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									                                                                                                                                                             Buzz          Issue 66 October 2005

                                                                                                                                                                              Silver screen alumni 2/3
                                                                                                                                                                                        Spin cycle   4
                                                                                                                                                                                   Amazing Grace     5
                                                                                                                                                                           Hannah’s helping hands    6
                                                                                                                                                                             Be happy, be healthy    7
    Sit!                                                                                                                                                                                     Sport   8

                                                                            Did you know that computers find children’s speech much more difficult to recognise than adult’s
                                                                            speech? The robot dog pictured is part of a study looking at ’how children communicate with
                                                                            robots’ and will be featured at this month’s two-day Research Showcase in the Great Hall.
                                                                            See below for more details.

So what has research done for us?
A two-day exhibition this month in the great hall will showcase the work of the University’s Collaborative
Research Networks (CRNs) at an event designed to highlight the level of work being carried out at the
University to internal, regional and national audiences.                                                                                       ‘…One of the things I’m interested
For the last 100 years the University and its research has played      event will also be able to visit a range of exhibits, many of them
                                                                                                                                               in is how to increase a relatively
a major part in the success of the City, and the Region, as well       hands-on, including levitating superconductors, an interactive          sedentary population’s physical
as in the United Kingdom’s place in the European and global            robot dog and a scanner which can scan your face and produce            activity. I’ve started to appreciate
market, contributing both to the advance of knowledge and              an image in 3D form on a computer screen.
its application.                                                                                                                               that you don’t achieve much by
                                                                       The CRNs are all multidisciplinary and engage staff from all of         shouting at people more and
Current research at Birmingham reflects the demand for evermore        the Schools across campus. The networks define areas in which
sophisticated solutions to complex problems, often dependent on        our staff are already internationally competitive, subjects that have
                                                                                                                                               more vehemently. The evidence
the bringing together of a range of research skills and disciplines.   intellectual depth and societal importance, and topics that will        suggests that the more we’ve
The University’s research strategy encourages interdisciplinary        remain important research objectives for a decade or more.              shouted, the less people have
research, taking advantage of the knowledge and facilities
available across campus, concentrating our resources to greater        The event takes place on 5 and 6 October (10.00am - 4.00pm)
                                                                                                                                               engaged in exercise. So if you’re
effect. Champions from the nine networks, alongside the four           in the Great Hall. Co-hosting the evening event on Wednesday 5          going to shout at people, shout
areas of enabling technology, will showcase their latest research      will be broadcaster and scientist Adam Hart-Davis. Adam, who is
                                                                                                                                               cleverly rather than loudly…’
at the main exhibition and through a programme of presentations        probably best known for his popular television series’ What the
taking place over the two days.                                        Romans/Greeks/Tudors and Stuarts did for us, is no stranger to
                                                                       the University having given the Baggs Happiness lecture in 2002.
Birmingham-based research staff will give presentations on                                                                                     Sport and Exercise Science’s Doug Carroll talks
subjects from ‘Making Birmingham research relevant’ to ‘Sex, Lies      For more information visit www.events.bham.ac.uk                        to Ros Dodd about the health of the nation.
and Nanotechnology’ and ‘Gritgate’ (focusing on the snow and           or call 0121 414 2950                                                   Read more on page 7
ice chaos on Birmingham roads in January 2004). Visitors to the

STOP PRESS                       Buzz has been nominated for an CIPR PRide award in the category of Best Newsletter for the second year running

                                                                             Alumna’s silver screen career
                                                                             celebrated in film season
                                                                             The career of West Bromwich born actress,
                                                                             Hollywood filmstar and former Birmingham
                                                                             student Madeleine Carroll will be celebrated
                                                                             when the mac (Midlands Arts Centre) Cinema
                                                                             this month shows two of her acclaimed films.

                                                                             Birmingham graduate, Madeleine, who studied for a French
 A quick word                                                                degree in the 20s, was born in West Bromwich in 1906
                                                                             and became a teacher and model after graduating. She is
  Contrary to popular belief I am not lost in cyberspace. Having spent       remembered for her role in the 1930s Hitchcock film, The
  the summer working on the new university website development               39 Steps, as the handcuffed heroine. She also appeared in
  project while Eve and Mark took care of things here, it’s comforting       Hitchcock’s Secret Agent and the World War 1 drama, I
  to be back in the editor’s chair again. I barely had time to look around   Was a Spy. She then went on to a Hollywood career with
  the office and catch my breath before the new intake of Freshers           major roles in The Prisoner of Zenda and My Favourite
  arrived, followed closely by some experienced older hands, all looking     Blonde and on marrying her third husband Sterling Hayden
  forward to another exciting year at the University. To all of those who,   became an American citizen.
  like me, have been away I’d like to say welcome back.
                                                                             In 1943 she returned to England to take part in the war
  The beginning of term aside, the big news on campus this month is          effort after her sister was killed in the London Blitz. On
  the Research Showcase which is taking place on the fifth and sixth         joining the Red Cross she dedicated herself to helping
  of this month. See the front cover for full details.                       people throughout Europe and turned her chateau into an
                                                                             orphanage. After the war she made only a further three films
  Over the years the University has made a number of Hollywood               including the British romance White Cradle Inn. She then
  connections, from Russell Jackson and his work on Ken Brannagh’s           devoted her life to UNICEF and children’s causes.
  Shakespearean films to fellow honorary graduate director Ken Loach.
  In this edition you can read all about two Birmingham graduates who        The MP for West Bromwich West, Adrian Bailey, is campaigning         On joining the Red Cross she dedicated
  have made a big impact on the silver screen. The mac is showing two        for the official recognition of the work carried out by Madeleine    herself to helping people throughout
  of celebrated Hitchcock actress and alumna Madeleine Carroll’s films       Carroll, during the second world war. He has raised her case in      Europe and turned her chateau into
  (see opposite) but you will have to look a bit more closely to spot        the House of Commons to ensure that both nationally and locally
  alumnus and stuntman Richard Garrett. See page 3 for more about            she is honoured for her remarkable lifetime achievements as an
                                                                                                                                                  an orphanage
  his daring exploits.                                                       actress and as a volunteer worker during the war.

  Finally, my return to the Buzz helm was greeted with some very good        Emily Henton, Head of Alumni Relations, says, ‘We are delighted     For further information and booking please visit
  news. For the second year running, Buzz has been nominated in the          that Madeleine’s work is now being recognised in this way. As       www.macarts.co.uk or contact the mac Information
  Best Newsletter category in the CIPR PRide awards. We won a silver         well as the film career for which she is renowned, Madeleine        and Ticket Office Tel: 0121 440 3838
  award last year so watch this space for news.                              also worked hard for the Red Cross during the war and then          email: enquiries@macarts.co.uk
                                                                             continued to support others through her work with UNICEF.’
                                                                                                                                                 All ticket prices before 6.30pm are £3.50 (£2.50
   Sam Smith                                                                 To celebrate her career mac Cinema will be showing The 39           concessions) and after 6.30pm £4.50 (£3.50 concessions)
   Content Editor                                                            Steps on 9 October (8.15pm) and 11 October (1.00pm)
   s.smith@bham.ac.uk                                                        and Secret Agent on 23 October (3.30pm) and 25 October
   0121 414 6948                                                             at (1.00pm).

Developing the next generation of performance cycles
Experts based at the University are helping a Midlands bicycle frame manufacturer to develop the
next generation of competitive performance bikes.

Tyseley-based company Reynolds Technology has been                           new material; the team lacked the specialist expertise and
working with Engineering’s Dr Martin Strangwood through                      technology to overcome critical technical issues. ‘The company
VIN Technology Services, based at the University, to develop                 was unable to weld the magnesium tubes to the required
a new magnesium alloy frame that is 33 percent lighter than                  strength to produce a lightweight and durable bicycle frame.
the more commonly used aluminium compounds. The results                      The solution was to set up a project within the University’s
will be used to produce new frames that give a valuable                      metallurgy department to analyse the weld samples and
advantage to professional athletes in events such as the                     identify the problem.
Olympics and Tour de France.
                                                                             Using high powered microscopes, the team was able to identify        Birmingham's own Professor Asker Jeukendrup in action.
VIN, which provides technology services to businesses within                 minute cracks and corrosion within the grain structures of
the West Midlands, is the business face of the University’s                  the welding and develop a solution that created an extremely        Gino adds: ‘This project is just one way that these visualisation
technology and research services. They provided Reynolds                     strong join.’                                                       and imaging technologies can be used. The range of
with to access to some of the most advanced analysis                                                                                             applications is almost endless, whether you are developing
equipment and expertise in the country.                                      Keith Noronha, managing director at Reynolds Technology             new products or processes, testing or improving existing
                                                                             said: ‘Working with VIN meant that we had access to the             ones, or simply carrying out feasibility studies on new ideas.
Gino Bellavia, head of VIN, explains how the collaboration                   best equipment and knowledge in the country and could               The key is being able to harness this technology in the right
started: ‘While Reynolds had identified the potential of the                 overcome the issues preventing our progress.                        ways to make your business better

Clive’s a master of the scholarship                                                                                                         Sitting on the edge of
                                                                                                                                            your seat?
A dynamic Warwickshire professional has scooped a £12,000 scholarship award to study for a
postgraduate qualification at the Business School.

                                                                                                                                            Birmingham alumnus, Richard Garrett keeps cinema audiences
Clive Bawden has won funding for a place on the Executive                                                                                   goose pimpled with excitement when he appears on the big
Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme after                                                                                     screen in blockbuster movies.
entering a competition with the Business School and the
Birmingham Post newspaper.                                                                                                                  Since graduating from Birmingham in English with Drama
                                                                                                                                            and Theatre Arts in 1988, Richard, whose stage surname is
The School teamed up with the newspaper to run a                                                                                            Bradshaw, has gone on to become a world-renowned stuntman.
competition, which required entrants to write a brief
business proposal to develop existing or new business                                                                                       Pursuing interests initiated at Birmingham, including fencing for
ideas. Entries were submitted to a judging panel, headed                                                                                    the University team, he gained invaluable stunt-like experience.
by Sir Digby Jones, Director General of the CBI. Clive                                                                                      Hobbies such as scuba diving, rock climbing and fighting using
overcame fierce competition from across the region to                                                                                       martial arts, helped the adrenaline seeking Richard to qualify
win the exclusive scholarship prize.                                                                                                        as a professional stuntman.

Clive had been looking for an opportunity to study for an                                                                                   The James Bond double appeared in Tomorrow Never Dies,
MBA for a while; but work and family commitments meant                                                                                      in the sunken ship fight scene. He has also performed in
the timing was never quite right – until now. Already a                                                                                     Van Helsing and died time after time for Titanic directors.
chartered accountant and qualified marketer, Clive drew                                                                                     Commenting on how much he enjoys the job, Richard said:
on his previous work experience with KPMG, Inchcape                                                                                         ‘I love the variety – no two days are ever the same. One
and Jewson to form the basis of his competition entry,                                                                                      day I can be fighting a big Hollywood film star and the
which focussed on the creation of a new format to solve                                                                                     next I can be thrown off a cliff.’
the needs of a very traditional industry.

‘I’m delighted to have been chosen to study at Birmingham.
It was such a pleasant surprise and I can’t wait to join the
                                                                        Clive Bawden (left) with Professor Jonathan Michie, Director of
team,’ said Clive, who hopes to begin his part-time studies             Birmingham Business School.
later this year.

