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									    Job Descriptions for Swim Meet
Swim Meet Officials
Meet Manager:
Oversee the function and operation of the meet. Communicates authority to the Head
Referee. Makes sure the meet follows its scheduled time as closely as possible. Has the
final say in disputes and is organizer and chair of the protest committee.

Head Referee: The manager of the other meet officials. Maintains communication and
coordination between the starter, chief timer, stroke and turn judges, and timing head
quarters amongst others.

Starter / finish judge:         “Whistle…Take your Marks…Horn”
One long Whistles means swimmers step up on the block, (do this after the scoreboard
has been reset) and Chief Timer and HQ has okayed the start. Make sure all swimmers
appear ready; give them no more than 10 seconds on the blocks. (In backstroke give them
no more than 15 seconds to get ready). “Take your Mark”! Wait until all are still;
movement is allowed but not toward the water (2 seconds max), if they are not still or
ready ask them to stand and redo your call; “take your mark”. Press the button for the
start, “Horn”! Finish judge for lanes numbers 4 – 5 – 6. Has the authority to disqualify
on the start or turns; inform Stroke or Turn Judge. Finishes: 2 hands for breast and fly,
and back on back. Turns: 2 hands for breast and fly. Tumble turns for free and back
only if desired. In individual medley the swimmer must finish each stroke as they would
for the end of a race.          RECAP:        “Whistle…Take your Mark…Horn”
Off Site Marshal (in cafeteria):
Writes on a White Board the events that are being marshaled up by the Team Marshal.
Calls swimmers by name and school and sits them down on chairs by event, heat and lane
for the coming race (6 chairs for 6 lanes of the pool). Once swimmers are present send
them with a runner/leader into the Aquatics Center to the Lane Card Distributor and
Team Marshals. Also supervises the AV equipment (video projector and screen) used to
project the swim meet at the Off Site.

Lane Card Distributor: (shallow end) Hands out entry cards to swimmers and sits them
down on chairs by event, heat and lane for the coming race (6 chairs for 6 lanes of the
pool). You work closely with all other Marshals. Write on a white board the event and
heat number being called to deck, e.g. Event 12 Heat 3. Scratches swimmers as informed
and communicates this to Bench Marshal, and HQ timing system operators.

Shallow End Marshal (shallow end):
Work with the Lane Card Distributor arranging swimmers on chairs for upcoming races.
Check names of competitors and make sure they have a lane card with their name on it
and (blue for boys, pink for girls) and that they are sitting in the right order before
moving on to the other benches on the side of the pool. Inform announcer of missing

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Bench Marshal (side of pool):
Moves swimmers through the 5 “On Deck” benches at the side of the pool. Calls to
Shallow End Marshal any missing athletes. Brings swimmers to the starting blocks for
the next race on instruction from the Chief Timer.

Stroke Judge (walk deck on scoreboard side) / turn judge at start side:
Ensure stroke and turns are completed correctly according to rules. Chief authority on
disqualifications. Finish judge for lanes 1 – 2 – 3 for finish. Finishes: 2 hands for breast
and fly, back on back. Turns: 2 hands for breast and fly. Tumble turns for free and back
only if desired. During a disqualification they may report the error directly to the
swimmer DQed. Write up a DQ sheet and send it to Runners, Head Referee or HQ. It is
the duty of the Head Referee to inform the team coach involved within 20 minutes of the

Chief Timer: Oversees other timers. Makes sure all timers are ready before signaling
the Starter to start the race. Do a back-up time for any lane that may need assistance e.g. a
failed hand held stopwatch. Approves the hand held stopwatch time if the electronic
timing system fails. Note back up times must reflect appropriate place of finish when
comparing other swimmers placement and recorded times. Works with the Bench
Marshal to get swimmers up to the block in a timely manner. Communicates with Starter
that the times are ready for the next race.
Take event entry card from swimmer. Do not allow a swimmer to swim unless they are
carrying a card with their name on it and they are in the right event, heat and lane. Use
CTS plunger to stop electric timer (just in case a touch pad fails). Hand held stopwatch to
back up failure of touch pad or plunger time. All other timekeepers click on the finishing
touch of the swimmer in their assigned lane. Stopwatch timer writes the stop watch time
on the swimmers entry card. (Note hit touch pad if scoreboard clock is still running after
swimmer finishes). Instruct swimmers to stay in their lane until all swimmers have
completed or pulled out of the race. Hand completed lane card to the lane card runners.

