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        News just for you from The PArenT CirCle

  ABC’s of preschool
   learn basics at seminar                                      at ease. The discussion is Sunday, Nov. 18 from 4-6 p.m.
                                                                at St. Matthews Episcopal Church, 2120 Lincoln Ave.,
                                                                Evanston. This is a great opportunity to learn about

   by kathy mcdermott                                           preschools even if your child may not be attending next
                 tarting to think about preschool or know       year. Many Evanston preschools offer parent/tot classes
                 you will be at some point in your fu-          to transition children into going on their own.
                 ture? Deciding when and where to send             Bonnie Silverman, who will present our annual per-
                 your child to preschool is the first of many   school overview, has 20 years of preschool teaching ex-
                 educational decisions that a parent must       perience and is director of the Jewish Reconstructionist
                 make. Come to our Preschool Basics semi-       Congregation’s Early Childhood Program. Admission
   nar to hear more about the types of different preschools,    is free for The Parent Circle members and $5 for non-
   how to decide when your child is ready for preschool and     members. For more information or to RSVP contact,
   learn more about the application process for Evanston        Kathy McDermott at (847) 604-0989 or programming@
   preschools.                                         Need babysitting? Please let us know
     Bring your questions and concerns, and put your mind       when you RSVP so we can provide appropriate staff.

‘tis the season to help
Care packages for pediatric ward parents
by karen kellams                           hours in the emergency room, she was
  Many of my best childhood memories       admitted, and we spent Christmas at
are of the winter holidays: Singing “Si-   Evanston Hospital.
lent Night” by candlelight on Christ-         I can’t say enough about the incred-       jusT for kids
mas Eve. Barreling down the stairs         ible care and attention Lily received         Of course, we have to do
with my sisters on Christmas morning       from her nurses and doctors. But it           something for the kids. So,
to search for our overstuffed stockings.   was still our loneliest Christmas on re-      we’re also hosting a crayon
Quiche, coffee cake and sparking or-       cord. We insisted our families carry on       and coloring book drive.
ange juice for breakfast.                  with their plans. And we sat in Lily’s        The hospital never has
  Before our daughter Lily was born,       dark hospital room, fearing ridiculous        enough, so we’ll be taking
my husband and I talked excitedly          things, watching Elmo’s World as the          donations at the Holiday
about what our own family traditions       i.v. fluids slowly made her stronger.         Party. Look for details in
would be. Sadly, they were put on hold        Before Lily was released the day af-       December’s “Scoop.”
last year when a stomach bug made Lily
violently sick on Christmas Eve. After                          See help on page 3
2007-2008                   prEsidEnT’s pEn by julie o ’ hare
Julie O’Hare