Clive is no stranger to the University having graduated with           Professor Jonathan Michie, Director of Birmingham Business
a degree in Greek in 1994 and is now looking forward to                School, said: ‘We’re delighted Clive will be joining our high
continuing his studies.                                                calibre students on the programme and I look forward to
                                                                       welcoming him to the School. The scholarship is about
He said: ‘Birmingham is a superb university located                    recognising talent and encouraging potential. It was designed
in a fantastic city. I had such a great time there as an               to benefit people from all backgrounds by giving them an
undergraduate and I can’t wait to return. Both the University          opportunity to develop their careers through a leading provider
and the Business School have a reputation for excellence               of MBA programmes. Clive’s entry was outstanding and he is
and they produce graduates of the highest standard. This               exactly the type of individual this scheme is designed to help.
scholarship will provide me with an opportunity I may not              This initiative has enabled us to collaborate with fellow business
otherwise have had to develop my skills and advance                    leaders in the region, such as the CBI and the Birmingham
in my career – I relish the challenge of finally realising             Post, which demonstrates the high standards at which we
my aspirations.’                                                       operate and the level of support we have in our home city.’

The future of computing comes to Birmingham                                                                                                  Evening meals
                                                                                                                                             at Staff House
Top scientists from around twenty institutions across the UK last month visited the University to discuss                                    The Bratby Bar is now serving evening meals
the development of the next generation of computing.                                                                                         5.30pm to 7.30pm

The gathering of top physicists and computer scientists were           Peter Watkins, Professor of Particle Physics at the University,       Enjoy your food and drink in a smoke-free environment
discussing the next steps of the GridPP project, the UK effort         welcomed the meeting participants, saying, ‘We’re very pleased
to prepare for the massive data volumes expected from the              that Birmingham is able to play its part in this exciting project.    Special offer:
forthcoming generation of particle physics experiments.                Birmingham is one of more than 150 sites on the world’s largest       2 meals with a choice of either:
                                                                       computing Grid, an infrastructure that will allow us to do science    Bottle of Red or White Wine or
‘Grid computing’ harnesses the power of computers worldwide            that was previously impossible. The world wide web was                4 pt. Jug of Carlsberg Lager or Tetley Smoothflow
to tackle complex problems. The name ‘Grid’ comes from analogy         invented by a particle physicist at CERN, and we hope that            or soft drink
with the electricity Grid. Users can obtain a resource such as         the Grid will bring a similar revolution in computing.’
electricity, or in this case, computer processing, from a variety of                                                                         £10.00 for 2 people
sources to supply their needs, without needing to know where                                                                                 (October price only, Normally £12.00)
it comes from. This means that a scientist in Birmingham, for           The world wide web was invented
example, can request data from CERN in Switzerland and send             by a particle physicist at CERN, and                                 Astor Restaurant – Astor Suite:
it to be analysed on the Grid. It can then be processed on                                                                                   Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or soft drink
                                                                        we hope that the Grid will bring a
computers at more than 100 sites globally, from Budapest                                                                                     (1 per person) with your meal.
to Illinois, and the results will be sent back to the scientist
                                                                        similar revolution in computing
in Birmingham.

Spin Cycle                                                        Bird species research highlights
The devastation of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath
dominated the recent news. Philosophy’s Ian Law spoke to
                                                                  global conservation concern
Shine FM about human nature in light of the disaster, while
John Kings of GEES also spoke to Shine FM and BBC                 Birmingham scientists, working with colleagues from four other British institutions, have unveiled the
Radio Wales about extreme weather conditions. Economist           first global map of bird species distributions, in the journal Nature. Their findings have implications
Colin Rowat was interviewed by BBC Asian Network about            that should be of major concern to conservationists.
Iraq’s constitutional process. Colin Hay from POLSIS
spoke to Saga Radio about Ken Clarke’s candidacy for
the Conservative leadership; Psychology’s Kevin Browne
discussed ‘Operation Srikeout’ with Kerrang! Radio. In             We have created a global database
the Business School Peter Hyde spoke to BBC Midlands
                                                                   on the geographical distribution of the
Today about the price of family football outings, David Bailey
spoke to BBC Midlands Today about the new Jaguar model,            breeding ranges of all known living bird
Isabelle Szmigin appeared twice in the Birmingham Post             species, which gives us a fantastic
on the subjects of women’s magazines and her research              resource for answering questions on
into young people and alcohol, while Alex de Ruyter spoke
                                                                   ecology and evolution on a global scale
to the Birmingham Post about the benefits of a Business
School education. The CLL’s Gary Wood gave expert
psychological advice as a panel member on Channel 5’s
Trisha Goddard programme, Cancer Studies’ Lawrence
Young spoke about melanoma to BBC Midlands Today;
Roderick Smith, Director of Admissions, continued to give
media interviews regarding A-Level results. In addition to last
month’s Spin Cycle load, he appeared on: BBC Radio 4,
BBC One o’ clock, six o’clock and ten o’clock news, BBC
Radio One, Sky News, BBC Asian Network and Kerrang!
Sport and Exercise Science’s Vikki Burns co-wrote an
article in the Irish Times about the British Association
for the Advancement of Science, Martin Strangwood
(pictured below) of Engineering spoke to the Guardian
about the science of cricket and Medicine’s Paul Stewart
was interviewed by the Birmingham Post on the subject of
pregnancy. Zena Woolridge of University Sport Birmingham
spoke to the Daily Telegraph about universities and sport
and to the Express and Star about Nick Gillingham’s visit         The map charts the global distribution of three different kinds        hotspots were found on islands. The only area that contains
to the University. Theology’s Gurharpal Singh spoke to the        of hotspot for bird species: areas which are rich in species;          hotspots of bird species richness, endemism and threat is the
Guardian about attacks on non-Muslim Asians following             areas which are rich in species that are under threat of extinction;   Andes of South America, which is an area of prime conservation
the July 7 bombings; Tony Arnull from the Law School              and areas that are rich with birds that have their distributions       importance for birds.
spoke to the BBC News website about the recent ruling             restricted to small areas, called endemic species.
of the European Court of Justice on harmonising criminal                                                                                 Dr Tim Blackburn, from the School of Biosciences, says,
law; Malcom Hislop, Chris Hewittson and Leone Driver              The researchers looked for overlap in the different hotspot types      ‘We have created a global database on the geographical
from the Institute of Archaeology appeared on the BBC             across the globe, but there was very little correlation to be found.   distribution of the breeding ranges of all known living bird
series Restoration, talking about a restoration project in        This raises problems for the conservation of global bird diversity,    species, which gives us a fantastic resource for answering
Kings Norton.                                                     because nature reserves that protect areas with many species           questions on ecology and evolution on a global scale. For
                                                                  are therefore not protecting areas with the most threatened or         example, we can ask, what causes certain areas to have lots
                                                                  endemic species. However, nature reserves that protect those           of species, or lots of threatened species. The fact that different
                                                                  bird species most at risk are not protecting many other species.       types of bird hotspots do not overlap suggests that different
                                                                                                                                         biological or environmental processes will be found to cause
                                                                  The research showed that most (89%) of the areas that                   the different hotspot types.
                                                                  are rich in bird species were found in mountainous areas of
                                                                  mainland continents, whereas only 40% of threatened species            Our research shows that areas with many species are not
                                                                  areas and 45% of endemic hotspot regions were found in                 necessarily those with many endemic and threatened species.
                                                                  continental mountains. In contrast, 60% of threatened species          As a result, conserving areas with many species will not protect
                                                                  areas and 60% of endemic hotspot regions were on large islands         the rare or range-restricted bird species. This kind of knowledge
                                                                  and island archipelagos, whereas none of the rich species              is key to the planning of effective global conservation strategies.’

                                                                  SETting an example
Energy saving tips
The University has committed to cut carbon                        Birmingham student Claire Pearce’s role in pioneering research         Claire’s research has already won her the opportunity to present
emissions, and has signed up to a pilot                           into tumour cells has led to a nomination in the prestigious           her findings at a conference last April for students and senior
programme with 20 universities to do so.                          student Science, Engineering and Technology Student of the             members of Virginia University in America.
                                                                  Year (SET) awards, which recognise exceptional achievements
Lighting tips                                                     of students and universities.                                          ‘It was an excellent experience,’ says Claire. ‘I was able to
   Use just the lights you need: Lights too bright on                                                                                    learn a lot from students and leading researchers in the US
   corridors? Remove or switch off alternate fittings.            Based at the University, Claire began her research last summer         and hopefully this will help me improve my own work. It
   Clean light fittings annually - dirt reduces lightings         under the supervision of Dr Chris Bunce. Thanks to funding from        also broadened my horizons in terms of experiencing a
   efficiency, encouraging people to switch more lights on.       Leukaemia Research, Claire has been using modern techniques            different culture.’
   Use daylight - it’s free - so keep windows and skylights       to test the different genetic expressions in normal tumour cells
   clean and clear.                                               and compare them with leukaemic cells.

Amazing Grace leaves cancer                                                                                                      Birmingham students win
research legacy                                                                                                                  GE Foundation award
Cancer research scientists at the University have been delighted by a surprise donation left in a Birmingham                     Three Birmingham students have won awards
woman’s will. Grace Hunt (pictured on the right), who lived quietly in Handsworth all her life, left a £200,000                  of £2,000 in recognition of their achievements
gift towards cancer research in Birmingham. Miss Hunt cut a recognisable figure in Handsworth as she and                         in their studies.
her identical twin sister Mary worked in their family butcher shop by day and sang in clubs in the evenings.
                                                                                                                                 Sophie Elise Landu, who studies Mechanical Engineering;
                                                                                                                                 Mohammed Imran Moolla, who is studying Mechanical and
The Hunt twins were born on 13 July 1923, and Grace died                                                                         Automotive Engineering; and Simone Kennard, who studies
last on 20 July 2003. They always dressed alike. After leaving                                                                   Economics and Italian, received the awards from the GE
Newcombe Road school in 1937 the sisters worked in their                                                                         Foundation at a ceremony held in London.
father’s butcher shop in Oldbury Road, Blackheath until the
1970s. The twins performed as the Hunt Sisters, singing in                                                                       The GE Foundation, the philanthropic organization of the General
variety clubs accompanied on piano by their mother. Neither                                                                      Electric Company, invests in initiatives in the field of education
twin married, and both remained in the family home on Rookery                                                                    and drives programmes that improve student achievement.
Road. The Hunt family are buried in Handsworth cemetery.
                                                                                                                                 The Foundation invests over $40 million a year in educational
Grace’s donation will support a range of clinical trials                                                                         initiatives in over twenty-five countries around the world. Through
with cancer patients, in particular in the statistical                                                                           this annual competition, the foundation identifies and recognizes
analysis of findings. A plaque at the Cancer Research                                                                            fifteen accomplished first-year undergraduate students who are
UK Institute for Cancer Studies will commemorate                                                                                 pursuing degrees in the fields of engineering, technology,
the donation.                                                                                                                    economics and management.

