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									2010 Postgraduate
 Chinese herbal medicine

  BunDooRa CaMPus / MIxeD MoDe                                                                                        CouRsewoRk

MC138                       Chinese herbal medicine at RMIT                           Program features
Master of Applied Science
                            The Master of Applied Science (Chinese Herbal             Teaching methods
(Chinese Herbal Medicine)
                            Medicine) provides a new pathway for all primary          The program will be delivered via intensive face-to-
School of Health Sciences   health-care practitioners and science graduates           face workshops, online learning, supervised clinical
                            (clinical diagnosis is required) to qualify for Chinese   practicum and self study.
                            herbal medicine practice.
                            The program incorporates studies on theory and
                                                                                      This program is assessed through online
                            practice of Chinese herbal medicine, medicinal
                                                                                      participation, including journal clubs, blogs and
                            chemistry, botany, pharmacology and toxicology as
                                                                                      quizzes, assignments, written and practical
                            well as clinical practice. In addition, herb–drug
                                                                                      examinations, clinical practicum and final clinical
                            interaction and relevant research training is
                            provided in an integrative approach throughout the
                            program. Graduates from the program meet the              Program structure
                            requirements set by the Chinese Medicine                  The master consists of 144 credit points.
                            Registration Board of Victoria and equivalent
                                                                                      The following is an example of courses offered.
                            accrediting bodies in other states.
                                                                                      Year one                                 Credit points
                            Duration                                                  Semester one
                            Three years part-time.                                    Ů Botany, medicinal chemistry and research
                                                                                        methods                                         12
                            Pathways                                                  Ů Chinese medicine theory 1                       12
                            Recognition of prior learning (RPL) and credit            Semester two
                            transfer are ways that RMIT recognises applicants’        Ů Chinese medicine theory 2                       12
                            skills and knowledge gained through formal and            Ů Chinese materia medica and formulae 1           12
                            informal education and training, work experience,
                                                                                      Year two
                            and/or life experience (including volunteer work,
                            committee responsibilities, family duties, hobbies).      Semester one
                                                                                      Ů Chinese materia medica and formulae 2           12
                            Career outlook                                            Ů Pharmacology and toxicology                     12
                            Graduates will be suitably prepared for private or        Semester two
                            group practice.                                           Ů Classic literature in Chinese medicine          12
                                                                                      Ů Clinical Chinese medicine 1                     12
                            Professional recognition
                                                                                      Year three
                            The program is approved by the Chinese Medicine           Semester one
                            Registration Board of Victoria. Graduates of the
                                                                                      Ů Clinical Chinese medicine 2                     12
                            program will be accepted by the Board subject to
                            continued accreditation and can begin practice            Ů Professional issues and project                 12
                            upon graduation in Victoria. The program is also          Semester two
                            recognised by the following professional bodies:          Ů Clinical Chinese medicine 3                     12
                            Ů Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA)         Ů Supervised clinical practice 4                  12
                            Ů Federation of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
                              Societies of Australia Inc. (FCMA)

entrance requirements                                                                    Fees
Applicants must hold an appropriate bachelors degree in the                              Program fees may vary according to the courses chosen and fees
health-care profession or sciences (clinical diagnosis is required).                     are invoiced on a semester basis. RMIT reserves the right to adjust
In addition, competence in the areas of physical examination and                         fees on an annual basis but no fee increase will exceed the annual
diagnosis is also required to facilitate safe practice when employing                    increase cap of 7.5%.
Chinese Herbal Medicine as a primary modality of care. Minor                             Further information is available from the relevant program contact
inadequacies in respect to this may be overcome by bridging                              or at
courses in Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis in Western Medicine
concurrent with the Chinese Herbal Medicine courses during the first                     Fees for 2010
year of study.                                                                           $24,480 total program cost.

application procedures                                                                   FEE-higher education loan program (FEE-HELP)
                                                                                         Students offered a fee-paying place (FPP) may be eligible for the
Timely applications for coursework programs are due by:
                                                                                         FEE–HELP (FEE–higher education loan program) scheme, which
Ů 10 November each year (semester 1) and                                                 enables eligible fee-paying students to obtain an interest-free loan.
Ů 31 May each year (midyear semester 2).                                                 For further information:
Applications will continue to be accepted until all places have been                     Postgraduate commonwealth supported equity places
filled. You are encouraged to lodge your application early.
                                                                                         RMIT has a limited number of government-subsidised CSP in
Midyear applications open on 1 May:                              postgraduate coursework programs for applicants who meet
Apply via: RMIT Direct Application Form                                                  entrance and equity criteria. For further information please visit:
           Tel. +61 3 9925 2260                                                
           Email:                                                      Additional costs
                                    Additional purchase of textbooks and equipment are required.
                                                                                         Students practicing in the RMIT on-campus clinic are required to
scholarships                                                                             hold a current first aid certificate (minimum level 2) and undergo a
Many of RMIT’s scholarships are based on financial and living                            police check and working with children check to meet Australian
circumstances. Before letting money worries control your life and                        regulations. RMIT Bundoora campus requires payment for parking.
upset your studies, check the web site and contact the friendly staff.
Further information:       Scholarships and Finance Office
                           Tel. +61 3 9925 2811

Further information
Contact: School of Health Sciences
Tel. +61 3 9925 7376
Further program information:
                                                                                                                                                                           10433 0809

every effort has been made to ensure the information contained in this publication is accurate and current at the date of printing. For the most up-to-date information,
please refer to the RMIT university web site before lodging your application. Prepared in august 2009. CRICos provider number 00122a.

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