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Chicken & Poultry Products


Chicken & Poultry Products

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									                             Order Form For Tickets, Signs & Display Items
                                    for Chicken & Poultry Products
 Trading Name..................................................................................................................................................


 ..............................................................................P/Code...................Ph.(                ).........................................

 Person To Contact...............................................................................Fax.(                       ).........................................

  How To Order.
  1. There is a separate four page brochure which describes the products on this form.
  2. The brochure and this order form follow the same order and each category is numbered for easy reference.
  The price of each product is shown in italics next to the products listed on this form. Prices do not include GST.
  3. Product Description Tickets. Select the type of ticket you require and indicate this in the space on page 2 of this form. Product
  descriptions are chosen from the list on page 1 (below) & page 2. Add other descriptions not listed or supply a separate list.
  4. Pricing numbers are shown on page 2. Select the type, colour and quantity of each number required.
  5. Components (eg. tray clips and bases) are listed on page 3 of this form (item 4). If you have chosen a fully fitted Varipin, no further
  selection of components is required unless you require both ticket types.
  6. All other tickets and products are shown on page 3 and 4. If you require other products not shown please contact us. We are
  continually updating our product range.
           Please phone us if you have any queries, or if you prefer to place your order by phone.

     1.1 Product Description
        FRESH CHICKEN                                 FRESH CHICKEN                                  FRESH CHICKEN                              KIEVS, WRAPS, ROLLS ETC
Boneless Chicken                             Chicken Mince                                 Fresh Chickens Size 8                            Chicken Avocado
Chicken Bones                                Chicken Necks                                 Fresh Chickens Size 9                            Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chicken Breast Fillets                       Chicken Pieces                                Fresh Chickens Size 10                           Chicken Involtini
   "      "       " Skin Off                 Chicken Portions                              Fresh Chickens Size 11                           Chicken Kiev
   "      "       " Skin On                  Chicken Soup Bones                            Fresh Chickens Size 12                           Chicken Kiev (Avocado)
Chicken Breast On Bone                       Chicken Spare Ribs                            Fresh Chickens Size 13                               "     " (Cheese & Bacon)
Chicken Breasts                              Chicken Steaks                                Fresh Chickens Size 14                           Chicken Kiev (Garlic)
Chicken Chops                                Chicken Stir Fry                              Fresh Chickens Size 15                           Chicken Kiev (Savoury)
Chicken Cutlets                              Chicken Strips                                Fresh Chickens Size 16                           Chicken Kiev (Seafood)
Chicken Drumettes                            Chicken Stoganoff                             Fresh Chickens Size 17                           Chicken Mignon
Chicken Drumlettes                           Chicken Tenderloins                           Fresh Chickens Size 18                           Chicken Mini Roast
Chicken Drummies                             Chicken Thigh Cutlets                         Fresh Chickens Size 19                           Chicken Parcels
Chicken Drumsticks                           Chicken Thigh Fillets                         Fresh Chickens Size 20                           Chicken Parmigiana
Chicken Feet                                 Chicken Thighs                                Large Chickens
Chicken Fillets                              Chicken Twin Packs                            Small Chickens                                       SAUSAGES, PATTIES, ETC
Chicken Giblets                              Chicken Wing Chops                            Roasting Chickens                                Chicken & Chive Rissoles
Chicken Hearts                               Chicken Wing Pieces                           Whole Fresh Chickens                             Chicken & Chive Sausages
Chicken Leg Fillets                          Chicken Wingettes                                                                              Chicken & Veg. Burgers
     "    "     " Skin Off                   Chicken Winglettes                                                                             Chicken & Veg. Patties
     "    "     " Skin On                    Chicken Wings                                               SNITZELS                           Chicken & Veg. Sausages