                                                                                                                                 The students will receive the award of £2,000 for the second
 The Grace Hunt memorial fund will                                                                                               and third years of their undergraduate studies.
 support vital research and provide
 continuity between trials to make sure
 that results can be shared between                                                                                              Hands-free building at
 clinicians and scientists
                                                                                                                                 nanoscopic lenghtscales
Professor Philip Johnson, Professor of Oncology and
Translational Research at the University says: ‘We are                                                                           Just as a bricklayer creates a 3-dimensional
surprised and delighted by this donation, as we don’t                 results can be shared between clinicians and scientists.   structure of bricks and mortar by starting at the
believe that Miss Hunt or her family suffered from cancer.            We are proud to carry out cutting-edge research in         ground and building upwards, scientists in the
The Grace Hunt memorial fund will support vital research              Grace’s home city, and her name will continue through      School of Chemistry are attempting to do exactly
and provide continuity between trials to make sure that               our work.’                                                 the same but with materials a billion times smaller.

Follow the brand: new research into                                                                                              Led by Academic Champion for the Collaborative Research
                                                                                                                                 Network in Nanotechnology, Jon Preece, the group are
                                                                                                                                 using interactions between the surface and the materials

young people and alcohol                                                                                                         to create hands free building techniques.

                                                                                                                                 The figure (right) highlights some recent results in which a
The power of alcohol advertising in shaping the way young             have a significant impact                                  chemically modified surface was written to by an electron
people think about drinking is to be investigated by a team of        on the Government’s strategy                               beam and had gold nanoparticles assembled to the areas
researchers from the Universities of Bath, Birmingham and             for reducing binge drinking.                               of the surface that had been written to. The Nano3D
London. Previous research has raised concerns about how                                                                          consortia wish to illustrate that this approach can be
much young people drink, but did not ask them in any depth            The research is part of a wider                            scaled up into a proto-type production process, such
what drinking means to them and their views of particular brands.     series of twenty-five projects –                           that automation and scaleability can be demonstrated.
                                                                      called the Identities and Social
The Young People and Alcohol project will finish in September         Action Programme – carried                                 This EU funded project involves a consortia of scientists from
2007. The team will interview young people in 3 locations: a          out in UK universities to study                            across Europe (UK, Ireland, Germany and Spain), as well as
large Midlands city, a seaside town, and a West Country market        issues of identity in modern                               an SME from Switzerland and BAESYSTEMS in the UK.
town. Young people aged 18–25 will be asked their views on            Britain and abroad. The £4                                 For more information see www.crnnt.bham.ac.uk
alcohol advertising on TV, radio, magazines and the internet in       million programme is funded
relation to their alcohol consumption and their perceptions of        by the Economic and Social
themselves and others.                                                Research Council and
                                                                      the projects range from
The Birmingham Business School’s Dr Isabelle Szmigin, who             the regeneration of
is part of the research team, said: ‘This project will investigate    coalfields in Durham
the ways that alcohol advertising might shape young people’s          to a study of street
identities, for example by encouraging them to see themselves         children in Mexico.
as cool or attractive, manly or feminine if they drink a particular
product or a particular brand’.

Researchers will analyse a selected sample of current alcohol
advertisements aimed at young people on television, radio,
magazines and the internet, examining the images and meanings
associated with particular drinks. It is hoped the findings may

  Hannah’s helping
  hands provide a ray
  of light to the needy
  By Anna Dingley

  Twenty-one year-old Nursing student Hannah Ellis is about to deliver twins by candlelight. It’s the first
  time she’s ever delivered one child, let alone two and she’s thousands of miles away from home in a
  dilapidated building, with no electricity or running water. There’s no pain relief for the first-time mother
  and the babies are two months premature – plus the second twin is breech. But Hannah’s not phased
  and any anxiety is replaced by the sound of two healthy boys taking in their first breaths of the world.
  However, the joy is short-lived, when, away from Hannah’s care, the twins die in their mother’s arms
  due to a strike at the nearby hospital.

                                                                She recalls: ‘With the generator and water system awaiting
  There is barely any hope                                      spare parts, we carried buckets of water from the rainwater
                                                                tank and used manual suction devices. Strong and healthy
  for tiny babies. But the                                      looking, the boys were kept in overnight, and we referred
                                                                them for a check by a paediatrician. Two days later they died
  people don’t blame you.                                       at the general hospital. The doctors were on strike. This first-
                                                                time mother had been left to hold her babies in her arms and
  Their expectations are                                        watch them die.

  so different from ours.                                       ‘She returned home with her babies and buried them
                                                                outside her house by her door. When I returned to her
                                                                village Beverly had come to say thank you. I just held her
This tragic tale is all too familiar among the UK Nursing       hands and told her how sorry I was. Next time, I said. Next
students who are learning how to provide much needed            time. She just smiled and wandered into the people.’
healthcare to people in Papau New Guinea (PNG) as part
of an innovative placement scheme established by Peter          She adds: ‘This is the way things are for the people there.
Rookes, National Secretary of the Anglican Health Service,      There is barely any hope for tiny babies. But the people don’t
and his wife Jean, who spent eight years helping people         blame you. Their expectations are so different from ours.’
in the impoverished country just north of Australia.
                                                                Overwhelmed by the experience but occupied with
Leeds born Hannah Ellis was the first student from the          administering urgent treatment to patients and lacking             ‘It will be a tremendous legacy if we are able to establish
University’s School of Health Sciences to take part in          anaesthetics and pain killing drugs, Hannah soon became            this as a regular link between the University of Birmingham
the life-changing scheme and her experiences have now           skilled at distracting children while they had wounds sutured.     and the Anglican Health Service in Papua New Guinea,’
inspired four more Birmingham students to sign up.                                                                                 he adds.
                                                                ‘Giving a child a wrapped sweet could occupy them for long
‘Nothing could have prepared me for Papua New Guinea.           enough while they first worked out how to remove the               For further information about the Anglican Health Service
There were many things that will stay with me forever,’         wrapper, then ate the sweet,’ Hannah says.                         and the placement scheme please visit www.ahs-png.org
says Hannah.
                                                                Back home Hannah is now working as a staff nurse at
Based at St Margaret’s Health Centre, and with no resident      Leeds General Infirmary. She believes her experiences
doctor, Hannah’s nursing role included diagnosing,              have changed her life for the better and that for every            It will be a tremendous
prescribing and making treatment decisions in a range           tragedy there’s hope additional medical care could help
of cases from TB to machete wounds – all of which were          ease the heartache for many families in PNG.                       legacy if we are able
under supervision. After persuading people that although
she was white she was not a doctor, Hannah also had to          She says: ‘I now have friends at the other side of the world       to establish this as a
get used to no running water and often no electricity. But      and I’m all the richer having experienced life there. I learned
despite these testing conditions, Hannah prepared for the       so much from them.’                                                regular link between
task in hand.
                                                                Her outstanding work has impressed both Peter and Jean             the University of
‘It was a great privilege to serve among a very needy yet       Rookes who recently watched Hannah graduate with a
accepting population. The nursing staff work in such hard       degree in Nursing.                                                 Birmingham and
conditions and were really encouraged when I marvelled
at how they overcame problems we never even dream of,’          Peter, the former Chief Nursing Officer for Central                the Anglican Health
she comments.                                                   Birmingham Health Authority, says: ‘This was such a
                                                                landmark for us and for Hannah, and we had the opportunity         Service in Papua
Shortly after arriving at the centre Hannah’s first antenatal   of meeting Hannah’s parents and telling them what a great
patient gave birth prematurely to twins.                        ambassador and pioneer she had been for British Nursing            New Guinea
                                                                and the University.’

Be happy, be healthy                                                                                                                     By Ros Dodd

Academic research, asserts Professor Doug Carroll, should be fun. To illustrate the point he relates
the story of a study he and a former colleague carried out in Glasgow some years ago, which involved
measuring the height of gravestones in the city’s Victorian graveyards with modified chimney sweep
rods to test the correlation between wealth and health in earlier times.
                                                                                                                                        ‘…As we have become
                                                                                                                                       materially better off, life
                                                                                                                                       expectancy has increased,
‘We recorded the age of death from the inscriptions on             or not a person is depressed. He has found that people with
the gravestones and then measured the height of the                high levels of depression have relatively slow levels of healing.
                                                                                                                                       but there is evidence which
gravestones. The gravestones we chose were all obelisks and                                                                            shows that we are not happier
made of granite, so height would have determined how much          There is also evidence that suggests that depression is linked
money they had cost and hence the wealth of the people             to the progression of cancer. ‘Depression doesn’t give you          for it. If anything, it’s making
buried there,’ explains Doug, the Head of the School of Sport      cancer, but certain types can proceed much more rapidly
and Exercise Sciences at Birmingham and an expert in Health        if you are depressed. There is also evidence linking the            people more miserable...’
Psychology. ‘These graveyards were where the relatively well-      metabolism of depression with cardiovascular effects. It
to-do of the city were buried in Victorian times. But the study    makes the cardiovascular system more prone to injury, for
still showed that gravestone height was positively related to      example. Furthermore, one of the things about depression
longevity.’                                                         is that sufferers are careless, in the old-fashioned use
                                                                   of the word. So, for example, they pay less attention
Another, more recent, piece of ‘fun’ research involved looking     to hygiene.’
at hospital admissions in England on the days of the national
football team’s matches during the 1998 World Cup and              Meanwhile, Doug and Anna Phillips, another colleague
two days afterwards. ‘The major finding was that after the         have just completed a study into the lifestyle of a group
England–Argentina match, when England lost on penalties,           of people over the age of 65 who had ‘flu jabs. The
there was a 27 per cent increase in admissions for                 results are illuminating.
heart attacks.’
                                                                   ‘What struck us was how relatively unstressed this group of
Although these are ‘extreme examples’ of the kind of research      people was compared with some of the students we test,’
Doug engages in, it is clear he gets huge enjoyment from           he says. ‘Psychologically, they seemed a highly robust group.’
his work. ‘I always tell students, ‘make it a fun experience’ –    They are, it seems, a dying breed, for Doug believes we are
planning research, carrying it out, analysing the results and      hurtling towards a depression epidemic.
writing it up should be good fun, because that’s why we
do it. If it makes us miserable, go and do something else.’        A depressing notion in itself. But what are the reasons behind
                                                                   his portentous prediction?
In fact, Doug gives the impression of having the kind of
disposition that could see him remaining robustly healthy for      ‘As we have become materially better off, life expectancy has
                                                                                                                                       ‘Although wealth, genetics
a long while to come. For there is a growing body of evidence      increased, but there is evidence which shows that we are not        and luck play a part, I believe
that people’s disposition affects their health. Depression, in     happier for it. If anything, it’s making people more miserable.
particular, can suppress the immune system, leaving sufferers      Paradoxically, Health Psychology has generally focused on           disposition affects health.
more susceptible to infection.                                     unhealthy psychology, so while we don’t know the effects
                                                                   on health and mortality rates of happiness and optimism,
                                                                                                                                       Evidence shows that depression
‘I’m interested in immune function and psychological factors       we know the effects of their opposites.’                            – and I don’t just mean clinical
and we have found that people who experience a lot of
stress and emotional turmoil in their lives have much poorer       A more heartening development is that the School                    depression – has implications
antibody responses to vaccinations they are given, making          is collaborating more and more with other academic
them potentially more susceptible to infection. Although wealth,   disciplines, such as Medicine.
                                                                                                                                       for a lot of different disease
genetics and luck play a part, I believe disposition affects                                                                           outcomes, such as infectious
health. Evidence shows that depression - and I don’t just mean     ‘There’s an increasing recognition that psychological factors
clinical depression – has implications for a lot of different      are important,’ says Doug. ‘We need to work in a more               and cardiovascular diseases,
disease outcomes, such as infectious and cardiovascular            collaborative way with Medicine, Biosciences and other
diseases, and also for mortality rates.’                           disciplines. There are some big questions out there,
                                                                                                                                       and also for mortality rates’
                                                                   and someone like me doesn’t have all the expertise
Dr Jos Bosch, a colleague of Doug’s, is carrying out research      to answer them.’
into the rate at which wounds heal depending on whether

