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					                            BASKET WORKSHOP                       
                            JUNE 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2010                      Contact: Deb Mather
                      WINONA STATE UNIVERSITY                                         507-451-8571
                           TAU CONFERENCE CENTER                              Email:
                       511 HILBERT STREET, WINONA MN
                        REGISTRATIONS DUE by March 10th for 1st drawing of classes. After that date,
                          classes will be assigned in order received. There is no separate registration fee.

                                                              CROSS POINTE
                                                              MARILYN WALD
                                       ERIC TAYLOR           Begin with round base and dyed spokes, students use
                                  5” MOUNTAIN TUB            traditional weave methods and 3/16”flat oval to create an
Start your collection or continue working on your            overlay design. Shaping is important and many
Mountain Tub set. Students learn to weave pounded            techniques will be discussed. Handles are brushed metal
brown ash over a mold and attach Eric’s uniquely             and will be attached by drilling holes and screwing into
shaped cherry handles and rims. Intermediate                 walls of the basket. Color choices will be burgundy,
Approx. 7”L w/handle x 5”W x 4”H                             navy or black. Intermediate Approx. 12”D x 9”H
Class, prep & material fee $180                              x40”Circumference Class, prep & material fee $120

                                                                                             LEATHER STORAGE
                                                                                             MARLENE MEYER
                              RETLAW                         Start on an oval oak base with brown and cocoa brown
                    ANNETTA KRAAYEVELD                       spokes and weave the top with same colors as the
The gentle lines of cross hatch design, a false rim and      spokes. Weaving on an oval base and shaping up the
fern pottery handles create a simply beautiful look.         sides will be discussed in detail. Leather will be used
Emphasis is on shaping a large cathead and controlling       for the rim and will be discussed for future projects.
the shape from start to finish. Makes a sturdy floor         Bring your own embellishments or purchase some from
basket, useful laundry, or catch afghans in the family       Marlene. Advanced Beginner Approx. 9”x 4”oval
room. Intermediate Approx. 18” x 17” x 10”H                  base x 9 1/2” H Class, prep & material fee $115
Class, prep & material fee $135
                                                                   SEE THE WEB SITE FOR COLORED
   -- Pictures not to scale – Please check sizes              
               given for each class--
                                                                                             SMALL LIDDED
                                                                                          MARLYS SOWERS

                                                           Students taper reed staves and insert into a zebra wood
                                                           base and weave with cane over a mold to make this
                                                           small bowl. The turned zebra wood rim is glued on
                                                           then top with a zebra wood lid. All Levels
                                     SAMPLER TOTE
                                                           Approx. 4”D x 3”H Class, prep & material fee $95
                                  DIANNE GLEIXNER

Students learn new weaves or perfect techniques already
known while weaving this large tote basket. Techniques
include triple twining, paired weaving, stacked weaving,
triple twined arrows, 4-rod wale and French randing.
Emphasis will be on shaping and encouragement will be
given to those wanting to experiment with their own
design. Top the tote off with sturdy leather handles.
Intermediate Approx. 14”L x 7”W x 12”H (plus                                     SMALL JEWELRY BASKET
handles). Class, prep & material fee $107
                                                                                            MARLYS SOWERS
                                                           Students taper reed staves and insert into walnut wood
                                                           base then weave with cane, making the top and bottom
                                                           on different molds. Rims will be glued on with the lid
                                                           rim fitting inside the rim of the basket bottom. A bone
                                                           ivory knob will be attached after basket is finished.
                                                           All Levels Approx. 4”H x 4”D
                                                           Class, prep & material fee $120
                   ERIC TAYLOR
A perfect size to hold your business cards if you wish.
Students weave quality brown ash over a mold then
finish with cherry rims and stylish end handles.
Intermediate Approx. 4”L w/o handle x 2 ½”W x 2”H
Class, prep & material fee $135

