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									                                                        John Cann
                                              Stunt Coordinator/Stuntman / Actor

                          John Cann is President & CEO of Action P.A.C. Stunts, L.L.C. and a veteran
                          of the entertainment industry for more than 25 years. He has appeared in
                          over 100 feature films and television shows as an actor or stunt performer,
                          including such hits as, “ALAMO,” “TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE,”
                          “HOODLUM," "BATMAN FOREVER," "TANGO and CASH,” "HOME
                          FRIES," “PREDATOR 2,” "BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT" and "MISS
                          CONGENIALITY." He will recently be appearing in the upcoming films
                          “EXIT SPEED,” “THE BEACON”* , “STREETS OF BLOOD” and “A
                           TRIBUTE TO BIG RED”

He has performed stunts in over 40 episodes of "Walker Texas Ranger" and was featured on
"Hollywood's Greatest Stunts" and “Entertainment Tonight” while performing a high fall / explosion
backwards through a 5th story window.

John’ s specialties include; Stunt Coordination, high falls, air rams, fire gags, stunt driving, fights (2nd
Degree Black belt TKD), swordplay (S.A.F.D. Certified), rigging and more. He has designed and
fabricated all of the stunt equipment used by Action P.A.C. Stunts including air rams, ratchets, air
bags and more. Action P.A.C. Equipment is some of the safest, most advanced stunt equipment in
the world.

In 25 years of performing stunts John has never been seriously injured or caused injury to another
performer. His safety record is flawless.

“I credit my safety record to God, several very busy Angels and the best mentors and role models in
the business including; Greg Elam, Tony Epper, Gary Davis, Conrad Palmisano, Gene LaBell, Bob
Terhune, Mark DeAllesandro, Eric Norris and all the wonderful stunt people I have been blessed to
work with and learn from over the past 25 years”
John Cann 2007.

John is an avid actor and has always loved the stage. While living in California he helped create
several theater companies including “The Two Roads Theater” in Studio City, CA and “Theater III” in
Hollywood, CA. John is also a prolific writer and has written, edited and published three editions of
“THE STUNT GUIDE” (an internationally recognized standard for information pertaining to the stunt
business) as well as many lyrics and poems and several complete screenplays.

John is currently living in The Colony, TX with his wife and three children and hopes to remain in the
area, serve The Lord and continue work in the growing Texas film industry.

His current affiliations include:

Member - Screen Actor’s Guild
Charter member - The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Stunts Peer Group (Emmy
Awards Voter)
Charter member - The World Stunt Academy (Taurus Awards Voter)
President - Action P.A.C Stunts, L.L.C.
President – Studio City Texas
Owner – The Cann Team Real Estate / Cann Properties

In the past John has been a Member of the D/FW Screen Actors Guild Council, A National Screen
Actors Guild Board Member, Chair of the D/FW Screen Actors Guild Stunts and Safety Committee
and was a founding member of The National League of SAG Stunt Performers in Los Angeles.

For more information on Mr. Cann please take a look at his website at

*Stunt coordinator

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