Fora dates for November 2005
   Life and Health Sciences                                           Arts and Social Sciences                                           Physical Sciences and Engineering
   2 November                                                         9 November                                                         23 November
   1.00pm in LT E102, School of Biosciences                           1.00pm in LT GO8, Muirhead Tower                                   1.00pm in the Small Haworth LT203, Haworth Building
   Suggestions of items for the agenda should be sent to              Suggestions of items for the agenda should                         Suggestions of items for the agenda should be sent to
   Professor P M Marquis                                              be sent to Professor A J Randall                                   Professor P W Daniels
   email: p.m.marquis@bham.ac.uk                                      email: a.j.randall@bham.ac.uk                                      email: p.w.daniels@bham.ac.uk

Coaches converge                                                Slim into shape this autumn
on campus
                                                                If you fancy yourself as a graceful ballet dancer, a fearsome break-dancer, or a mean kick boxer –
                                                                head over to the Munrow Sports Centre to sign up for one of the new courses on the Active
Sports Coaches and clubs from around Birmingham last            Lifestyles Programme.
month learned how to get the most from their athletes with
a little help from an Olympic Champion.                         Registration for the classes has started. Classes in more
                                                                traditional disciplines of aerobics, studio cycling, yoga, pilates
Double Olympic medallist and former World and                   and step are also available, alongside holistic courses in tai chi,
Commonwealth swimming champion, Nick Gillingham                 meditation, aromatherapy and massage techniques.
MBE, provided the keynote speech at the Birmingham
Coach and Club Development Conference.                          And with sports courses in everything from fencing to football
                                                                there’s a chance for you to learn a new sport or brush up those
With the emphasis on ‘get qualified’ and ‘be practical’,        rusty skills.
participants had the opportunity to learn the latest coaching
techniques, pick up accredited qualifications and take          Staff members can take advantage of the excellent value staff
part in development workshops.                                  pass. Designed so that you can fit work outs in around your
                                                                hectic work schedule, the pass allows you to attend any fitness
They also received training in the areas of child protection,   or studio cycling class marked in the brochure with the ‘running
mentoring, coaching disabled performers and many                man’ symbol.
other topics.
                                                                Classes run for ten weeks from Monday 3 October to Sunday
The University imparted some of its own sporting knowledge,     11 December. For more details pop over to the Munrow Sports
with Weight Training for Beginners and Young Performers         Centre and pick up an Active Lifestyles brochure.
courses led by the University’s own strength and
conditioning coach, Chris Ross, and Sports Psychology
PhD student Luke Sage.
                                                                Chasing funds for children’s charity
Zena Wooldridge, Director of Sport at the University said:
‘With the recent completion of the Birmingham Sport and         Brummies will put their best foot forward later this month (Sunday
Physical Activity Strategy and the imminent launch of the       23), at the University’s annual fun run and road race. Local
Birmingham Sports Partnership, the development of coaches       people are invited to run the traffic-free route alongside staff
and volunteers will be critical to the successful development   and students in aid of Acorn’s Children’s Hospice in Selly Oak.
of sport across Birmingham. Whether the aim is to get more
people more active in sport, or to ensure Birmingham            The annual event has seen many people of varying
continues to produce international sportsmen and women          standards taking part with a total of £34,000 raised
of the future, the provision of well-qualified coaches will     since the charity started.
be essential to that success. And the University will be
a major partner in training and developing our future           For the ninth time the 5K race attracts a good class field of men
coaches in Birmingham.’                                         and women wanting to improve their times from previous races,
                                                                however, new runners are welcome to boost the field and help
                                                                to raise money for Acorn’s, whether it takes 15 minutes or 55
                                                                minutes to finish. The course is around the pleasant grounds
                                                                of the University’s Edgbaston Campus.

                                                                Organiser of the race, Peter Hinton from the School of
                                                                Engineering, says: ‘We hope to see people of all ages taking
                                                                part and welcome new participants each year. We often
                                                                have runners in fancy dress which adds to the entertaining
                                                                atmosphere of the event.’

                                                                Anyone can take part from serious athletes to mums, dads,
                                                                children and senior citizens. There is a first prize of £100 for
                                                                both the men and women’s sections as well as many other
                                                                prizes including a veteran’s prize section.

                                                                The 5K race starts at 11.30am and the 2K fun run/walk starts
                                                                at 12.15pm – meet at the Clock Tower at Chancellor’s Court.
                                                                Those wishing to take part should ring 0121 414 5329 or
                                                                simply turn up and register on the day.
                                                                More information on www.uni5k.org.uk

                                                                Be a sport
                                                                University Sport Birmingham Volunteer Project.                        All volunteers will gain nationally recognised accreditation
                                                                                                                                      through the Millennium Volunteers scheme. As a registered
                                                                Do you have the time to get involved and make a difference in         member of ‘Involve’ volunteers will also have access to a
                                                                Sport? USB has a huge number of opportunities available for           range of free training opportunities.
                                                                volunteers, from coaching to organising sporting tournaments,
                                                                fundraising to refereeing – there really are some fantastic           If you would like to know more about how become a part of the
                                                                placements for you to become a part of and gain some                  USB Volunteer Project, come along to our Open Evening at the
                                                                amazing experience.                                                   Munrow Sports Centre, October 4 at 6.30pm.

Language classes to stop the trade gap                                                                                             Team work
                                                                                                                                   procures success
In response to recent reports that the UK is losing valuable business opportunities because of a
lack of language skills, the University is offering a series of language classes for local business
people to suit all levels.                                                                                                         Following the successful collaboration in June between the
                                                                                                                                   School of Biosciences and the Finance Office’s Procurement
The courses are designed specifically with business people         The courses, which include French, German, Chinese,             Division to stage a Chemical Suppliers Exhibition, the
in mind and the kind of language that they need to know            Japanese and Spanish, start on 3 October at the University’s    Procurement Division are looking to develop a working
when travelling and dealing with business matters.                 European Research Institute in state-of-the-art digitised       partnership with End Users/ Principle Investigators and
                                                                   laboratories. Participants will be required to take part in     Administrators by inviting them to attend a Chemical
The UK has the lowest number of people able to speak               20 weekly sessions with a maximum of 8 people in a group.       Suppliers Working Group.
another language. Jayne Sharples, who designed the                 Some homework will be necessary and ‘catch-up’ sessions
courses, says, ‘Other European countries are much more             can be arranged for participants who miss classes.              June’s exhibition was successful in bringing together a
aware of the need for languages when dealing with trading                                                                          collaboration of Academic Staff and Corporate personnel
partners. In order to keep ahead in the global economy             For further information about the courses and how to book       and in strengthening relationships with a number of the
we must make sure that the UK maintains its competitive            a place, visit www.bibc.bham.ac.uk                              University’s suppliers and also provided an opportunity for
advantage by giving people the skills to communicate                                                                               suppliers to display their new products and to discuss
with their foreign counterparts.’                                 Language    Level                  Day          Time             requirements with the end users in one convenient location.
                                                                  Chinese     Beginners/Level 1      Mondays      7.00 – 9.00pm
‘Most of our classes take place in the evening, however,          French      Intermediate/Level 3   Mondays      7.30 – 9.00am    Those interested in taking part in the Chemical Suppliers
we are running a breakfast class in intermediate French           German      Beginners/Level 1      Thursdays    6.30 – 8.30 pm   Working Group should contact Matthew Home
so employers can make a choice about when they would              German      Intermediate/Level 3   Tuesdays     6.30 – 8.30 pm   email: m.home@bham.ac.uk
prefer their employees to study.’                                 Japanese    Beginners/Level 1      Thursdays    6.30 – 8.30 pm
                                                                  Spanish     Beginners/Level 1      Mondays      7.00 – 9.00pm

                                                                                                                                   Refurbishments –
Cathedral art goes hi-tech                                                                                                         update
The Corporate Web Team’s Ian Upton has been showcasing his        moves. The words are taken from the bible and live
hi-technology artwork alongside more traditional pieces as part   BBC news feeds so the piece is both old and new                  During the course of the autumn term, both
of the MA in Design and Digital Media / Media Arts that he is     and constantly renewing. Quite challenging for a                 the Garner Chemical Engineering Library and
studying part time at Coventry University. Pictured below is      piece of Cathedral art’.                                         Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering
one of Ian’s works, Faith, that is being displayed for a trial                                                                     Library will be upgraded and converted into
period at Coventry Cathedral in October. Ian describes the        You can see more examples of Ian’s work on his website           two brand new e-Learning spaces.
projection-based piece as ‘a sphere of text which gracefully      www.ian-upton.com
                                                                                                                                   Work is due to finish in early 2006 and once complete will
                                                                                                                                   give students access to an array of computing and audiovisual
                                                                                                                                   equipment combined with modern, flexible furnishing and
                                                                                                                                   fittings similar to those recently made available in the Main
                                                                                                                                   Library Cluster, Mason Lounge and Barnes Library.

                                                                                                                                   During the refurbishment, both libraries were closed while
                                                                                                                                   the book stock was transferred to the Main Library. A
                                                                                                                                   small reference collection of new printed material is being
                                                                                                                                   purchased, in consultation with the School, and this will be
                                                                                                                                   located in the new facilities under the management of the
                                                                                                                                   departments concerned. The re-fit and installation of the
                                                                                                                                   computing equipment and furnishings will take place during
                                                                                                                                   the autumn term.

                                                                                                                                   The new e-Learning spaces will comprise an open area
                                                                                                                                   containing standard networked PC workstations interspersed
                                                                                                                                   with space to accommodate books, papers and laptop use.
                                                                                                                                   The PCs will provide access to online information resources
                                                                                                                                   such as the library catalogue, e-journals etc. and will be
                                                                                                                                   linked to a local print station. Wireless capability will also be
                                                                                                                                   available. The main area will also incorporate flexible furniture
                                                                                                                                   that can be moved to create group working tables, as required.
                                                                                                                                   There will be a soft seating area where students can discuss
                                                                                                                                   their work and group study rooms, containing audiovisual
                                                                                                                                   equipment, where students can work on projects or
                                                                                                                                   practice presentations.

                                                                                                                                   These refurbishments are part of an ongoing library strategy
                                                                                                                                   designed to ensure that Information Services responds
                                                                                                                                   positively to the changing use of library space, that the
                                                                                                                                   best use is made of University space and resources
                                                                                                                                   by providing facilities that will attract new students.