Vice President
                            Staying sane
Melissa Haak
                                              onight I found myself in a very familiar place. Water was boil-
Secretary                                     ing for pasta, the vegetables still needed to be cooked, the table
Jamie Hochman Herz
                                              was a mess with the day’s activities, the baby was crying and
Treasurer                                     the older kids were growing more impatient as they were get-
Allyson Ward                                  ting hungry. Most often, I find this time of the day to be the
                                              biggest challenge. And even though I know this and anticipate
Adult Special events        it, I still find that I get anxious and irritable, just like the kids. If this doesn’t
Wendy Burgess
                            sound familiar to you, consider yourself lucky.
Babysitting Co-op              For the rest of us, here are some distrac-    I’ve learned to manage my expectations on
Stephanie Casey             tion techniques (and other tidbits) that         how clean my house “needs” to be.
                            friends or I have used to get through some          Double the love: All three of my kids have
Children’s Special          of those “moments” when you wish Calgon          taken to a “lovey,” a special stuffed animal,
events                      could take you away. Some may be familiar        to help them fall asleep. It wasn’t until the
By committee                to you and others may be worth a try. Grant-     third child that I wised up to getting two of
                            ed, all kids are different and what works for    the same lovey. (You never know when one
Fund raising                one may not work for another. I’ve tried to      might get lost, which makes bedtime much
Lacey Ogbolumani            put them in order from age of child (new-        harder, or even impossible!) It also makes
                            born to preschool).                              it easier to wash one when your baby has
hospitality                    Swaddling: If a nurse at the hospital         the other; just make sure you wash them
By committee                didn’t show you how to swaddle your new-         similarly so baby can’t tell them apart.
                            born and you’ve never learned how to wrap           Care for yourself: Make sure to take care
Marketing/events            your baby up like a burrito, this could be       of yourself. I know this is hard to do when
Sherri Sipes                one that helps soothe your little one. I took    there is a lot of demand for your time, but a
                            this one for granted until I was talking to a    happier mommy/daddy makes for a happier
Marketing/Web Site          friend shortly after her first baby was born.    kid. Recently, I realized I was on edge every
Allyson Ward                She was at her wit’s end trying to comfort       day around the same time. Of course, it was
                            her newborn and I mentioned swaddling in         simple: I wasn’t eating enough at lunch, if
Member-at-large             passing. She hadn’t been taught to do this.      at all. Time had just gotten away from me.
Svetlana Bekman             Once she got the hang of it, her daughter        This also applies to sleeping: “Sleep when
                            calmed down and my friend was a happier          the baby sleeps” helped me get through
Membership                  mother!                                          those tough days with a newborn. And I still
Diane Lequar                   Be realistic: I have heard from so many       try to do this when I can!
Jean Singer                 mothers, “I never knew breastfeeding could          Diaper distraction: During the first year,
                            be so hard” or “I never thought I wouldn’t       I have found a mobile above the changing
newsletter                  have enough supply to feed my baby.” I           table or, once they are old enough, a toy
Jennifer Botchway, editor   know this can be mentally, physically and        to hold helps distract babies while chang-
Karen Kellams, designer     even emotionally draining when you’re in         ing their diaper. Having said this, it rarely
                            the middle of it, but please try not to be       works for my 11-month-old any longer.
Formal Playgroups           too hard on yourself. If you try breastfeed-     (She is squirmy during diaper changes! So,
Betsy Sheikh                ing and it doesn’t work for you and/or your      if you have other ideas, would you mind
                            baby, kudos to you for at least trying!          posting them at or e-mailing
Drop-in Playgroups             Letting go: If someone offers help, accept    me?)
Shawna Myers                it! And don’t be afraid to ask. If you need a       Anytime distraction: It’s simple and it’s
                            loaf of bread but just can’t make it to the      one most babies will like. My sister-in-law
Programming                 store, ask someone you know. Most people         taught me a little ditty that goes like this,
Kathy McDermott             are more than happy to help. Unfortunate-        “Tap, tap, tapping on the table. Tap, tap,
                            ly, I didn’t learn this one until my second      tapping on the table…’til it’s time to STOP .”
                            baby was born, but I’m glad I eventually         Show the baby how to tap on the table/
                            did. Along the same line, let the cleaning go.
2                           This was hard for me in the beginning, but                                 See pen on page 3
                                   pen from page 2
book rEviEw                        highchair (or grocery cart or knees…          while they are picking up seems to
by karen kellams
                                   you get the idea) along with the song.        somehow motivate them. As they get
