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									                                             Editors:	 Danielle, Julia, Andrew, David, Fiona and Rasa

  Captains’ Message
  	Well	what	an	exciting	year	Theatre	for	2007	has	brought	us	and	how	quickly	it	is	coming	to	an	end.	This	year	has	been	
  nothing	short	of	great	plays	from	all	year	levels	and	from	each	of	the	Campus.	There	are	still	a	few	up	coming	plays	of	
  ‘Eternal Flame’, ‘Chasing your Dreams’, ‘Into the Woods’, ‘Matilda’	and	the	tour	play	in	progress	‘Shivers’.	These	shows	
  will	finish	the	year	on	a	very	good	note.	The	hard	work	and	dedication	that	theatre	takes	will	definitely	be	paid	off,	
  especially	for	those	year	12	who	have	served	a	very	long	life	in	theatre	at	Caulfield.
    One	of	the	much	anticipated	events	of	year	for	some	is	House	Dance	Drama.	This	took	place	at	Caulfield	late	August	
  with	each	of	the	houses	contributing	to	a	combination	of	Drama	and	Dance	in	a	sequence	which	proved	to	be	a	
  challenge	for	some.	The	Wheelers	Hill	festival	of	the	Arts	took	place	on	the	same	day.	These	events	allow	students	who	
  may	not	be	involved	in	the	co-curricular	theatre	or	dance	to	show	their	creative	side,	it	also	allows	some	students	to	step	
  out	of	their	comfort	zone	and	show	their	peers	some	hidden	talents.	
  ‘A Night of Dance’	was	held	at	both	campuses	in	mid	August.	Theatre	plays	a	big	part	at	each	campus	and	it	is	great	to	
  see	Dance	share	the	spotlight.	Both	nights	were	performed	to	a	large	and	enthusiastic	audience	who	thoroughly	enjoyed	
  the	night.	
  As	Performing	Arts	Captains	of	2007,	we	would	like	to	finish	our	last	PAN	by	saying	what	a	great	year	we	have	had.	We	
  had	the	opportunity	to	work	with	the	Captains	from	Wheelers	Hill	on	many	occasions	and	their	support	through	out	the	
  year	has	been	very	grateful.	We	would	like	to	wish	the	Captains	of	next	year	the	very	best	of	luck	in	all	that	2008	has	in	
  store	for	them.	Caulfield	offers	many	opportunities	for	past	students	to	come	back	and	contribute	in	some	shape	or	form	
  whether	it	is	theatre	visits	or	assistant	directing	a	play	and	we’re	sure	that	many	will	take	up	that	offer.
  Once	again	thank	you	for	your	support	this	year,	we	are	very	grateful	for	this	opportunity.	
  Danielle, Andrew and Julia

Eternal Flame
The	hilarious	new	play	(and	uniquely	styled	
musical)	‘Eternal Flame’ will	be	performed	
in	the	Cripps	Centre	at	CC.	This	production	
focuses	on	the	life	of	school	students.	
Eternal	Flame	looks	at	how	students	deal	
with	their	relationships	with	their	peers.	
It	looks	at	love	affairs	and	friendships	
and	the	ties	that	go	beyond	those.	The	
background	to	the	play	is	a	school	
formal.	It	through	this	we	are	able	to	see	
what	sort	of	emotions	students	have	to	
deal	with	when	it	comes	this	time	of	
year.	On	top	of	this	there	is	a	mysterious	
and	ever	present	duo	known	only	as	voices.	These	two	characters	
aim	to	guide	the	lives	of	the	rest	of	the	cast	and	control	
how	they	think	and	feel.
   This	outrageous	comedy	has	allowed	the	cast	involved	
to	work	from	script	as	well	as	using	improvisation.	As	
a	result	this	process	has	added	up	to	what	will	to	be	
a	fantastic	production.	Audiences	can	expect	laugh	
after	laugh,	with	a	tear-jerking	moment	thrown	in	where	
   ‘Eternal Flame’	will	begin	performances	on	September	
12	and	conclude	on	the	15	September.	This	is	a	true	one	of	
a	kind	production	that	is	not	to	be	missed.