Improvements to library services                                                                                                               Promotions and titles
                                                                                                                                               Please note: this list is in addition to the list
Information Services (IS) has worked hard over the summer to improve library facilities, services                                              of promotions and titles published in the
and physical environment. A number of these are outlined below.                                                                                September edition of Buzz (issue 65)

                                                                                                                                               Conferment of the Title of Professor
e-library                                                              renew and return books. The service for issuing and renewing              Dr Ruth Watts (School of Education)
The new eLibrary service has improved access to the 800 +              requires a University ID Card or library card. You do not need            Dr Alan Anderson (School of Historical Studies)
electronic library resources and 16,000 + e-journals subscribed        a card to return books.                                                   Dr William Dodd (School of Humanities)
to, many of which have their own unique interfaces. Users can                                                                                    Dr Thomas Diez (School of Social Sciences)
search across databases, catalogues, websites, e-journals and          Physical spaces                                                           Dr Timothy Blackburn (School of Biosciences)
e-books via a simple search screen, save and email search              Individual study spaces have been installed in many parts of the          Dr Robert Insall (School of Biosciences)
results and create lists of favourite resources. The e-Library         Main Library to facilitate private study. New group-study facilities,     Dr Anthony Beech (School of Psychology)
is available for all registered users, on or off campus, at            containing audio-visual equipment, have been created in both the          Dr Asker Jeukendrup (School of Sport and
www.elibrary.bham.ac.uk and will be integrated with the                Main Library and Barnes Library to support the trend towards              Exercise Sciences)
University Portal - my.bham.ac.uk, and WebCT.                          group work. Photocopying facilities in the Barnes Library have            Dr Richard Tuckett (School of Chemistry)
                                                                       also been improved and the photocopiers in the Main Library               Dr Mostafa Barigou (School of Engineering)
Databases on CD-ROM                                                    dispersed around the building.                                            Dr John Bryson (School of Geography, Earth
The networked CD-ROM service is four years old and showing                                                                                       and Environmental Sciences)
signs of age. The more popular/heavily used titles have been           Disabled access to the Main Library is being improved with a              Dr Paul Smith (School of Geography, Earth
moved to the web. Usage figures show that only a small number          new entrance with ramp access from both the University Square             and Environmental Sciences)
of low-use titles remain on the network and since the service is       and the car park at the side of the building and improvements to          Dr Christopher Parker (School of Mathematics)
costly in terms of hardware and software support. IS has decided       lifts, a new disabled toilet and changes to key doors to improve          Dr David Charlton (School of Physics & Astronomy)
to close the service in its current form, to transfer as many titles   traffic flow around the building.
remaining as possible to the web and where this is not possible                                                                                Conferment of the Title of Honorary Professor
move titles to the stand alone CD-ROM service. Where usage is                                                                                    Dr Anne Green (School of Medicine)
extremely low titles have been withdrawn.
                                                                                                                                               Conferment of the Title of Reader
Relegations to store                                                                                                                             Dr   Ranko Jelic (School of Business)
Storage space for printed materials is in short supply. IS is                                                                                    Dr   Isabelle Szmigin (School of Business)
looking at longer-term storage needs. Short-term goals are                                                                                       Dr   Alison Bullock (School of Education)
prioritising how stores are utilised and disposing of low usage                                                                                  Dr   Richard Cust (School of Historical Studies)
printed materials. Consultation with Schools and individual                                                                                      Dr   Matthew Hilton (School of Historical Studies)
academics will take place to ensure we keep materials that                                                                                       Dr   Andrzej Gasiorek School of Humanities)
are relevant for research and teaching needs.                                                                                                    Dr   Derek Flitter (School of Humanities)
                                                                                                                                                 Dr   Matthew Cole (School of Social Sciences)
Self service                                                                                                                                     Dr   Yaojun Li (School of Social Sciences)
The number of self-service machines has been increased in the                                                                                    Dr   Dan Wincott (School of Social Sciences)
Main Library and Barnes Library allowing more users to issue,                                                                                    Dr   Andrew Pullin (School of Biosciences)
                                                                                                                                                 Dr   Timothy Barrett (School of Medicine)
                                                                                                                                                 Dr   Sue Wilson (School of Medicine)
                                                                                                                                                 Dr   Zöe Pikramenou (School of Chemistry)
Revealing Secret Pictures                                                                                                                        Dr   James Tucker (School of Chemistry)
                                                                                                                                                 Dr   Mark Ryan (School of Computer Science)
Do you know what a fore edge painting looks like? If not, then check out the University Special                                                  Dr   Xinhua Wu (School of Engineering)
Collections website where all will be revealed. Fore edge paintings are watercolours concealed                                                   Dr   Steven Decent (School of Mathematics)
along the edges of books which can only be seen when the pages are flicked through or fanned out.                                                Dr   Paul Newman (School of Physics & Astronomy)

Fore edge painting is a technique developed in the mid                 The online exhibition highlights these hidden paintings in              Conferment of the Title of Associate Professor
17th century. An artist would fan out the edge of a book in a          some of the rare books in the University archive. Anyone                  Dr Michael Hughes (School of Public Policy)
special clamp and decorate it with a painted view, portrait or         wishing to see the books ‘in the flesh’ can telephone                     Dr Cillian Ryan (School of Social Sciences)
historical scene. These pictures were often unrelated to the           Philippa Bassett on 45839 or email p.bassett@bham.ac.uk                   Dr Catherine Thomas (School of Medicine)
books’ contents. The edges of the pages were then often                                                                                          Dr Felix Schmid (School of Engineering)
gilded, hiding the image once the book was closed.                     For more information and to see the online exhibition visit               Dr Raymund Jones (School of Physics & Astronomy)
                                                                       www.special-coll.bham.ac.uk/Blueprint/fore-                             NB One further outstanding case

                                                                                                                                                9th Annual Road Race
                                                                                                                                               Sunday 23 October
                                                                                                                                                  5k road race – 11.30am
                                                                                                                                                  2k family run/walk 12.15am
                                                                                                                                                  Traffic free route
                                                                                                                                                  A–Z map ref: page 89, 3E

                                                                                                                                               For more information
                                                                                                                                               telephone 0121 414 5329
                                                                                                                                               or see www.uni5k.org.uk

WAVE                                                                                                                                   Educational review guest
                                                                                                                                       lecture hosted by the
WAVE (Worker’s Active Volunteering Experience) is a scheme for University staff designed to expand
upon the work accomplished through the Springboard programme which aims to increase skills,                                            School of Education
confidence and the ability to set clear goals through a more hands on approach.
                                                                                                                                       Taking the Initiative?
After attending a training programme/information session,            ‘I had a great time with the kids and learned a lot about         TLRP and Educational Research
organised by the Staff Development Unit and Involve,                 myself at the same time. My confidence increased, I
the volunteering department at the Guild, Sue Welland                improved my communication skills with people that                 Wednesday 12 October,
of Research and Enterprise Services decided to get                   were outside my working environment and I had                     4:30 for 5pm
involved in the project. She says: ‘I went along to the              thoroughly enjoyed myself.’                                       Conference Room, School of Education
training and was hooked. The session was fun and                                                                                       Followed by buffet and drinks 6-7pm
captivating. It explained how the University had agreed              WAVE will be running its second pilot in November, and is
to allow its staff 10 hours in which to increase their               open to all staff. To find out more please contact Sue Rex        This paper will take stock of the history of the
skills, experience and confidence through volunteering               email: s.a.rex@bham.ac.uk ext: 43692 or come along to             Teaching and Learning Research Programme.
                                                                     our lunchtime meeting on 14 October from 12.30pm in
‘Participants were given the opportunity to choose a                 Staff House.                                                      Professor Andrew Pollard - Director of the ESRC
volunteering placement from a wide range of community                                                                                  Teaching and Learning Research Programme.
based projects. I chose a project called ‘Reading
in Schools’ and arranged to go along to Woodview                       My confidence increased, I improved                             Respondent: Professor Anne Edwards - Professor
School in Birmingham to meet their Headmaster.                         my communication skills with people that                        of Pedagogic Practice, Director of the Centre for
We quickly arranged for me to go along and join                                                                                        Sociocultural and Activity Theory Research at the
                                                                       were outside my working environment
in with their reception class every Monday morning                                                                                     School of Education.
and help the children with their reading skills.
                                                                       and I had thoroughly enjoyed myself.’
                                                                                                                                       Confirmation of attendance is required. For a ticket
                                                                                                                                       please contact:Saira Bejai, Editorial Assistant,
                                                                                                                                       Educational Review School of Education
                                                                                                                                       Email: s.v.bejai@bham.ac.uk
  Moving on up
  We are pleased to announce an opportunity for all staff across the University to access long-term
  career development opportunities.                                                                                                    Statistical advisory service
  ‘Moving on up’ is an internal mechanism for meeting the            Why should I take part?                                            Help and advice are offered to staff and postgraduates
  following objectives:                                              You will get a chance to:                                          from any part of the University who make use of
     To develop in-house talent                                        Be pro-active in your career development planning                mathematical statistics as part of their research. Queries
     To support long term career development                           Receive a one-to-one career development discussion               can be accepted by email or a consultation can be
                                                                       Formulate a personalised development plan                        arranged by appointment. Appointments can be made
                                                                       Succeed in meeting your career objectives                        by phone on 44750 or by email to a.p.white@bham.ac.uk

  If you are interested in taking part in ‘Moving on up’, please contact the Barbara Gordon in the Staff                                For small queries, this service is provided free. However,
  Development Unit for an application form Ext: 47917 email: B.Gordon@bham.ac.uk                                                        for more substantial queries, an element of cost
                                                                                                                                        recovery is expected. Dr White is particularly keen
                                                                                                                                        to be involved at a collaborative level in the planning
                                                                                                                                        and execution of major research projects involving a
                                                                                                                                        statistical component, including the preparation of

Want a new computer for Christmas?                                                                                                      research grant proposals.

Christmas is fast approaching and by taking advantage of the tax savings available through the
governments Home Computing Initiative this could be the ideal time to take delivery of a new
                                                                                                                                       Reformation and Early
PC or laptop.                                                                                                                          Modern Studies launch
The Home Computing Initiative (HCI) is a government-led              yourselves and will be supported by Dell’s award winning at       new MA
scheme through which employees can obtain a PC through a             home warranty service.
salary sacrifice scheme - in effect the employee swaps taxable                                                                         The University’s Centre for Reformation and Early Modern
pay for non-taxable pay (the amount being equal to the hire          Further details will shortly be available on the Finance Office   Studies will launch its new MA degree in Reformation and Early
value of the computer equipment) resulting in savings in tax         web site and at the forthcoming Dell road show on 20 October      Modern Studies with a lecture from guest speaker Professor
and NI.                                                              (Staff House foyer).                                              Diarmaid MacCulloch (Oxford) entitled ‘Smashing Images:
                                                                                                                                       the English Reformation’s Sacrament of Forgetfulness’.
The University has undertaken a review of the suppliers
operating HCI Schemes and has decided to work again this                                                                               12 October
year with Dell in promoting the scheme. Each staff member                                                                              5.15pm
who joins the scheme will pay for the PC in instalments, typically                                                                     Lecture Theatre, Barber Institute of Fine Arts
between £3 and £10 per week, deducted each month from                                                                                  Followed by an informal reception
their pay, before tax and national insurance, making this the                                                                          All welcome
most financially efficient and effective method of securing
new PC equipment.                                                                                                                      More information on the activities of the Centre may
                                                                                                                                       be found by visiting www.crems.bham.ac.uk
The comprehensive range of equipment available will include
PC’s, laptops, printers and monitors and Dell’s LCD TV Monitor                                                                         Professor MacCulloch is author of Reformation:
that can operate as a high quality LCD TV as well. All systems                                                                         Europe’s House Divided, 1490-1700
will be delivered directly to your home at a time convenient to