                                   When you get to STOP throw your               the hang of it, see if they can get all the
                                   arms in the air. Babies love to do this       cars cleaned up before you get through
                                   and eventually anticipate it.                 the song twice, etc.
                                      Mealtime distraction: Make a place-           Kids love to categorize. “You pick up
                                   mat by using clear contact paper over         all the toys with wheels and I’ll pick up
                                   artwork or a chosen subject. (No need         all the toys that make noise.”
                                   to laminate.) When my daughter was               Playing with patterns. My daugh-
                                   about 2, we printed the alphabet us-          ter loves to play the “sorting” game.
                                   ing bright colors. As I was making din-       She takes the clean laundry from the
                                   ner, she would sit in her highchair and       laundry basket before it’s folded and
                                   I would ask her to find, for instance,        makes patterns. She’ll find some-
                                   the “L.” As she got older, she used a         thing of hers, followed by her broth-
turn out                           white sheet of paper over it to trace the     er’s, then her sister’s until the basket
                                   letters. We got our mileage out of that       is empty and she has a complete pat-
the lights                         placemat!                                     tern. Then she’ll go through and pick
with ‘stars’                          Pick your battles: When you find
                                   yourself in a struggle with your child,
                                                                                 up just hers, fold what she can and
                                                                                 give the rest to me. Then she does the
“The Stars Will Still Shine”       determine whether this is a battle im-        same with her brother’s clothes, etc.
[Cynthia Rylant, author            portant enough to keep fighting. Some-        It’s all sorted for me and she’s learn-
Tiphanie Beeke, illustrator]       times it is…sometimes it isn’t.               ing to fold!
I’ve learned my lesson: Stop          Cleaning up: Teaching a child to              Going first: For siblings fighting
buying the keep-my-kid-in-         clean up can be a real trying task and        over who goes first or who gets to
the-cart book while shopping       we certainly have not mastered it, but        choose what to do next, try this. Every
at Target. Inevitably, I’m stuck   here are a couple of things that have         odd day is X’s turn to go first/make de-
reading “Dora’s Costume            worked for us.                                cisions (within reason) and every even
Party” every night for three          A little water can go a long way. After    day is Y’s turn.
weeks. Sure, Lily can count        the baby is finished eating, I let her play      And last but not least, just HAVE
perfectly in Spanish now. But      in a bowl with just a little water. It gets   FUN! Make sure you reserve time to
I’m tired—if not totally sick—     her clean and it gives me enough time         have fun with your kids every day, even
of reading it.                     to finish eating or clean up. She spills      if it’s only for a short while.
But there is nothing sweeter       it, but it’s only water and easy to wipe         A friend of mine once told me that
than discovering a story that      up. The high chair has a lip around the       “these can be the longest days, but the
both parent and child enjoy.       edges so it is mostly contained.              shortest years.” I hope you find one or
We found just that during a           A simple song can help. Ours is            two ideas that help get you through
recent library trip when we        not original and goes something like,         the “longest days.” Happy parenting
picked “The Stars Will Still       “Clean up, clean up, everybody, every-        and Happy Thanksgiving!
Shine” by Cynthia Rylant.          where…” Having the child sing along
Rylant’s lyrical text takes us
through the year, reminding
us “There will be goodness,
                                   help from page 1
there will be grace. There will
be light, in every dark place.”
                                   ter Christmas, the nurses brought in a         who spend their holidays in the hos-
The story’s warm and colorful
                                   bundle of presents for her—a handmade          pital. After sharing the idea with some
illustrations show a reassuring
                                   blanket, a puzzle, a book and a baby doll      Parent Circle board members, they
look at life, friendship, faith
                                   that quickly became her favorite. We           decided to make it our winter char-
and family. A very calming
                                   were so grateful to finally see a smile        ity project! We’ll be donating gift bags
cold-weather bedtime tale,
                                   on her little face. The gifts were all do-     to Evanston Hospital this winter, and
Lily calls it the “cozy book.”
                                   nated, designed to cheer up a child af-        you can help.
Yes, we’re still reading Dora      ter such a scary and painful experience.         Join us on to assemble the care pack-
every night. But “Stars” is al-    And they did just that.                        ages on Saturday, Dec. 8 at 10 a.m. at
ways last before we turn out         So, we were inspired to start a new          Karen Kellams’ house, 1616 Main St.,
the light.                         family tradition: We’d make care                Evanston. Please RSVP to karenkellams
                                   packages for the parents of children 

