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					         AS IT IS IN HEAVEN
                   CAST LIST

PEGGY      Shelley Barber

HANNAH     Andrea Love

PHEBE      Katie Schrum

RACHEL     Johanna Alexander

BETSY      Dani Herd

IZZY       Molly Saunders

FANNY      Emily Thrower

POLLY      Madeline Paschen

JANE       Molly Roza
                                   AS IT IS IN HEAVEN
Character    Actress             Notes
• PEGGY      Shelley Barber      The oldest, the cook. Somewhat dottering,
                                 but tenderhearted. Browns preferred.

•   HANNAH   Andrea Love         The leader of the community. Stern and
                                 imposing, but with a kind side. Middle aged.
                                 Should be the most conservatively dressed, gray preferred.

•   PHEBE    Katie Schrum        The most stern and judgmental. Older. Cool

•   RACHEL   Johanna Alexander   Kind and pure of heart. Slightly nervous.
                                 Middle aged. Warm palate, rust preferred.

•   BETSY    Dani Herd           The local gossip. Bubbly, middle-aged. Print

•   IZZY     Molly Saunders      A teenager. Excitable, much younger. Warm
                                 palate, floral preferred.

•   FANNY    Emily Thrower       A newcomer. She sees angels and is at the
                                 center of the growing controversy. Young. Should stand out. Pale blue preferred.

•   POLLY    Madeline Paschen    A newcomer and former prostitute. Bitter,
                                 strong-willed, chafes under discipline. Actress has red-orange hair. Young.

•   JANE     Molly Roza          Depressed, cried constantly. Young but aged
                                           from hardship. A newcomer but more established than the newcomers. Cool palate-
                                           purples preferred.

General Notes:

•   Gathered skirts are preferred over pleated.
•   Can we get bloomers/pantalettes from you? We only need 2 sets, for Izzy and Fanny.
                                             AS IT IS IN HEAVEN

                                                 Possible Cues

p.   Area / Description

11   preset up
11   house to half
11   house out
11   preset out
11   C&L             prayer meeting        general interior
14   DC              interrogation         isolated interior
15   C (broad)       quilting              general
19   DL & UC         walking DS (brighter); snapping beans US (dimmer); ext.
20   UC              snapping beans        shift focus             exterior
20   DL              sweeping              shift focus again       exterior
21   DC              interrogation         isolated interior
22   US              walking; circle DS to US      exterior
23   DC              walking again to DR & DC exterior
25   SR              “vision”       ???
25   Sound           “vision”       ???
25   SL              laundry
28   C               moving benches        transition
29   C               drawing labels        brighten interior
32   Sound           chickens
32   FULL            chicken coop          general exterior
34   FULL            dinner                general int. with “tables” L & R
36   DC              interrogation         isolated interior
37   DC R&C          singing               exterior
38   C & UC          pulling weeds         exterior
40   FULL            picnic                exterior; focus C& R w/ pocket SL
44      SR SL            laundry               exterior fades to interior
47      FULL             worship               begins SR; dance SL
48      Sound            “vision”        ???
48      C                “vision”        ???
49      RC & DL          office meeting        interior
50      DS               interrogation         3 trios, DR/DC/DL
53      US               post fight            exterior
55      RC               testimony             bench; interior
56      RC               song/reset            slight shift in intensity?
56      RC/C             gift to draw          another slight shift or return?
57      RC/C             another testimony     shift
58      DS               father to fetch you   cross R to L
59      FULL             all enter             broaden light (or on previous cue?)
61      FULL             song/march            somewhat dim/muted
62      SR/RC            confession            interior
63      SR/RC            prayer
63                       “vision”        ???
63      Sound            “vision”        ???
64      DL               confrontation         focus DL; others remain SR
66                       “vision”        ???
66      Sound            “vision”        ???
67      UC & SL          office                general interior
68-70   all              many possible cues; discuss
71      UC               reading               isolated
71      C                farewell              office interior
73      FULL             sing with life
75      FULL             curtain call          cue needed?
75      house up, etc.
              Sample Logos

         As It Is In

As It Is In

As It Is In

                                                   PHOTO CALL
#     p.   Cue     Description

1.         15(?)   COMPANY SHOTS
2.    11   4       prayer meeting; all seated / all standing?
3.    14   5       interrogation 1
4.    21   5       interrogation 2
5.    36   5       interrogation 3
6.    19   7       Peggy & Izzy snapping beans US; Hannah & Fanny DL
7.    23   12      Fanny, Polly & Izzy: “Like a thousand humming birds.”
8.    29   14      Polly & Betsey drawing labels w/ Peggy seated:
                   “Are you drawing trees?”
9.    32   15      chicken coop: “The chickens got loose.”
10.   40   20      picnic: all
11.   40   20      picnic: “What do you see Sister Fanny?”
12.   44   21      laundry: “Comet—that old bull?”
13.   47   22      “Followers of Emmanuel”
14.   49   23      office meeting: “They’re not doing their chores.”
15.   50   24      interrogation; 3 trios
16.   53   24      after fight: “They threw rocks at us.” / “It’s not bleeding.”
17.   58   28      Izzy’s exit; semi-circle
18.   62   30      confession: “We will no longer indulge these false gifts.”
19.   64   32      Hannah & Fanny SL; others SR:
                          “Holy Mother Wisdom grant me this prayer.”
20.   68   34      “I have a gift”
21.   69   34.5(?) “Halleluia!”
22.   70   35 (?) “Please!”
23.   71   37      washing feet
24.   71   37      farewell to Fanny
                                         AS IT IS IN HEAVEN
                                                  Property List

                                             Updated:        10/24/08

Scene      Page   Description

1.5        20     Green beans, pots (PEGGY, IZZY)

1.6        20     Brooms (FANNY, POLLY)

1.8-9      25     Laundry basket with laundry (BETSY, JANE)

1.11       31     Colored paper heart (POLLY, BETSY, POLLY)

1.13       34     Forks [instead of “Small dowels”] (ALL)

1.16       38     Baskets for weeds (POLLY, IZZY, FANNY)

1.17       40     Large cloths, baskets for food but not modern picnic baskets   (BETSY,

1.17       40     Blanket (BETSY)

1.17       41     String for Jacob’s Ladder (IZZY)

1.18       44     Laundry [possibly using picnic cloths above]
                  (RACHEL, PHEBE, BETSY, PEGGY)

1.18       46     Sheet (POLLY, FANNY)
2.2    55   Writing paper and pen/pencil (RACHEL, POLLY)

2.3    56   Bowl (PEGGY)

2.6    58   Small suitcase, cloak (PEGGY)

2.14   72   Copper bowl, cloth (HANNAH)
An interesting departure from the typical social dancing, the Shakers used dancing as part of
their religious ritual.

They did not follow set figures as did dancers of
more mainstream dances but rather freely
engaged in several distinctive moves, such as
whirling and marching.

Supposedly led by inspiration, the Shakers would
whirl rapidly, propelling themselves in circles by
having one foot continually stepping around the
other. Much of the time the whirling would
continue for ten or fifteen minutes, though it was
known in some instances to have lasted for up to
forty-minutes. The Shakers believed that in order
to obtain religious revelation one had to labor; part   This D.W.Kellogg lithograph entitled "Shakers, their
                                                        mode of worship" highlights the untraditional
of this endeavor involved writhing and twirling of      movements. A detail of the faces and body positions of
the body. Though seemingly eccentric, this ritual       the Shaker dancers is available here.
                                                                CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE
was a key part of Shaker religious culture.

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