Issue 3 — October, 2007
     Dance Night 2007-                                                                                          Dance at WH
                 ‘The Awakening Kiss’                                                                           The	last	few	months	have	been	both	hectic	
                                                                                                                and	rewarding	for	the	Wheelers	Hill	dancers.	
                                                                                                                Not	only	did	the	7-9s	perform	brilliantly	
In	the	words	of	Agnes	De	Mille,	a	famous	American	dancer	and	choreographer:	“To	dance	is	to	be	yourself.	       in	‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor
Larger,	more	beautiful,	more	powerful.”	Dance	Night	2007,	held	at	Caulfield	Campus	on	Tuesday	14th	             Dreamcoat’,	but	the	Senior	Dance	Troupe	
of	August	proved	yet	again	the	wealth	of	talent	amongst	CGS	dancers.	Dance	at	Caulfield	Grammar	is	             have	also	entered	the	final	stages	of	
constantly	evolving	and	this	year	the	audience	at	the	Cripps	Centre	were	transfixed	by	the	‘The Awakening       rehearsals	for	the	Fashion	Show.	Auditions	
Kiss’.	Written	and	choreographed	by	Ms	Tobler	this	production	told	the	story	of	a	talented	sculptor	and	his	    for	Speech	Night	performers	were	held	on	
miraculous	journey	to	create	a	piece	called	‘Standing	Woman.’	His	journey	is	expressed	through	the	voice	       Thursday	the	9th	of	August	and	rehearsals	
of	a	narrator,	who	discovered	his	story	in	a	magazine.	Each	dance	was	an	inspiration	for	his	sculpture,	with	   will	no	doubt	commence	shortly.	This	terms	
a	plethora	of	styles	such	as	hip-hop,	ballet,	Latin	salsa,	contemporary,	tap,	jazz	and	abstract.	A	standout	    major	event	for	Wheelers	Hill	dancers	was	
dance	was	the	VCE	learnt-dance	which	captivated	the	audience.	It	incorporated	a	range	of	styles	including	      of	course	the	‘Night of Dance’.	A	wide	
ballet,	contemporary,	hip-hop	and	abstract.	The	VCE	dancers:	Elle,	Jesse,	Alannah,	Nick,	Grace,	Madeline,	      range	of	dance	styles/techniques	were	
Pippa,	Georgina	and	Yolana,	are	to	be	congratulated	on	their	professionalism	and	astonishing	talent.	The	       showcased	on	the	night,	and	all	participants	
younger	dancers	are	also	to	be	commended	on	their	consistent	dedication,	exceptional	flair	and	consistent	      must	be	congratulated	on	their	individual	
encouragement	to	the	VCE	dancers.	                                                                              choreography.	The	solos,	duos,	trios	and	
                                                                                                                troupes	were	brilliantly	crafted	and	all	VCE	
  Rehearsals	for	the	production	commenced	months	before	the	show-stopping	night	in	order	to	perfect	            dancers,	Dance	Troupe	members	and	Primary	
every	detail.	Students	attended	a	range	of	lunchtime	and	Sunday	rehearsals	in	the	dance	studio	with	Ms	         School	students	ought	to	be	credited	for	
Tobler.	These	rehearsals	were	vital	and	made	the	show	such	an	accomplishment.		                                 their	exceptional	displays.	Katie,	Ellie,	Ashla,	
    The	production	saw	incredibly	professional	and	energetic	performances	from	students	across	all	Year	        Sarah	and	Kate	also	need	to	be	congratulated	
levels.	Dance	students	weren’t	the	only	performers,	as	those	who	enjoy	dance	as	a	hobby	took	part	in	           on	their	first	place	at	this	years	State	Youth	
it.	The	artistic	props,	special	effects,	effective	costumes,	bright	makeup,	astonishing	choreography	and	       Games.	(They	won	the	aerobics	section	of	
vibrant	lighting	were	essential	to	the	profound	success	of	the	show.	A	huge	thanks	must	go	to	Ms	Tobler	        the	event.)