Fall into fun                                                                           Toys for ToTs!
                                                                                        Just in time for the holidays,
                                                                                        The Parent Circle has some

for UniCeF
                                                                                        suggestions for toys that are
                                                                                        durable and provide years of
                                                                                        >> Dump truck
                                                                                        (like Little Tikes Handle

by stephanie casey                                                                      Haulers Haul and Ride)
                     ant to have a fun night out with the family                        >> Little People toys
                     AND help raise money for UNICEF? Then                              from Fisher-Price
                     attend the UNICEF Fall Carnival on Friday,                         >> Musical instruments
                     Nov. 2 from 5:30-8 p.m. It will be held at First                   >> Roller coaster bead maze
                     United Methodist Church of Evanston, located                       (like in doctors’ offices)
                     at 516 Church St. There will be lots of games                      >> Ride-on toys
appropriate for preschool-aged children, including a cakewalk and                       >> Train table
a fishing derby.                                                                        >> LeapStart
  A catered dinner with food from many favorite Evanston res-                           by LeapFrog Learning Table
taurants will be in the dining room. Cost is $30 per family, which                      >> Kitchen set
includes an unlimited number of games and dinner for the whole                          >> LEGO sets
  Tickets can be purchased only at the door. Come have a feel-good
night with the family!

drop-in playgroup
Explore The Family Room’s new location
by shawna myers
   This month Drop-In Playgroup will         daTEs
venture outside the comforts of Rid-         Wednesday, Nov. 14
geville Community House and start            9:30-11:30 a.m.
exploring other places in Evanston. We       The Family Room, 3009 Central St.
check out The Family Room in their new
location on Central Street. The Family       Cost: $12 per family
Room is staffed by professionals in the
                                             Wednesday, Nov. 28
field of child development. Not only do
                                             9:30-11:30 a.m.
you find an exciting, safe, nurturing,
                                             Ridgeville Community House,
creative space for children ages birth to
                                             908 Seward St., Evanston
4 years, but you can also pick up some
                                             Cost: free
child development tips, too! The drop-in
class includes art project opportunities
and a group circle time led by the staff.   Ridgeville provides a fun, safe space for
When you arrive, look for Shawna My-        kids of all ages to play and caregivers
ers with the yellow Parent Circle Buck-     to connect! If you have questions about
et so we know you are there!                either date, contact Shawna Myers at
   We will meet at Ridgeville Communi- or (773)
ty House the week after Thanksgiving.       551-3154.

novEmbEr HappEnings by melissa haak

                                                 ? Evanston E
                                             h AT            co
                                         W                    lo

                           MS                                         nt
                         or                                                  No
                        W                                                      v.

