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									     Cost saving strategies for business to address climate change
     and carbon reduction
     There are a number of global trends that are increasing the need for corporate environmental responsibility. Business is
     beginning to see the impacts of climate change in terms of pressure from the supply chain. Some large companies have
     indicated that they are planning to implement eco-efficiency supply chain strategies in Australia. Overseas major retail chains
     are already embedding environmental requirements into their supplier contracts; which means you may lose work and miss
     opportunities if you cannot demonstrate ‘green’ or sustainable systems.

     Consumers are also driving the need for change in      Businesses can undertake carbon audits to see             The guide includes four business stages, one of
     these areas. There is a groundswell of consumer        what their current footprint is and undertake             which your business will sit within. It outlines
     interest in how businesses operate in regards          benchmarking against other similar businesses.            challenges and likely threats in regards to each
     to their reduction in carbon emissions. In             Manufacturers have the opportunity to benchmark           business stage, and strategies to address
     addition, the workforce is becoming increasingly       against world’s best practice with assistance from        potential risk and ensure further growth and
     environmentally aware and is making decisions to       the Queensland Government. The benchmarking               sustainability.
     work for an environmentally friendly employer.         will provide plans for future initiatives to
                                                                                                                      The guide will assist businesses to identify and
                                                            implement sustainable practices within their
     In addition to ensuring that your business is                                                                    implement eco-efficient strategies. Homepage
                                                            business; thus reducing carbon emissions
     ready in terms of any supply chain and consumer                                                                  web addresses have been listed for first point of
                                                            and ensuring financial and environmental
     pressure, there are cost benefits to undertaking                                                                 contact from the providers. You may need to use
     strategies that address climate change, such as                                                                  the internal search facilities on these websites to
     reducing costs in energy, waste and water.             The Department of Employment, Economic                    locate specific programs.
                                                            Development and Innovation has developed
     Even the smallest business has opportunity to
                                                            this guide to assist businesses to identify
     implement strategies to reduce its carbon footprint
                                                            information available to them across state and
     and make savings via considered purchasing
                                                            federal government, tertiary institutions and peak
     decisions with electronic equipment; eco-friendly
                                                            industry organisations.
     office fit-outs; and addressing the issue of eco-
     friendly lighting, cooling and building styles.