for	her	choreography,	consistent	encouragement	and	determination	which	made	the	show	such	a	success.	              Dance	has	grown	in	awareness	over	
Thanks	must	also	be	extended	to	the	crew	who	made	the	atmosphere	so	luring	and	vibrant.	The	incredible	         the	past	year,	however	there	is	still	much	
energy	and	aptitude	exuded	from	the	students	was	a	credit	to	dance	at	Caulfield	Grammar.	This	production	       that	can	be	done	to	promote	the	art	and	
has	been	a	unique	and	philosophical	one	in	the	life	of	dance	at	Caulfield	Grammar	and	hopefully	promises	       the	students	who	put	their	heart	and	soul	
many	thrilling	things	in	future.	                                                                               into	dance.	Hopefully	next	year	will	see	this	
Julia, Dance Co-Captain                                                                                         years	initiative	of	‘Dance	Troupe’	continue	
                                                                                                                and	develop,	as	well	as	the	introduction	of	
                                                                                                                new	programs	to	further	improve	and	include	
                                                                                                                dance	at	Caulfield.	Congratulations	and	thank	
                                                                                                                –	you	to	all	of	the	girls	who	were	a	part	of	
                                                                                                                dance	this	year,	your	talent	and	patience	
                                                                                                                does	not	go	unnoticed!	
                                                                                                                  Good	luck	to	all	houses	for	this	years	
                                                                                                                Festival	of	the	Arts,	and	best	wishes	for	
                                                                                                                dance	at	Caulfield	next	year.
                                                                                                                Rasa, Dance Captain

                                                                                                                Dance Representatives 2007:
                                                                                                                Year	11	–	Ellie	Smale	&	Katie	Winkler;
                                                                                                                Year	10	–	Jessica	Bruerton;
                                                                                                                Year	9	–	Kate	Djumas	and	Stephanie	Clay;
                                                                                                                Year	8	–	Hussy	S.	&	Rachel	Pownall.
Joseph and the Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat
Like	any	theatre	production,	a	lot	of	time	and	effort	went	into	this	year’s	
7-9	musical.	Auditions	began	in	term	one,	with	many	eager	middle	school	
students	hoping	to	gain	a	position	in	a	cast	of	about	forty.	With	such	
few	roles,	rehearsals	were	intense	but	very	rewarding	and	in	the	weeks	
leading	up	to	opening	night,	excitement	levels	were	rising	amongst	the	
cast.	Though	many	of	the	older	students	had	performed	in	previous	
productions,	for	many	this	was	their	first	time	on	stage.	Throughout	the	
months	of	rehearsing,	the	students	discovered	the	thrill	of	musical	theatre	
and	what	a	rewarding	experience	a	production	can	be.	With	the	support	
of	parents	and	siblings,	everyone	learnt	their	lines	and	prepared	for	what	
was	sure	to	be	an	excellent	show.	Under	the	always	enthusiastic	direction	
of	Mr	Adam	Somes,	and	the	exceptional	musical	direction	of	Mr	Geoffrey	
Cousins,	the	production	was	not	only	a	wonderful	experience	for	the	cast	
members,	but	a	huge	success.

                                                                               Louis	Sachar’s	novel	‘Holes’	was	brought	to	life	on	the	main	stage	in	the	Cripps	
                                                                               Centre	by	the	junior	members	of	our	senior	school	at	CC.	The	story	of	Holes	
                                                                               follows	the	events	of	a	boy	(Stanley)	who	is	sent	to	a	“concentration	camp”	for	
                                                                               children	who	have	been	deemed	a	menace	to	society.	It	is	here	that	he	meets	
                                                                               an	army	of	boys	who	are	forced	to	dig	holes	day	after	day	in	search	of	an	
                                                                               unknown	treasure.
                                                                                 	This	production	of	the	beloved	children’s	book	was	a	great	success.	It	
                                                                               showcased	the	vast	talent	that	there	is	in	our	junior	years.	Audiences	were	
                                                                               able	to	enjoy	every	moment	of	this	gripping	piece	of	theatre.
