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									Job Application Letter

Leena Leinonen
Keskitie 32
FIN-11000 Lahti

Mr Cristoph Ames                                                           10 November 2003
International Summer Camps Austria
Paul Schmücklplatz 18
Neusiedl am See, A-7100

Dear Mr Ames:

I refer to your advertisement in Leiriposti 11/2003. I understand you are looking for camp
counselors for international, English-language oriented, multi-activity camps for children in Austria
for the summer of 2004.

I am nearing the end of my first year of studies as an English Translation and Interpreting major
student at the University of Tampere and am looking for a summer job. Your advertisement
mentioned that the camp programs include an English language curriculum. I am a fluent English
speaker, and my university studies and work exeperiences have furthered my already strong (both
academic and practical) knowledge of the English language – therefore, I could certainly help with
planning and/or teaching this curriculum.

In addition to English I also have good and intermediate (respectively) conversational skills in
Swedish and German, both of which I have studied for over five years, and a basic knowledge of
French, which I have studied for two years. I have traveled and have spent extensive amounts of
time in the United States and in Canada, including a six-month period from December 2002 to
June 2003 in Minnesota, USA. During this six-month stay I attended the St. Paul Community
College. All the courses I took part in required active participation and cooperative interaction with
fellow course members and professors. Additionally, attending and helping to arrange the meetings
of the school’s International Student Association on a regular basis gave me the chance to work
closely with people from all over the world. Because of my language skills and my highly
international experiences, I am well-equipped for handling the multicultural environment of your
international summer camps.

In 2001–2002, I spent one year at the University of Helsinki studying Special Education. My studies
consisted mainly of intensive courses dealing with the education of children with special needs. It
goes without saying that the children who come to summer camps come from all kinds of
backgrounds and possess unique personal histories. I feel that the insight I gained through my
Special Education studies would be an asset to understanding and tending to the varying needs
and individual characteristics of each young camper.

I am already familiar with many of the sports and other activities included in your camp programs
(horseback riding, canoeing, etc), and am excited about the prospect of learning more about the
rest. Arts and crafts are among my personal interests – in my free time, I do freelance work as an
artist in the form of portraits or other commissions. A nature enthusiast, I would also be very
interested in arranging and supervising the nature trail hikes mentioned in your advertisement.

You may reach me by telephone at +358-11-5551212 between 3 pm and 5 pm daily Austrian time
or by e-mail to or by letter. Please find attached my personal résumé. Please
do not hesitate to contact me or the references listed for more information.

Sincerely yours,

Leena Leinonen (Ms)
Enclosure: Personal Résumé

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