     Considering a business                                 Starting a business                                       Growing your business                                     Improving business
     Business characteristics                               Business characteristics                                  Business characteristics                                  performance
     The concept, a business idea that you are              The nurturing stage where the business is legally         The business is now established in the
     considering taking further. Considering product        trading. Products and services are in place and           marketplace. It has regular clientele and income,         Business characteristics
     lines, product development or service provision.       it is attracting its first customers. The focus is on     and tends to run routinely. There is often a need to      The business is experiencing a new period
     You may have a registered company or business          meeting expenses.                                         operate on a more professional level, the focus is        of growth, expanding into new markets and
     name.                                                                                                            on sustainability and profitability.                      distribution channels. It is starting to look at new
                                                            Challenges                                                                                                          avenues of client service and broadening the
     Challenges                                             Establishing market acceptance and                        Challenges                                                customer, service or product range. The focus is
     Early identification of environmental issues           understanding environmental issues that effect            Understanding the impact of climate change and            on return on investment rather than just profit.
     that may potentially effect the business i.e. site     the market: Establishing a niche brand/identity,          how it effects the business, time management              You are possibly considering export initiatives.
     fit-out of environmentally friendly lighting and       intellectual Property (IP), developing marketing          skills - ability to work on the business as apposed
     electronic goods, identifying the stakeholders         strategies, financial management, taxation                to working routinely in the business, knowing             Challenges
     with consideration of a green supply chain: Who        and payroll, customer service, pricing policies,          when to increase staff levels, human resources,           Pressure from the supply chain to implement
     the customers will be and who is the competition,      developing procedures and policies, negative              performance management, developing growth                 sustainable practices, developing complimentary
     considering the right location, gaining the skills     cash flow.                                                strategies, credit control, systems development.          markets and growing supply, management
     needed to run a business, understanding different                                                                                                                          delegation, organisational structure, corporate
     ownership structures, regulatory issues, business      Likely threats                                            Likely threats                                            governance, getting investment ready,
     names.                                                 Choosing wrong location, unprotected IP, poor             Climate change impact via pressure from the               understanding the global market and export
                                                            management, poor financial management, poor               customer and supply chain, complacency,                   strategies, financial strain due to growth.
     Likely threats                                         quality of goods or service, lack of procedures           management remaining entrenched in the
     Poor concept, lack of capital to go beyond             within the business, lack of capital during early         operation of the business rather than at a                Likely threats
     concept, lack of experience.                           phase, low sales, climate change implications.            strategic level (working in the business, not on          Rapid growth straining cash flow, lack of capital to
                                                                                                                      it), incorrect staffing levels, failure to monitor        fund growth, loss of quality, inventory shortages,
     Strategies to consider                                 Strategies to consider                                    performance, failure to monitor creditor accounts,        not meeting volume orders, slow decision making,
     Benchmark the business concept against                 Educate yourself in the LOHAS market (Lifestyles          rising competition.                                       greater competitor awareness (which can also be
     similar businesses, undertake market research          of Health and Sustainability) to understand where                                                                   an asset if they see you as a possible merger or
     on similar businesses and the target market            the business may fit within this new environmental        Strategies to consider                                    acquisition), not understanding the export market,
     (potential customers), products and suppliers,         market and the LOHAS consumer. Develop a                  Undertake time management training, employ                rising above your management competency, loss
     research possible locations (where are the             brand/identity through logos, advertising,                others to undertake the operational work within           of sales due to the ‘green competitive market’.
     competitors, customers), boom areas (new market        publicity, customer service, quality, trademark           the business, dedicate time to working on
     opportunities), undertake business skills courses/     IP such as logos, business and product names,             growth strategies, monitor production levels and          Strategies to consider
     workshops, seek specialist financial and legal         undertake marketing courses or engage marketing           cash flow, implement quality control and lean             Monitor your cash flow and evaluate capital
     advice, undertake business name searches and           specialists, undertake bookkeeping and other              procedures, undertake benchmarking appropriate            requirements, consider investment input
     register business name and/or company name if          financial workshops, engage a bookkeeper and/             to the business, measure the businesses carbon            through business angels, joint ventures, venture
     taking step to start-up stage. Develop a business      or an accountant, register for Australian Business        footprint and develop and embed environmentally           capitalists, bank finance. Avoid procrastination,
     plan, educate yourself on the impact of climate        Number (ABN), tax file number, market research,           sustainable practices.                                    and monitor competitor activity. If exporting,
     change and possible flow on effects through your       monitor cash flow, re-visit the business plan                                                                       seek appropriate advice, engage management
     potential supply chain. Consider what you can          and adjust as needed. Consider environmental                                                                        with appropriate skills and experience. Form a
     do to lessen environmental impact through the          strategies when undertaking store or factory fit-                                                                   board of non executive directors to assist with
     supply chain, your operating procedures and the        out such as energy usage and waste management.                                                                      management strategies, measure the business’s
     equipment you install.                                                                                                                                                     carbon footprint and implement carbon strategy
                                                                                                                                                                                plan, implement disaster recovery plan.

     The following chart will help you to identify products and services available, applicable to your business stage. * indicates information is in two categories

       Air | energy | fuel | waste | water
       Considering        Starting         Growing   Improving         Resource            Department/                                     Services provided                                              Contact details