U21 @ Birmingham                                                                                                                       e-Procurement stratgey
More International Fellowship Opportunities                                                                                            As part of its e-Procurement strategy the
                                                                                                                                       Procurement Division of the Finance Office is
As a truly international university with world-class standards    This autumn the process begins again. The scheme will fulfil         proud to announce the launch of Punch-Out; a
it is important to measure what we do against not just other      the dual purpose of rewarding staff excellence and creating          solution that allows buyers to access suppliers’
UK institutions but higher education institutions globally. As    genuine and durable collaborative links with other U21 member        catalogues electronically via their website.
a member of the Universitas 21 (U21) network, Birmingham          institutions. It provides an excellent opportunity for Birmingham
develops and shares best practice by sending fellows to other     staff to work alongside colleagues in their fields at some of        To access Punch-Out the buyer must be in the University’s
U21 partner institutions and hosting fellows in return who can    the top institutions in the world. This is especially the case for   Purchase Ordering system (Proactis). The order raiser is
then learn about trends and developments in Higher Education      administrative and academic staff that would not otherwise           identified by the University’s IP Address which allows the
across the globe.                                                 have access to colleagues through international networks.            buyer through the suppliers gateway. Once in Proactis the
                                                                                                                                       buyer simply clicks on a link to access a supplier’s electronic
Following the success of the 2004/5 Staff Fellowship              Highlights of recent Birmingham-based Universitas 21                 catalogue where they can build up their order by selecting
Programme, Birmingham has announced the launch of a               activities include:                                                  required items. When the order is complete, details are sent
new round of Fellowships. There are five awards earmarked           Seven Fellowships awarded to academic and                          back electronically to the supplier’s e-Procurement system
for 2005/6, worth £5000 each to academic and non-academic           non-academic staff                                                 and the supplier receives an electronic purchase order. On
staff; forming part of the institution’s commitment to the          Sending out and receiving exchange students through                receipt of their goods the buyer records delivery of them in
Universitas 21 (U21) network and to staff development.              the U21 network                                                    the Proactis system. This is then followed by an accurate
                                                                    Support for the Education Innovations Network project              invoice, which matches the value of the order so allowing
The 2004/5 awards went to a mixture of academic and non-            Representation for Birmingham at Lund University’s                 a seamless process with no mismatches.
academic proposals that included investigations into teaching       U21 Summer School on ‘Sustainable Development
practice, strategic planning in universities, and a review of       of Global Society’                                                 The benefits of a Punch-Out system include: an up to date
international medical research opportunities. Destinations          The establishment of PhD Scholarships within the                   supplier’s catalogue, accurate prices, reduction in transaction
included Australia, Canada, U.S.A. and Hong Kong.                   Graduate School                                                    costs and reduction of administration.

Fellowship recipient, Ann-Marie James (Information Services),     The deadline for applications for 2005/6 is January 27 2006          The University is currently using Punch Out with its approved
said: ‘The fellowship gave me a fantastic opportunity to                                                                               stationery supplier, Office Depot. Feedback from end users
explore the latest information literacy and ICT developments      Programme guidelines, applications and more information              has been very positive.
in Australian universities. These can help us improve the         about the Fellowships and Universitas 21 can be found at:
student experience at Birmingham by equipping our students        www.u21.bham.ac.uk                                                   To find out more please contact Pauline Harrison
with the transferable information and ICT skills they need                                                                             Tel: 0121 414 8541
for their study and future work.’                                 Alternatively, contact:
                                                                  David Thompson
The Fellowships are an important part of the U21 portfolio        Universitas 21 Project Officer                                        Business School lecture
of activities that also includes student scholarship exchanges,   International Office
PhD scholarship visits, international summer schools and          Tel: O121 414 6137                                                    Wednesday 12 October
special project activities.                                       Email: d.w.thompson.1@bham.ac.uk                                      Auditing and its Standards - David Damant.

                                                                                                                                        David has had a distinguished career as an Investment

Your choir needs you                                                                                                                    Analyst and, as Chair of the Consultative Advisory
                                                                                                                                        Group of the International Audit and Assurance
                                                                                                                                        Standards Board, he is centrally involved in current
                                                                                                                                        and ongoing international developments. He intends
The University boasts one of the liveliest musical scenes of any campus in the country, with ensembles                                  to discuss key issues of regulation and structure in
ranging from symphony orchestras and choirs of various sizes to a jazz orchestra, wind band, and brass                                  the International context.
ensemble. All are welcome to join the Music Society - students, staff and external musicians alike.
                                                                                                                                        For further information please contact
The largest ensemble run by the UMS is the University Choir,
which is a 200-strong non-auditioned ensemble. This year
the University Choir will be staging two concerts in
Birmingham’s prestigious Symphony Hall. At Christmas they
will be performing works by Parry, Vaughan Williams and                                                                                 Disability
Dvorak (Te Deum), and in March the Verdi Requiem. With
such ambitious programmes, the Choir is keen to recruit as                                                                              information online
many singers as possible.
                                                                                                                                        A website aimed at providing information on disability is
Whether you have sung in a choir before or not, why not                                                                                 now available for access at www.disability.bham.ac.uk.
come along and give it a go? Singing with 200 others really                                                                             The site is a directory of links to University web pages for
does give you a thrill and a great sense of achievement. Meet                                                                           staff, students and visitors with disabilities. Staff will also
new people, make beautiful music, and get the chance to                                                                                 find links to web pages giving information about supporting
perform in Birmingham’s world-class Symphony Hall at the                                                                                students with disabilities.
end of it all.
                                                                                                                                        If your department has a web page you would like listed,
The Choir will rehearse every Tuesday evening in the                                                                                    or you have suggestions for information you would like to
Vaughan Jeffrey’s Lecture Theatre (School of Education)                                                                                 find on the site, please contact the Disability Forum secretary,
from 7.00pm 4 October and at 7.30pm thereafter.                                                                                         Andrew Perry (a.m.perry@bham.ac.uk). For listings please
                                                                                                                                        include the web address(es) you want to link to, say whether
For more information about the Choir or any other ensembles                                                                             the pages are for staff and/or students/visitors and give a
run by the UMS, please email the UMS student president at                                                                               brief description of the contents of the pages.

‘Exhibitions with                                                                                                                             Financial and Regulatory
Attitude’ at the Barber                                                                                                                       Crime Club event
                                                                                                                                              Internal Controls: ‘Fighting Financial Crime
Admiral Lord Nelson and his mistress Lady                                                                                                     from Within.’
Hamilton feature in an unusual exhibition opening
at the Barber Institute this autumn.                                                                                                          Wednesday 19 October
                                                                                                                                              Birmingham Business School

Celebrating the bicentenary of Nelson’s great victory at the Battle                                                                           For further information contact Gabrielle Kelly
of Trafalgar on 21 October 1805, Nelson’s Muse: Lady Hamilton                                                                                 Tel: 0121 414 2724
and her Attitudes is one of two shows commencing this month                                                                                   email: c.g.kelly@bham.ac.uk
that examine the themes of portraiture, personality and celebrity.                                                                            or see http://business.bham.ac.uk/bbs/static/page0.htm

Nelson’s Muse features Tommaso Piroli’s Drawings faithfully
copied from Nature at Naples, a series of fascinating hand-
coloured etchings of Lady Hamilton’s famous ‘attitudes’ (poses
in classical costume) published in 1794. Never shown at the               André Derain: Portrait of Bartolomeo Savona, 1906                 Testing… testing…
Barber Institute before, these prints, taken from original drawings
by Friedrich Rehberg, are displayed together with an anonymous                                                                              Is self testing a
set of satirical British pastiches and a newly acquired mezzotint
of Lord Nelson. All the works have been specially conserved for                                                                             healthy alternative?
this exhibition.

Senior Curator Paul Spencer-Longhurst said the exhibition would                                                                             A team of Birmingham-based researchers are
shed light on the more private side of Horatio Nelson, who first                                                                            carrying out a web-based survey to find out more
met Emma Hamilton at Naples in 1793.                                                                                                        about why the general public uses self-test kits
                                                                                                                                            for cancer.
‘Lady Hamilton was already notorious for her highly
unconventional lifestyle, including her forays into acting,’                                                                                This important Cancer Research UK funded study,
said Dr Spencer-Longhurst. ‘This exhibition will certainly                                                                                  conducted in collaboration with Aston University and the
show her in a different, and at times rather irreverent, light,                                                                             Regional Genetics Unit at Birmingham Women’s Health
compared with most of the bicentenary exhibitions and                                                                                       Care NHS Trust, aims to determine how many people are
celebrations of Nelson being held around Britain this year.’                                                                                using self-tests related to cancer, the reasons for using
                                                                                                                                            these self-tests, and what people do with the results
Nelson’s Muse is accompanied by the thematic display Face to                                                                                of the test.
Face: The Portrait Explored, which hangs in the Main Galleries.
Tracing the history of portraiture from the fifteenth to the twentieth                                                                      Self-testing involves members of the public buying a test
century, and examining the types that evolved in this period, from                                                                          from a chemist, supermarket or over the internet to see
the profile bust to the dramatic full-length, it includes works by        Tommaso Piroli: one of Lady Hamilton's 'Attitudes'                if they might have a condition without involving a doctor
                                                                          (etching from Drawings faithfully copied from Nature at Naples)
Rubens, Gainsborough, Rossetti and Renoir. Whose personality                                                                                or nurse.
do we really confront in a portrait - that of the person depicted, or
of the artist himself? What are the differences between a model          The two exhibitions will be accompanied by a series of free,       Dr Sue Wilson, who is leading this research, said ‘An
and a sitter? And when is a portrait not a portrait? These, and          weekly, public lectures exploring portraiture in art and coins.    internet search shows that there are many self test kits
other fundamental questions, are explored in this show, drawn            These are on Wednesdays at 1.10pm in the Barber Institute          available. This research aims to find out why people
from the Barber’s                                                        Lecture Theatre, and run from 12 October to                        might use self-tests related to cancer rather than seek
own collection.                                                          16 November.                                                       professional medical help for their symptoms, and if and
                                                                                                                                            when they might then see a doctor to discuss the results.’