Chicken Legs                                 Corn Fed Chickens                             Chicken Breast Snitzel                           Chicken Burgers
Chicken Liver                                Diced Chicken                                 Chicken Leg Snitzel                              Chicken Rissoles
Chicken Liver & Hearts                       Free Range Chicken                            Chicken Snitzel                                  Chicken Sausages
Chicken Maryland                             Fresh Chickens                                Chicken Snitzel (Large)                          Gourmet Chicken Sausages
Chicken Maryand Fillets                                                                    Crumbed Chicken Snitzel                          Herb & Garlic Chicken "
   "         "      " Skin Off                                                             Chicken Snitzel (Hawaiian)                       Vegie Burgers
   "         "      " Skin On
         SKEWERS                        OTHER POULTRY (CONT)                  MARINATED (CONT)                   MISCELLANEOUS (CONT)
Chicken Kebabs                    Turkey Fore Qtrs                      Marinated Chicken                  Chicken Pies
Honey Chicken Kebabs              Turkey Maryland                       Marinated Chicken Chops            Chicken Pinwheels
Honey Soy Chicken Kebabs          Turkey Pieces                         Mar. Chicken Drumettes             Chicken Roll
Chicken Satays                    Turkey Roast                          Mar. Chicken Drumsticks            Chicken Spring Rolls
Marinated Chicken Satays          Turkey Thigh Roast                    Marinated Chicken Pieces           Chicken Supreme
Chicken Shasliks                                                        Mar. Chicken Spare Ribs            Chicken Wellington
Honey Soy Chicken Shasliks                                              Marinated Chicken Sticks           Pressed Chicken
Marinated Chicken Shasliks                                              Mar. Chicken Thigh Fillets         Seasoned Chicken
Apricot Chicken Sticks                                                  Mar. Chicken Wing Pieces           Seasoned Chickens
Barbecue Chicken Sticks                                                 Mar. Chicken Wingettes             Smoked Chicken
Chicken Satay Sticks                           EGGS                     Marinated Chicken Wings
Chicken Sticks                    Farm Fresh Eggs                       Sweet & Sour Chicken
                                  Farm Fresh Eggs Size 45               Tandoori Chicken
                                  Farm Fresh Eggs Size 50               Tandoori Chicken Chops
                                  Farm Fresh Eggs Size 55               Tandoori Chicken Fillets
                                  Farm Fresh Eggs Size 60               Tandoori Chicken Wings
      OTHER POULTRY               Farm Fresh Eggs Size 65
Duck Feet                         Farm Fresh Eggs (Large)
Duck Giblets                      Free Range Eggs
Duck Livers                       Fresh Duck Eggs
Duck Maryland                     Fresh Quail Eggs                                                                   BULK SPECIALS
Duck Wings                                                                     MISCELLANEOUS               2 Kg Lots
Ducks                                                                   Barbecue Chicken                   3 Kg Lots
Fresh Ducks                                                             Barbecue Chicken Wings             4 Kg Lots
Large Ducks                                  MARINATED                  Chicken Balls                      5 Kg Lots
Fresh Quail                       Apricot Chicken                       Chicken Bocconcini
Large Quail                       Apricot Chicken Spare Ribs            Chicken Buffet                     2 For
Quail                             Chinese Stir Fry                      Chicken Casserole                  3 For
Fresh Rabbits                     Honey Chicken                         Chicken Delights                   4 For
Rabbit Fillets                    Honey Chicken Stir Fry                Chicken Dim Sims                   5 For
Rabbit Pieces                     Honey Chicken Wings                   Chicken Fingers                    6 For
Rabbits                           Honey Soy Chicken                     Chicken Kabana                     8 For
Spatchcock                        Honey Soy Chicken Chops               Chicken Loaf                       10 For
Fresh Turkeys                       "      " Chicken Spare Ribs         Chicken Lovely Legs                12 For
Turkeys                             "      " Marinated Chicken          Chicken Nuggets                    Full Tray
Turkey Buffet                     Lemon Chicken                         Chicken Pet's Loaf
Turkey Fillets                    Lemon Pepper Chicken                  Chicken Pet's Mince

 1.2 Product Description Ticket Details
Ticket Type. The ticket type is shown on page 1 of the brochure and codes and description are clearly shown in section
1(a) and 1(b) opposite. Show here your selection.

