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					                                                                                Winter Edition 2008

Bunbury’s Community
Safety and Crime
Prevention Program
John Kowal, on behalf of the            • This is a whole-of-community
Community       Crime     Prevention       programme - it does not “belong”
Committee, outlines the new                to any single agency.
Bunbury Community Safety &              • We aim to “stay the distance”
Crime Prevention Program to be             so we are taking the broadest
implemented in July 2008.                  approach to crime prevention
As some of our NHW members                 – focusing on environmental,
will be aware, the City of Bunbury         social and economic factors.
has been working with a wide            • We are deliberately focusing
range of partners over the last            on and including those people,
year to develop the new five-year          groups and communities who
Bunbury Community Safety &                 are vulnerable to crime and the
Crime Prevention Programme Plan            impacts of criminal activities –
(CS&CP Program Plan 2008-2013).            and who are less safe due to their
The Plan will begin official               particular circumstances.
implementation in July 2008 and         • We will always base our decision-
will continue to the end of June           making on intelligence and
2013. It will be administered by           evidence that tells us what works,
the City of Bunbury on behalf of           what does not work, and what
the Community Crime Prevention             might work.
Project Team. This team is a group of   • We will measure the success of
people from across a wide range of         the Bunbury plan on what we
partnering agencies, including the         actually achieve in the medium
Bunbury Police, WA Country Health          and longer terms – not just on
Services, Corrective Services and          what we do in the shorter term.
the City of Bunbury. In July 2008
we will be looking to “reinvigorate”    There are four key objective areas
the membership of the CCPC to           in the current draft Plan. Each key
include more partners from our          objective will be achieved through
key community safety and crime          the implementation of a series of
prevention agencies and groups in       strategies over the five year period.
Bunbury.                                These objectives and their related
                                        strategies are listed below.
The principles that underpin this
Program are very important to us        1. Crime Prevention through
and will guide everything we do in      Environmental Design &
the future. They reflect the culture    Management
of partnership that we intend to        • Designing & Managing Out Crime
establish and strengthen over time.        Project (Safer CBD 1st trial)
These principles are:                   • Home Safely Strategy: Phase 1
• Community safety is everybody’s       • Multi-Eye Strategy Phase 2 Project
  business – not just the business         (CCTV)
  of a single agency or group.
CAREY PARK                            Charles Street                        SANDRIDGE PARK
                                      Stole 2 chairs from Alfresco Shop.
Frankel Street                                                              Picton Road
Eggs thrown at house.                 Thomas Street                         Offenders jumped fence cut locks
                                      Attempted entry by kicking back       forced roller door and stole tools.
Forrest Avenue                        door.
Let people in for a drink and had                                           Picton Road
mobile stolen.                        Hayes Street                          Graffiti.
Forrest Avenue                        Graffiti on wall.                     Picton Road
Offender shoplifted alcohol.          Shenton Street                        Stolen number plates overnight.
Forrest Avenue                        Tennant stole clothes dryer.          Bunning Boulevard
Damage screens.                       Charles Street                        Burglary with intent. Attempted
                                                                            cut side window of mesh screen.
Forrest Avenue                        Offender damaged back door and
                                      stole tv, camera, laptops etc
Offender urinated on stock and
caused $500 damage.                                                         SOUTH BUNBURY/
                                      Wollaston Cres
Clyde Street                          Vacant house painted and forced
Cut hole in fence.                    rear door entry.                      Constitution Street
                                                                            Smashed window and stole from
Picton Road                           Strickland Street                     car.
Cut Gate lock & stole trailer.        Graffiti prior to police arrival.
                                                                            Constitution Street
Sweeney Street                        Strickland Street                     Domestic – damaged fly screen.
Stole from unlocked vehicle & stole   (7 individual offences)
jack from caravan.                                                          Hollywell
                                      Domestic & Damage to Car.
                                                                            Smashed window of car.
Balgore Way                           Graffiti on building.
