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The Facts on the Healing Effects of Touch and Massage

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Touch and massage therapy are techniques that has proven to be beneficial
for people especially among infants or babies. Touch and massage therapy
have a lot in common because they have a lot to do with motion of the
hands over various parts of the infant's or baby's body and it promotes
interaction, bonding and healing.

infections, headaches, relaxation techniques, stress

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Almost all human beings are born with a sense of touch, a basic human
instinct that allows us to reach out and feel another person. Touching
is a universal action that conveys love and caring. Communicating with
hands comes second nature to speaking with the use of our voice. Through
certain gestures we can convey affirmative and healing messages. These
simple hand gestures are blowing kisses, clapping our hands to show
appreciation, giving someone a thumbs up, and so on.

However, there are more to grasp about our hands. “Touch” is the primary
means of learning about the world throughout infancy. Research shows that
touch is critical in a baby's growth and development. Previous study
showed that premature infants who received a series of 15-minute massage
gained 47% more weight, and became more socially responsive than non-
massaged premature infants. They were discharged from the hospital an
average of six days earlier than other premature babies.

Supporters of touch therapy claim it can treat and cure a wide variety of
illnesses, including heart failure, diabetes and infections. According to
the theory, people who are ill have disturbed “energy fields,” and that
by moving trained hands over the patient's body, a touch therapist can
detect misalignments and re-pattern energy fields to create “energy

Aside from touch, scientists have also recognized the benefits of massage
in caring for infants and in promoting the unique bond between parent and
child. There are innumerable medical facts that support the importance of
touch and massage. Touch and massage therapy have a lot in common because
they have a lot to do with motion of the hands over various parts of the
infant's or baby's body. The technique involves a lot of touching,
stroking, and massaging of body parts.
Massage therapy has been around for many centuries. Today it is known
mostly for types of relaxation and comfort. Many years ago it was used as
a cure for many ailments. Most people looked to massage for comfort
rather than medicine alone. Doctors incorporated many forms of
manipulation of the body to help comfort the body through disease and
For an infant or baby, massage therapy has a lot to do with skin-to-skin
contact. This could be something as simple as holding a baby to a naked
chest, or holding an infant's or baby's hand when the baby is in a
cubicle. Some massage therapists offer services of providing massage
therapy to infants or babies in a critical or unstable condition.
The most wonderful thing about massage therapy is that it not only
benefits the infant or baby, it also benefits the parents or caregivers.
The baby sleeps better, grows faster, while the parents will get an extra
few hours sleep each night. Not only will the baby or infant sleep
better, massage therapy could eliminate colic, tummy aches, headaches,
and even a stressful day at school or even fever. Seeing the benefits of
massage therapy, it is no wonder that there are so many more parents who
are open to the idea of using massage therapy for their infant or baby
today, as compared to a decade ago.

While the benefits on infant health brought by mother's massage are
already firmly established, new research shows that a father's touch is
equally essential to a baby's health and well-being. Health benefits for
infants include fewer sleep problems, as well as strengthening and
regulating the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems. Fathers
also gain from the experience in performing infant massage.

It is important to note that this is not the same as manipulative
treatments such as relaxation techniques. Massage and touch can reduce
stress in some people and loving and caring another individual, not only
babies can definitely have a calming effect.

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