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Foster carers -


									4 page Special Guide written and produced by the Scottish Executive
   Sharing                                                     Love-an                                            Making the
the caring                                                 occupational                                            difference
                  p2                                            hazard                                                              p4

Foster carers -
      Scotland’s unsung heroes
                                                                                                                  Have you got what it takes
                                                                                                                  to be a hero?
                                                                                                                  Foster carers are some of Scotland’s unsung
                                                                                                                  heroes. Just ordinary people - doing something
                                                                                                                  very special.

                                                                                                                  All kinds of children need foster carers for all
                                                                                                                  sorts of reasons. Sometimes there’s illness or a
                                                                                                                  marriage breakdown in their own families.
                                                                                                                  Sometimes they’re neglected or abused.
                                                                                                                  Sometimes their behaviour becomes hard to

                                                                                                                  Foster carers offer a home to a child - or children
                                                                                                                  - for just a few days or for years.

                                                                                                                  All kinds of people become foster carers. They’re
                                                                                                                  couples or single people. They’re in or out of
                                                                                                                  work. They’re from all ethnic backgrounds.
                                                                                                                  They’re tenants and house owners.

                                                                                                                  To be a foster carer, your personal qualities are
                                                                                                                  more important than your age. Or your
                                                                                                                  qualifications and experience.

                                                                                                                  You’ll need to really like children or teenagers.
                                                          they get here the pressure is off, you can see them
 One big happy family                                     blossom in every way. They can shout and there’s
                                                                                                                  You’ll need a good sense of humour. You’ll need
                                                                                                                  tolerance and patience. You’ll needs lots of
                                                          nobody to hear them but the sheep.
 It isn’t easy to keep count of Neil and Flora’s                                                                  energy.
 extended family.
                                                          “There’s a lot of sadness, too. Some kids are in an
                                                                                                                  Maybe most of all, you’ll need lots of common
                                                          awful state when they first come to us, but the bonus
 “There are usually about eight children in the house,”                                                           sense.
                                                          is to see how they improve.
 says Flora, “although at the moment, it’s nine.”
                                                          “We have been fostering for nearly 30 years and         Be a hero.
 The nine include the couple’s three adopted
                                                          things are much worse now than in the past. We see
 daughters Alex (16), Lisa (14) and Anne (12), who
                                                          children who are really damaged, the drugs problem
 came to them for fostering and stayed. The couple
 also have five grown-up sons and daughters - three
 of them were long-term foster children and are now
 “just part of our own family, they even changed their
                                                          and the sexual abuse is much worse. A lot of children
                                                          need a lot of help.

                                                          “We never expected to be fostering for all this time,
 name to ours”.
                                                          but I still get a buzz when a new child is coming to     • Foster carers’ real life stories
 Today, the family farmhouse near Killin is filled with                                                            • How foster care helped me
 nine children of all ages. “We are lucky to have a lot                                                            • The challenge of caring
                                                          “You need a sense of humour and you don’t need to
 of space. It’s a big house and that helps.
                                                          be too house-proud. If they have problems, you just      • How to apply
                                                          have to down tools and let them take all the time
 “The kids love being out in the country too, we have                                                              • Who to contact
                                                          they need.
 sheep and cattle and horses and all the usual
 farmyard animals. But the best thing is that when        “Some days you don’t get a lot else done!”

                                                                                                                    Working together for Scotland’s children
                                                                          FOCUS ON FOSTERING
Sharing the caring
When Shug and Liz celebrated their           seeing the difference we can make to       starve to death. In no time he was up
Silver Wedding with a trip to Florida
in June, they took the family with
                                             them by bringing them into a real
                                             family home.
                                                                                        and dressed every morning to look
                                                                                        after his fish.
                                                                                                                                      Now I can
them - their two daughters, their son
and their five foster children aged          “Some of the weans are very                “With other kids it takes longer, some
                                                                                                                                      make a go
from 2 to 15 years.                          disconnected and withdrawn when they
                                             arrive. Some others can be very
                                                                                        of them are very damaged. But with
                                                                                        love and patience you can bring them
                                                                                                                                       of life
“It was brilliant,” says Shug. “It’s great   disruptive or hyperactive. The secret of   round. And when you see the change in       Since he was four, James had been
to have a lot of weans around,               it is patience. You need to give them      them that’s all the reward you need.”       shuttled around from care institution
especially on holiday.”                      time and attention and love - often,                                                   to residential school all over Scotland.
                                             they’ve never experienced that before.
Shug and Liz, who live in Airdrie, both                                                                                             He was 15 and could not even tell the
come from big families. They started         “You have to compromise, and come                                                      time when he first lived in a family
                                                                                                                                    home, with foster carers, Sheila and
fostering almost seven years ago             and go with them. They have their own
                                                                                                                                    Ken in Bathgate.
because “the house was dead quiet            personalities and you have to let them
with our kids grown up.”                     be themselves.
                                                                                                                                    Today James is 19 and can reel off his
                                             “But you have to make it fun too. I’ve
                                                                                                                                    qualifications and job experiences -
They converted the loft and opened           got a fish pond out the back and every                                                 computer studies certificates, multi-
their house to children of all ages, for     kid gets their own fish.                                                               media skills, security work, bar trades
short term respite as well as long term                                                                                             and shop assistant.
foster children.                             “One wee boy just would not get out of
                                             his bed in the morning, so I said to him                                               And he is working as a trainer with
“We share the caring equally. We both        that he was responsible for his fish. He                                               other youngsters about to leave foster
love having a lot of kids around and         had to feed it every morning or it would                                               care. He has come a long way in four

