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					ISSUE 22                                                                                                THURSDAY 31ST JULY, 2008

Dear Parents
                                                                            BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS
Welcome to our first emailed newsletter!!! Thank you to Mr Chas           Congratulations are extended to the following students who
Bursey (Community Relations Officer), Mr Pierre Conrau (ICT               have celebrated birthdays this week:
                                                                          Connie-Anahi Aguirre 3R; Alex Silla 4R; Isabella Mandungu 11M; David
Manager) and Mrs Julie Koios (Student Administration) who have            Wijeyesinghe 12C; Ashley Pinto 11O; Kim-Anh Cao 81; Jessica Go 2R;
successfully – we hope!! – collected the information from families,       Tiffany Jilbert 4B; Hayden Re 11O; Kailee Potter 4R; Samantha Higgins 7Y;
written the appropriate computer program, and then organised for the      Adam Sayigh 86; Brenna Neser 87; Raymond Pham 9O; Lyn Tran 10A;
emails to be sent.                                                        Danielle D’Rozario 11A; Lisa Damouni PR; Tanya Boyd 12C; Jayden
A reminder for families without an email address:                         Hoareau KR; Cooper Long 3R; Bethany Nichols 7T; Sarah-Jane Shields
                                                                          11O; Alyssia Taddei KR; Jessica Armanious 1R; Steven Bui 3R; Natasha
       • If you are not currently on the email list, we can add new       White 11F; Emma Camilleri 12M.
            names as soon as we are made aware that you have
            email contact
       • In the JLC (Years K – 6), newsletters will still be printed             WONDER WORD OF THE
            and distributed but only one copy (i.e. the youngest) will
            be given to each family                                                   WEEK IS:
       • The newsletter is always available on our web page –
   /newsletter                         Dessert and Desert
With email contacts, now come many other possibilities that we can
make use of in the future. For example, if there is a forthcoming           We always want to eat more dessert so it
Parent Information Night for Year Ten students, we will be able to              has one more ‘s’ than in desert.
email parents a reminder.
Mercy Matters will usually be emailed on Thursday evenings each
week; for families without email contact, printed copies may be
                                                                           JUNIOR LEARNING CENTRE
collected from either Beach Road Reception, Student Services or the       PRE-PRIMARY NEWS
Care Centre each Friday.                                                  We have had a busy start to the term and are very excited as we
WORLD YOUTH DAY                                                           have started a new program called ‘Me and My Mates’. This program
The thirty pilgrims, three ex-students and three staff members who        involves us learning all about how we feel and how we can control
attended the recent World Youth Day all returned safely. By all           our feelings. We are very lucky to have Mrs Yajna Coci come all the
accounts it was an extremely successful trip and there is a report        way from Murdoch University to help us with this program. Mrs Coci
(with accompanying photos) elsewhere in this newsletter. Therefore,       and her team have helped us make a ‘feeling’ puppet and a special
I will limit my comments to thanking the three attending staff            ‘feeling’ thermometer. We really enjoyed making these and being part
members (Mrs Jennie Jago, Mrs Mel Cartner, Mr Nick Dabbs) and             of these important studies.
the three ex-students (Peter Doan, Renae Boyd, Maribelle Salinas)                                     Ms Rachel Peters: Pre-primary Teacher
for their extensive planning of the experience and the wonderful care     SRC NEWS: FUNKY HAIR DAY
and supervision they provided for our attending Year Eleven                                       The SRC students have organised an event
students.                                                                                         to help raise money for the St Vincent De
CATHOLIC PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL                                                                 Paul Society’s ‘Winter Appeal’. On Friday 8th
This week marks the beginning of the Performing Arts Festival for                                 August, students have been asked to come
Catholic schools within Western Australia. Over the past five or six                              to school wearing their funkiest hairstyle for
years we have put much emphasis on the Arts learning area and as                                  the price of a gold coin donation. The SRC
a consequence, we have many students in the various sections of           group will be hunting out the wackiest and wildest hairdo to win a
the Festival – we wish them all well.                                     prize.
Best wishes                                                               MERIT CERTIFICATES
Dr Tony Curry, Principal                                                  Congratulations go to the following children who received merit
p.s. Despite the usual winter rains, this week’s MLC & SLC Athletics      certificates last week:
carnivals were a great success. Enthusiastic participation by our staff   1R Rhys Ulrich for making a great start to Term Three by following
and students ensured that both events were a triumph even though          instructions and working quietly and neatly
we endured some rain over the two days. A full report with photos will    1B Ella McCavanagh for trying so hard to settle b into Term
be published in next week’s Mercy Matters.                                Three and persevere with her class work
2R Britney Nguyen for settling in so well into Year Two
2B Cindy Khaing for being a responsible and enthusiastic class
worker who always has a smile to share
3R Jessica McNamara for approaching her learning with a mature
and responsible attitude
3B Cindy Tran for her excellent results in English and Spelling
4B Tiffany Jilbert for consistently doing her best in all Learning
5B Jayden Twine for his renewed enthusiasm for school work and
improvement in his handwriting
5R Samantha Walker for her fantastic start to Term Two