Pushbike stolen from Porch.           Front window of shop smashed.         Beach Road
                                      Commercial workshop damage            Domestic situation – cash stolen
EAST BUNBURY                          and smashed window of shop with       from purse.
                                      picket.                               Beach Road
Charles Street
                                      Damaged wheelie bin.                  Item thrown at passing car and
Smashed car window and stole
cash. $5                              Items stolen from unlocked car at     broke shield.
Charles Street                                                              Hoylake Avenue
                                      Unlocked back door mobile, dvd,       Stolen security       camera   from
Smashed car window.                   playstation and table clock stolen.   backyard.
        Bunbury NHW contact information:                           Crime stoppers:        1800 333 000
        City of Bunbury: 9792 7106                                 Graffiti Hotline:      1800 442 255
        Email:                           Bunbury Police:        131 444                                      Emergencies:           000
Spencer Street
(10 individual offences)
                                      Jarvis Street
                                      Broken water metre – via car.
Offender threw rock through                                                Whitley Place
window.                               Clarke Street
                                                                           Domestic broken window.
Stole rubbish bin.                    2 x gas bottles stolen.
Dented car panels.                                                         Whitley Place
                                      Timperley Road
Domestic related damage.              Unlocked car. GPS stolen.            Car stolen – keys with owner no
Stolen wallet & cash. Unknown                                              known how car started.
how- left at shop?
Unlocked vehicle. Digital camera
                                      BUNBURY CBD                          Whitley Place
                                                                           Stole washing off line.
stolen.                               Moore Street
Left wallet on desk at work –         Bottle thrown through window.
stolen.                                                                    WITHERS
Stolen car from car yard by           Stirling Street (13 separate
unknown means.                                                             Adam Road
Smashed large window of shop.                                              Smashed rear door.
                                      Smashed window of car.
Handbag stolen from unlocked car      Scratched down side of car.          Parade Road
at shops.                             Unlocked rear door and stole         Offender forced window and grill.
Mangles Street                        purse.
                                      Smashed window of car. Graffiti on   Lockwood Crescent
Entered car by unknown means
and stole jacket and coins.           boot.                                Offender forced window and grill.
                                      Smashed glass front door.
Hayes Street                          Smashed car window and stole         Rendall Elbow
Smashed windows in house with         pager.                               Hired trailer – but it was not
rocks.                                Smashed car window and graffiti      returned?
Ocean Drive                           on boot.
                                                                           Sulphur Street
(17 individual offences)              Smashed window and enter.
                                                                           Domestic - stealing of cash.
Handbag stolen from beach.            Graffiti.
                                      Unlocked windows stole laptops –
Handbag stolen from beach.
Handbag stolen from beach.
                                      alarm not on.                        BUNBURY
                                      Smashed window stole alcohol.
Stole purse from beach while                                               Spencer Street
swimming.                             Victim placed wallet and laptop
                                      on ground whilst entering work –     Trolley smashed shop window.
Smashed car window stole cash         goods stolen.
and cards                                                                  Spencer Street
                                      Cash & keys stolen from home.
Unlocked bike stolen from beach.      Vehicle stolen and recovered.        Bike on display insecure – stolen.
Whilst swimming keys stolen – car
entered and wallet and phones         Stephen Street                       Symonds Street
stolen.                               Shoplifting of clothing.             Stole car by unknown means. Stole
Forced roller door. Alarm activated                                        goods from within and burnt out.
and scared off.                       Stephen Street
Smashed car window.                   Unlocked car and stole wallet and
                                      mobile.                              MARLSTON HILL
Whilst swimming backpack was
stolen which contained clothing       Stephen Street                       Baudin Terrace
watch & glasses.                      Victim left bag at shop and was      Stolen from open unlocked garage
Car unlocked at beach. Offended       stolen.                              – surfboard and wetsuit.
stole mobile watch and binoculars.
Forced car door open and stole                                             Baudin Terrace
wallet.                               TREE STREET                          Stolen surfboard from back of ute.
Offender forced kitchen window        Tuart Street
and stole cash and mobile.                                                 Marlston Drive
                                      Smashed car window. Fuel stolen.