 youngsters achieve
An advertisement for foster carers            “Some of the youngsters who come           we try to give them skills that will
struck a chord with Marjory and               to us have been in and out of care all     help them to cope and make a go of
Keith more than 20 years ago.                 their lives. Other children were in a      life.
                                              crisis with their own family and
“I had spent three months in hospital         needed to get away. With all of them,      “You don’t always see the results
and we suddenly realised how lucky                                                       straight away. Then you get a card on
we were that my parents had been                                                         Mother’s Day or a phone call on your
able to look after the children. That                                                    birthday and they tell you how much
was what made us decide to offer to                                                      you mean to them.                          “They did a lot for me, Sheila and Ken.
help families who might not be so                                                                                                   They got me reading and writing, and I
fortunate.”                                                                              “A lot of our young people come back       helped Ken with car mechanics.
                                                                                         to visit or they phone regularly. You
Since then, more than 60 foster                                                          have to be there for them, they still      “It was really good to be in a family.
children have been welcomed into the                                                     turn to us at the good times and the       They gave me pocket money and I
family home in Aberdeenshire. Keith                                                      bad times.                                 went shopping with them. Ordinary
and Marjory always ask for children                                                                                                 things, but these were things I’d never
around the same age as their own                                                         “A couple of weeks ago we were             done before.
family, so over the past few years                                                       invited to the 21st party of a boy who
they have had teenagers to look after.                                                   came to us at 14 and literally could       “I feel I can make a go of life now,
                                                                                         not smile. He stayed with us for four      thanks to them.”
“Children have different demands at                                                      years. Now he has a job, a mortgage
different ages. Babies and small                                                         and a lovely girlfriend.                   *James is one of 12 young people
children are physically demanding,                                                                                                  working with the National Foster Care
but teenagers are more emotionally                                                       “That’s what it’s all about really, just   Association helping young people
demanding. It can be tricky - fostering                                                  helping young people to achieve their      about to leave care to adjust to adult
is nothing like bringing up your own                                                     individual potential.”                     life.
                                                                            FOCUS ON FOSTERING
Love -                     an occupational hazard
Jane had been working as a child minder for many years before going into
                                                                                          I want to thank existing foster
                                                                                          carers and encourage readers
“The social work people were always asking me to think about fostering, but I was         to consider joining the ranks of
always frightened I would get too attached to the kids.                                   the unsung heroes.

“Well of course you do get too                                                            In our communities, foster carers look
attached. You would have to be a                                                          after children and young people who
machine not to, it’s an                                                                   need love and support. They
occupational hazard! And frankly                                                          sometimes have to balance difficult
you would not be doing a very                                                             tensions, but they see the great
good job if you didn’t love the kids                                                      benefits for the children themselves.
who come to you.”                                                                         It is not an easy option, but the
                                                                                          satisfaction of helping young people
Jane and Mark live in East                                                                grow in a safe and happy setting is
Lothian. They take one child at a                                                         obvious from the experiences relayed in
time, always younger then their                                                           these pages.                                  Jack McConnell MSP
younger daughter, who is seven                                                            We need more foster carers and I hope this supplement persuades you to
and shares in the family decisions                                                        consider coming forward.
about the foster children.

“We involve her right from the
beginning, and she’ll say ‘okay, she
can share my bedroom’. It’s
important that your own children
have their place in the family.
                                                                                          It’s a challenge
                                                                                          Looking after someone else’s child is a challenge. Children least likely to be
                                                                                          fostered - or who are not carers’ first choice -
“The rewards of fostering are fantastic and often out of the blue. Kids will come         • are from ethnic minority communities
in just blank and with no emotions and then something - some wee thing - makes            • need long-term placements
them smile.                                                                               • are offenders
                                                                                          • have disabilities
“Just going into a bed with clean sheets, or putting on talcum after their bath, or       • have behavioural and emotional problems
sitting round the table at teatime. Some children have never had these things in          • are older
their lives. They appreciate everything you do for them.”

Jane says the support and training of the social work department is extremely
important to her. “You know that there is someone there to give you help and
advice when you have a problem.

“I will never regret fostering, it’s the best thing I have ever done.”
                                                                                          Did you know ?
                                                                                          Almost 1 in every 1000 households in Scotland foster children.

                                                                                          Most carers are over 40. They start fostering when their own families grow up.