                          The light within

August 1st  Regional Cross Country
            Year Six Red Assembly
       2nd  Commitment Mass – First Eucharist
       8th  JLC Funky Hair Day
            Year 4B Prayers

After teaching in the Junior Learning Centre for over four years, I
have recently returned from long service leave travelling through the
                          USA. I’m very happy to be back at Mercy
                          College after my American adventure and
                          pleased to be undertaking the role of
                          Learning Support Coordinator.
                         I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to help
                         students who require special n   eeds, and
                         assist their hard working teachers in the
                         My role is to provide support time for those
                         students who receive Commonwealth
                                                                        Hyde Park, The Domain and Darling Harbour transformed into mini
Funding from Pre-primary to Year Eight, assist program
                                                                        cultural festivals with flags waving and people clapping. Mr Nick
development, coordinate meetings, contact associated agencies and
                                                                        Dabbs, Mrs Jennie Jago, Peter Doan, Maribelle Salinas, Renae
share ideas with colleagues.
                                                                        Boyd, thirty Year Eleven students and myself were fortunate enough
I’m looking forward to being a part of the Mercy team again and         to witness it and be a part of the triumphant gathering.
enriching the opportunities for Special Needs students.
                                                                        The Opening Mass at Barangaroo attended by over 150,000 pilgrims
                      Ms Deanna Pergoliti: Special Needs Teacher        from 168 nations kicked off a week of celebrations. Evening events
                                                                        encompassed creative forums, seminars, concerts and various
WORLD YOUTH DAY                                                         speakers. At morning catechesis (in our language groups) we
                                                                        listened to talks on controversial topics which were invariably
SYDNEY 2008                                                             followed by mass. We also attended the Mercy Conference in North
Singing and chanting filled the streets of Sydney’s CBD for one week    Sydney, where we met students from other Mercy schools, and the
as the WYD08 theme (given to us by the Holy Father) was explored        Vocations expo at Darling Harbour which celebrated Religious life.
“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and
                                                                        The teachings and WYD08 events around the city c           ulminated in
you will be my witnesses”. [Acts 1:8]
                                                                        Pope Benedict’s arrival on Thursday where we saw him driven
                                                                        through the city’s streets in a motorcade. We viewed the Stations of
                                                                        the Cross, ( the live re-enactment of the last days of Jesus’ life), which
                                                                        was one of the highlights of the week.
                                                                        The vast crowds embarked on a Pilgrimage to Randwick Racecourse
                                                                        to attend the Vigil by candlelight with the Pope which consisted of the
                                                                        Adoration and was both peaceful and very powerful. The prayerful
                                                                        reflection continued through the night and was a prelude to the Final
                                                                        Closing Mass on the Sunday.
Initiated by Pope John Paul II the first World Youth Day was held in       very topical issue with teenage girls at the moment and the male
Rome in 1986 and every 2-3 years since there has been a massive            students spent the afternoon committed to “Secret Men’s Business”.
international gathering celebrated in different host cities. The world’s
young people now look forward to the next World Youth Day set for          RELIGION AND LIFE
Madrid 2011.                                                               Year Ten students are currently selecting their subjects for next year
           Mrs Melissa Cartner: Religious Education Coordinator            and are reminded that Religion and Life Course of Study (a
                                                                           compulsory subject) , replaces Beliefs and Values from 2009. The
                                                                           Religious Education team are excited to implement and deliver this
YEAR ELEVEN CANBERRA                                                       new course.
TOUR                                                                       A VISIT BY FR ERASMUS FROM GHANA
On Monday 21st and Tuesday 30th July, thirty of our Year Eleven
students visited the Australian War Memorial, Old Parliament House
and Parliament House in Canberra. While on their tour they
participated in a variety of educational programs that focused on
Australia’s history, culture, and democracy.

