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					Colours of Spring

Aren’t the colours lovely in the garden at this time of year? Over the years
Morna has planted a huge variety of flowers, shrubs and trees, so there is
always something in flower. But spring time is special! With the rain we’ve
had lately, the gardens here at Pembrooke Plants & Poultry have just
exploded into colour.

The May bushes (below left) give a wonderful spray of white blossom and
always herald the full arrival of spring. They require practically no
maintenance except for the odd prune after flowering, and grow easily in
our heavy coastal soils. Ours haven’t been watered or fed in 10 years, yet
they give a real cottage-garden feel to the place.

Wisteria (above right) is another great doer at this time of year and can be
grown practically anywhere. Purples and whites are the main colours and
they look great entwined over an old clothesline or archway. But do make
sure the frame is strong. We planted ours on our wooden verandah
(pictured) about 12 years ago, and unless we prune it hard soon, it will
eventually pull the verandah down.

Our Lorapetalum ‘China Pink’ (below left) have been a great success this
spring. Masses of rich pink flowers against redish leaves make it a real
standout. They like part shade, although it will grow in full sun. Morna
planted ours about three years ago, and its come into its own this year.
Lorapetalum Chinense has white flowers against green leaves and also looks

Many trees and shrubs look their best in spring. One of my favorites is the
crab-apple that we have growing near the back of the house. The little
white and pink flowers are so delicate and… well, springlike. Crab apples are
fairly fast growing small tree (they only get to about three meters). They let
in the sun during winter and offer a nice shady spot in summer – an ideal
combination for most Australian gardens.

Manchurian Pears (above right) are also a great tree for colour - masses of
white blossom in spring, cool green shade in summer and wonderful burnt
red colour in autumn. They will also tolerate the heaviest soils.

If you live on the mid-north coast, or traveling up the Pacific Highway, why
not come and visit our nursery (open Wednesday to Sunday 10am – 5pm)
and have a wander around the garden. We’ve got lots of rare and unusual
plants that you won’t find in most other nurseries, and many of which you
can also see planted in the ground.

You can also visit our website at
for details of how to get there. We’d love to see you!


PS Please circulate this newsletter and website to any friends who may be

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