Birmingham debate examines G8                                                                                                               Through the website www.midrec.bham.ac.uk/selftest,
                                                                                                                                            members of the public can complete a five-minute
                                                                                                                                            questionnaire to anonymously provide information
                                                                                                                                            about what types of self-test kits they have used
A Birmingham economist last month joined a city debate to assess the influence of the Make Poverty                                          or may consider using in the future.
History campaign on the G8. Dr Mike Hubbard was joined by Khalid Mahmood MP and Muhammad
Imran of Islamic Relief in a Question Time-style public meeting aimed at assessing the actions of the                                       The study coincides with the publication of a British Medical
G8 in eradicating poverty.                                                                                                                  Association report (23 August 2005), which said that
                                                                                                                                            patients may be put at risk by unregulated screening
                                                                                                                                            health checks. False positive results and the lack of
The meeting was designed to allow attendees to find out                  researchers and politicians; it is one that the whole              counselling with results could mean that mail order
more about the G8’s plans and actions arising from the                   world is watching.’                                                tests cause more harm than good.
Edinburgh meeting, and to examine what world leaders
and individuals can still do to address extreme poverty.                 Oxfam’s Ruth Stockdale said: ‘Before the G8 hundreds of
                                                                         thousands of people took action to urge leaders to Make            At the meeting held on 21 September 2005, Council
Dr Mike Hubbard, who is part of the University’s International           Poverty History and tackle climate change when they met            received proposals for the Revised Model Statute 28 and
Development Department, specialises in international aid                 at the G8. The positive steps at the G8 are thanks to people       agreed that they should form the basis for consultation
management and agriculture policy reform. He says: ‘The                  in Birmingham and around the world taking action. However          with those academic members of staff concerned.
Make Poverty History campaign is the largest in recent                   for the 1.8 million children who have died unnecessarily
history - six million people are wearing white bands and 524             since the G8, what they agreed wasn’t enough.’                     For further details see:
organisations are uniting under the campaign banner. The                                                                                    www.personnel.bham.ac.uk/employees/
distressing facts of poverty are highlighted and policy                  More information is available at www.oxfam.org.uk/mph              rmsconsult/index.htm
actions are being driven forward. This is a process that                 or by calling Oxfam on 0121 609 4102.
needs continuing commitment from campaigners,

October Diary
3                                                                    12                                                                       21
4.00pm School of Biosciences Molecular Pathobiology and              1.00pm Division of Primary Care, Public and Occupational                12.45pm John Squires Seminar – Chemokine-controlled
Systems Biology joint seminar – Evolution at home – Laurence         Health Seminar – Smoking, harm and paternalism: Justifying              lymphoid neo-organogenesis in chronic inflammatory autoimmune
Loewe (Edinburgh). Host: Dov Stekel. UG04, Learning Centre           a ban – Dr Angus Dawson (Keele). Rooms GO4/5. Accredited                diseases – Dr. Martin Lipp, Max-Delbrueck-Center for Molecular
                                                                     for 1 hour of CPD                                                       Medicine, Berlin. Host : Jorge Caamano. EF35, Medical School
4                                                                    5:45 for 6.00pm Business School lecture – Auditing and its              1.10 pm Barber Lunchtime Concert – Rarescale. The
Sloggi sale – Staff House                                            Standards – David Damant. For further information please                main focus of this exciting ensemble is contemporary music,
University of Birmingham Women’s Club Evening Literary               contact c.f.a.pickering@bham.ac.uk                                      especially works by young composers. Admission free
group – Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.                     4.30 for 5.00pm Educational Review guest lecture. Hosted
Contact Ann Vernallis. Tel: 0121 472 5783                            by the School of Education. Taking the Initiative? TLRP and             22
4.15pm Centre For Cardiovascular Sciences seminar –                  Educational Research – Professor Andrew Pollard. Conference             Nelson day school hosted by the Centre for
Accelerated re-epithelialisation in beta3 integrin-deficient mice:   Room, School of Education. Respondent: Professor Anne                   Life-Long Learning
A novel mechanism for the regulation of TGFbeta-mediated             Edwards. Confirmation of attendance is required. For a ticket
signalling by beta3 integrin - Dr Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke            please contact: Saira Bejai. Email: s.v.bejai@bham.ac.uk                24
(Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry).                     7.30 pm Barber Celebrity Concert – London Brass. Formed in              4.00pm School of Biosciences Molecular Pathobiology
Host – Dr S. Egginton. 1st Floor Seminar Room,                       1986 to promote the virtuosity and sonority of classical chamber        and Systems Biology joint seminar – TBA
Institute for Biomedical Research                                    music for brass, London Brass have gone on to develop an
                                                                     unrivalled reputation in the field, performing an eclectic repertoire   25
5                                                                    that never fails to impress. Tickets: £10, £7.50 concessions,           University of Birmingham Women’s Club – coffee in
University of Birmingham Women’s Club – tea in the                   £5 Friends, £2 students                                                 the home of Anne Whitworth. Tel: 0121 475 3589
home of Wendy Sterling. Hostess: Toonkey Gilchrist.                                                                                          4.30pm School of Biosciences Organismal and
Tel: 0121 454 6565                                                   13                                                                      Environmental Biology seminar – Thermoregulation in the
1.00pm Division of Primary Care, Public and Occupational             Shirty Gerties sale – Staff House                                       diving King Penguin. A complex feature: What is known and
Health Seminar – Selenium And Prostate Cancer: A                     University of Birmingham Women’s Club – outing to the                   what is unexplained? – Dr Yves Handrich (CNRS, Strasbourg).
Meta-Analysis – Maree Brinkman, Dept. of General Practice,           Lapworth Museum at The University of Birmingham. Meet                   Host: Dr Lewis Halsey. Lecture Theatre Room 301, School
Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Rooms GO4/5.                 at the museum (Aston Webb ‘A’ block at 11.00am                          of Biosciences
Accredited for 1 hour of CPD                                         1.00pm Special seminar - Is there any evidence for an                   5.15pm Inaugural lecture – A New Approach to Licensing
4.14pm Seminar celebrating the bicentenary of the Battle             association between induced abortion and breast cancer? - Joel          Control – Professor Colin Manchester (Professor of Licensing
of Trafalgar and exploring the connections between Lord              Brind, Professor of Human Biology and Endocrinology (City               Law). Lecture Theatre 3, School of Law and afterwards for a
Nelson, Matthew Boulton and the town of Birmingham –                 University of New York). Room G03 of the Public Health                  Reception in The Moot Room.
Horatio Nelson in Birmingham: Visitors to the Soho Manufactory,      Building.
1765–1805 – Professor PM Jones. The Rodney Hilton Library,                                                                                   26
Department of Modern History                                                                                                                 Security Road Show @ Staff House
                                                                     14                                                                      5.15 for 5.30pm Maxwell Fry Global Finance Lecture – Till
6                                                                    12.45pm John Squires Seminar – Title TBA – Hans-Reimer                  Angels Govern: Rethinking Bank Regulation and Supervision –
7.30pm Birmingham Greek Club event – The Septuagint: the             (Ulm University, Germany). Host: Graham Anderson. EF35,                 Jerry Caprio, Director, Financial Sector, The World Bank. G12
Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible and its readers – Frank        Medical School                                                          Main Lecture Theatre, The Birmingham Business School
Beetham. Senior Common Room of the Arts Building.                    1.10 pm Barber Lunchtime Concert – Trio Fauve perform
Refreshments available. Non-members are very welcome.                works by Debussy, Bax and Maxwell Davies for the evocative              28
                                                                     combination of flute, viola and harp. Admission free                    The Sock Man sale – Staff House
7                                                                                                                                            12.45pm John Squires Seminar – Title TBA – William Agace –
12.45pm John Squires Seminar – How lymphocytes use                   17                                                                      contact: william.agace@immuno.lu.se Host: Dave Adams.
LFA–1 to attach and migrate – Dr Nancy Hogg, Cancer                  4.00pm School of Biosciences Molecular Pathobiology and                 EF35, Medical School
Research UK. Host: Jorge Caamano. EF35, Medical School               Systems Biology joint seminar – Low-D representation of                 1.10pm Barber Lunchtime Concert – Florian Kitt cello with
1.10pm Barber Lunchtime Concert – Maraca2 (Tim Palmer                microarray timeseries – David Lowe (Aston). Host: Dov Stekel.           Rita Medjimorec piano. Admission free
and Jason Huxtable percussion). Admission free                       UG 04, Learning Centre
4.00pm Issues in Criminal Law Theory – The Bystander –                                                                                       31
Dr Claire Vallier (Birkbeck, University of London). Senior           18                                                                      4.00pm School of Biosciences Molecular Pathobiology
Common Room at the School of Law. Convenor:                          University of Birmingham Women’s Club – coffee in the home              and Systems Biology joint seminar – Transcription activation
Professor Stephen Shute                                              of Pat Dowell. Tel: 0121 449 3332                                       patterns in microarray data – Raya Khanin (Glasgow).
                                                                     4.30pm School of Biosciences Organismal and                             Host Dov Stekel. UG 04, Learning Centre
10                                                                   Environmental Biology seminar – Shouting about food:
American Express @ Staff House                                       foraging vocalisations in social birds – Dr Andy Radford
University of Birmingham Women’s Club Afternoon Literary             (Cambridge). Host: Dr Jim Reynolds. Lecture Theatre
Group – The Baron in the Trees by Italo Calvino in the home          Room 301, School of Biosciences
of Barbara Barrett. Tel: 0121 472 6727                                                                                                        Maxwell Fry Global
4.00pm School of Biosciences Molecular Pathobiology and              19
Systems Biology joint seminar – Defining the complex                 Security Road Show @ Staff House                                         Finance Lecture*
involvement of the transcription factor c-Myb in the regulation of   Financial and Regulatory Crime Club event – Internal
haemopoietic stem cells and progenitors using conditional gene       Controls: ‘Fighting financial crime from within – Birmingham             Wednesday 26 October
deletion – Jon Frampton (Birmingham).                                Business School. For further information contact Gabrielle               5.15 for 5.30pm
Host: Chris Bunce. UG04, Learning Centre                             Kelly email: c.g.kelly@bham.ac.uk or see
                                                                     http://business.bham.ac.uk/bbs/static/page0.htm                          Till Angels Govern: Rethinking Bank Regulation
11                                                                   1.00pm Division of Primary Care, Public and Occupational                 and Supervision
American Express @ Staff House                                       Health Seminar – The Birmingham Elderly Thyroid study –
University of Birmingham Women’s Club – coffee in                    Professor Jim Parle, Dept. of Primary Care and General Practice.         Jerry Caprio, Director, Financial Sector, The World Bank
the home of Monica Ricketts. Tel: 0121 449 4228                      Rooms GO4/5. Accredited for 1 hour of CPD
4.30pm School of Biosciences Organismal and Environmental                                                                                     G12 Main Lecture Theatre, The Birmingham Business School
Biology seminar – Regulating contractility in fish cardiac           20
myocytes – Dr Holly Shiels (Manchester). Lecture Theatre Room        6.30pm University of Birmingham Women’s Club                             *Supported by the Money, Macroeconomics and Finance Research Group
301, School of Biosciences                                           – evening meal, Selly Park Tavern. Members only.
                                                                     No need to book