                   SKILL LEVELS
  ADVANCED BEGINNER: Learning basic skills and needs
                more time and help
   INTERMEDIATE: Feels comfortable setting up bases,
                 twining and rims
    ADVANCED: Have mastered skills and ready for new                                          HOUSEWARMER
                    techniques                                                                 MARILYN WALD
    PLEASE CHECK THE WEB SITE FOR                          Students begin by using a 14” handle with a wood base
    COLORED PICTURES & COMPLETE                            attached, then construct their basket using traditional
   INFORMATION–                       weaving methods. Finish with rewoven braid which
                                                           begins at the base and weaves throughout the walls of
       **See Skill Level and Size Indicated                the basket. Pineapple welcome sign is included.
                For Each Class**                           Intermediate Approx. 10”D x 7”H w/o handle
                                                           Class, prep & material fee $100
          FLIGHT                                                                            MARLYS SOWERS
                                                             Marlys will have oval/oval ribs into the antlers so you
ANNETTA KRAAYEVELD                                           can start weaving this rib style basket. A variety of
A striking little basket filled with fun techniques. Learn   materials will be available – yarns, smoked, cane,
to weave a beautiful chevron base and how to lattice         willow, leather, dyed reed, seagrass, etc. Students will
twine. Shaping techniques will be emphasized. Choose         add more ribs and have fun creating their basket.
from a variety of dyed hamburg cane. Intermediate            All Levels Sizes will vary greatly - approx. 10-12”
Approx. 6 ¼” x 6 ¼” x 4”H                                    Class, prep & material fee $105
Class, prep & material fee $105

                                                                                             MARLENE MEYER
 PATCHWORK TWILL BOWL                                        DOUBLE WALL YARN LANDSCAPE BOWL
 DIANNE GLEIXNER                                             Using a double slotted octagon base, make the inside
                                                             basket first, making sure to achieve a great shape. The
A wood base starts this bowl then students weave over a      outside basket is woven over the inside using many
class mold for a perfect shape. Learn triple twining,        textured yarns, along with triple twine. Join the two
adding second set of spokes, and different twill options.    baskets together with triple twine. Palm will be used for
Choose a basic twill or if looking for more of a             the rim with waxed linen lashing. Advanced Beginner
challenge you may vary the twill design. Intermediate        Approx. 4 ½” octagon base x 7” H
Approx. 12”D x 6”H Class, prep & material fee $103           Class, prep & material fee $133

                     COTTAGE CENTERPIECE                     MINI MARKET BLACK ASH
                             ERIC TAYLOR                     ANNETTA KRAAYEVELD
Continuing with the cottage theme, this model features a     A miniature of an antique market basket, weave this over
subtle bowl shape and uniquely shaped bridge handle.         a mold with walnut and black ash. A great first
Students get to use lots of tools and weave pounded          miniature or addition to your collection. Tool box
brown ash over a mold. All wood is cherry.                   provided. Bring #20 tapestry needle & may want
Intermediate Approx. 11”L x 9”W x 6”H                        magnifier or light. Intermediate Approx. 1 ½” x 2” x
Class, prep & material fee $ 195                             3”H. Class, prep & material fee $55
                             MARLENE MEYER                   OUTER BANKS
                                                             MARILYN WALD
Using an original angled base and sumac colored spokes,
weave the bottom with natural weavers for contrast, then
stack the top with sumac dyed weavers. Add a hand            A second in the series of painted strip baskets, this
carved handle and lash the palm rim on with waxed            basket uses a 3” maple strip painted with a seashore
linen. Advanced Beginner Approx. 7” x 9” angled              flare. Start with an oval base and weave in traditional
base x 8” H Class, prep & material fee $110                  methods. Finish with a sturdy oak handle on your oval
                                                             basket. Shaping again is the key to a successful basket.
                                                             Intermediate Approx. 12”D x 10 ½”H x
                                                             43”Circumference Class, prep & material fee $112

Students taper reed staves and insert them into a walnut
wood base and weave with super-fine cane and dyed               CATHEAD–RIMMED YOUR WAY
black and red hamburg cane over a mold-an easy pattern
to weave. This is one of the first style of bowl rims that
                                                                         DIANNE GLEIXNER
Jeff made. All Levels Approx. 7” D x 4 “H                    Students learn to weave a basic cathead basket, then
Class, prep & material fee $105                              choose their own rim. Choices include rewoven braid
                                                             Gretchen, rolled Gretchen, or braided Gretchen. One
                                                             basket will be woven in class but instructions will be
                                                             included for all 4 rim styles. Intermediate
                                                             Approx. 10”D x 5”H Class, prep & material fee $69