Smashed windows on telephone                                               Smashed windscreen of car over
box.                                  Tuart Street                         night.
PDA Stolen from unlocked vehicle.     Unlocked car. Sunglasses and fuel    Ommanney Road
Offender smashed window and           stolen.
                                                                           Offender smashed car window.
filled car with water.                Karri Street
Smashed window and stole bottle       Smashed car window. Stole bag,       Lumper Street
of Jim Beam.                          purse, camera, mobile overnight.     Unlocked car. Offender stole cash.
                                             South West Crime Prevention Office
• Reducing Broken Glass Strategy             76-78 Wittenoom Street
• Reducing Vandalism & Graffiti              BUNBURY WA 6230
• Safe System Approach: Safe                 From the Crime Prevention Office
   Roads & Safe Speeds
2. Burglary Prevention &                     Hello Everyone
• Protect Your Car Strategy
                                             Already the middle of the year and Winter is upon us.
• “CrimAlert” Reducing Home
   Burglary Project                          Everyone will be glad to hear that burglaries have declined
                                             considerably in the last few months. I believe this has been
3. Alcohol & Other Drugs                     achieved by many good results from police and the general
• Creating the City of Bunbury               public improving their vigilance and security.
   Alcohol Management Plan                   Police are receiving accurate intelligence from the Community
• Bunbury Alcohol Accord Project             and some very important arrests have resulted. So keep that
• Bunbury Night Venues &                     information coming in and use the NHW forms for simplicity and
   Entertainment Events Project              accuracy.
• Safer Needles & Syringes Disposal          It is disappointing to find out people are continuing to leave
   Strategy                                  doors and windows unlocked resulting in Burglaries and Stealing’s.
4. Breaking Cycles, Building                 Please encourage your street members to lock up at all times not
Futures                                      just during the night.
• Supporting          the      Linking       I work at the South West Crime Prevention Office and my colleague
   Education and Families (LEAF)             and I provide free security appraisals on homes, units, businesses
   Program: developing the LEAF              and more. However few people seem to use this service and we
   training package                          encourage you to spread the word of this service.
• Supporting the Bunbury                     Businesses in the Davenport/Halifax area are constantly being
   Community Family Literacy                 targeted for Burglaries and Stealing’s. My office continues to
   Project                                   offer the security appraisal service however few businesses take
                                             advantage of the service. So again if you know of any friend or
• Keeping Kids in School Strategy            business in these areas please encourage them to give my office
• Understanding Bunbury’s                    a call.
   Vulnerable People                         Finally Hoons, yes those people who continue to turn our streets
We also value our broader                    into drag strips. The reporting process is simple and police need
partnership links very highly and            your accurate intelligence to identify these menaces. Roadwise
will make sure that the Program              produced a Neighbourhood Speed Watch form and reporting
is represented on the following              process which is easy and similar to NHW.
groups:                                      The South West Traffic Branch inquiry officers will use your reports
• The Bunbury Roadwise                       to build evidence around such drivers and charge them. We have
   Committee;                                achieved some very positive results in the past.
• The LEAF Steering Committee;               Look forward to meeting you all again at our next meeting in
• The Bunbury Local Justice                  August.
   Forum for the Aboriginal Justice
   Agreement; and,                           Regards
• The Choose Respect Steering                Tony Strang
On behalf of the City of Bunbury and
all the Program partners, I would            Ph 9722 2046
like to thank all the Neighbourhood
Watch members who have
contributed to the development of        strengthening our partnerships         to see you again soon.
the draft Plan thus far. We regard the
Neighbourhood Watch network as           with you as we work together to        John Kowal
one of the most important on-the-        get some of these strategies off the   Manager Community Law &
ground forces for improving safety       ground, particularly the Safe Roads    Safety
in our local communities – and           & Safe Speeds, Protect Your Car and    City of Bunbury
we need your help to make the            CrimAlert strategies.                  On behalf of the Community
Plan work. We look forward to            So stay tuned…we will be coming        Crime Prevention Committee


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