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Document	Camera

An essential, easy-to-use classroom tool.

•	Amazing clarity and color	—	native	XGA	                 •	Bright images in almost any setting	—	built-in	LED	
  (1024	x	768)	resolution                                   (white)	light	source	for	true-to-life	colors
•	Large image capture area	—	display	items	up	to	         •	Convenient Freeze button	—	easily	pause	and/or	
  10.7	x	14.3	inches                                        resume	the	image
•	Flexible setup with USB connection	—	connect	to	        •	Intuitive control panel	—	choose	the	function	
  an	Epson	projector*	or	PC	with	included	software          you	desire	
•	Easy image rotation	—	90-degree	vertical	and	           •	Portable, compact design	—	set	up	or	store	the	
  horizontal	rotation	to	capture	whiteboards	and	3D	        document	camera	quickly	and	easily
  objects,	or	place	items	in	landscape	or	portrait	view   •	Everything you need	—	10-foot	USB	cable	and	soft	
•	Incredible detail	—	4x	digital	zoom                       carrying	case	included
•	One-touch auto focus	—	easily	focus	on	an	object         * Epson PowerLite® 85, 825 or 826W only
Document	Camera

            Flexible USB connection                                                       Easily display full pages with
                                                                                        a capture area up to 10.7" x 14.3"

Product Name                                            Product Code                  UPC
Epson	DC-06	Document	Camera	                            V12H321001	               	   010343	87346	9

SPECIFICATIONS                                         CAmErA SPECIFICAtIOnS                                   DImEnSIOnS (W x D x H)                                  SUPPOrt — tHE EPSOn COnnECtIOnSm
                                                       Imaging Element                                         Open                                                    Pre-sales	support
FUnCtIOnS                                              1/3”	CMOS,	2M	pixels                                    3.0”	x	10.7”	x	15”	(arms	extended)                      U.S.	and	Canada	  800-463-7766
Auto	white	balance
                                                       Output Signals                                          Closed                                                  Internet	website	   
Built-in	image	rotation	—	90°	for	portrait	
or	landscape                                           1024	x	768	(XGA	with	projector)	UXGA,	                  3.0”	x	10.7”	x	2.6”                                     Service Programs
Tilting	and	rotating	camera	head	—	90°                 SXGA,	XGA	and	SVGA	with	PC                                                                                      Two-year	limited	warranty,	and	Epson	
One-touch	image	freeze	function                        Frame Rate                                              2.0	lb                                                  PrivateLine®	dedicated	toll-free	support	
One-touch	source	search                                Max	15	frames	per	second                                                                                        (U.S.	and	Canada	only)
Kensington®	lock	support                                                                                       OtHEr                                                   What’s In The Box
                                                       Lighting Source
                                                       LED	lamp	(2	white	LEDs)                                 Operating Temperature                                   USB	cable	(approximately	10	ft.),	soft	carrying	
OPtICAL SPECIFICAtIOnS                                                                                         5	˚C	to	35	˚C,	41	˚F	to	95	˚F                           case,	user	manual,	Quick	Setup	Sheet,	
Lens                                                   IntErFACE                                                                                                       PrivateLine	support	card,	camera	software	CD
                                                                                                               Operating Humidity
F	=	2.8,	f	=	4.1	mm
                                                       Image Port                                              20°	to	80°
Capture Area                                           USB	—	Type	B
                                                                                                               Power Supply Voltage
10.7”	x	14.3”
                                                                                                               5V	via	USB	power
                                                                                                               Power Consumption
4x	digital	magnification
                                                                                                               <	2.5	W
Auto	(Press	button	to	activate)

Epson America, Inc.                                                   Epson Canada, Ltd.                                                                                                  
3840	Kilroy	Airport	Way,	Long	Beach,	CA	90806                         3771	Victoria	Park	Avenue,	Toronto,	Ontario	M1W	3Z5	                                                                 
Specifications	and	terms	are	subject	to	change	without	notice.	Epson	is	a	registered	trademark	and	Epson	Exceed	Your	Vision	is	a	registered	logomark	of	Seiko	Epson	Corporation.	PowerLite	is	a	registered	trademark	of	
Epson	America,	Inc.	All	other	product	and	brand	names	are	trademarks	and/or	registered	trademarks	of	their	respective	companies.	Epson	disclaims	any	and	all	rights	in	these	marks.	
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