                                                              WHAT TO BRING:
                                                              Basic weaving tools, dishpan or bucket, scissors,
                                                              several spring clothespins, spray bottle, needle nose
                                                              pliers, pencil, tape measure, sharp pocket knife,
                              COTTAGE PENCIL                  sandpaper, towel.
                                 ERIC TAYLOR                   SPECIAL TOOLS LIST:
Add the Cottage Pencil to your collection! Weave over         Annetta Kraayeveld - Flight – small packer tool
a mold with alternating width uprights and hand                        Mini Market – size #20 tapestry needle &
pounded brown ash weavers. Flared cherry handles and                   Magnifier/lamp if you want extra light
pre-bent rims give this basket a distinctive look.            Marlene Meyer Classes– Insta Cure Glue
Intermediate Approx. 4”L x 3”W x 5 ½”H                        Marlys Sowers Mold Baskets – small packing tool
Class, prep & material fee $170                               & sharp knife
                                                              Dianne Gleixner- Sampler Tote – spoke weight
 -- Pictures not to scale – Please check sizes
             given for each class--
                     MEET THE TEACHERS FOR WEAVIN’ IN WINONA 2010
Dianne Gleixner                          Brookfield, WI                         Marlys Sowers                             Milo, IA
Email Address:                            Email Address:         
Dianne began weaving in 1987. She joined Lake Country Basket                    Marlys began making baskets in 1985. She’s always loved working
Guild in 1996 and has since served 5 years as Vice-President and 2              with her hands and has a great love for the outdoors. It seems
years as Co-President. Dianne enjoys weaving Nantucket style                    making baskets ties the two together. She raises 13 different kinds
baskets, twills, and anything else with a challenge. Since 2003, she            of basket willows, and gets great satisfaction in watching the willow
has written and published over 40 patterns. Dianne has taught                   grow, harvesting it, and preparing it for weaving. She also
locally and out of state, and has won awards and ribbons for her                makes many kinds of Nantucket, Shaker, and Appalachian styles of
baskets exhibited at state conventions. Her web site is                         baskets. She teaches at many conventions and special invitation                                                   classes throughout the US as well as at her studio during the year.
                                                                                She feels very blessed that people like and buy her work. Creating
Annetta Kraayeveld                     Beloit, WI                               things with your hands keeps you in touch with the world around you
Email Address:                                   and the things that are really important in ones life. Her web site is
Annetta’s fascination with baskets began when she was a young         
child, however her weaving adventure didn’t begin until 1995. She is
mostly self-taught, learning from mistakes and successes, weaving               Eric Taylor                             New Hampshire
because she can’t stop. Annetta finds that the challenge of                     Email Address:                
mastering new techniques and weaving the pictures in her mind keep              Eric lives in central New Hampshire and has been involved in
this an exciting art form. She considers herself a weaver, teacher,             traditional basket making for over 20 years. His love for working with
and life-long student of basketry. Annetta has published over 40                wood and the black ash tree has inspired him in creating his own
patterns and teaches her original basket designs locally as well as at          contemporary designs that combine elements of the Shaker and
guilds and conventions across the USA. Her web site is                          Nantucket style baskets. In 2009, Eric won multiple awards at the                                                     76th Annual League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Fair, Living with
                                                                                Crafts Exhibit and Eric won the Viewers Choice Award at the 2009
 Marlene Meyer                             Hudson, WI                           AMB Convention. Eric teaches classes in his home, at local shops,
Email Address:                                    guilds, and state basketry conventions. His web site is
Marlene is a full time studio artist, teacher and sells her work at   
galleries and juried art shows throughout the region. Inspiration for
her work comes from nature and the natural textures of the materials            Marilyn Wald                            Riga, MI
used to embellish her baskets. The challenge of basketry with its               Email Address:            
different shapes and materials is still exciting after 25 years.                Owner of XYZ Basket Works, Marilyn has been weaving since 1988.
                                                                                Marilyn began teaching in 1989 with two students. XYZ Basket
DIRECTIONS To Tau Conference Center: From Hwy                                   Works was formed in 1992. At this time, Marilyn began teaching at
14/61 – turn onto Vila St (Stoplight by Kmart). Go through the                  conventions, guilds, and workshops around the US and Canada.
4-way stop and turn left onto Howard (the 2nd left you can                      Marilyn has been featured in Basket Bits Magazine and Just
take). Go straight through (behind Lourdes Hall) and the Tau                    Patterns. The students make teaching basketry special for her. It is
Center will be straight ahead on Hilbert St. If you need                        rewarding seeing the look of a beginner as she or he completes their
directions on the way, call 507-474-3800 (front desk at Tau                     basket. Her web site is
Conference Center).