                                                                                 The	efforts	of	the	students	involved	in	the	production	were	clearly	portrayed	
                                                                               on	stage	as	the	cast	immersed	themselves	into	each	role.	There	are	moments	
                                                                               and	some	very	funny	lines	that	will	not	be	forgotten	for	a	long	time.	‘Holes’	was	
                                                                               nothing	but	a	spectacular	production.
The	casting	has	been	
finalised	and	the	
rehearsal	process	is	
well	under	way	for	the	
final	junior	secondary	
production	for	the	year	
at	CC.	Roald	Dahl’s	
classic	story	about	
determination	and	
overcoming	of	fears	
will	be	portrayed	by	
students	in	‘Matilda’.	
   This	production	will	be	performed	in	the	Black	
Theatre	at	CC.	‘Matilda’	follows	the	life	of	a	young	girl	
who	grows	up	with	the	family	that	doesn’t	love	her	for	
who	she	is,	and	her	school	life	where	her	talents	go	
unappreciated.	Junior	productions	are	often	a	way	to	
see	younger	students	take	the	more	dominant	roles	on	
the	stage.	‘Matilda’	promises	that	audiences	will	fall	in	
love	with	their	interpretation	of	such	a	great	piece	of	
children’s	literature.
   The	play	aims	to	be	an	unforgettable	interpretation	
that	nobody	is	going	to	want	to	miss.	‘Matilda’	will	be	
casting	its	spell	on	audiences	in	October	from	the	24th	
to	the	27th.
                                                             Into the Woods
                                                             From	the	12th	to	the	14th	of	September,	year	10-12	students	from	Wheelers	Hill	Campus	performed	in	
                                                             the	highly	acclaimed	Stephen	Sondheim	musical,	‘Into the Woods’.	The	journey	began	in	Term	2,	when	
                                                             this	small	cast	began	learning	the	intricate	workings	of	the	libretto’s	songs,	from	the	unusual	notes	in	
                                                             “On	the	Steps	of	the	Palace”	to	the	fast-paced,	tongue-twisting	“Your	Fault”.

James and the Giant
                                                                 By	the	start	of	Term	3,	each	cast	member	had	begun	developing	their	own	interpretation	of	their	
                                                             characterisation.	The	production	surrounded	the	motif,	“be	careful	what	you	wish	for”,	and	as	we	
                                                             all	soon	learned	there	was	more	to	these	well-known	storybook	characters	than	first	thought.	Each	

Peach                                                        character	had	their	own	motives	and	‘wishes’,	all	of	which	drove	them	to	go	into	the	woods,	while	their	
                                                             reasons	gave	a	much	deeper	meaning	to	the	production,	from	the	Witch	(Roxie)	who	just	wanted	to	be	
                                                             accepted,	to	the	Baker	(David)	and	Baker’s	Wife	(Natalie)	who	both	wanted	a	happy	family	with	their	
In	2007,	the	grade	                                          own	child.	Even	the	old	fairytale	characters	we’ve	grown	to	know	and	love	had	their	own	back	stories	-	
5/6	primary	school	                                          the	hungry	Little	Red	Ridinghood	(Elizabeth)	and	the	somewhat	dimwitted,	but	imaginative	Jack	(Jasper)	
production	‘James and                                        –	the	one	who	climbed	the	beanstalk	–	both	grow	up	in	the	woods,	while	Cinderella	(Kristy)	finds	out	
the Giant Peach’,	was	                                       how	you	may	get	a	lot	more	than	what	you	wish	for	when	you	strive	to	achieve	it.
held	in	the	Black	Theatre	
                                                                The	cast	soon	adapted	to	the	large	array	of	props	involved,	as	well	the	fantastic	set	costume	
at	Wheeler	Hill	Campus.	