                 here’s more to November than turkeys! Changing                        ible). Not recommended for children
                 leaves and cooler weather mean fall festivals and                     under 5 years. For tickets, call (847)
                                                                                       441-0995 or visit http://www.
                 more indoor activities. Nov. 11-17 is Children’s Book       
                 Week so celebrate at one of the local libraries or by
                                                                                       Saturday, Nov. 10, 1:30-3 p.m.:
                 curling up with your little one and reading. It’s also                Worms Eat What?!, Evanston Ecology
                 almost time for the holidays, and holiday events start                Center, 2024 McCormick Blvd., Evan-
to happen at the end of the month. Be sure to check back next month                    ston. Learn how those wiggly worms
to get a full listing of holiday happenings around town. As always,                    will turn food scraps into wonderful
remember to check the listings before heading out the door!                            compost to add to your garden or
                                                                                       houseplants, keeping it out of land-
                                                                                       fills. We’ll touch on some wormy facts
Evanston, Wilmette, Skokie               with eye-catching dance. And you can
                                         join our rhythmic dance ensemble by           by meeting them face-to-face and
Thursday & Saturday, Nov. 1 & 3,                                                       get our hands dirty setting up a mini
noon-5 p.m.: South Branch 90th Birth-    bringing your own homemade percus-
                                         sion instruments! $5 adults, $3 chil-         worm bin to take home. Recommend-
day Celebration, Evanston Public Li-                                                   ed for children aged 5 and older. $20
brary South Branch, 949 Chicago Ave.     dren. Tickets, (847) 467- 4000; info,
                                         (847) 491-5441. http://www.                   per family. (847) 448-8256. http://
Celebrate the South Branch’s 90th                                            
birthday! Come in and sign the birth-
day book and have a cupcake. Story       Saturday & Sunday, Nov. 3 & 4:                Saturday, Nov. 10, 2 p.m.: Read!
time at 2 p.m. on Saturday.              American Girl Fashion Show, Michi-            Read! Read! It’s Magic! Wilmette Pub-
(847) 866-0333.      gan Shores Club, 911 Michigan Ave.,           lic Library auditorium, 1242 Wilmette
                                         Wilmette. The Junior League of Evan-          Ave. Kick of Children’s Book Week with
Saturday, Nov. 3, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.: Fall    ston-North Shore presents this fun,           Dr. Bob, professor of Reading Educa-
Flea Market, Robert Crown Center, 1701   engaging program showcasing histori-          tion, as he juggles, tells stories, and
Main St., Evanston. There’s something    cal and contemporary fashions for             does magic tricks, all to share his love
for everyone at this popular market:     girls and their dolls. The event—which        of books. (847) 256-5025. http://
games, clothes, toys, jewelry and        includes refreshments, party favors, a
household items. (847) 448-8258.         raffle and door prizes—will benefit our
Saturday, Nov. 3, 10:30 a.m.: Boom,      League’s outreach programs for com-           Sunday, Nov. 11, 2:30 p.m.: EISMA
Bam, Tap and Swoosh, Northwestern        munity children. Saturday shows are           Free Concert, Music Institute of Chi-
University Pick-Staiger Concert Hall,    at 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. and Sunday           cago, 1490 Chicago Ave., Evanston.
50 Arts Circle Drive, Evanston. Dis-     at noon and 3:30 p.m. Tickets are $45         Join EISMA (Evanston In School Music
cover an exciting feast of rhythm and    each ($15 is tax-deductible) or tables
motion combining lively percussion       of 10 for $400 ($100 is tax-deduct-                             Continued on page 6
                                                                                       256-5025. http://www.wilmette.lib.
                                                                                       Thursday, Nov. 15, 7-7:30 p.m.: Jam-
                                                                                       mie Time, Evanston Main Library, 1703
                                                                                       Orrington Ave. Put on your pajamas,
                                                                                       bring your favorite blanket and teddy
                                                                                       bear, and join us for a drop-in story
                                                                                       time! For children aged 2 to 9 with
                                                                                       parent or caregiver. No registration
                                                                                       required. (847) 448-8610. http://
                                                                                       Friday, Nov. 16, 6:30-7:30 p.m.: Hi-