                   Ticket Type                                         Ticket Colour                          Price Number Type
                 show name & code                           either black, white, or mixed colours          show code (either N220 or I-S4)

Do you want:                    Fully fitted Varipin                                 or       Base adaptor for
                                                                                            tray clips & stands
 If you have chosen tickets with base adaptors, show which components (hinge blocks, tray clips and round base stands) you require in section
 4 on page 3 (opposite) of this form. Remember that a hinge block is usually required for each ticket.
1.3 Pricing Numbers. Note: N220 - pkts 20; I-S4 numbers - pkts 10. Show the number of packets required.
       Number         1             2           3              4          5            6             7           8          9           0

Price number colour (N220 nos. only)                           white                 red                 black
                   Description                         Price         Qty                     Description                           Price          Qty
                                                       *****     PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE GST        *****
1(a). Varistyle Product Description Tickets                                     8. All Plastic Motto Ticket               white or black
  see product description list page 1,2 opposite                                M4P 60x120 mm                                     $2.10
V1PA Printed ticket with adaptor 75x95mm                $5.50                   M5P 75x150 mm                                     $2.50
V2PA Printed ticket with adaptor 95x95mm                $6.00                   M6P 100x150 mm                                    $2.80
V1PP Printed ticket with pin 75x95mm                    $6.00                   M7P 30x 60 mm                                     $1.50
V2PP Printed ticket with pin 95x95mm                    $6.50
                                                                                9. Arrows A1                                All $8.50 ea
1(b). Varislide Product Description Tickets                                     Red Hot Special
   see product description list page 1,2 opposite                               Supa Special
F4 Printed ticket 120x120 mm                            $9.30                   Today's BBQ Special
F4-2 Printed ticket 150mmx120 mm                        $9.90                   Today's Discount Special
F4BP Backing Plates (10) "kg" (for F4 & F4-2)           $6.00
F4BP Backing Plates (10) "ea" ( " " " ")                $6.00                   10. Mottos M3 150x100 mm                   All $6.50 ea
                                                                                Cut and Packed
2. Varistyle Blank Tickets                                        white black   Contains No Preservative
 75x95 mm (no pricing) with adaptor                     $2.50                   We've Slashed Our Prices
 95x95 mm ( " " ) "             "                       $2.90
120x95 mm ( " " ) "             "                       $3.60                   11(a). Stars S1 120 mm                     All $7.50 ea
 75x95 mm (no pricing) with pin                         $3.20                   Extra Special
 95x95 mm ( " " ) " "                                   $3.60                   Heat & Eat
120x95 mm ( " " ) " "                                   $4.30                   Note The Trim
                                                                                Quick & Easy
 75x95 mm ( pricing ) with adaptor                      $2.80                   Super Special
 95x95 mm ( "       ) "        "                        $3.20                   Today's Special
120x95 mm ( "       ) "        "                        $4.20
 75x95 mm ( pricing ) with pin                          $3.50                   11(b). Stars S2 160 mm                      All $8.50 ea
 95x95 mm ( "       ) " "                               $4.00                   This Week's Special
120x95 mm ( "       ) " "                               $4.80                   Today's Special
                                                                                Weekend Special
3. Dimeprint Ticketing                         white or black     white black   Weight Watchers Special
FT2 63x88 mm (no pricing)                             $2.50
FT10 92x92 mm (no pricing)                            $2.80                     12. Diacircle D1 150 mm           All $8.50 ea
FT7 122x92 mm (no pricing)                            $3.50                     All One Price
FT2L 63x88 mm (pricing)                               $2.80                     Compare Our Quality With Others
FT10L 92x92 mm (pricing)                              $3.20                     Last Day At This Price
FT7L 122x92 mm (pricing)                              $4.20                     Our Quality Means Your Satisfaction
                                                                                Our Quality Stands Supreme
4. Components                                  white or black     white black   Our Quality You Can Trust
Hinge block HB                                        0..35                     Take Your Pick
Tray clip TB2                                         $0.85                     We Sell The Best For Less
Round base RB                                         $0.85
Extension rod ER                                      $0.85                     13. Mottos M2 100x85 mm                    All $5.50 ea
Metal spike HB2MS                                     $2.75                     Any Weight Cut
                                                                                Beautiful For Barbecue
5. Pricing Numbers                                                              Beautifully Marinated
N220 push in nos. for Varistyle tickets (pkts 20) $6.00/pkt                     Boneless
I-S4 slide nos. for Varislide F4 & F4-2 tickets (10) $3.50/pkt                  Buy Bulk and Save
 see page 2 opposite for quantities of each number                              Delicious
6. Storage Box STOBOX                                 $15.00                    Extra Lean