                                                                                          Most carers come into fostering because of their commitment to disadvantaged
                                                                                          children. They strongly believe they have something to offer them.
Interested?                                   If you decide to apply to be a carer:       Some carers have been fostering for more than 20 years. On average, people
                                                                                          foster for 7 years.
Contact your local council or                 • a social worker will start to visit you
Barnados Scotland, which provides             at home to find out more about what         Just over 50% of children fostered are over 10. About 20% are under 5.
fostering services in central Scotland.       you have to offer to a foster child or
                                              children                                    Most carers start fostering because they wanted to help children - and because
They will give you further information        • you will get training to help you         it fits their own domestic and personal circumstances.
and advise you about what happens             decide if you are ready to become a
next.                                         foster carer - this means learning a        Almost 70 per cent of carers are satisfied with the fostering service and praised
                                              lot about foster children and young         the work of link workers.
You might be asked to attend a                people and their backgrounds
general information meeting, or a             • you will find out about working as        But every year, about 9% of carers give up fostering because their own
social worker or foster care worker           part of a caring team - and the impact      circumstances have changed. That’s why Scotland needs people to become
may make an appointment to meet               that fostering can have on your             heroes every year.
you.                                          family.
                                                                       FOCUS ON FOSTERING
                                                                                                                         Who can be a foster carer?
They made all the                                               Your questions                                           Foster carers come from all walks of life. They can
difference to my life                                           answered                                                 be young couples, older parents and single people.
                                                                                                                         They come from all ethnic backgrounds. They can
“If it hadn’t been for Arthur and Jenny, I’d be in              Why do we need foster carers?                            be waged or out of work. They can be a tenant or a
prison by now,” says Aaron.                                                                                              house owner.
                                                                Every year, local councils across Scotland have to
These days, Aaron is busy decorating his own flat,              look after children and young people because their       Councils pay fees and weekly allowances for as
working as a builder - but he is trained as a tree              own families are not able to look after them.            long as the child or young person is in foster care.
surgeon - and enjoying a good social life in Elgin.
                                                                All kinds of children need foster carers for all sorts   If you become a foster carer, you will not be on
Just five years ago he was a runaway, picked up                 of reasons. Maybe there is a sudden illness, or          your own. All carers attend training and support
sleeping rough in London and taken into care. He was            disability or changing circumstances in their own        groups. You will have regular support from your
sent to a small village in Speyside where he was                families. Sometimes children are neglected or            own social worker, and there is a 24-hour a day
welcomed by foster carers Arthur and Jenny.                     abused. Sometimes their behaviour becomes hard           emergency service
                                                                to manage.
“I remember the first night, I couldn’t believe how                                                                      Can I be a foster carer?
much food Jenny was giving me, I’d never been                   When families are struggling with all sorts of
allowed that much to eat.                                       problems, they may need a breathing space from           Your personal qualities are more important than
                                                                each other. Some families may have difficulty            your age, or your qualifications and experience.
“I was very lucky to be taken in                                coping with teenage children. Other families may
by them. They’re a fantastic                                    struggle with the demands and needs of younger           You will need to have a keen interest in children or
couple and they made all the                                    children, or children with disabilities.                 teenagers. You will need a lively sense of humour,
difference to my life.                                                                                                   tolerance, flexibility, patience, lots of energy and
                                                                It is normally better for children to stay with a        lots of common sense.
“Arthur and Jenny disciplined
                                                                family than in a residential home. So all councils
me when I needed it - which
                                                                rely on foster carers.                                   You do not have to have children of your own, but
was often. I was trouble, and I
                                                                                                                         you will need to talk about fostering with your
was also at that pain in the
                                                                Foster carers can be asked to look after a child at      family and friends. Their support will be vital -
arse age. But they did it right.
                                                                short notice, when there is a crisis in the child’s      fostering will have a big impact on your life.
Before I just got beaten up.
                                                                life. It can be for a few days, a few months or it can
“We did things together, as a                                   be for years.                                            Fostering is not easy. Children may be upset by
family. Arthur took me fishing                                                                                           moving and by what has happened to them in the
and shooting. We went on                                        Who needs fostering?                                     past. Young people can be moody, angry or
holiday - I’d never been on                                                                                              withdrawn. Some children may be constantly
holiday before.                                                 Children who need foster carers can be any age -         active. Children with disabilities can provide extra
                                                                from birth to 17. Sometimes they are brothers and        challenges.
“Jenny was very loving and                                      sisters who want to stay together.
interested in me, that was                                                                                               You may need to help children you have grown
something new for me as well.                                   Foster carers offer time and space to a child, or        attached to move on from your care. You will often
I’d always been stuck in a room                                 children. Often, children can return to their            be working with the children’s parents as well.
on my own, nobody ever talked                                   families, but sometimes this does not work out.
to me or listened to me before.                                                                                          There will be times when your stamina, emotions
They taught me to socialise,                                    It is the foster carer’s job to help them through        and patience will be tested to the limits. It is
they taught me everything                                       their feelings of hurt and loss. Some children who       certainly a challenge, but it is a challenge with a
really.                                                         cannot go back home move to live with adopters or        great reward. The reward of knowing you have
                                                                go into residential care. Others stay in foster care.    made a difference to a child in need.
“They gave me memories I’ll never forget. They made
a real impact on my life. I love them to bits.”

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