                                                                                       bernation Hoe-Down, Evanston Ecol-
                                                                                       ogy Center, 2024 McCormick Blvd.,
                                                                                       Evanston. Have a hootin’ and hollerin’
                                                                                       good time as we say good night to
                                                                                       Evanston’s hibernators! Celebrate the
                                                                                       end of autumn with music, dancing
                                                                                       and refreshments. You’ll even learn a
                         jAMMiE TiME                                                   little about hibernation and dormant
                       Evanston Main Library                                           animals. For all ages; $3.50 per per-
                             Nov. 15                                                   son. Pre-registration required.
                                                                                       (847) 448-8256. http://www.
                                                                                       Friday, Nov. 16, 7 p.m.: Family Night
                                                                                       at the Evanston Main Library, 1703
                                                                                       Orrington Ave. The Evanston Library
                                                                                       Friends present free fun-filled enter-
                                                                                       tainment with all three floors of the
                                                                                       library dedicated to fun with words,
                                                                                       music and amusing entertainment.
                                                                                       Fall Family Night is suitable for pre-
                                                                                       school- to middle school-aged chil-
                                                                                       dren. Each child must bring an adult;
                                                                                       each adult must bring at least one
                                                                                       child! (847) 448-8610. http://
Continued from page 5                       by a featured author and get it auto-
                                            graphed. Registration begins Nov. 1.       Saturday, Nov. 17, 10-11:30 a.m.:
Association) in celebration of 35 years
                                            (847) 673-7774. http://www.                Northwestern University Dolphin
of service to the Evanston schools
                                                          Show, Evanston Main Library, 1703
with performances by Reginald Rob-                                                     Orrington Ave. Meet in the Children’s
inson, Ragtime pianist and MacArthur        Monday, Nov. 12, 2 p.m.: Rockette          Room to see the Northwestern Uni-
“genius,” and the Orquestra de Samba        High Kicks at the Evanston Main Li-        versity Dolphin Show performers
(Brazilian music). (847) 905-1500.          brary, 1703 Orrington Ave. The Rock-       share circus and carnival stories and                   ettes share holiday stories and teach      paint faces. No registration required.
                                            families and children how to perform
Sunday, Nov. 11, 3-4:30 p.m.: Cel-                                                     (847) 448-8610.
                                            Rockette high kicks. No registration
ebrate the Best in Jewish Children’s                                                   Saturday, Nov. 17, 10 a.m.: A Carou-
                                            required. (847) 448-8610. http://
Books, Mary Radmacher Meeting                                                          sel of Songs, Northwestern University
Room, Skokie Public Library, 5215                                                      Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, 50 Arts Cir-
Oakton St. Three Chicago-area re-           Thursday, Nov. 15, 6:30 p.m.: Family       cle Drive, Evanston. The joy of singing
cipients of the Sydney Taylor Book          Reading Night, Wilmette Public Li-         comes alive in this excitingly diverse
Award—Esme Codell, Brenda Ferber,           brary, Youth Program Room, 1242 Wil-       cornucopia of beautiful and entertain-
and Esther Hershenhorn—and Na-              mette Ave. Families are invited to visit   ing song styles. Warm up your vocal
tional Jewish Book Award winner             the library to find a good book and        cords and sing along! $5 adults, $3
Ilene Cooper will participate in a lively   spend some time reading together.          children. For tickets, (847) 467-4000;
presentation ideal for school-aged          There will be giveaways for kids, and
children and adults. Purchase a book        milk and cookies will be served. (847)                       Continued on page 7