                                                                                Family Treat
7. All Plastic Spike Tickets (HR)                   white or bla white black    Fresh Not Frozen
FT1S 50 x 65 mm                                       $1.40                     Gourmet Special
FT2S 65 x 90 mm                                       $2.00                     Fully Boned, Specially Seasoned
FT3S 75 x 125 mm                                      $3.80                              A separate list of over 120 captions is also available
                Description                     Price           Qty                      Description                   Price             Qty
                                                           PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE GST
13. Mottos M2 100x85 mm (cont.)            All $5.50 ea                  19. Paper Posters (pkt 20)                         $21.00
Grill Fry Barbecue
Here's Value                                                             20. Posterman Pens (show colour also)
Kid's Favourite                                                          PMA20 fine point                                   $5.20
Low Cholesterol                                                          PMA30 bullet point                                 $5.50
Low Fat                                                                  PMA50 chisel point                                 $5.50
Low Salt                                                                 PMA120 poster 15mm point                           $9.50
Mouth Watering Flavour
Nice & Tender                                                            21. Trading Hours Sign (with tabs)                 $9.50
Premium Grade
Preservative Free                                                        22. Back In 5 Mins. Sign (with hook)               $6.00
Quick & Easy
Skinless                                                                 23. Please Taste Stand (Kit)                       $8.00
Skinless & Boneless
Succulent                                                                24. Please Sample "L"-Shaped Stand                 $8.00
Tender & Tasty
Twin Pack Special                                                        25. Customer Queue System                          $45.00
Very Tender
                                                                         26. Open Closed Door Sign (hook & cord)            $10.50
14. Decorative Shapes (C1)       All $7.50 ea                            Colour ?
 Farm Fresh Chicken                                                      27. No Smoking Stickers
 Free Range Product                                                       50 x 40 mm                                        $1.50
 Fresh Today                                                             100 x 85 mm                                        $2.50
 Freshly Boned                                                           200 x 170 mm                                       $3.50
 Our Chicken Is Fresh Daily
 Tender Chicken With A Delicious Marinade                                28. Wall Sign - "No Preservative"                  $18.00
 Tender & Delicious
                                                                         29. Fern Fronds (pkt 10)                           $9.50
  Knife - Boneless Easy Slice                                            Colour ?
  Chopper - We've chopped the price
  Boomerang                                                              30. Plastic Grass Matting -show colour
  Map                                                                    1800mm x 900mm (6'x3')                             $22.00
                                                                         1800mm x 1200mm (6'x4')                            $29.00
15. Food Transport Sign                           $9.00
16. Quality Fresh Poultry Flag                   $75.00                  31. Dividers -show colour
                                                                          850 mm (34")                                       $9.00
17. Wall Mounted Banners         All $27.50 ea (not incl. Fitting)       1200 mm (48")                                      $10.00
Bulk Specials
Farm Fresh Chickens                                                      32. Trays ****                          white    black    white black
Friendly Service                                                         M128-1 310 x 200 x 25 mm               $5.00    $5.00
Guaranteed Quality                                                       M128-2 310 x 200 x 50 mm               $6.30    $6.30
Quality Poultry                                                          M1210-2 310 x 250 x 50 mm             $7.30     $7.30
Now Open                                                                 M166-1 410 x 155 x 25 mm              $5.20     $5.20
Quality & Service                                                        M166-2 410 x 155 x 50 mm               $6.30    $6.30
Free Range Chicken                                                       M1612-1 410 x 310 x 25 mm             $8.30     $8.30
Complete Wall Mount                              $13.00                  M1612-2 410 x 310 x 50 mm             $9.50     $9.50
                                                                         M3012-1 770 x 310 x 25 mm            $16.00    $16.00
18. Write On Wipe Off Card (plastic laminated)                           M3012-2 770 x 310 x 50 mm            $19.00    $19.00
LC2 100 x 75 mm - 10 per pack                $10.00                             **** 10% discount for 24 or more (any combination)
LC3 150 x 100 mm - 10 per pack               $14.00
LC4 250 x 150 mm - 10 per pack               $19.00                      Bowls                                  white or black       white   black
LC5 320 x 250 mm - 5 per pack                $15.00                      M4-2     100 x 50 mm                       $4.50
LC6 450 x 325 mm - 4 per pack                $16.00                      M7-3     177 x 77 mm                       $7.50
LC7 700 x 450 mm - 1 per pack                  $9.00                     M9-4     230 x 100 mm                      $9.50
                                                   *****   PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE GST     *****

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