                                                                 Clean Energy Council     Industry          The Clean Energy Council is an amalgamation of the Australian Wind Energy 
                                                                                          Assoc.            Industry Association (Auswind) and the Australian Business Council for
                                                                                                            Sustainable Energy (BCSE). The clean energy sector is focused on tackling
                                                                                                            climate change in Australia.
                                                                 Cleaner fuels Grant      Federal           Businesses that manufacture or import eligible cleaner fuels can register 
                                                                 Scheme                                     and claim for payments under the cleaner fuels grants scheme through the
                                                                                                            Australian Taxation Office.
                                                                 Energy Efficiency        Federal           The EEO program run by The Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism    
                                                                 Opportunities (EEO)                        is mandatory for businesses that use large amounts of energy. Smaller
                                                                                                            businesses are also encouraged to apply to improve their energy efficiency.
                                                                                                            Smaller power users can conduct an assessment to look at their power
                                                                                                            consumption efficiencies.
                                                                 Energy Grants Credit     Federal           This Australian Taxation Office scheme will help reduce costs for those who
                                                                 Scheme                                     use alternative fuels in their businesses.
                                                                 Ethanol Production       Federal           Eligible Australian ethanol producers can apply for funding from AusIndustry
                                                                 Grants (EPG)                               under the EPG program that supports the use of biofuels in transport.
                                                                 Enhanced Project         Federal           AusIndustry provides tariff duty concessions on eligible capital goods    
                                                                 By-law Scheme                              of significant sized projects in the mining, resource processing, food
                                                                 (EPBS)                                     processing, food packaging, manufacturing, agriculture, and gas, power and
                                                                                                            water supply industries.
                                                                 Product Stewardship      Federal           The Australian Taxation Office product stewardship for oil program provides
                                                                 for Oil Program                            benefits to eligible recyclers of used oil and businesses who use selected
                                                                                                            used oil.
                                                                 Smart Energy             State             The Queensland Government's Smart Energy Savings Program is a legislative 
                                                                 Savings Program                            initiative effective from 1 July 2009 introduced through the Clean Energy Act
                                                                 (SESP)                                     2008. The program will require participating businesses to undertake an
                                                                                                            energy audit, develop an Energy Savings Plan and publish their actions for
                                                                                                            each relevant site, on a five-yearly cycle.
                                                                 Solar Bonus Scheme       State             The Solar Bonus Scheme commenced on 1 July 2008. Customers can claim      
                                                                                                            the solar bonus by contacting their electricity retailer with grid-connected
                                                                                                            electricity. The Queensland Government Solar Bonus Scheme is a program
                                                                                                            that pays domestic and other small energy customers for the surplus
                                                                                                            electricity generated from roof-top solar photovoltaic (PV) systems that is
                                                                                                            exported to the Queensland grid.
                                                                 Solar Credits            Federal           Solar Credits replace the Solar Homes and Communities Plan as the Government’s
                                                                                                            primary means of supporting the installation of solar power systems. Schools can
                                                                                                            apply for grants from the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts
                                                                                                            under the National Solar Schools Program until June 2015.

       General Funding Incentives | Grants | Investment
       Considering        Starting         Growing   Improving         Resource            Department/                                     Services provided                                              Contact details