Continued from page 6                                                                    and how animals pick their homes.
for info, (847) 491-5441. http://                                                        Regular admission rates apply. (312)                                                                     922-9410. http://www.fieldmuseum.
                                                                    MEET                 org.
Saturday, Nov. 17, 10 a.m.-noon:
Teddy Bear Injury Prevention Clinic,                                CuriouS
Youth Services department, Skokie                                   GEorGE               Suburbs
Public Library, 5215 Oakton St. Bring a                             Chicago              Friday, Nov. 16, 7-8:30 p.m.: Fam-
favorite stuffed animal or doll to this
                                                                    Children’s           ily Owl Prowl, The Grove, 1421 Mil-
interactive workshop on the ABC’s of
                                                                    Museum               waukee Ave., Glenview. Sharp talons,
emergency care. Talk with doctors and
                                                                                         strong beaks and keen vision all help
nurses from Rush North Shore Medi-                                  Nov. 9-11            to make owls the “tigers of the air.”
cal Center, tour an ambulance, have
                                                                                         Learn why owl flight is silent and use
your teddy bear’s injury treated by
                                                                                         some detective work to discover what
emergency staff, learn how to avoid        Chicago                                       these birds eat. Meet The Grove’s owls
injuries, and how to get help if you do
                                           Friday-Sunday, Nov. 9-11 & 23-25:             up close, then hit the trails to search
get hurt. Registration begins Nov. 1.
                                           Meet Curious George, Chicago Chil-            for these magnificent creatures in the
(847) 673-7774. http://www.
                                           dren’s Museum, 700 East Grand Ave at          wild. For ages 5 and up. $7 per per-
                                           Navy Pier. Explore your curiosity when        son. Pre-registration required. (847)
Saturday, Nov. 17, 11-11:30 a.m.:          Curious George: Let’s Get Curious pays        299-6096. http://www.glenviewparks.
Classic Children’s Stories with the Sto-   a visit! This exhibit will lead young visi-   org.
rybook Mom, Youth Program Room,            tors on a fun, interactive science, math
Wilmette Library, 1242 Wilmette Ave.                                                     Sunday, Nov. 18, 1-2:30 p.m.: Me-
                                           and engineering-based adventure.
Nili Yelin, the Storybook Mom, is a                                                      norah Workshop, Park Center, 2400
                                           Regular admission and parking rates
Northwestern Theater graduate who                                                        Chestnut Ave., Glenview. Join ceram-
                                           apply. (312) 527-1000. http://www.
performs frequently at area book-                                                        ics instructor Brenda Ewing to glaze
stores and libraries. Recommended                                                        and fire your very own one-of-a-kind
                                           Saturday, Nov. 10, 11 a.m.-3 p.m.:            9-inch ceramic menorah to display
for ages 3 and older. http://www.
                                           MCA Family Day: When I Grow Up, Mu-           and use this Hanukkah. An adult must
                                           seum of Contemporary Art, 220 East            accompany children under 7. Info:
Sunday, Nov. 20, 5:30 p.m.: Evan-          Chicago Ave. The MCA and Children’s           (847) 724-5670; register: (847) 724-
ston Holiday Tree Lighting in Fountain     Humanities Festival team up to bring          5670.
Square.                                    you hands-on art making, perfor-
Sunday, Nov. 20, 7 p.m.: Family            mances and more. Enjoy sketch com-            Wednesday, Nov. 21, 10-11 a.m.:
Films at the Evanston Main Library,        edy group Barrel of Monkeys as they           Turkey Tales, Lake County Discovery
1703 Orrington Ave. Spend time to-         perform funny and inspiring poetry            Museum, Route 176, west of Fairfield
gether watching family films. This         written by students from Words@Play           Road, Wauconda. Hear Thanksgiv-
month’s film will be “Meet the Rob-        program, and use your imagination to          ing stories, make arts and crafts, and
insons,” a lively, computer-animated       create the Chicago of the future. Be          explore the Discovery Museum. Ages
Disney film that follows the time-trav-    sure to catch our family tours, scaven-       5 and under free with museum admis-
eling adventures of Lewis, a young         ger hunt and raffle. Activities are ap-       sion. Admission $6/adult, $2.50/chil-
orphaned inventor who is determined        propriate for all ages unless otherwise       dren over 3 years. (847) 968-3400.
to find his birth mother by using a        noted. Admission to family day is free
“memory scanner,” a device of his          for families with children 12 and under.      museum.
own creation. (847) 448-8610. http://      (312) 280-2660. http://www.                   Friday, Nov. 23-jan. 6: Wonder-                                                    land Express, Chicago Botanic Gar-
Tuesday, Nov. 27, 6:15-7 p.m.:             Saturday, Nov. 17, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.:            den, 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe.
Playtime with Theraplay, Mary Rad-         Family Field Days, Field Museum, 1400         Take a magical trip through 750,000
macher Meeting Room, Skokie Public         S. Lake Shore Dr. In the Spotlight:           twinkling white lights that sparkle
Library, 5215 Oakton St. Staff from        Animal Crackers! Using the Crown              and welcome you and your family to
the Theraplay® Institute will lead         Family Play Lab as a gateway to The           the Garden’s wonderland. Inside the
group games that foster closeness,         Field Museum, we’ll explore animals,          Regenstein Center, a 10,000-square-
trust, joy, and connection between         plants and cultures around the world          foot exhibition of miniature trains
parents and children. For families with    through dramatic play and storytell-          winds over bridges, under trestles,
children aged 3 to 8. Sponsored by         ing. Dress up with your family as             past waterfalls and through dozens
Metropolitan Family Services-Project       your favorite Illinois woodland forest        of Chicago’s favorite landmarks. Free
Thrive. Free; registration required be-    animal. Crawl, hop and fly around the         on Tuesdays. Admission and parking
ginning Nov. 1. (847) 673-7774. http://    museum and visit other animals and            rates apply. (847) 835-5440. http://                    their natural habitats. Find out why