Runner: Assist in moving swimmers, Lane cards and/or DQ cards to their appropriate
place. There are runners for the Timing, Marshal, and Stroke and Turn Judges. See your
official for your exact duties.

HQ Computer Software Operator: Run Hy-Tek Meet Manager. Record new entries up
until 30 min. before start of swim meet. Scratch swimmers as informed. Communicate
with CTS operator. Print reports, scores, and ribbon labels as needed.

HQ Colorado Timing System: Run CTS console. Communicate with Starter on race
readiness. Communicate with HQ computer operator on race results.

HQ Reports & Ribbons: Collates and distributes printed ‘events standing’ reports. Stick
labels on 1st to 6th place ribbons and medallions and organizes them into teams and event
groups. Organization of final awards for top swimmers and teams.

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Locker room Supervisors: Check and oversee safety of locker room. Director flow of
traffic and send spectators to Spectator Entrance. Limit over crowding. Alert cleaner if
necessary for trash removal clean-ups. Alert Meet Manager if the area is unsafe.

Main & Spectator Entrances and Balcony Supervisors: Director flow of traffic and
send spectators to Spectator Entrance. Limit over crowding. Oversee the cleanliness of
the area. Alert cleaner if necessary for trash removal clean-ups. Alert Meet Manager if
the area is unsafe. Make sure that swimmers are behaving appropriately in these areas.

Substitute: Relieves Timers, Marshals, lane Card Distributor, etc. for quick breaks.

Hospitality and Photos: Assists with parent and spectator enquiries. Helps distribute
reports to posting areas on whiteboard and in the balcony. Helps manage the coffee and
tea area making sure it stays tidy. Get drinks for timers. Takes Photos of swimmers with
the Aquatics Center Canon Camera.

Announcer: Works closely with the starter and timing office. Announces the event, age
group and names and lanes the swimmers are swimming in. Call up missing swimmers.
Reports on other logistical details to bring clarity to the swim meet. May assist starter in
clearing swimmers from the pool after each race.

Award Presenter: Collates and presents awards with the assistance of the HQ Reports
and Ribbons officer.

Task                          Name                 Name                Position
Meet Manager                                                           Pool Deck
Head Referee                                                           Pool Deck
Starter & Finish judge                                                 Start/Finish
Bench Marshal                                                          Scoreboard side
Team Marshal                                                           Shallow end
Off site Marshal                                                       Cafeteria
Stroke judge                                                           Sides of Pool
Turn Judge___________                                                  End of Pool
Chief Timer__________                                                  Start/Finish
                                                                       Lane 1 Start/Finish
                                                                       Lane 2 Start/Finish
Timers                                                                 Lane 3 Start/Finish
                                                                       Lane 4 Start/Finish
                                                                       Lane 5 Start/Finish
                                                                       Lane 6 Start/Finish
Runners for Lane cards                                                 With timers
Runners for DQ cards                                                   With Stroke & Turn
Runners for Marshals                                                   With Marshals
HQ (HY-TEK)                                                            Office
HQ Colorado Timing S                                                   Office
HQ Ribbons & Reports
Balcony & Entrance                                                     Office
                                                                       All around area
Locker room & Cafeteria
Supervisor                                                             All around area
Nurse                                                                  classroom or MS
Update Oct. 7, 2008. jb                                                                    3
Lifeguard                 Pool Deck
Substitutes               Timers & Marshals
Swim team item sales      Spectator Entrance
Travel info Table
Hospitality & Photos
Team Coaches              Pool side
Announcer                 Start/finish Area
Awards                    Shallow End

Update Oct. 7, 2008. jb                        4

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