                                                                 Australian Association Not for profit      The AAAI is the not for profit national industry association representing
                                                                 of Angel Investors                         Australian business angels networks, individual business angel investors and
                                                                 Limited (AAAI)                             organisations that support the growth of business angel investment in Australia
                                                                 Business and Industry State                A Queensland Government funding incentive available to businesses to undertake
                                                                 Transformation                             projects that promote the transformation of business and priority industry
                                                                 Incentive Scheme                           sectors in Queensland. It focuses on projects that drive Queensland towards an
                                                                 (BITI)                                     internationally competitive, sustainable and knowledge-intensive future.
                                                                 Brisbane City Council    Local             The Environmental Grants Program provides funding to community based      
                                                                 - Environmental                            groups and organisations who address local or citywide community
                                                                 Grants                                     environment issues.
                                                                 Clean Business           Federal           The Climate Ready Program is one of the three elements of the $240 million
                                                                 Australia (Climate                         Clean Business Australia initiative. The AusIndustry program provides grants
                                                                 Ready Program)                             from $50,000 up to $5million on a matching funding basis to support research
                                                                                                            and development, proof-of-concept and early-stage commercialisation
                                                                                                            activities to develop solutions to climate change challenges.
                                                                 Commercialising       Federal              COMET is provided by AusIndustry and offer business assistance and        
                                                                 Emerging Technologies                      merit based financial assistance to successful applicants to commercialise          (Innovation and R&D)
                                                                 (COMET)*                                   innovative products.
                                                                 Enterprise Connect *     Federal           Enterprise Connect supports Australian small and medium enterprises       
                                                                                                            (SMEs) and offers a tailored advisory service providing funding to implement
                                                                                                            actions identified in the Business Review, placement of researchers into
                                                                                                            business to develop and implement new commercial ideas.
                                                                 Federal Government       Federal           An online alphabetical Federal and State Government grants finder for     
                                                                 Grants and                                 business.                                                                           (Grants and assistance)
                                                                 Assistance Finder
                                                                 Re-tooling for Climate Federal             This program provided by AusIndustry helps small and medium sized         
                                                                 Change                                     Australian manufacturers reduce their environmental footprint, through              (See ‘Climate Change’ under
                                                                                                            projects that improve the energy and/or water efficiency of their production        Grants and assistance)
                                                                                                            processes. The program provides grants of between $10,000 and $500,000,
                                                                                                            up to a maximum of half of the cost of each project.
                                                                 Queensland               State             The Queensland Renewable Energy Fund supports the development and         
                                                                 Renewable Energy                           deployment of renewable energy generation technologies in Queensland that
                                                                 Fund (QREF)                                are beyond proof of concept, with $50million available over five years.
                                                                 Queensland Rural     State                 QRAA provides a wide range of financial programs to assist Queensland     
                                                                 Adjustment Authority                       primary producers increased productivity, profitability and sustainability.
                                                                 (QRAA) Assistance
                                                                 Smart Futures Fund       State             The Smart Futures Fund is focused on supporting researchers in world class
                                                                                                            research institutes, furthering collaboration and the application of research
                                                                                                            in industry, government, and the community to lift economic, social and
                                                                                                            environmental outcomes. Innovation Projects Fund consist of four grant
                                                                                                            programs to fund collaborative cutting edge research projects: National and
                                                                                                            International Research Alliances Program; Research-Industry Partnerships
                                                                                                            Program; Proof of Concept Fund; and Innovation Skills Fund.
                                                                 The Green Building       Federal           The Green Building Fund provided by Ausindustry ($90million over four     
                                                                 Fund                                       years) aims to reduce the impact of Australia’s built environment on
                                                                                                            greenhouse gas emissions, by reducing the energy consumed in the
                                                                                                            operation of existing office buildings.

       General Environmental
       Considering        Starting         Growing   Improving         Resource            Department/                                     Services provided                                              Contact details

                                                                 Department of       State                  The role of DERM is to manage climate change and protect the environment  
                                                                 Environment and                            through leadership in conserving Queensland’s landscapes, enabling
                                                                 Resource Management                        sustainable development, improving business and industry’s environmental
                                                                 (DERM) website                             performance, and building community knowledge and participation.
                                                                 ecoBiz                   State             Department of Environment and Resource Management’ ecoBiz program         
                                                                                                            assists businesses identify efficiencies in waste, water and energy for
                                                                                                            financial and environmental benefits. In addition ecoBiz has rebate
                                                                                                            assistance for projects ranges from $1,000 to maximum of $150,000, with
                                                                                                            the rebate payable after completion of activities identified in the ecoBiz
                                                                                                            action plan prepared by the participating business.
                                                                 i.lab incubator Pty Ltd State              i.lab’s purpose is to facilitate the development of high technology industries
                                                                                                            in Queensland by providing mentoring and support for entrepreneurs. It does
                                                                                                            this by nurturing start-up technology businesses over a two year period.
                                                                                                            i.lab also has external members and offers “virtual incubation” giving
                                                                                                            businesses the flexibility to choose where they work from - while still being
                                                                                                            able to access the full support and benefits.
                                                                 Queensland State         State             A Queensland Government website for government officers who have    
                                                                 Procurement Policy                         purchasing responsibilities and for suppliers wanting to do business with the
                                                                                                            Queensland Government. Sustainable procurement is an essential part of the
                                                                                                            Queensland Government’s commitment to sustainable development and to
                                                                                                            protecting the environment, and to doing business with socially responsible
                                                                                                            and ethical suppliers.