                                                                           Last week, a select group of students listened to a talk by Fr
                                                                           Erasmus who is a Doctoral student at Edith Cowan University . He
                                                                           spoke on teenage issues such as challenges in daily life, homework
                                                                           and discrimination. We would like to thank Fr Erasmus (Whitfords
                                                                           Parish) for his visit and look forward to another one soon.
                                                                                      Mrs Melissa Cartner: Religious Education Coordinator

                                                                           The majority of Mercy students look fantastic in their blazers and ties.
                                                                           Congratulations to all those students and a big thank to parents for
                                                                           supporting the College uniform policy. There have been a number of
                                                                           students, however, who are not wearing their tracksuit top with their
                                                                           sport uniform, preferring instead to wear their jumper. The full sport
                                                                           uniform is Mercy College sport top, track top and track pants or
We were very fortunate to have Mr Luke Simpkins, (Federal Member           shorts, as depicted in the Mercy Organiser.
for Cowan) escort us around Parliament House and engage with the           The Mercy College Shop has a full range of tracksuit tops and also
students in a debate on “Should schools allow students to use mobile       some second hand tops for sale. Please ensure that your child
phones?”                                                                   wears the correct sport uniform.
The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young
Australians being able to visit their National Capital as part of their
civic and citizenship education. On behalf of Mercy College we would
                                                                           LOST PROPERTY –
like to thank the Australian Government for their support of this          UNIFORMS IN MERCY SHOP
program.                                                                   At the end of last term, there were lots of uniform items left in
                               Ms Jennie Jago: Director of Mission         classrooms and around the College campus and these have been
                                                                           sent to the Uniform Shop. If the names are on the clothes that have
WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING                                                      been handed in, the students are notified. However, most items do
                                                                           not have any names on them. Please make sure all school
IN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                                                     uniform items have full names attached. Some items have ‘nick’
                                                                           names and Mrs Sharon Porter is unable to trace the students.
As previously mentioned in Mercy Matters, the Year Ten students
were recently involved in a two-day ‘Loving for Life’ program.             MERCY ORGANISER –
Running adjacent to the program delivered by the Billings educators        PARENTS PLEASE CHECK AND SIGN
was a day of ‘Reflection and Healing’ coordinated by a team of highly      All students are required to use their Mercy Organiser to record
skilled Year Ten Religious Education teachers, our Head of SLC, Mr         homework and assignments. Form teachers endeavour to sign the
Kevin Sheehy and our Principal, Dr Tony Curry.                             Mercy Organiser each week and this encourages students to use it
Students were presented with some real life issues that couples face       correctly. Parents are strongly encouraged to also sign the Mercy
in relationships and were allowed time to absorb and discuss these         Organiser each week. By signing the Organiser, homework and
issues in small groups. After lunch we divided into two groups where       due dates can be checked and progress monitored. It is also a great
we faced challenges that were more suitable for each gender. With          way to communicate between parents and teachers. Thank you for
the female student group we looked at Body Image and Grooming, a           your support.
                                                                             Society & Environment                Jessica Huynh
YEAR NINE ASSESSMENT                                                         Soccer                               Madeleine Christmass
Western Australian Monitoring Standards in Education                         Special Music                        Peter Le
                                                                             Touring Asia                         Paige O’Shea
(WAMSE9)                                                                     Woodwork                             Matthew Nadalini
In Week Three (4th – 8th August) the Western Australian Monitoring
Standards in Education (WAMSE) Year Nine assessment will be                  YEAR NINE
conducted. It is expected that every student in Year Nine will               Religious Education                  Mari Buli
                                                                             Art – Printmaking                    Nhu Nguyen (Natilie)
participate in the assessment program. Testing will occur in the             Art – Drawing and Painting           Emily Alexander
learning areas of Science (4th August) and Society and the                   Community Service                    Hien Ly
Environment (5th August).                                                    Cottage Craft                        Chanelle Trundle
                                                                             Dance                                Savannah Adamson
The information gained from these assessments will provide valuable          Drama                                Le-An Duong
information to staff, students and parents. It will help identify students   English Course 1                     Amelia Westerside
who are at risk of not achieving their full potential and assist in          English Course 2                     Lacey Preiato
                                                                             English Course 3                     Tiffany Vo
placing students in appropriate courses in Year Ten.                         English EAL/D                        Michael Tran
If you have any questions regarding the assessment please do not             Food Technology                      Joseph Fogliani
hesitate to contact me at or on                  Italian                              Shane Cabilovski
                                                                             Music                                Mark San Diego
9247 9232.                                                                   Information Tech                     Amelia Westerside