                                                             and	lighting,	which	(with	the	large	amount	of	help	from	the	behind-the-scenes	cast	members)	made	
We	rehearsed	2-3	times	
                                                             involvement	all	the	more	enjoyable.	The	new	initiative	of	cast	t-shirts	also	made	a	memorable	touch	
a	week	from	February	
                                                             to	the	show,	with	the	cast	having	their	own	priceless	mementos.	Special	thanks	must	go	out	to	our	
to	August.	It	was	heaps	
                                                             director,	Ms	Lyndy	Clarke,	and	musical	director,	Mr	Roger	Creed,	whose	tireless	efforts	made	this	
of	fun.	James	and	The	
                                                             production	all	that	it	was.	After	three	exhilarating	performances,	it	not	only	seemed	nostalgic	for	the	
Giant	Peach	was	an	
                                                             year	12s	(whose	final	production	it	was)	but	also	gave	a	real	sense	of	accomplishment	for	all	involved	
auditioned	play	and	
                                                             from	start	to	finish.	And	this	was	“the	thing	that	made	it	worth	the	journeying”.
everyone	did	a	great	job	
but	unfortunately	not	everyone	got	in.	The	final	cast	       David, Theatre Co-Captain
consisted	of	eighteen	people,	including	extras.
   ‘James and the Giant Peach’ is	about	a	boy	who	lost	
his	mother	and	father	to	an	escaped	rhinoceros.	He	
then	went	to	live	with	his	two	aunts,	Aunt	Sponge	and	
Aunt	Spiker;	they	were	really	mean	to	him	and	never	
called	him	by	his	real	name.	One	day	an	old	man	came	
up	to	him	and	gave	him	a	bag	full	of	magic	and	all	the	
magic	goes	into	the	ground.	This	leads	him	to	the	Giant	
Peach	full	of	insects.	They	set	off	on	a	journey	and	
end	up	in	New	York	where	they	become	heroes!	The	
cast	had	a	great	time	rehearsing	with	such	unusual	
costumes,	props	and	sets	and	enjoyed	performing	to	a	
sell-out	audience	on	all	3	nights.	
   It	was	a	great	production	and	we	really,	really	
enjoyed	it.	We	would	like	to	give	a	big,	big	thank-you	
to	Miss	Kylie	Gray	for	being	a	fantastic	director	and	
providing	for	all	of	our	needs…we	couldn’t	have	done	it	
without	you!	We	wish	good	luck	to	those	in	next	year’s	
performance	and	hope	all	goes	well!
Tayla and David
The Children

This	year’s	year	11	Theatre	Studies	class	at	
Caulfield	Campus	brought	to	life	the	Studio	of	the	
Cripps	Centre	in	term	3	from	August	8th-11th	with	
their	play	of	‘The Children’.	
    Rehearsals	began	very	early	on	in	term	2	with	
class	time	occupying	the	rehearsal	schedule.	
Each	student	was	responsible	for	at	least	one	of	
the	many	stage	crafts	that	made	this	piece	what	
is	was,	along	with	the	immense	acting	skills	of	
                                                                                                            at Caulfield Grammar School
these	talented	students.	Each	of	the	students	kept	
a	very	detailed	account	of	their	experiences	in	                                                         The Seagull (WH)                          March
a	journal	which	they	could	reflect	on	in	the	later	
stages	of	the	production.	The	lighting	design	and	                                                       A Servant to two Masters (CC)             March
sound	track	worked	extremely	well	together	with	                                                         A Dreamplay (CC)                           April
their	timely	thuds	and	flashes	of	each	slam	of	
the	children’s	box’s	making	a	great	effect	to	the	                                                       Lysistrata (WH)                            April
viewing	pleasures	of	the	audience.	At	first,	the	
impression	of	the	cast	towards	the	play	was	very	                                                        Marat/Sade (WH)                             May
hesitant,	and	they	each	knew	that	they	had	a	hard	                                                       Cabaret (CC)                                May
job	to	“pull	it	off.”	However,	through	development	
of	character	and	particular	techniques	everyone	                                                         The Committee (CGA Fairfax Players)         May
was	very	happy	with	the	end	result.	The	play	was	
written	by	Edward	Bond,	a	multi-faced	play	that	      Pygmalion                                          Animal Farm (CC)                           June
explores	the	changing	face	of	society	as	seen	                                                           Holes (CC)                                  July