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               Industry Bodies | Associations | Tertiary Institutions
               Considering   Starting        Growing        Improving              Resource            Department/                                      Services provided                                                           Contact details

                                                                            Australian Water                            AWA is an independent, not-for-profit association for water professionals.            
                                                                            Association (AWA)
                                                                            Air Pollution        Industry               APCEMA is the national body representing the interests of companies involved          
                                                                            Control Equipment    Assoc.                 in the dust and fume control industry. APCEMA’s primary purpose is to provide
                                                                            Manufacturers                               a technical expertise resource for governments and industry, and enhance the
                                                                            Association (APCEMA)                        skills of designers, users and specifiers of air pollution control equipment.
                                                                            Good Environmental         Not for profit   GECA delivers Australia's national life cycle based ecolabeling program with          
                                                                            Choice Australia Ltd                        a commitment to credible product environmental information for sustainable
                                                                            (GECA)                                      consumption.
                                                                            School of                  Tertiary         The faculty has two advisory boards, one for the environmental programs               
                                                                            Environment, Griffith                       and another for urban and environmental planning.                                               planning
                                                                            Institute for              Tertiary         ISR is at the forefront of developing practical cost-effective strategies for         
                                                                            Sustainable                                 sustainable development. These strategies take full advantage of QUT's                          programs
                                                                            Resources (ISR),                            advanced expertise in the environmental and mathematical sciences,
                                                                            Queensland                                  engineering, socio-economics, information technology, health and legal
                                                                            University of                               frameworks. ISR has six major program areas: Climate Change; Water
                                                                            Technology (QUT)                            Systems; Energy Systems; Environmental Trading; Biosecurity; and
                                                                                                                        Development and Infrastructure.
                                                                            Eco-Efficiency             Tertiary         The Toolkit, provided by The UNEP Working Group for Cleaner Production in             
                                                                            tool kits and fact                          the food industry through UniQuest, outlines the environmental challenges
                                                                            sheet, University of                        faced by food processors and discusses how the application of Eco-
                                                                            Queensland                                  efficiency strategies can ensure the efficient use of resources, a decrease in
                                                                                                                        waste production and an increase in profitability. The website provides eco-
                                                                                                                        efficiency programs and tool kits for various industries.

               Awards | Events
               Considering   Starting        Growing        Improving              Resource            Department/                                      Services provided                                                           Contact details

                                                                            Queensland                 State            The Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) hosts                    
                                                                            Sustainable                                 the Queensland Sustainable Industries Awards which recognise outstanding
                                                                            Industries Awards                           environmental business projects, and showcase Queensland business
                                                                                                                        leaders, companies and technologies that have set new benchmarks in
                                                                                                                        environmental performance.
                                                                            QWESTnet Forums            State            QWESTNet provide bi-monthly information and networking forums for                     
                                                                            (Queensland                                 sustainable technology users and providers, presenting independent
                                                                            Water and Energy                            overviews and case studies on relevant technologies.
                                                                            Suncorp Queensland                          The awards program, by Urban Development Institute of Australia, includes a           
                                                                            Awards for                                  category for Environmental Excellence.

               Considering   Starting        Growing        Improving              Resource            Department/                                      Services provided                                                           Contact details

                                                                            Australian                 Federal          AIC is a service organisation which helps businesses, including research              
                                                                            Institute for                               organisations and government, achieve commercial success. The institute
                                                                            Commercialisation                           provides advice, solutions and tools, which help people improve their
                                                                            (AIC)                                       commercialisation skills and convert ideas into successful outcomes.
                                                                            Commercialising            Federal          COMET aims to provide a range of assistance to companies or individuals               
                                                                            Emerging                                    in order to help them commercialise innovative products via business
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (Innovation and R&D)
                                                                            Technologies                                assistance and merit based financial assistance to successful applicants.
                                                                            (COMET) *

               Considering   Starting        Growing        Improving              Resource            Department/                                      Services provided                                                           Contact details