                       Mrs Amanda Huke: Year Nine Coordinator                Mathematics Course 1                 Callum Knight
                                                                             Mathematics Course 2                 Dong Tran Quach
                                                                             Mathematics Course 3                 Achol Madong
MLC ACADEMIC AWARDS                                                          Media                                Brooke Anderson
Congratulations go to the following students who were presented              Metalwork                            Matthew Pasquale
                                                                             Music                                Mark San Diego
with Academic Awards for Term Two at the Middle Learning Centre              Outdoor Education                    Aidan Porter
assembly last week. These students demonstrated outstanding                  Physical Education                   Adam Morris
efforts to achieve academic excellence during Term Two.                      Science                              Amelia Westerside
                                                                             Science Course 3                     Faris Salloomi
YEAR SEVEN                                                                   Society & Environment Course 1       Aiden Depiazzi
Religious Education        Crystal Robertson            Athena Russell       Society & Environment Course 2       Kellie Silverton
                           Jayne Botero                 Vi Vu                Society & Environment Course 3       Faris Salloomi
English                    Sacha Thomas                 Anita Assaad         Soccer                               Shyamal Varsani
                           Sophie Taylor                Anastasia Maier      Sport & Recreation                   Jacob Thomason
Mathematics                Teresa Nguyen                Belinda Phan         Systems Technology                   Alistair Gregory
                           Tanya Huynh                  Victor Tangaris      Technical Drawing                    Kevin Trinh Huynh
Society & Environment      Theresa Nguyen               Jasmine Cridland     Woodcraft                            Amy Le
                           Cameron James                Melissa Dowding
Science                    Dillon Kanbi
                           Pavlina Hatzopoulos
                                                        Renee Jarrett
                                                        Melissa Dowding
                                                                             WEEKLY WINNERS OF THE
Physical Education         Frank Caruso
                           Jesse Lucev
                                                        Ian Kathuria
                                                        Holly Johnson
                                                                             STUDENT COMMENDATION
Health                     Dillon Kanbi
                           Natasha Loong
                                                        Renee Jarrett
                                                        Mi Hoang Nguyen
Music                      Daniel Silla                 Athena Russell       Year Ten – Christine Ayo, Augustine
                           Natasha Loong                Vi Vu                Year Eleven – Ajok Abergut, Flynn
Italian                    Sacha Thomas                 Renee Jarrett
                           Taj Rose                     Melissa Dowding
                                                                             Year Twelve – Maryann Aung, McAdam
Art                        Athena Russell               Sazarley Brown
                           Monique Koch
                           Ashleigh Holderness
                                                        Mi Hoang Nguyen
                                                                             CAREERS AND TRANSITIONS
Accelerated Reader         Annalee Huntingford
                           Tanya Huynh
                                                        Zoe Moir
                                                        Breanna Drury                 NEWS
                           Paul Doan                                         University Open Days in August – Free all welcome from
Dance                      Melissa Dowding              Daniel Silla         10.00am to 4.00pm
                           Jessica Sandon               Tahlia Porter
                           Pierre-Angelique Koulakis
                                                                             Sunday 10th August – University of WA - Crawley
Information Technology     Daniela Avendano             Athena Russell       Sunday 17th August – University of Notre Dame Australia
                           Natasha Loong                Anna Vann            (Fremantle Campus)
                           Anthony Vo                                        Sunday 17th August - Curtin University (Bentley Campus)
Systems Technology         Benjamin Duong               Breanna Drury
                           Theresa Nguyen               Sacha Thomas
                                                                             Sunday 31st August – Murdoch University
                           Vi Vu                                             University information sessions and important events for senior
YEAR EIGHT                                                                   students
Religious Education                           Olive Sein                     Tuesday 2nd September – Notre Dame Aust University –
Art                                           Stephen Twine                  Admissions and Courses Expo 6.15pm Start
Creative Foods                                Nicolette Zakarias
Community Service                             Maddison Nelson-White                        Mrs Lesley Elder: Careers and Transitions Officer
Dance                                         Rebecca Rossenrode                 Phone: 9247 9271, Email:
Drama                                         Jessica Huynh
English                                       Caitlyn Stott
English Course Three                          Daniel Sandon                        PARENT COUNCIL NEWS
General Music                                 Jennifer Pham                  The first open forum Parent Council committee meeting was most
Italian                                       Jenny Nguyen
Information Tech                              Nicole Rossenrode              successful as it gave everyone who attended, an opportunity to see
Mathematics                                   Thomas Lam                     how the Parent Council operates.
Mathematics Course Three                      Elizabeth Fortonato                                                      e
                                                                             This term’s Parent Council Meeting will b held on Monday 11th
Marine Biology                                Ashley Martion                 August commencing at 7.00pm in the staff room. Please note the
Metalwork                                     Natasha Femia
Physical Education                            Adrian Seminara                change of date – all are welcome.
Science                                       Brenna Neser                      Ms Deb Cinquina: Chairperson Mercy College Parent Council

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