A sub regional HMO Group has been reconvened.
•       We are pursuing with BRE the possibility of fresh modelling to provide a view of private sector stock condition.

Empty Homes
• Empty Homes was the main agenda item for the SELHP member meeting on Sept. 17th.
• The first interim EDMOs in the sub region are about to expire – hence some urgency about finding a suitable
  management agency for ‘full’ EDMOs.

Supporting People
•     On behalf of the sub region LB Lewisham has commissioned In Touch (Hyde) to provide a 12 month (from
  September 2008) pilot advice and support service for people on disabilities and in receipt of benefits wishing to access
  Low Cost Home Ownership.

Website is up-to-date.

Dave Shiress    SE London Housing Partnership Co-ordinator   September 2008

                               West London Update September 2008


West London Temp-2-Settled
West London is working with a consortium of RSLs and Lloyds TSB to develop this scheme.
Progress on the scheme continues with a reserve allocation of £57 million from the Housing
Corporation to support the scheme and mitigate against the uncertainty around LHA levels. The
immediate goal on the project is to agree the legal documentation that accompany the protocols, and
seek final member approval.

West London Letstart
The West London Letstart scheme was initially developed through a grant from the government's
Homelessness Innovation Fund as a way for the boroughs to work in partnership with private sector
landlords and lettings agents to achieve our programme of prevent homelessness by assisting people
to take up a private sector tenancy.

Development of the procurement tool assisting access to private sector accommodation for the local
authorities continues to be funded by the partnership. Advertising and brand consolidation will be the
focus for the next period. Funding for the project has been approved for the period until March 2009.

The aim of the HELP scheme is to ensure that every homeless household is offered advice and
information about employment and training opportunities. A joined up approach ensures that
homelessness and housing options staff put homeless household in contact with employment and
training services, and that referrals are systematically tracked so that employment and training
outcomes can be measured.

Over 100 people have now been referred to the site, but the numbers taken up employment remain
low so far.

The proposed telephone advice line for all matter relating to housing, including links with Letstart and
HELP, continues to develop. Recent activity saw a detailed presentation to the CLG to secure
funding allocations. The targets, or performance indicators for the project are being agreed.

West London boroughs have agreed a specification and aim to go out to tender shortly .
Choice Based Lettings: Cross borough editon
The Locata boroughs are having an open edition of the Locata magazine in October where all
properties advertised will be open to bidders from any member organisation. The aims is to gauge
demand for cross borough mobility. WLHP has also commissioned some accompanying research to
look at attitudes to cross borough mobility in tandem with the open edition of the magazine.

The specification for the sub regional HMA has been agreed and the tender has gone out to advert
this week.

Take-up very slow, currently at only 6%. Reserve allocations may pick up for 08-11. LCHO sales are
very slow, and applications are down 500 on the same period last year.

All West London boroughs have completed their action plans on overcrowding, and as part of this we
are developing a number of new schemes. All boroughs have completed the data collection for the
CLG. WL is training newly recruited borough overcrowding officers.

Triple Action Income Project
WLHP is Working with Shepherds Bush Housing Association on a CLG funded project that will
address homelessness, overcrowding and worklessness. The project will focus on non-dependents
adults in overcrowded homes, providing AST accommodation with employment or training for a
limited period of time to foster independent living.

And finally….. Ieuan ap Rees has stepped into the recently vacated position of Homelessness
Coordinator for West London.

Rachel Ormerod
West London Housing Partnership Coordinator

Email: Rachel.ormerod@lbhf,
Tel: 0208 753 1952
Mobile: 077 1780 3371


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