                                                      Term	three	saw	the	Senior	Drama	Production	
by	its	exiles.	As	a	group	of	unlikely	companions	
                                                      of	Bernard	Shaw’s	‘Pygmalion’,	which	also	         Pygmalion (WH)                           August
seek	to	elude	responsibility,	they	stumble	upon	
                                                      marked	the	return	to	Wheelers	Hill	Campus	
the	strangest	of	encounters	that	guides	them	to	
                                                      of	a	former	student,	Sarah,	as	co-director.	       The Children (CC)                        August
question	trust’s	intentions.	From	the	outset,	‘The
                                                      In	collaboration	with	Mr	Dan	Hartley,	the	
Children’	presented	itself	as	a	unique	challenge,	                                                       A Night of Dance (CC & WH)               August
                                                      production	team	was	led	through	four	
a	few	confrontations	of	darkest	nature	that	few	
                                                      months	of	exciting,	exhausting,	and	ultimately	    James and the Giant Peach (WH)           August
in	the	ensemble	had	had	the	opportunity	to	face	
                                                      enlightening	rehearsals.	
before.	The	invaluable	insight	and	direction	of	Mr	                                                      Into the Woods (WH)                   September
Matschoss	provided	an	established	understanding	          Shaw’s	comic	yet	bitingly	sincere	
of	the	complexities	of	the	play	and	that	aided	the	   examination	of	education	and	its	                  Eternal Flame (CC)                    September
cast	in	the	portrayal	of	character.	His	organized	    consequences	was	brought	vividly	to	
efforts	in	affording	direction	and	support	for	the	   life	through	the	combined	efforts	of	our	          Search for a Hero (CGA Fairfax Players) October
cast	and	the	production	itself	are	very	much	         remarkable	cast.	Year	12	students	Marta,	          Chasing your Dreams (MC)                October
appreciated.	‘The Children’	,	being	a	text	that	is	   Ryan,	Nick,	Fiona,	Olivia,	Melissa,	and	the	two	
focused	primarily	on	the	dynamics	of	the	ensemble,	   David’s,	Year	11	students	Darcy,	Catherine	        Joseph and the Amazing
relies	upon	the	efforts	of	the	cast	themselves	and	   and	Stephaniel,	Year	10	students	Elissa	and	       Technicolor Dreamcoat (WH)              October
it	was	the	occasion	of	performance	as	a	class	that	   Alexandra,	as	well	as	Mr	Gary	Tyler,	in	a	
is	to	be	noted	as	a	principle	achievement	of	the	     special	cameo	appearance,	all	contributed	         Matilda (CC)                            October
Production.	Thank	you	to	Mr	Joachim	Matschoss,	       with	unfailing	energy,	and	with	constant	good	
                                                                                                         Shivers                               Tour 07/08
Mr	Michael	Howlett,	Terry	Haigney	and	finally,	the	   cheer	and	joviality!	
children	themselves.                                     Reception	to	the	show	exceeded	
Danielle and Tamara                                   expectations,	with	all	three	performances	
                                                      playing	to	a	near-capacity	house.	Indeed,	our	
                                                      final	night,	due	to	unprecedented	interest,	
                                                      made	full	use	of	the	multi-leveled	Black	
                                                      Theatre,	with	audience	members	having	to	sit	
                                                      in	the	lights	bridge!	
                                                         Heart-felt	thanks	go	to	our	tech	crew	and	
                                                      stage	management	team,	our	Sound	Designer	
                                                      David,	and	our	wonderful	Lighting	Designer	
                                                      Melissa,	without	any	of	whom	this	experience	
                                                      would	have	been	infinitely	less	rewarding.	I	
                                                      also	once	again	thank	our	co-directors,	Mr	
                                                      Dan	Hartley	and	Ms	Sarah	Martin,	for	a	truly	
                                                      fantastic	collaborative	experience.	

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