  Daily Schedule: 8:00 - Registration Begins
          8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. or 4:30 p.m. – Classes with announcements and lunch break (Check Sunday class end times)
          6:00 p.m. – Evening classes begin (see each class for end times)

  Store Hours: Friday & Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.                   Sunday 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
   We accept cash, check, Visa & MC for store sales

Directions to Apartments: From South – from Hwy 14/61-turn right onto Hwy 43 (Mankato Ave) follow signs of Hwy. 43 (turns
left onto Sarnia St). Apartments will be on right –across from the end ball field – corner of Franklin Street.
From North – from Hwy 14/61 turn left onto Huff Street (between the two lakes)(following signs to Winona State University) - take
a right on Sarnia St (1st stoplight) – go straight at stop sign, watch for baseball fields on your right – apartments will be on left at the
corner of Franklin Street.
From East – from Hwy 43 across the bridge from Wisconsin – follow the Hwy 43 signs to Sarnia Street - turn left at the stop sign
(still following Hwy 43 signs). At the corner of Franklin Street – on your left – you will see the apartment buildings.
Directions from the apartments to classes at Tau Conference Center - From the parking lot – turn
right onto Sarnia Street – go past Huff Street – street name turns to Gilmore- go to Vila Street (stop sign)
turn right – go 2 blocks to Howard Street-turn left – Tau Center is down at the end of the street
                                       WEAVIN’ IN WINONA
                        BASKET WORKSHOP                        JUNE 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2010
                Winona State University –Tau Conference Center, 511 Hilbert Street – Winona, MN
You are invited to enjoy a wonderful experience of basket weaving with warm and friendly people at Winona State
University in Winona MN. Very talented and experienced teachers have been invited to instruct and share their
talents. Come join us for 3, 2, or even 1 day of relaxation and fun! We look forward to seeing you again to renew
old friendships, or meeting you for the first time to create new ones.
The workshop will be held at Tau Conference Center,
Winona State University, web site It is located 511 Hilbert Street. The web site has a map
and driving directions. This location will allow for the classrooms to be in one large room, with the store area at
the end of that room. The cafeteria will be in a nearby building. Overnights are again available at the college’s air
conditioned East Lake Apartments which we used last year. They are a little drive from the Tau Center and are
wonderful! Available are 4 bedroom apartments,
each person with their own bedroom, a center kitchen and living area for each apartment, and 2 bathrooms.
Furnished in each bedroom is: 1 towel, 1 washcloth, 2 flat sheets, 1 blanket, and 1 pillow. Each apartment has
stove, refrigerator, microwave, washer, dryer, and telephone. You may want to bring your own radio, alarm
clock, TV, extra towels if you want them. The kitchens in the apartments can be used, however you will need to
bring all your own utensils and towels for clean up. There is also a lounge on each floor, which can be used for
gatherings in the evening. Check-in times will be sent to you when confirmations are mailed. You may order
breakfast, lunch, and evening meals which are served in Lourdes Hall (near the Tau Center), or there are several
area fast food chains and restaurants to visit. We do need a minimum of 20 registrations for any one meal in order
to offer it. Area hotels are listed below if you prefer those accommodations.
Registration is by mail only. All registrations postmarked by March 10th will be opened in random order and
placed on the class list with confirmations mailed about April 15th. Please give as many 2nd and 3rd choices for
classes as possible that you are interested in taking. Those postmarked after March 10th will be placed on the class
list as they are received. Deadline for registrations is June 1st. Feel free to call Deb Mather 507-451-8571, or
email for availability of classes or any information needed. Each person is required to
have a separate registration form.
** BALANCE DUE** Confirmations will be sent to you about April 15th with the balance due by May 15th. A refund
less $25.00 per class processing fee will be granted on cancellations made before May 24th. No refunds after that date but
you may send a substitute upon approval. Feel free to copy this brochure and registration form.