HallowEEn parTy TimE!
Thank you to all who attended and helped make our annual halloween
Party a huge success!

larsa’s for hummus,                                                                                      noTicEs
                                                                                                         Board Meetings: Board meetings usu-

good conversation
                                                                                                         ally take place on the fourth Tuesday of
                                                                                                         each month, except for holidays. Social

                                                                                                         time begins at 7 p.m., meeting at 7:30
                                                            n November, we’ll gather                     p.m. See calendar. Meetings open to all
                                                            at Larsa’s Mediterranean Res-                members.
                                                            taurant for Parents’ Night                   Playgroups: Interested in joining/form-
                                                            Out at 7 p.m., Thursday, Nov.                ing a playgroup? Or, is your playgroup
                                                            15. Larsa’s is located at 3724 W.            looking for new members? Contact Bet-
                                                                                                         sy Sheikh at (847) 869-2565 or play-
                                                     Dempster in Skokie. The restaurant’s
                                                     phone number is (847) 679-3663. The                 of children of all ages are welcome.
                                                     restaurant is BYOB and they have a                  Mom’s Night out: Join us each month
                                                     parking lot. Contact Wendy Burgess at               for good food and great conversation.
                                            or (773)                See calendar. Suggestions or ques-
                                                     266-0211 to RSVP (it’s encouraged but               tions? Contact Wendy Burgess at (773)
                                                     not required).                                      266-0211 or socials@theparentcircle.
                                                                                                         New Arrivals: New baby? Share the
                                                                                                         good news! Contact our member-at-
     don’T miss “THE scoop”                                                                              large, Svetlana Bekman, at (847) 491-
     The newsletter has a new name and an updated look, but it still has all                             1358 or mealsformoms@theparentcir-
                                                                                                We deliver home-cooked meals
     the same great content.
                                                                                                         and post birth announcements in the
     Do you receive “The Scoop” via e-mail but can never find it when you                                newsletter.
     need to look up an event? Or do you wish you could get your newslet-                                Drop-in Playgroup: We meet every
     ter without waiting for the postman?                                                                other week from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at Rid-
     It’s your newsletter and your delivery choice—receive an electronic pdf                             geville Community House. See calendar.
     or a mailed print copy to experience all the newsletter has to offer! If                            Questions? Contact Shawna Myers
                                                                                                         at (847) 424-1373 or dropins@thepa-
     you’d like to change your delivery method, send an e-mail with your
     delivery preference, name, home address or e-mail address to
                                                                                                         Newsletter submissions: Share an an-                                                                     ecdote, tip, recipe, book or kid-friendly
                                                                                                         restaurant review. Items must be re-
                                                                                                         ceived by the 15th for the next newslet-
                                                                                                         ter. Contact Jennifer Botchway at (847)
still haven’t joined meetup?                                                                             425-1511 or newsletter@theparentcircle.
  A new year is approaching; start it                postings.)
off right by getting to know the new                   Fill in the information under the
members online!                                      “Join Us” box.
                                                                                                         nEws & noTEs
                                                                                                         Welcome new members
  Go to and click on regis-                 Invitation code is “TheParentCir-
                                                                                                         n Amy and Scott Kellogg, Thomas
ter in the upper right corner.                       cle08” (case-sensitive, one word).
                                                                                                         (08/23/05) and Ginevra (01/18/07)
  Fill out the form and wait for the                   Click on the account in the upper
                                                                                                         n Jeanie Chung and Chris Hawke,
confirmation e-mail.                                 right corner to control how much e-                 Mina (01/29/07)
  Once your registration is confirmed                mail you get.                                       n Amanda and Michael Czemiuk,
and you sign in for the first time, find               Thanks to everyone who joined The                 Mason (07/04/05) and Hazel (06/21/07)
our Meetup by putting “The Parent                    Parent Circle Meetup in August. Your                n Robyn Gold-Kessler and
Circle” into the search field.                       name was entered into a drawing for a               Dan Kessler, Isaac (02/17/06)
  Click on the link to go to our home                $35 Clean Plate Club gift card, and El-             n Stacy and Adam Levine,
page (Only Parent Circle members                     len Ratchye-Foster was the lucky win-               Aidan (04/28/07)
can see our logo and information. No                 ner. Congratulations to Ellen (and her              n Susan Pearson and Michael Kramer,
need to worry about who can see your                 lucky dinner companion)!                            baby due 11/08/07
                                                                                                         n Rebecca Worley and Jeffrey Apa,
                                                                                                         Sofia (01/31/07)
DiSCLAiMEr         The Parent Circle is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization dedicated to       Welcome new arrival
providing educational opportunities and support to its members. The Parent Circle newsletter and         Congratulations to Thomas
lectures are not intended to replace or substitute for legal, medical, and/or other professional care.
Every reasonable effort has been made to make The Parent Circle newsletter complete, accurate,
                                                                                                         Ahleman and Belinda Chen on the birth
and reliable. No members of The Parent Circle organization shall be held liable for information          of their daughter Maija Chen Ahleman
provided or its use. Paid advertisements are accepted to support the activities of the organization      on Aug. 28. Big sister June (2) wel-
and are not endorsements by The Parent Circle’s membership, board, or newsletter editors.                comes her baby sister.
Wednesday, Nov. 14: Drop-in playgroup, 9:30-11:30 a.m., The Family Room, 3009 Central St., Evanston. Cost is $12 per
family. See page 4 for details. Contact Shawna Myers at (773) 551-3154 or

Thursday, Nov. 15: Parents’ Night Out, 7 p.m.-? Meet at Larsa’s Mediterranean Restaurant, 3724 W. Dempster, Skokie.
See page 9 for details. For more information or to RSVP, contact Wendy Burgess at (773) 266-0211 or socials@thepa-

Sunday, Nov. 18: Preschool Basics seminar, 4-6 p.m., St. Matthews Episcopal Church, 2120 Lincoln Ave., Evanston. See
page 1 for details. For more information or to RSVP, contact Kathy McDermott at (847) 604-0989 or programming@the-

Tuesday, Nov. 27: Board meeting, 7:30 p.m., home of Julie O’Hare, 1141 Noyes St., Evanston (west of Ridge, east of Green
Bay). Social time begins at 7 p.m. Contact Julie O’Hare with questions at (847) 733-1102 or president@theparentcircle.

Wednesday, Nov. 28: Drop-in playgroup, 9:30-11:30 a.m., Ridgeville Community House, 908 Seward St., Evanston. See
page 4 for details. Contact Shawna Myers at (773) 551-3154 or

1141 noyes Street
Evanston, il 60201

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