Staff News                                                                         Small ads
Congratulations to alumnus Simon Felton who has just been                          Accommodation                                                       Large furnished attic room in friendly family home,
elected to the position of National Postgraduate Committee                         For Sale. Large extended 3-bed semi in cul-de-sac. Lounge,          Kings Heath, good location for shops and buses. £270/month.
General Secretary, commencing 1 October. Simon studied                             dining room, kitchen/diner, luxury bathroom with separate shower.   Contact Val 07963 741 710
for his BA Political Science at Birmingham is in the process                       Bartley Green (15mins Univ). £184,950. Tel. Carol 0121 475
of completing an MSc in Urban Regeneration Research                                1780 or 0121 414 4986                                               Services
and Policy here. For the past year Simon has been the                                                                                                  All house and garden maintenance. Kitchens, bathrooms,
Postgraduate and Mature Students Officer at the Guild                              Double room in characterful terrace house,                          carpentry, painting, doors, patios, brickwork, gardens,
of Students.                                                                       Stirchley. Female non-smoking cat-lover preferred.                  fencing, etc. No job too small. Ring Andy for a free quote.
                                                                                   Available immediately. £370 pcm (ex. Telephone).                    07976 678863. Class One Maintenance Services
                                                                                   Call Alex: 07973-550365                                             0121 785 0553
Congratulations to Professor Rakodi of the International
Development Department who has been appointed to the                               Interested in spending ‘06-’07 in Melbourne, Australia?             Databases: Zenone Limited create user-friendly Access
Advisory Board of UN-HABITAT’s Global Research Network                             Would-be MBA student seeks house-swap.                              databases for managing courses, student records,
on Human Settlements.                                                              Email: peter@summers.aus.net                                        intellectual property, etc. Tel 07977 457918.
                                                                                                                                                       Email: enquiries@zenone.co.uk
                                                                                   Pretty village near Ludlow, St Milburga Chapel has been
Buzz deadlines                                                                     converted to a 2-bedroom luxury holiday let. Ideal for              Need a plumber? Bathrooms, showers, tiling.
                                                                                   walking - unwinding - gastronomy. Summerhouse with                  All work guaranteed. Fully insured. Tel.: 01902 345032
Publication date: 17.10.05            Deadline: 03.10.05 mid day                   terrace and fantastic views, c/w BBQ.                               Email: et.plumb.services@btinternet.com
Publication date: 01.11.05            Deadline: 17.10.05 mid day                   www.stmilburga-holidayhomes.com
Publication date: 14.11.05            Deadline: 31.10.05 mid day                   Tel: 01584 823626. Email: claude@clbodenham.com                     Have those jobs done now. Large or small. No mess. No
Publication date: 01.12.05            Deadline: 15.11.05 mid day                                                                                       VAT. Guild of Master Craftsmen member. Now in the 22nd
Publication date: 16.12.05            Deadline: 16.12.05 mid day                   Double room: Northfield, nr train/M42/M5.                           year of service exclusively to University staff and their friends.
Publication date: 17.01.06            Deadline: 17.01.06 mid day                   Weekday lodgings for staff/post grad. Female pref.                  Telephone Paul Davis on 0121 427 7179
Publication date: 16.02.06            Deadline: 19.12.05 mid day                   But not mandatory! £250/month incl. Available immediately.
                                                                                   Contact 07884 007222                                                South Birmingham Paving & Drainage. Specialists
                                                                                                                                                       in hard landscaping (paving, tarmac, slabbing and
 At the meeting held on 21 September 2005, Council received                        For sale: beautifully presented semi-detached house in              concreting). Drains unblocked and new piping laid.
 proposals for the Revised Model Statute 28 and agreed that                        the heart of Bournville conservation area. Two bedroom,             Call for a free quote. 0121-624-6459, 07773784610
 they should form the basis for consultation with those academic                   two reception room with large mature garden. Available              or email: sbpd@blueyonder.co.uk
 members of staff concerned.                                                       immediately. Offers around £219,950. Tel: 07958 976275
                                                                                                                                                       Tax return still in the in-tray? Mynette & Co (est 1976)
 For further details see: www.personnel.bham.ac.uk/                                Costa del Sol, Luxury Marbella apartment to let, sleeps 6.          offer a local, personalised accountancy/tax advisory service.
 employees/rmsconsult/index.htm                                                    Ideal for golfers and families alike. www.MAD4SPAIN.com             Call 0121 449 7322 or email ajm@kinvara.fsnet.co.uk
                                                                                   Tel; 0121 4147288 or 07974 186986
                                                                                                                                                       Intelligent Admin. Do you need a regular or one-off
                                                                                   Double room in characterful terrace house,                          secretarial or administrative support? We offer a
                                                                                   Stirchley. Female non-smoking cat-lover preferred.                  wide range of services including research, data-input,
 Buzz on the street                                                                Available immediately. £370 pcm (ex. Telephone).                    questionnaires, mailshots and event organisation. See
                                                                                   Call Alex: 07973-550365                                             www.intelligentadmin.co.uk for details or ring Tina
 We’re constantly cleansing our data and updating our records.                                                                                         on 0121 628 3263
 Please let Sam (below) know if you want extra copies of Buzz                      For sale: Selly Oak. Modern two-bedroom semi-detached
 or if you think we need to amend your distribution details.                       house close to Selly Oak station. Offers around £135,000.           Miscellaneous
                                                                                   For further details contact: Mark Cooper: ext 43611 or              Tigers Eye - gifts, jewellery, crystals, incense, oils, books,
 Printed Version                                                                   m.h.cooper@bham.ac.uk, Chamberlains Selly Oak Office:               health products, herbs, tarot, candles. 48 Poplar Rd, King’s
 Publication Date: 17 October 2005                                                 0121 472 8560, quoting property reference 329385.                   Heath. Tel: 0121 441 4764
 Deadline: 30 September 2005 mid-day                                               Allan Williams of Chamberlains: allanw@chamberlains.uk.com
 Publication Date: 1 November 2005                                                 rsp?pa_n=2&tr_t=buy
 Deadline: 17 October 2005 mid-day

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 Diary, Notices and Adverts                                                          Snacks delivered to your doorstep:                                         between Estates West and Mechanical and
 Sam Smith                                                                             Hot and cold sandwiches                                                  Chemical Engineering, under the willow tree
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 Tel: 0121 414 6948                                                                    Hot pastries                                                             delivery space on car park between B Block and
                                                                                       Confectionery                                                            Earth Sciences
 Small Ads                                                                             Cold drinks                                                      11.20am Between Health Sciences Building and
 University members: £5.00 per 20 words                                                Crisps                                                                   Gisbert Kapp opposite old tennis court.
 Non-members: £10 per 20 words                                                         Tea, coffee and hot chocolate                                    11.40am Behind European Research Centre and
 Payment in advance required.                                                                                                                                   Health Centre.
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                                                                                                                                                                            Portrait of a Boy
Picture of the month                                                                                                                                                        by Govaert Flinck
This striking portrait of a young Dutch boy by Govaert Flinck is October’s
picture in focus. It is the only full-length portrait in the Barber Institute’s
collection and as such is central to the forthcoming exhibition Face to
Face: The Portrait Explored, which opens later this month.

Flinck was a talented and ambitious youth. The son of a draper,        Flinck favours for the
at the age of fourteen he quickly began his artistic career in         foreground and actual
1629, when he became apprentice to the Lambert Jacobsz                 figure, creating a
in Leeuwarden. Four years later he moved to Amsterdam and              strong silhouette and

studied under Rembrandt’s supervision until he had acquired            further emphasises
sufficient skill to establish his own studio in 1636. Flinck           the child’s presence.
continued to be heavily influenced by Rembrandt in both style
and subject matter throughout the 1630s. However, Rembrandt            The identity of the sitter has only recently been confirmed as
had an acute disdain for painting children, perhaps because they       David Leeuw, cousin to Flinck’s nephew Dirck Jacobsz Leeuw
were incapable of standing still long enough for him to complete       and son of a wealthy businessman and art collector. Portraiture
the composition. This left a niche in the market which Flinck          was a lucrative business and the fashionable dress and almost
and other young artists were eager to fill. In 1640–41 Flinck          life-size canvas indicate that this commission came from
undertook a number of commissions for children’s portraits               a wealthy family. The malacca cane that the child holds in
that signalled the beginning of his artistic autonomy.                 particular may allude to some East Indian source of wealth.

This month’s painting, depicting a boy aged around seven or            This is one the last paintings Flinck completed before he broke
eight, is one of Flinck’s most engaging child portraits. Despite the   away completely from Rembrandtesque methods of painting
formal apparel and mature pose, the artist is careful to emphasise     and aligned himself with the Flemish style pioneered by
the sitter’s youth, presenting him as a child rather than a young      Anthony Van Dyck, which brought him both riches and fame.
adult. Flinck, like his tutor Rembrandt, resists the temptation to
idealise the notion of childhood and through keen observation of       Face to Face: The Portrait Explored opens 14 October 2005
nature he captures the individual characteristics of the boy. His      and runs until 15 January 2006 in the Main Galleries. The
ruddy complexion suggests an excitable spirit and his eyes are         Barber Institute’s opening hours are 10.00am – 5.00pm
alert as he is captivated by something to the right of the artist.     Monday to Saturday and 12.00 noon – 5.00pm on Sundays.
He stands tall against the uninviting dune landscape, the low
horizon giving him an imposing stature. The blue hues of the           Provided by Lucy Dagger, Gallery Assistant at
vast expanse of sky contrast with the muted, earthy palette            the Barber Institute of Fine Arts

The Big Draw 2005
Last year University Collections joined forces with the Barber
                                                                         Autumn music taps local
Institute to produce a series of drawing workshops as part of
The Big Draw - a national drawing campaign set up to encourage
everyone to pick up a pencil or paint brush. The collaboration
                                                                         and international talent
won a Drawing Inspiration award from over 1600 entries.
                                                                         This autumn's free lunchtime concert series features a number of local musicians presenting
The successful workshops are due to return to campus next                the wealth of talent on our doorsteps. These performances include young graduates from
month. The title of this year's event is The Shape of Things             the University and Birmingham's Conservatoire alongside seasoned professionals, visiting
Unseen. Using poetry as a starting point, artists Bridget                lecturers and tutors.
MacDonald and Dinah Prentice will explore through drawing
the imagination and 'shape of things unseen' among the buildings         Must-see concerts include performances by percussion            with elaborate solos from the ensembles individuals.
and open spaces of the University's Edgbaston campus.                    duo Maraca2 (7 October) and the Tempest Quartet                 This rare opportunity to see the group perform
                                                                         (9 December). From further a-field comes Israeli born           in the Midlands should not be missed.
   Audience Aged 16 +                                                    soprano, Maya Kasir (4 November), winner of the Sir
   Saturday 22 October 2005 and Sunday 23 October                        Anthony Lewis Memorial Prize; with a programme                  Other highlights include The Jerusalem Quartet
   10.00 am - 4.00 pm                                                    entitled Love Stories, featuring songs by Bridge,               (9 November) - one of the most dynamic quartets
   Places are limited. For more information and to book a place,         Quilter, Poulenc and Schubert.                                  of their generation followed by a performance by
   please contact the Assistant Curator of University Collections,                                                                       inspiring pianist and organist Wayne Marshall who
   Clare Mullett Tel: 0121 414 6750                                      The Celebrity season opens on 12 October with                   will be joined by young international violinist Matthew
   Tickets cost £10 (Concessions £5) and include all materials           internationally renowned ensemble, London Brass                 Trusler to perform an ad lib session of Broadway
                                                                         (pictured) - a selection of the finest brass players in the     classics (30 November).
                                                                         country from orchestras including the London Symphony
                                                                         Orchestra, London Sinfonietta and the London
                                                                         Philharmonic. The programme for this concert combines
                                                                         original works and expertly executed arrangements ranging
                                                                         from little known Elizabethan composer Antony Holborne's
                                                                         suite The Faire Round to the jazz trombone feature Lush
                                                                         Life by Duke Ellington's contemporary, Billy Strayhorn.
                                                                         The highlight of the performance is a set of variations
                                                                         by jazz composer and musician Paul Hart, which mixes
                                                                         familiar melodies and styles with Handel's Symphony
                                                                         No. 94 in G. The humour of Surprise Variations
                                                                         emphasises the truly virtuosic nature of the work,

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