 AREA HOTELS: Please make your reservation early as there are several other events that weekend in town.
 A block of rooms has been reserved until May 24th at Best Western Riverport 507-452-0606 and AmericInn
 507-457-0249. Please refer to Weavin’ in Winona when you call for the block of rooms. Some other area
 hotels are: Plaza Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn) 507-453-0303; Holiday Inn Express – 507-454-1700; Quality Inn
 507-454-4390; Days Inn 507-454-6930; Nichols Inn 507-454-6066; Sugar Loaf Motel 507-452-1491;
 Sterling Motel 507-454-1120; Sundown Motel 507-452-7376; Midwestern Motel 507-452-9136. The
 Winona Chamber web site has a list of Campgrounds, Bed & Breakfasts, and Cabins as
 If you are unable to attend this year but would like to receive further information, please detach and return to:
. Deb Mather, 2075 Edgewood Dr NE, Owatonna MN 55060 or email me at
 Name ___________________________ Address ________________________________
 City, State, Zip _______________________________ Email Address ___________________________
                                                                                            Registrations postmarked by
WEAVIN’ IN WINONA                            REGISTRATION FORM                              MARCH 10th will be in random
BASKET WORKSHOP                                               drawing for 1st choice of classes.
JUNE 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2010
Winona State University – Tau Conference Center
511 Hilbert Street, Winona, MN                                                         ___ Check if this is your 1st time attending
* Winona State is now an Alcohol and Smoke Free Campus *

NAME __________________________________PHONE # DAY_____________________EVENING_________________
ADDRESS_________________________________ CITY__________________________ STATE ______ ZIP________
E-MAIL________________________________                  CELL # __________________________
CLASS 1ST CHOICE                                      2ND CHOICE                                  3RD CHOICE
FRI _____________________________                _____________________________              _____________________________
FRI EVE _________________________               _____________________________               _____________________________
SAT _____________________________                _____________________________              _____________________________
SAT EVE ________________________                 _____________________________              _____________________________
SUN _____________________________                _____________________________              _____________________________
Please list as many classes as you can for each day. Please do NOT list any class you are not willing to take!! If there is only
one class you want, you may list only that one, however that does not increase your chances of getting into that class. It
simply means that if your one choice is already full, you won’t get a class for that day.
PARTIAL PAYMENT                                                   MEALS                             Fri     Sat      Sun
OF CLASS FEES:                         There is no separate              Breakfast $7.00            _____ _____ _____
Fri Class $50            ______        registration fee.                   Lunch $9.00              _____ _____ _____
Fri Eve $25              ______        Deposit toward each                 Dinner $10.00            _____ _____
Sat Class $50            ______        class and total cost of         Price includes tax and gratuity
Sat Eve $25              ______        meals is required with               Dietary Needs ___________________
Sun Class $50            ______        Registration form.           Indicate if prefer vegetarian ____________

Total Class Deposits        $__________ Meals Due $ __________                    Due With Registration Form $________
Balance of class fee due by May 15 after confirmation of classes (expected to be mailed about April 15th). Send check or
money order made out to Weavin’ in Winona. Please enclose a business sized stamped self-addressed envelope with
registration for confirmations. Your check will be your receipt.
LODGING at Winona State-East Lake Apartments - Each Apartment has a living room, kitchen area including microwave, 4
individual bedrooms, 2 full baths, washer & dryer. Included is 1 set of towels and linens.*Smoke & Alcohol Free Campus*
Rooms are $111.00 per night, so the split would be: (MAX OF 4 PEOPLE PER APARTMENT)
 4-Bedroom Apartments          2 people         3 people            4 people
 Thursday Night                $55.50 each      $37 each           $27.75 each          Check-in times will be sent with
 Friday Night                  $55.50 each      $37 each           $27.75 each          confirmations.
 Saturday Night                $55.50 each      $37 each           $27.75 each

List roommate(s) ____________________ Area hotels are listed on previous page if you prefer those accommodations.
Thursday Night         $_______________  EAST LAKE APARTMENTS RESERVATIONS DUE BY APRIL 24TH
Friday Night           $ ______________   If you are interested in having a roommate and don’t know of anyone,
Saturday Night         $ ______________                    let me know and I’ll try to match you up with someone
Lodging total amount due by May 15 $ ___________ Rooms are limited **SMOKE & ALCOHOL FREE CAMPUS**
I understand that my money can be returned, less a $25 per class processing fee until May 24th.
After that, no refunds unless class is cancelled.

Signature of applicant:                       _________________________ Date: ___________
Please make checks out to: Weavin’ in Winona
                        Mail to: Deb Mather - 2075 Edgewood Dr NE -Owatonna MN 55060
If questions, email: or call. Phone: 507-451-8571 Cell: 507-456-6532
Tau Conference Center
     building of
Winona State University

                           Pictures from
                          Weavin’ in Winona

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