                                                                            Eco-efficiency             State            A Queensland Government supported project that provides information and               
                                                                            for Queensland                              assistance for manufacturers to reduce costs and maintain competitiveness
                                                                            Manufacturers                               through implementing eco-efficiency practices, whilst becoming more
                                                                                                                        sustainable and adapting to the pressures of a carbon constrained economy.
                                                                            Enterprise Connect         Federal          Enterprise Connect supports Australian small and medium enterprises                   
                                                                                                                        (SMEs) facing rapidly changing business environment. Assistance includes;
                                                                                                                        Business Review - a comprehensive analysis of your firm, carried out on site
                                                                                                                        by skilled Enterprise Connect business advisors; Tailored Advisory Service
                                                                                                                        providing funding to implement actions identified in the Business Review -
                                                                                                                        offers the placement of researchers into business to develop and implement
                                                                                                                        new commercial ideas.
                                                                            Journey to                 State            A resource developed by Department of Employment, Economic                            
                                                                            sustainable                                 Development and Innovation to provide a pathway to worlds best practice
                                                                            manufacturing                               for manufacturers and access government assistance in achieving
                                                                            excellence                                  manufacturing excellence and sustainability.
                                                                            Manufacturing              State            The PROBE for Manufacturing Microscope audit helps measure a businesses               
                                                                            Microscope                                  current performance level against world class businesses, enabling the
                                                                                                                        business to track real gains by comparing its performance against that of
                                                                                                                        its competitors. It helps identify operational strengths and weaknesses and
                                                                                                                        areas for improvement.
                                                                            QMI Solutions              State            QMI Solutions is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping industry          
                                                                                                                        on the journey to manufacturing excellence through research, education, and
                                                                                                                        implementation of world class practices and technologies; recognised as
                                                                                                                        Australia's premier 'technology diffusion agency'.

               Information Guide | Fact Sheets
               Considering   Starting        Growing        Improving              Resource            Department/                                      Services provided                                                           Contact details

                                                                            ClimateSmart               State            A comprehensive online resource for business and community with an                    
                                                                            Business                                    environmental focus; information fact sheets; carbon calculator and links to                    (Your Business)
                                                                                                                        environmental resources.
                                                                            Department of              State            An information hotline and website to access assistance for all business              
                                                                            Employment,                                 stages, including benchmarking information, business planning tools,
                                                                            Economic                                    workshops and seminars, fact sheets, and web diagnostic tools.
                                                                            Development and
                                                                            Innovation Business
                                                                            hotline and website
                                                                            Eco-efficiency fact   State                 Developed by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Working                    
                                                                            sheets for the marine                       Group for Cleaner Production based at the University of Queensland, in
                                                                            industry                                    collaboration with Queensland Government. Eco-efficiency for the marine
                                                                                                                        industry is a series of fact sheets providing well-researched and easy to
                                                                                                                        use advice and ideas on minimising waste and reducing input costs and
                                                                                                                        environmental impacts in the marine industries.
                                                                            Environmental              State            A directory developed by the Department of Employment, Economic                                 www.environment.industry.qld.
                                                                            Industry Capability                         Development and Innovation showcasing over 500 Queensland                             
                                                                            Directory                                   environmental technologies and services companies which provide a diverse
                                                                                                                        range of environmental products and expertise.
                                                                            Food Processing            State            Guidelines and opportunities for saving water within commercial laundries,            
                                                                            Water Saving                                food processing, food services and metal finishing.
                                                                            Water Efficiency           State            The Queensland Water Commission’s WEMP guidelines and tools will assist               
                                                                            Management Plan                             non-residential water users, water efficiency assessors and service providers
                                                                            (WEMP) guidelines                           complete their water efficiency management plans and drive further savings.
                                                                            and tools

                                                                                                                                             All information contained in this document was correct at time of printing and is subject to change without notification.
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                                                           change over time. To contribute to this directory, or to update your details, please
                                                           While information in this guide is correct at time of printing, some details may

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                                                                                                                          Economic Development and Innovation centres, use the
                                                                                                                          With a statewide network of Department of Employment,

                    Environmental technologies and services guide
                    for Queensland businesses
                        Pointing business in the right direction to access environmental products and services

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